Parents Supporting Dame Allan’s Teachers to remain in the TPS



It is critically important that the teaching staff do not have their future financial stability undermined by the proposed change to conditions. They are a highly valued workforce that regularly go above and beyond to provide the best quality teaching. Their additional commitment to their pupils is underpinned by goodwill, and this will be entirely eroded if they feel undervalued. It is central to our choice to send our children to Dame Allan’s that they are being taught by a highly motivated body of teachers, and it is our belief that this is under threat with these proposals.

Alison Schofield (Gateshead , 2024-03-19)


I believe the school is wrong to pursue this option and is not acting in the short, medium or longer term interests of my daughters.

Paul Ryder (Rowlands Gill, 2024-03-19)


I wish to support the retention of the best teachers

Oonagh Cranley (Gateshead , 2024-03-19)


I fully support the staff, their experience and commitment is what makes Dame Allan’s such a wonderful school. I worry about recruitment and retention of future staff

Nicola Shiell (Newcastle , 2024-03-19)


I feel the change in pension scheme will be detrimental to the standard of teaching at the school. I feel it will result (I believe it has already) in good teachers leaving Dame Allans and becoming more difficult to attract good talent onto the staff.

Chris Dresser (Newcastle , 2024-03-20)


The pupils at Dame Allans deserve the best possible education and that means employing and retaining the best teachers.

Matthew Squires (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2024-03-20)


I truly believe that the staff at Dame Allan’s ARE Dame Allan’s the have worked at the school many years, they have extensive experience and relationships with the children & the parents. I think this will be extremely detrimental to the standards of the school going forward and the confidence from parents. Children thrive on consistency and routine this is presenting a huge risk of disruption in their education and is extremely unsettling.

Denise Cummings (Newcastle , 2024-03-20)


Teachers are resigning, more will leave and withdrawal from TPS will impact the school's ability to recruit the best in future.

David Ingham (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2024-03-22)


Our teachers are the most valuable resource and need to be happy, motivated and valued

Iman Ingham (Newcastle , 2024-03-23)


Education is about people, so having the highest quality teachers is the largest aspect of a great education. These teachers ( as all educators do) work very hard and give their best. Why take away a well deserved remuneration and also the one they signed up for.

Fiona Robson-Bain (NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, 2024-03-23)


Protection of your pension is very important. If it is less attractive than other schools, then you will find it very difficult to retain and attract the best teachers. This will have a detrimental effect on the education of our children and grandchildren. You must sort this problem out ASAP because if you don’t it will have a negative impact on the attraction of the school to future parents. Therefore your student intake will decline along with the reputation of the school and ultimately there will be a risk of the school folding.

Carolyn McLean (Ponteland, 2024-03-24)


Leaving the TPS will squander the opportunity fate has handed us to make Dame Allan's irresistible to the best teachers in Tyne and Wear, relative to other independents. If we leave, Mr Scott cannot be expected to maintain a top quartile performing school with teachers on bottom quartile terms and conditions (the new scheme is bad even compared to other schools that have left) - in the long run it can't be done. It's not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of market forces in the employment market.

Tim Wilkinson (Houghton le spring, 2024-03-27)


Good teachers deserve a good pension and this will be provided within the TPS

Janet Wilkinson (Sunderland, 2024-03-28)


I want my child to continue to have a good quality of educational experience. Stop playing with colleagues careers and pupil’s futures.

Lesley Jackson (Sunderland, 2024-03-28)


The current dispute on teachers’ pension and salary has undermined the trust and dented the morale of the school's most important resource - the teachers - without which, DAS would not be recognised as one of the best independent schools in the region. While the impact of this dispute might not be immediately felt by students, the school, unable to attract and retain excellent teaching staff, will eventually fall into decline. This is certainly not what we want for the future of our children nor of Dame Allan’s.

K Machet (Newcastle upont Tyne, 2024-03-28)

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