Stop removal of wire fence over Flaxland Way Paddock, Priors Hall

Priors Hall Park Management have now stated that they are going to remove the secure wiring and that dogs must be walked on a lead over the paddock when the area is hugely populated by friendly dogs and their owners who make up a big majority of Priors Hall residents.

Whilst PHPM have decided to suddenly state that this area is not for dogs, they likely used residents' management fee money to safely fence the majority of the paddock and have used this as a selling point to locals and used to describe the area on their website stating 'Take your dog for a walk in the gated paddock in Weldon Lakes, once home to an ancient Roman Villa' which has conveniently been since removed and replaced. A group even used to meet here with their dogs in the evenings which was well known and encouraged.

Many dogs need to be walked off lead to ensure they are sufficiently exercised. 

By trying to enforce dog walkers to walk on a lead here, which simply will be impossible to police, removing the fencing will make it an unsafe area, not only for dogs, but for small children right next to a busy road where many drivers regularly speed. 

Removal of the fence could possibly also be funded using residents management fees when this has not been suggested or discussed with residents to allow them to have their say or give a majority vote.

If this is removed, then what a Priors Hall going to provide for their abundance of dog-owning residents? Advertising the field for this purpose and then taking it away is a sly move.

Sign today to show your support in preventing removal of the fencing which keeps the area safe for well behaved dogs trying to exercise, and small children playing in the field.

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