Respect Sheringham



I'm signing as I grew up in Sheringham and remember speaking with Karl on a number of occasions. It would be a shame for this vital role to be lost and another long-standing tradition to be forgotten.

Jonathan Elliott (Peterborough, 2024-05-22)


It’s awful what they’re doing. He’s a top man and the council are disgusting

Andrew Pegg (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Isn’t it illegal to make someone redundant of work but give their job to someone else.

Lisa Giles (Stratton strawless, 2024-05-22)


It’s an outrage needs sorting asap Karl is so upset and rightly so, he’s a loyal sheringham lad who also does so much for charity . It’s disgusting that he wasn’t even consulted by anyone

Val Merrirt (SHERINGHAM, 2024-05-22)


Karl has looked after the cemetery/grave digging for 17 years, with care and compassion for what he does. Without a pay increase in 5 years despite all other daily living costs rising dramatically, it is absolutely disgusting that he has been removed from this position. We hope that a suitable pay increase can be agreed and he be reinstated to do the wonderful job he has carried out for so long.

Michelle Gibbons (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


I was raised in Sheringham, grew up there. All my relatives are living in the town. We need to look after our own, Karl clearly does a good job, and is highly respected for his work.

Mat Bailey (Blackpool, 2024-05-22)


Karl has been dedicated to doing this job for many years & with great respect...& for his contract to be termination with no warning or explanation is a disgrace!!

Dawn Thompson (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Worked briefly with Scarper (Karl) for a while, and he is a family friend. But that aside he is a superb worker and should definitely still be carrying on the superb service that he's been providing for the last 17 years! He's a pillar of the community and doesn't deserve to be cast aside like he has been.

James Wegg (Norwich, 2024-05-22)


This is terrible, and the Town council need a good reason to be doing this, which hasn't been given. I agree, reinstatement needs to be done as soon as possible.

Linda Young (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


It's a disgrace.. Karl is a great caring guy that does a fabulous job..
Why get rid of him !!!!

Jane Sadler (Bodham, Norfolk, 2024-05-22)


I’m appalled at the way our town council is conducting itself and treating long standing, hard working employees. The town clerk needs to be held accountable for some very bad decisions and unprofessional, not to mention money wasting, behaviour. A stand needs to be made.

Kelly carpenter (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Keep it Local.

Amanda Crain (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


This man needs Respect.
He has buried half of Sheringham Including both my mother in law and father in law.
Good ole norfolk saying don't fix something that ain't broken
Give Karl harper just job back

Jackie Middleton (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


I think it's very unfair to take away the job because he increased his price after 5 years!
It's utterly disgusting. Mr Harper takes great pride in his job.

Emma Graves (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Karl is from a well respected Sheringham family. He’s a credit to both his family and the town . He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way!

Kathrine Khalil (Gresham, 2024-05-22)


Disgusting treatment by the council. Karl does a great job looking after the graves.

Kev Mann (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


This is really sad to think that someone has dedicated themselves to do this job only to be told we don’t want you anymore then to give it to someone else is outrageous. Keep it local makes more sense!

Tracey GARDNER (Briningham, 2024-05-22)


If Karl has been carrying out this work for 17 years without any problems why change a winning formula??

Vincent Buck (West Runton, 2024-05-22)


He has dine a wonderful job for years. And it's very unfair for him to lose that job.

John Graves (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


I have known Karl since our school days at Sheringham high.
I have family members laid to rest in the cemetery. Karl is not just a grave digger up there. Visitors all stop to speak to him. He is very well respected. He don’t dig graves for the money he does for respect for his own town. Simples.

Victoria Rogers (Cromer, 2024-05-22)


This is ridiculous decision and need to be rectified as soon as possible. He has been doing a wonderful job for the last 17 years with no complaints. The town council need to act fast to stop this ridiculous campaign against all the decent hard working staff they have by certain people.

Yvette Pegg (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


It’s not just a job to Karl - he is a respected member of our community and is perfectly within his rights to increase his prices ( he hasn’t increased them for 5 years! )

Tina Tucker (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Sheringham Town Council have made a huge mistake by terminating Karl! For so many years he has took care of all our loved ones final resting places

Hollie-rae Fitt (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Karl does not deserve to be treated this way, he has worked hard for the council for a long time.

Samantha Beales (Sheringham., 2024-05-22)


He will be a great loss,so may local families have be greatfull for the care,respect and pride he has given to this role.

Lesley Farrow (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Karl Harper has been doing a fantastic job and don't fully understand why this role has been taken away from him.

Sally Gleave (Beeston Regis, 2024-05-22)


Karl has dug many of my family graves and is a kind and respectful member of the community, I believe keeping locals in local jobs needs to be key aswell

Kayleigh Codling (Norwich, 2024-05-22)


It is a complete and utter travesty the way Mr Karl Harper, of after nearly 20 years of loyal service, has been treated by the Town Council. He needs to be reinstated as Sheringham’s Grave Digger and given a full apology!

Stacie Ives (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


I know scarper

Daniel Utting (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Those that represent us need to remember to treat the community with the respect they deserve!

Fiona Leadbetter (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


I have grown up in Sheringham, my family have been apart of Sheringham long before my father was born. Karl is a wonderful, kind and caring and extremely hard working person to which he is compassionate about. Why take him away from something he has done for our community for so long!? He is respectful of others and he is good at what he does! Don’t change things that don’t need changing.

Adelle Platton (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


Incompetent council decision must be reversed and honour new contract rate submitted by Karl.

Jonathan Phillips (Norwich, 2024-05-22)


He is and always be the best,kindest and thoughtful person who respects each and everyone at the cemetery and loves his job x 17 yrs and u then dump him disgusting behaviour!

Jackie Robinson (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


I’m signing because Karl is one of the most respectful dignified men I know. I just hope when my time comes I just hope I have some one like Karl to make my resting place comfortable

Katie Hart (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


He has not been treated fairly

Julie Davies (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


If this chap has done a very good job for 17 years and still willing why is he losing his job ????????

Yvonne Clipston (Norfolk, 2024-05-22)


I am totally blown away by all the lovely comments and all the people who have took the time to signed this petition. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Karl Harper (Sheringham, 2024-05-22)


He has looked after the people of Sheringham for 17 years and should be treated with respect.

Guy Sanders (Cromer, 2024-05-22)


Have to support a fellow local sapper and why take someone way of life away for a price increase, inflation is happening everywhere the man has to the live too

Josh Green (Norwich, 2024-05-22)


No one should take another mans job with lower pay

Derrick Brown (Northolt, 2024-05-22)


I want him to keep his job!

Stephanie Ewart (Greenfield, 2024-05-23)


How can they do this just because someone put in a lower tender, surely loyalty comes into it too? Absolutely disgraceful behaviour for a council to inflict on someone who has been loyal to them for 17 years. Hoping it'll lie on their conscience

Brenda Manning (Burnham-on-crouch, 2024-05-23)


I'm signing this petition because it's the right thing to do

Martyn Frost (Birmingham, 2024-05-23)


After 17 years of loyal service its pretty sad to not renew Karl's contract.

Burton Heidi (Sheringham, 2024-05-23)


Karl has been a friend for many years. Disgraceful the way he has been treated.

mcclean, della (Sheringham, 2024-05-23)


Karl is a well respected guy who loved his job, did it excellently and charged a reasonable amount of money. He tirelessly raises money for so many charities and has been treated very poorly in this circumstance. Give him his job back.

Katrina Humphrey (Sheringham, 2024-05-23)


I’m really struggling to understand why the town council are dismissing Karl, after 17years work to employ someone else! MADNESS.
Karl is a well respected member of the community.

Vanessa Roper (Sheringham, 2024-05-23)


I feel Carl has been treated unfairly. He deserves better.

Mandy Cox (Cromer, 2024-05-23)


I’m a grave digger as well and no one knows what the job is like it gets in your heart and under your skin give the man his job back

Rob Gresty (Chester, 2024-05-23)


If the job is still viable, why get rid of someone who has been doing the job perfectly well for years.

Dawn Hambridge (Cromer Norfolk, 2024-05-23)


Karl was a true man ! Digging graves and respect to the people ! He deserves this job ! Legal

Sadie Cawston (Sheringham, 2024-05-23)


Shameful, no pay increase for 6 years, what planet are these councils on?

Dave Nicholls (Willenhall, 2024-05-23)


Karl is an honest trustworthy person who is highly respected in our community, he should have never been removed from this position! Sheringham town council should be ashamed of themselves.

Nickolas Parsons (Sheringham, 2024-05-23)


Karl has always gone above and beyond in his vocation as the local grave digger. Great character delivering great work with care, dignity and respect. Ideals which some people are sadly lacking today.

Trudy Godfrey (Norfolk, 2024-05-23)


Karl is a good hard working guy

Terry Broughton (West Runton, 2024-05-23)


Although I’m not a resident of Sherimgham I do know what local politics are like and I think it’s shameful how you’ve treated a loyal employee and member of your community.

Lugene Ganley (Frederick, 2024-05-23)


This is not how you reward loyalty, hard work and those that have treated you fairly

Lyndon Swift (Weybourne, 2024-05-23)


Disgusting treatment, STC should be ashamed of itself.

Richard Farrow (Sheringham, 2024-05-23)


Loyal hard working employees are hard to find! You are making a grave mistake!

Cathie Mantell (Belgrave South, 2024-05-23)


It’s been a very unfair decision

Coral Yaxley (Norfolk, 2024-05-23)


We cannot let STC get away with yet another instance of bullying and harassment

Melanie Brown (Sheringham, 2024-05-24)


Karl is such a lovely man and has done a fantastic job the past 17 years, an asset to the town!

Caroline Wells (Aylmerton, 2024-05-24)


Let this man dig! Pay him what he deserves

Jessica Musgrave (Norman, 2024-05-24)


I’ve known this family for years and I know just how much this meant to them all and how proud Karl is to serve his home town.

Shameful treatment of a loved local.

Michelle Hare (North Walsham, 2024-05-24)


Unless there's very good reason Karl should keep his job.

Malcolm Birtwell (Cromer, 2024-05-24)


Karl is an immensely respectful person

Mark Campling (Norwich, 2024-05-24)


The town council do not have the best interests of the town at heart and are dominated by the self serving town clerk who makes these decisions for personal reasons and should be dismissed from her duties but the council lack the backbone and/or foresite to do anything about it.

Craig Gibson (Sheringham, 2024-05-24)


Karl is a really good bloke and very good at his job! He genuinely cares about digging those graves!!

Stuart Pegg (Norwich, 2024-05-24)

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