Steps: VHS To DVD

This petition is to get the attention of the management team and everyone involved with Steps, to show them the public demand for the DVD releases of the original VHS tapes of "The Next Step Live", "Live@ Wembley 2000" & "Steps: The Video".

In 2012 a very limited amout of people still own a VHS Player, and in time they won't exist anymore as markets have taken them down to priviledge DVD & Blu Ray Players. Which is why we believe it's unfair to the legacy of Steps and all the fans who've cherished these outstanding concerts and memories, not to mention the HUGE amount of brand new fans who've never got to see them, to not be able to watch them anymore... We don't want to create illegal copies ourselves and have them going around, we wish to own a real proffesional DVD release of those videos! So sign this petition if you wish to own these amazing memories forever!


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