Field hire for dogs



A lot of dogs benefit from off lead fields and I have no idea where traffic control comes into play. All off lead fields need to stay.

Valerie Trotman (Bristol, 2024-03-01)


After many years of experience with lots of dogs I believe there is a huge need for safe spaces to let dogs run free.
Whether they are timid, have no recall or sadly made to be restrained in public due to their breed.
I know Emma Stone very well and was there at the very start of her journey to help dogs and their owners enjoy a safe space to run free.
Emma has worked hard to ensure she meets all the guidelines & it would be an awful to see this opportunity taken away from dogs and their owners.

Tracey Allen (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


I’m signing this as it has helped my mental health by being able to enjoy time with my dog off leash in a safe environment, it’s a place where I go and can enjoy some fresh air and relax.

If you own an anxious dog, you will understand it can be a challenge to manage daily, this area is perfect to help human and dog.

Felicity Hudd-Stockham (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


I am appalled that this is even going down this route.

As an ex employee of South Glos Council and ex clerk to Wick and Abson Parish Council, I know more needs to be done about having facilities available for all members of the community and for everyone to be catered for. This includes having these safe outdoor spaces for families with their canines to enjoy, in fact we should have more of these facilities around and not less.

Quite where the traffic issue came from, is beyond me, it’s quiet, you barely see a car pass by. There are walkers and horses but barely a car?!?

This space must remain for the local community to benefit from, it’s such a lovely environment to use.

F Stockham (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


Use of this field for my dogs is paramount to their health and well being to endure they get off lead exercise. It is a valuable resource.
There is a real need for this and should not be
affected. It is unfair that this is being challenged because of traffic.

Gordon Vickery (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


Being able to use the field aids people in ensuring not only their dogs, other dogs and people are safe and secure when required I.e. training, un social able dogs or for xls, but also for people that benefit from the secure area as unable to walk their dogs due to disabilities

Sam Nicholas (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


We need some where for our bully’s to runaround and have a little quality of life

Helen Barnes (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


This provides a great service

Vaughan Hinsley (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


These dogs and their owners need a space away from others for a variety of reasons.
Dogs and owners need to exercise and the environment of a safe space in the countryside is an ideal setting.
Need to save this!

David Stone (Bitton, 2024-03-02)


I own a reactive dog and although I’ve never used this particular space, I know how important these spaces are.
I like to let my dog off the lead and can’t do that unless there are secure spaces like these.

Carrie Toomer (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


This is a wonderful place for dogs to be safe. I have been many times and have never experienced any issues with traffic or the environment.

Ann Dyte (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


This is so unfair, I really hope you get to keep your field.

Olivia Dingley (Cheltenham, 2024-03-02)


I believe it is a great facility for people who struggle to walk their dogs in public.

Stephen Penman (Bristol, 2024-03-02)


This is a highly valuable service for those of us with dogs for whichever reasons struggle off-lead in public open spaces. Why on earth anyone in their right mind would be looking to close down such a wonderful place which causes absolutely no negative impact to anything or anyone is beyond me!

Luke Elliott (Bristol, 2024-03-03)


I need a secure field for my very reactive dog and the council does not provide any such facility

Annette Warburton (Bristol, 2024-03-03)


I’m signing because all dogs deserve to have a safe place to run and play off lead.

Zoe Dunn (Bristol, 2024-03-03)


We should be supporting small businesses

Dee morris (Cardiff, 2024-03-03)


Dogs need enrichment and exercise!
What possible reason would the council have to block this? Especially as there is a demand and the space for it.

Rita Taguercifi (BRISTOL, 2024-03-03)


I have used the field for up to an hour on a private hire basis to exercise my reactive mixed breed rescue off lead.

Caroline Dyke (Bristol, 2024-03-03)


I use the field regularly with my dogs as there reactive and it's a safe space for us all and a place we can just go and have fun in a safe environment, this field is a massive part of my dogs life as its the only time they can be off lead and just enjoy there self

Michael Crow (Bristol, 2024-03-03)


Don’t see nothing wrong with renting out a field for dogs to play an run in it’s all inclosed an private just like your back garden

Rob Townsend (Bristol , 2024-03-03)


I’m signing this petition as I use this field for my reactive dog and it’s of great value to us as it means I can walk him off lead in a safe and secure area.

Emma Hardisty (Bristol, 2024-03-03)


This is an absolute outrage and completely out of order.
Being able to rent facilities such as this are a godsend for many dog owners and absolutely shows responsible ownership and nothing more.
Im not at liberty to share my real opinion as to what the real issue is as its not very professional..if you like..but the bottom line is, taking this away from people trying to be responsible dog owners is completely unacceptable and unjust. The real 'breach' is the notion that its anything but a useful amenity to responsible people doing the right thing by their pets.

Megan Oneill (Bristol , 2024-03-03)


This is a valuable service, and causes very little traffic, perhaps one car per hour. These are public, not private roads!

Jacqui underhill (Bristol, 2024-03-04)


This field is perfect for dogs and is owned privately and is secure.

Joanne Brooks (Bristol, 2024-03-04)


Important to keep this

Sam Oldfield (Bristol, 2024-03-04)


Walkies at the Willows is an amazing business run by Emma and she is dedicated to all her dogs and their owners, the space is a great benefit to to the dogs and should be allowed to continue

Lisa Westcott (Bristol, 2024-03-04)


This is yet another example of why planning issues should be removed from local councils!
This is nothing more than bullying for no reason.
Planning should be encouraging this type of facility as a safe place for dogs to be exercised & therefor reducing risk to public by negating the use of recreational parks.
An intelligent & progressive council should be encouraging this facility by helping the owner with the necessary permissions to operate in a manner acceptable to the council.
I am sadly not shocked by this bureaucratic idiocy, just once again disappointed that someone in an office can decide how you can legally use your own land. In this case the planning officer is clearly extremely narrow minded & can not see that there is a genuine needs for a facility like this.
Refusing the use of a safe dog field will force owners to use other spaces. I pray that no one is hurt by a dog in a public space because a private facility was banned due to a pen pusher as the council will have blood on their hands.

Clare Stait (Lockerbie, 2024-03-05)


I care about dogs and their owners having a safe space to exercise in

Olivia Russell (Bristol, 2024-03-07)

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