Make Barkingside park a safe and fun place to play!



This is our closest park but we have stopped going due to the rats and badly maintained playground.

Emiley Davies (ILFORD, 2024-05-19)


Barkingside used to be a lovely place when I grew up, although Im not living there it would be nice to feel comfortable to bring my children there. We visit Valentines regularly and if the park was nicer we'd probably frequent the shops more too.

Deborah Mears (Redbridge, 2024-05-19)


Thank you to the petition organiser for highlighting a park which is unsafe for little children to play in. Barkingside is a nice area and having a park within it that has a potential for a child to get hurt lets the community down including the authority that is responsibile for keeping the parks safe for young children who play in it: Please do something about it . Thank you .

Rita Aswani (London, 2024-05-19)


I would love to see an investment in children in areas of Redbridge.

Jessica Edwards (Woodford, 2024-05-19)


All children should have a safe and inviting space to play

Emmy Vye (Enfield, 2024-05-19)


I'm signing this because this is my local park and I need it to be a safe place for my children to play

Maryam Jawaid (Essex, 2024-05-19)


I live near and like coming in to park

Karolina Adamska (Ilford, 2024-05-19)


I am local to the area, a Redbridge resident and have a toddler. This cause matters!

Shakira Simon (Ilford, 2024-05-19)


We need safer parks and play areas for our children

Theresa Snooks (Barking, 2024-05-19)


I want my kids to be safe at the park which is closest to where I live

Andrea Pearce (Ilford, 2024-05-20)


Redbridge play areas are all terrible, old equipment and often unsafe(with the exception of maybe Wanstead). Please compare to Waltham Forest your neighbouring borough for inspiration.

Sharon Cloonan (Ilford, 2024-05-20)


My grandchildren live there.

Margaret Bleet (Chelmsford, 2024-05-21)


Children deserve a fun and safe playground to play.

Chantelle Queensborough (London, 2024-05-21)


Children should have a clean and safe place to play

Martha Collins (Newtownabbey, 2024-05-21)


I take my daughter here as it’s the closest park walking distance to our house but it’s filthy, unsafe and old, it’s really in need of a renovation!

Harpreet Matharu (Ilford, 2024-05-22)


I’m singing because my child also plays here

Yuliia Skrynditsa (London, 2024-05-23)


This playground really does need some tlc

Louise Osullivan (Chigwell, 2024-05-28)


I came here nearly 35 years it looks like the same did refurbish 5 years ago
some grassland still not even lots of water ponds after raining my grandchildren did hurt few times because of the sand when they ran around.

Hung Li (London, 2024-05-31)


I’m a mum and it’s awful to think peoples local playground is unsafe and unhygienic

Sophie Norris (London, 2024-06-06)


I want my child to play safely

Carianne Wylie (Ilford, 2024-06-09)


Parks should be safe, fun and enjoyable place to be for all responsible residents.

Anna Morgan (Ilford, 2024-06-09)


Agree the park needs some attention and be so lovely for the children of Barkingside to have somewhere amazing to play!!

Claire saltmarsh (Ilford, 2024-06-11)


I have young children and live locally! This park is depressingly bad. Especially as it’s located near so many primary schools!

Katy Yucel (Ilford, 2024-06-11)


Children deserve better, all chip deserve safe and accessible playgrounds.

Hebe Ockenden (Buckhurst Hill, 2024-06-12)

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