Stop shooting students

BACKGROUND - There was unbelievable chaos in the Al Quds University in Abu Dis, Palestine on 17th November. Not for the first time, the Israeli army tried to invade the university. Today they used live ammunition as well as rubber bullets.

From a 3rd year student : Today the University was in a complete turmoil. The Israeli occupation forces attacked us inside the University using live ammunition as well as rubber bullets against students trying to get in to the University but the students responded and stopped them getting in.  They broke the glass of the main entrance to the University and there were so many people shot and hurt.

The situation for me was very frightening.  I went through the main gate of the University and I didn't know that they were there.  I was with a group of students running to escape from being hurt by the bullets and we had no way of choosing to go into a second or third door to the University. We had to stop just outside and then they let us in quickly with the help of one of the students. The situation was very scary. We saw people in front of our eyes suffer and struggle to breathe. I couldn’t breathe properly and they gave me some first aid. My friend told me that tear gas was thrown right next to them but thank God it wasn’t worse.

Around thirty students were shot and injured.

The Israeli army has recently attacked local people with tear-gas, sewage-smelling spray and rubber bullets.  Last week Usayd Afana, 18, also a student at Al Quds University in Abu Dis, had his face smashed by a tear-gas canister shot by an Israeli soldier.

Call for the right to study without violence!

  • Please sign this in November 2013. We will be giving all signatures in at the beginning of December.

Dear Foreign Secretary, November 2013


This is to protest about the shooting and wounding of thirty students by Israeli soldiers at the Al Quds University (Abu Dis, Palestine) on 17th November 2013. Army violence against students including schoolchildren is becoming regular in Abu Dis and other areas of Palestine.

We call urgently on the UK government to take a lead in improving the situation.

Britain and the EU should suspend privileges given to Israel in terms of trading and research agreements until Israel gives everyone their human rights and civilians are safe from the Israeli military.