Let's get the 2 Lisa's on gogglebox



The girls are legends and would be great television

Danielle Sheehy (Lanzarote , 2024-02-02)


These girls will be amazing and entertaining. Ratings will definitely go up.

Kelly Quinton (Enfield, 2024-02-02)


I'm signing because they bring joy!

Donna Neary (Solihull, 2024-02-02)


They would make a great addition to the gogglebox family

Lorraine Pickering (London, 2024-02-03)


They are lovely ladies and just genuine

Kathryn Kerr (London , 2024-02-03)


They deserve to bring laughter to all of us.

Kat Porter-Dale (Royston, 2024-02-03)


We need these two on gogglebox such a funny pair, made my day seeing there video

Lisa Watts (London, 2024-02-03)


They would be so much fun

Denise Adnitt (Waltham Cross, 2024-02-03)


These girls will fully entertain you

Gaynor Tagnesi (London , 2024-02-03)


Lisa is absolutely hilarious and deserves every moment of this!

Sarah Murphy (Essex, 2024-02-03)


I think this made the whole world laugh

Susan Varney (London, 2024-02-03)


I want to see them on goggle box

Donna Mills (King's Lynn, 2024-02-03)


they need to go on gogglebox

Bobbi Stirrat (North London, 2024-02-03)


It's not a want, it's a need. They have a fantastic sense of humour, which would definitely go down well with the audience AND seeing as their viral video got over 20 million it would for sure boost viewings for Gogglebox and in turn be a financial success.

Hannah Bolton (Camberley, 2024-02-03)


These 2 ladies are the funniest people I have ever seen and I want to see more from them x

Elaine Stirrat (Enfield , 2024-02-04)


That was the funniest video I’ve ever seen in my life

Carol Black (Westcliff-on-sea, 2024-02-04)


They are hilarious

Nicola Bourne (Harlow, 2024-02-04)


I think they would be fantastic great girls so entertaining

Theresa Dilley (Waltham Abbey, 2024-02-04)


I think Lisa will be Amazing on the show

Lorena Hamill (Hertfordshire , 2024-02-04)


I think they would be very entertaining on the show

Elsa Keys (Herts, 2024-02-05)


I have not laughed like I did for a long time. The Lisa’s truly are a breath of funny fresh air. I watch goggle box all the time and they would be an amazing addition to the show

Tracy Mcgivney (Bishop's Stortford, 2024-02-05)


🤣It's the funniest video I have seen on FB, still rolling with laughter and big thanks to the Lisa's for coming forward, should have their own show!

Karen Lovell (Brighton, 2024-02-07)


there so down to earth will bring something so brilliant &hilarious to TV

Katherine Halton (London , 2024-02-08)


These ladies are entertaining

Serena Dunne (Croydon , 2024-02-09)


I known Lisa for many years she’s extremely funny, witty and a great singer also good luck Lisa x

Noreen Flynn (London , 2024-02-10)

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