Save Our WI Judges



I am a trained NFWI Craft Judge

Aprille Collar (Ulverston, 2024-05-11)


I am a NFWI Judge trained in Cookery 2019 and Preserves 2022 and the recent decision taken by NFWI Board has not been properly consulted or scrutinised It is a sham please overturn and do a proper consultation

Jane Pratt (Abergavenny , 2024-05-11)


I am a NFWI Judge

Helen Hinvest (Horsham, 2024-05-11)


I am a qualified NFWI Judge and feel this decision has not been democratically reached.

R Harding (Crewkerne , 2024-05-11)


I am a WI judge and consider this decision was unconstitutional.

Angela Brice (Southampton , 2024-05-11)


I am a Judge and am proud of how I was trained and how I am engaged by Shows because of my ability to Judge well - all due to my training.

Sue Shedden (Shrewsbury, 2024-05-11)


I am signing because I really wanted to become a WI judge. As a show secretary it is hard to find good judges and the WI training is by far the best.

Carol skolimowski (monmouth, 2024-05-11)


I am an NFWI Preserves Judge and I do not support the decision to end accredited training programmes for NFWI Judges.

Vivien Lloyd (Midsomer Norton, 2024-05-11)


NFWI judges have been trained to extremely high standards and maintain and build on their learning. These National standards need to continue to be upheld through Nationally accredited training.NFWI judges offer a key role in supporting others to improve skills in many areas including in cookery and craft. These skills crucial in maintaining healthy bodies and minds. NFWI judges are National treasures, respected both in the WI and wider community. Their support at shows and WI events facilitates the education and personal development of WI members and other members of the community

Sue Foster (Northants, 2024-05-11)


Because judges have worked hard for this posotion

Eileen R Senogles (Ulverston, 2024-05-11)


The WI Judges are vital to the many WI competitions throughout the country. Especially to the WI Tents at the many County Shows They are all excellent and are absolute fonts of knowledge

Lynne Ball (New Milton, 2024-05-11)


I am a member of the WI NFS Tent Committee and we need more WI judges as we always find it difficult to get qualified judges. Please don't do this, it's a very short sighted decision. All the WI trained judges we've worked with have been well trained and are very professional and fair!

Alison Elgar (Southampton , 2024-05-11)


I feel the essence of the WI is being eroded.

Marilyn Hale (Ulverston, 2024-05-11)


I am a NFWI craft judge and NFWI Interpretation & Staging judge.

Jacqueline King (Aylesbury, 2024-05-12)


This seems a very odd decision which has been made without consulting members.

Juliet Halliday (Lyndhurst, 2024-05-12)


I'm signing because first & foremost, it is against the WI's founding principle of education for all women and secondly there has been no consultation with the wider membership.

Kate Boyes (Southampton, 2024-05-12)


I think this a disgusting decision…. Judges work hard for their badge !!!

Lesley Singleton (Kendal, 2024-05-12)


This goes against the ethos of the WI. Judges have spent time and money to receive first-class training and it is an insult to them that this has gone through as a fait accompli without consultation or discussion with them or the membership. Shame!

Diana Hartley (Horsham, 2024-05-12)


I am a WI Judge and was not consulted about this decision, which I believe goes against the ethos of the WI for educating women

Vicky Farmer (Tamworth, 2024-05-12)


I’m signing because we rely on WI judges for our Cumberland County Show. We need them

Joyce Gorst (Carlisle, 2024-05-12)


I agree that the WI should continue to educate women.

Ann Bullen (Horsham, 2024-05-13)


This decision is wrong like the selling off of the house and land that was sold off despite being left in perpetuity to WI members to enjoy and further their education. Let’s put it out to the members.

Sarn Cummings (London, 2024-05-13)


The judges are an integral part of the WI. Many of us revel in stretching ourselves to enter competitions, which will disappear without the judges.

Lorna Day (Coleford, 2024-05-13)


I actively take part in WI craft competitions and appreciate the knowledge and expertise of the WI judges. Without them we would all be learning less from the experience.

Amanda Harris (Barton on Sea, 2024-05-13)


I have Grandchildren that have n vet beennto the dentist as their parents cannot afford to go

Julie Tebb (New Milton, 2024-05-13)


I know the hard work and dedication (and expense), these judges have gone through, including several expensive sessions at Denman college. (At their own cost). It is a disgrace to now effectively disown them!

Sue Hunter (Ingleby Arncliffe, 2024-05-14)


As I understand it competition’s have always formed an important part for many of being a WI member. Therefore a program of internal support & training for judge’s is vital for this element to continue.

Susan Kenny (Southampton, 2024-05-14)


It is the right thing to do

Carol Smith (Southampton, 2024-05-14)


Proper training and opportunity is a principle central to the WI.

Carolyn Gaff (New Milton, 2024-05-14)


I’m proud to be a trained WI preserves judge

Lyn Lawrence (Norwich, 2024-05-14)


If true that NFWI plan to stop training and supporting NFWI Judges, this will be a backward step in their aim of educating all women.

Lesley Whittle (Swansea, 2024-05-15)


We hold local fairs in our area on a regular basis and our members and our community all join in these local craft, food and flower competitions, so losing WI judges is hard to consider, we should fight this. Also, I agree asking judges not to wear thier badges is ridiculous. I feel that this decision is moving the WI too far away from it's roots.

Julie Eames (Messingham, 2024-05-15)


Another example of NFWI not consulting its grass roots members. WI judges have been skilled and valued by a number of organisations.

Elizabeth Hebditch (Wotton-under-Edge, 2024-05-15)


Surely healthy competition within the W.I is one of our mainstays, and whilst I've not yet entered I admire and support those who do, and feel trained judges are an essential part of any competition. Healthy constructive feedback is not always a natural talent of even the kindest of folk and thus the training is invaluable.

Wendy Moreton (Bristol, 2024-05-15)


Why are we Dumbing things down. We have plenty of money via the Denman fund to continue funding this type of education. It's a bit like the BBC we will all be shocked when it is no longer available. Not all tradition is bad.

Dorothy Downie (Nottingham, 2024-05-15)


1. The WI needs to modernise but making this type of decision is short-sighted in the extreme. We need to keep crafting, in all its forms, going to pass on to future generations and the WI should be a vehicle for this.
2. Why should National make this sort of decision without consulting members?

Tonia Harvey (Haslemere, 2024-05-15)


I strongly believe that NFWI should support judges and continue training them. If this support is not forthcoming then judges may be unwilling to continue and there will be a shortage.

Shirley Bransby (Wrexham, 2024-05-15)


We need to learn.

Stephanie Rivett (London, 2024-05-16)


I am an NFWI trained judge and am upset that WI Head Office are ceasing support

Anne Marie Whitehead (Preston, 2024-05-16)


I’m signing because community shows are a cornerstone of British life that should be supported, continued and celebrated. Judging the produce competitions is a significant and important element of these shows and to allow it to lapse will commence the downfall of the tradition.

Frances Whitehead (Preston, 2024-05-16)


As a member of SFWI show committee I totally disagree with NFWI's decision to not support judges .

Gillian BOOTON (Shrewsbury, 2024-05-16)


NFWI Craft Judge and NFWI Interpretation &Staging Judge

Jacqueline King (Aylesbury, 2024-05-16)


I'm a member of South Normanton WI and we enter the county show each year,we need a uniformed judging system which every WI can adhere too.
Yet again National haven't consulted members,we are all valuable members and if it wasn't for us the organization wouldn't exist.Consult members,we put you in your positions at National!

Deborah Kirby (South Normanton, 2024-05-16)


I worked hard to gain my accreditation and am proud to be a WI qualified judge. Show organisers seek out WI Judges and quote On With The Show as their required standards.

Christine Parsons (Tenbury Wells, 2024-05-16)


The wealth of knowledge held and passed on by WI judges is exceptional and built on years of WI experience and education. It is an integral part of our inheritance and part of our long and acknowledged reputation.

Rumley Fay (Derbyshire, 2024-05-16)


This is unfair to the people have spent their own money and money to be trained as judges for the WI. There have been judges and competitions for as long as the WI has been going.

Jayne Harrigan (Surrey, 2024-05-16)


The WI need to continue to train judges and to support those already trained. We, as members, have not been consulted which seems the norm these days. What has/is happening to our wonderful organisation?

Judy Stanhope (Burton-on-trent, 2024-05-16)


There has been mo member consultation.

Sally Foster (Pentrich, 2024-05-16)


I’m signing because WI judges set a very high standard

Pat Seals (Swanwick, 2024-05-16)


I do not agree with the cancellation of Judge training for the WI. There has been consultation with members. Appalling

Varinka Strong (Pentrich WI, 2024-05-16)


Because a friend isxa WI jysge, and their knowledge is amazing

Theresa Lloyd (Dinas Powys, 2024-05-16)


The Judges are at the heart of the WI, once again nation staff are making decisions in the name of the membership without prior consultation.

Lynda Hewett (Derby, 2024-05-16)


Competitions are an integral part of the WI ,so important for learning and maintaining standards. We need well trained judges to continue with this

Jill Nicholson (Abergavenny, 2024-05-16)


I’m signing because I’m proud of the reputation of WI Judges, widely acknowledged to be amongst the finest in maintaining high standards across many disciplines.

Carolyn Stroud (Bridgwater, 2024-05-16)


I am horrified that the excellent training of judges by the NFWI is to end to be replaced by fragmented and variable training to be provided by Federations. This is a retrograde step.

Sue Russell (Worcester, 2024-05-16)


I’m signing because there should be discussion with members, not a fait accompli

Jane Latham (Derby, 2024-05-16)


We need to keep the WI judges we have and train more in line with the original ethos of the federation, & educating females.

Lyn Lawson (Kilgetty, 2024-05-16)


I am worried that NFWI are changing too much too quickly. It wasn’t broke don’t try to fix it

Kay Shortland (Chipping Norton, 2024-05-17)


I am signing because we need good standards in WI competitions and whilst I may not always agree with what a judge says they are trained to be observant and are impartial

Mary Carter (Ipswich, 2024-05-17)


There was no consultation on this issue, the NFWI should not make decisions of this kind without consulting interested parties and especially members

Ann Loverock (Trowbridge, 2024-05-17)


I have valued their opinions in judging and the standards they keep

Linda Allen (South Ockendon, 2024-05-17)


I'm signing this petition because this decision to not support the current and potentially New WI Judges I believe will be detrimental to the longevity of the Organisation.

Jayne BONSOR (Boston, 2024-05-17)


I am signing because as a past / retired judge I know how valued W.I judges are. W.i. Judges help to promote high standards , educate and help show participants and promote the positive aspects of the W.I.

Judy Ayton (Kilsby, 2024-05-17)


Without the expertise of the judges we are are not learning anything. I am not happy to take part in the competitions without a judge who is massively more experienced than me.
It is not encouraging or beneficial to the principals of the WI especially in the field of educating women. I do not want to end up in a tik tok society!

Rozalja Myszka (Nottingham, 2024-05-17)

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