Reject IEC result



This election was not free and fair

Jeroham Chetty (Durban, 2024-06-05)


I sign this because the election was not free and fair

Sibongiseni Sikakane (Durban, 2024-06-05)


Elections were rigged

Sipho Gumede (Durban, 2024-06-05)


I'm signing this because elections were not fair in South Africa

Nqobile Majola (Durban, 2024-06-05)



Steven Dlamini (Durban, 2024-06-05)


I'm signing this petition because I believe that the election wasn't free and fair, there was a lot of mistakes.

Nobuhle Nokuthula (Durban, 2024-06-05)


I'm signing because this country needs to move away from white monopoly capitalism that is controlling our economy and continuing disregarding black south Africans.

Nhlakanipho Siyadi (Durban, 2024-06-05)


I don't not agree with the results show to us as they have been rigged

Mbali Honest Mlobeli (Durban, 2024-06-05)


Am not satisfied with national result, they are not fair as you committed to give us fairness results. Please we want you to recount

Aletha Ngcobo (Durban, 2024-06-05)


I'm signing this petition because this elections were not fare,they robbed other party

Sinethemba Simangele (Durban, 2024-06-05)


I am against the result of the 2024 electio

Bhekani nzuza (durban, 2024-06-05)


They rigged the results and ballot papers were found all over

Nompumelelo Msomi (Pietermaritzburg, 2024-06-05)


IEC and ANC robbery us as South African

Sboniso Mkhize (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I hate crime which has been perpetuated by leaders in this country for more than three decades

Morgan Thabethe (Durban, 2024-06-06)



jabulani gumede (durban, 2024-06-06)


I support the idea that calls for a rerun of South Africa 2024 elections because I observed a lots of irregularities in the way it was constructed.

Dcent Dlamini (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I don't agree with the results IEC has given us

Nqobile Mjakuja (Durban, 2024-06-06)


The elections was not free and fair

Xolisani Jwara (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I think the results are not true. The videos we see from party agents are not the same as the one's we saw from the IEC.

Sakhile Kubheka (Petermaritzburg, 2024-06-06)


Because of incorrect result that we have as part

Samkelisiwe Ntozakhe (Durban, 2024-06-06)


Election votes were rigged

Thandazile Mahaye (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I found this year's elections to be unfair

Katlego MOLEFE (DURBAN, KWAZULU-NATAL, 2024-06-06)


Rejection of elections results of 29 May 2024

Lenkwe Nkgadima (Ekurhuleni, 2024-06-06)


The elections were not fair. The numbers were rigged and we have proof.

Nhlanhla Mdletshe (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I’m signing here because the elections were extremely not free and fair, therefore a recount must take place.

Rashid Khumalo (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I am signing because iec give us wrong Results

Thandazani NDLELA (Durban, 2024-06-06)


The election were not conducted rightfully

Ntando Lombeni (kwaZulu natal, 2024-06-06)


They rigged the results and Ballot paper were found all over, The election were not Fair the numbers were rigged and we have no proof

Nonhle Kunene (Durban, 2024-06-06)



Jabulani Radebe (Gauteng, 2024-06-06)


I'm signing because I reject the results of the elections from IEC as I feel that there were unfair and favouring some parties.

Felihle Wiseman (Pretoria, 2024-06-06)


Votes were rigged, ballot papers missing.

Sinenhlanhla Khathi (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I do not believe the outcome of the IEC results. Section 24 was their method of corruption to restrict people from voting. In 2019 there was no 2 hour blackout that occurred this year which shows the fraud they committed. There is no way that MK did not get 50% in KZN.

Luyanda Mathenjwa (Durban, 2024-06-06)


The IEC has shown contempt on dealing with objections.

Zwelakhe Sithole (Bronkhorstspruit, 2024-06-06)


I am rejecting the results of the elections as being free,,,,UNFAIR & DISCREDIBLE

Jockonia Mpaketsane (Tshwane, 2024-06-06)


I reject the Results.

Velaphi Moses Ndlovu (Mbombela, 2024-06-06)


My objection to the results of the 2026 Elections in South Africa. My concerns are primarily based on several procedural irregularities and compromised processes observed during the election period, which we believe have significantly impacted the integrity of the election results.

1. Compromised Voting Stations:
It has come to our attention that numerous voting stations relied on a manually printed voters roll, which is highly susceptible to errors and manipulations. Despite assurances during our PLC (Party Liaison Committee) meetings that the Voter Management Devices (VMDs) were fully prepared with an offline version to mitigate connectivity issues, these devices were not utilised. This failure has raised significant concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the voter verification process.

2. Altered Counting Process:
The counting process for the 2026 elections was notably different from previous elections. Instead of centralised counting, the votes were counted at individual voting stations. This deviation from established procedures has introduced various vulnerabilities and inconsistencies in the counting process, making it difficult to ensure the transparency and accuracy of the election results.

Given these substantial issues, we request that the IEC conduct a thorough investigation into the irregularities and take corrective measures to address the compromised integrity of the election process. Specifically, we urge the IEC to revert to the previous election protocols, which were widely recognised for their reduced controversy and higher level of trust among all stakeholders. This includes the full utilisation of VMDs for voter verification and centralised counting of votes to ensure transparency and accountability.

I believe that addressing these concerns is crucial for maintaining public confidence in the electoral process and ensuring that the democratic principles of our nation are upheld. We look forward to your prompt attention to this matter and await your response on the actions to be taken.

John Campbell (Durban, 2024-06-06)


The electoral rashed to announce the results while there are serious objections raised by 20 Political parties. On this view, I am confident to say that the election weren't transparent, credible, free and fair. Why was there rash.

James Ansell Makhubela (Pretoria, 2024-06-06)


I believe the 2024 election results are not a true reflection of the voters.

Mbali Zuma (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I am signing the elections were not free and fair as per our constitution therefore I reject it

Mandlenkosi Gumede (Polokwane, 2024-06-06)


Election counting was not fairly practiced by IEC

Thandolwenkosi Mthethwa (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I am not happy with how IEC conducted this years voting.

Nolwazi Mzimela (Durban, 2024-06-06)


Numbers on Vds are not marching with the ones on IEC Votes are missing

Simangele Ngubane (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I don't accept the iec results, it was rigged

Mandlakayise Tembe (Mtubatuba, 2024-06-06)


Results captured by IEC were not honest, results were not free and fair

Zandile Nombuso Dube (Empangeni, 2024-06-06)


I'm not happy with MKP election results

Nompumelelo Vezi (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I'm signing because there are so many incidents that was done by the IEC ballots were stolen some were hidden and the numbers from of ballots are not corresponding with the ones that are in the slips so for me the elections were not free and fair.

Muziwandile Dindi (Richard's bay, 2024-06-06)


Because the votes are not accurate

Zinzi Magwaza (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I am signing this petition because the result that we got for Johannesburg is not a true reflection of what people voted for

Kopano Matlhola (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I believe voting is a RIGHT , for someone to make time to go vote should matter... their vote counts hence everything should be counted properly and fairly. The IEC needs to do their job correctly, this affects the whole of SA not just a little town... They must do better

Zanele Morerwa (Pretoria, 2024-06-06)


Elections were bias

Nkanyiso Mncwango (Nongoma, 2024-06-06)


Big corruption by the IEC

Stanley Smith (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I believe the recent elections held by the IEC were in fact, NOT free and fair.

This I say because my son, who was had adequately registered to cast his democratic vote for the first time as a 19 year old, was denied this right in the last minute because even after we had received confirmation of this registration, he was told his name did not appear in that particular VD but another which was not convenient and quiet far from our home. This was after braving the cold for no less than 4 hours in the long queue...
The IEC staffers did nothing to help correct this situation!

Also, I was watching the numbers closely, as a party agent and the numbers suddenly changed at the IEC data capturing. To s9mething we could not understand at our VD so it was clear that the numbers were deliberately changed by someone.

I also heard the same form many other people in various areas and the discrepancies are too similar for comfort.

I would agree with a total revote!

Themba Kubheka (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


Too much not making sense with elections results, as a young black female let's revote if South Africa cares about us they will look at our votes again I'm not so sure that's this is according to people of South Africa not power or manipulation.

Happy Mvelase (Richards Bay, 2024-06-06)


Iec rig the vote

Thulani Mhlongo (Kwadukuza, 2024-06-06)


I'm signing because i'm not happy with the EIC results

Nkosinathi Majola (Durban, 2024-06-06)


Im sining because l belive the results where not fair as lve seen some of the ballet boxes where stolen0

Zandi Morerwa (Mamelodi, 2024-06-06)


I'm signing this petition because I'm an advocate for honesty, transparency, integrity and accountability in our democracy.

S'celo Mtshali (Pietermaritzburg, 2024-06-06)


Ballot boxes went missing and some were burnt. Original numbers on balot papers were altered thus elections were not practiced fairly and rigged.

Nikiwe Zwane (Newcastle, 2024-06-06)


I feel there is was a lot of irregularities with the 2024 elections. In ward 26 in Newcastle Madadeni, a number of people who had voted for the by elections recently, suddenly did not appear in the voters roll system and were turned away and could not vote. They were not even given the opportunity to be scanned to check their availability. There was no one to report to since the area manager was out of reach. I feel that many peoples voices were not heard and therefor reelections should be imminent.

Zama Msibi (Newcastle, 2024-06-06)


In rejection on the IEC results.

Thulani Yika (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I the Citizen of South Africa 🇿🇦 Do not find the IEC results Fair to everyone. There is too many Rigged Votes Trending On Social Media, I call up for Re - Elections

We Are Tired Of Obvious Results.
KZN & Western Cape Results Do Not Correspond, The Mathimatical Demography for IEC does not Correspond.

Lawulani Ximba (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I am not happy with the 2024 IEC results.

Limpho Mongoato (Pretoria, 2024-06-06)


It's very clear that the votes were rigged and this is being ignored, the evidences are provided cases have been opened and some were arrested yet it's been concluded that there were fair. Some people were denied the opportunity to vote.

Silondiwe Ndlocu (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I strongly believe the elections weren't free, fair, and transparent. It was rigged, and evidence is in the public and IEC was presented with evidence, which in my view was ignored by IEC to benefit ANC and DA.

Bheki Mgaga (Newcastle, 2024-06-06)


I hereby reject the IEC results. How do you declare free and fair elections with outstanding cases of objections against the elections.

Samkeliso Zondi (Pietermaritzburg, 2024-06-06)


Nthabiseng Choice Maseko

Nthabiseng Choice Maseko (Gauteng, 2024-06-06)


The votes were rigged and stolen

Kabelo Cele (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I believe votes were rigged, it wasn't free and fair

Constance Masango (Newcastle, 2024-06-06)


I am not happy the way IEC has conducted these elections. They were not suppose to finalize results without correct all the concerns

Simangele Dladla (Richmond, 2024-06-06)


I saw all the descrepencies that took place before, during an after the elections but the IEC too absolutely no actions to deal with them but rather went ahead to announce the results knowing very well they are not correct

Smanga Nyuswa (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I feel that this counting was not fairly

Mahlatse Fortune (Mokopane, 2024-06-06)


Because the results are not the one that IEC announce they are many voters didn't count

Siyabonga Mzinyane (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I am not happy with the elections results due to obvious evidence of rigging of votes.

Ntuthuko Gcabashe (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I am not happy with IEC results

Lena Booysen (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


I have seen so many irregularities and I believe Iec should have resolve all the complains before realising results

Ntombizodwa Mbambo (Newcastle, 2024-06-06)


Voting is a constitutional right, the voice of the poor masses cannot be misinterpreted by a biased agenda of putting business before human rights.

Arthur Mokhondo (Polokwane, 2024-06-06)


We deserve justice as a country.

Nokulunga Khumalo (Kzn, 2024-06-06)


I'm signing this because I feel my constitutional right of voting was violated when my elected vote was ignored

Lebogang Morerwa (Tshwane, 2024-06-06)


Iam signing this petition because I reject the result of 2024 elections

Ntombomzi Mafuna (Durban, 2024-06-06)


We did not have free and fare election from IEC we need to re vote

Siyanda Zama (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I don’t think these elections were free and fair and I am not accepting these results especially here in KZN

Slindile Luthuli (Ndwedwe, 2024-06-06)


The results were rigged severely!

Lwazi Bhengu (Pietermaritzburg, 2024-06-06)


I reject the results from IEC

Ntandokazi Shabangu (NEWCASTLE, 2024-06-06)


I’m singing because am not pleased with how IEC, conducted the election, they were not fair and that they know.

There are proves everywhere shared on social platforms yet IEC was ignorant as for me I find IEC incompetent.

Sicebi Khanyile (Gauteng, 2024-06-06)


This election was not free and fair,just rigging after rigging.

Nkosana Kubheka (Standerton, 2024-06-06)


I’m signing because I was not happy with the results.

Bridget Khumalo (Durban, 2024-06-06)


I'm not happy with the results ,let's reruns

Mandla Gumede (umhlathuze, 2024-06-06)


I strongly believe that that the elections were rigged as per the evidence. Especially the changed numbers on the slips

Teboho Mokoena (Johannesburg, 2024-06-06)


This election was not fare
Why other votes were burned out

Sakhile TEMBE (Pretoria, 2024-06-06)


UMkhonto Wesizwe Party Member

Sikhumbuzo Nkwanyana (Tshwane, 2024-06-06)


I reject the IEC elections results, numbers of the population registered to vote does not correspond to the total number of people voted.

Nkululeko Mthembu (Nqutu, 2024-06-06)


I am signing these result because of the Number of us Voters are not corresponding with what IEC showing us.

Bhekizizwe Hleza (Newcastle, 2024-06-06)


I'm signing because I'm not satisfied with the election result and the IEC process

Phindile Shabalala (Verulam, 2024-06-06)


Votes were rigged.

Thando Masango (Newcastle, 2024-06-06)


I do not accept that elections was free and fair

Jerome Gumede (Richard's bay, 2024-06-06)



Sboniso Zulu (Durban, 2024-06-06)


The announcement of election were rushed to be announced

Nondumiso MDLALOSE (NEWCASTLE, 2024-06-06)


I'm disagree with the election result of the 29 May 2024 the election was not free an fair to South African citizens and the IEC has a lot of complains and problems that are not solved some there's an evidence trust on electoral officers is gradually vanish like bubbles

Wiseman Bongani Zulu (Nqutu, 2024-06-06)


I am signing this petition because I believe MK party did better than any organization on the elections.

Therefore: I decline the results given by IEC.

Sfundo Mabaso (Ladysmith, 2024-06-06)



Happy Zuma (Kwazlu Natal, 2024-06-06)


I'm rejecting the IEC results

Nkosinathi Ndlela (Pretoria, 2024-06-06)


I was not satisfied the way the IEC was running the elections. The IEC is being runned by thugs, who are planning to destroy every one including themselves.

Khanyisani Zungu (Durban, 2024-06-06)

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