Removal of Gary Lineker from the BBC



I am absolutely disgusted at he can make a political stance when he knows nothing absolutely nothing about Israel its history and what happens . He has a huge following and influences people . His stance is pure anti semitism !! He needs to face consequences !

Daniel Asher Saville (Leeds , 2024-01-15)


He should keep his thoughts to himself!!

Melanie Rom (Aldenham , 2024-01-15)


Because sports presenters talk about sports, not politics so no nothing about

Dave Shafier (Bushey, 2024-01-15)


I am signing because he is one sided. Has even mentioned the massacre or the hostages? He is an anti semite
He needs to get the heck out

Susie Davis (New York, 2024-01-16)


Gary liniker should keep his opinions to himself and not use the BBC for his hate of Israel .

Rosalind Shaw (Manchester, 2024-01-16)


Lineker brings the BBC (which continues to let him air his divisive opinions without censure) into disrepute. His services should be dispensed with immediately if the BBC wants to recover its reputation for honest reporting.

Sue Vogel (Bedford , 2024-01-16)


Gary Liniker is an antisemit and anti Israel
Will not watch him anymore on any of his programs

Allan Merten (Whitefield Manchester , 2024-01-16)


Gary Lineker should stick to flogging crisps, he clearly knows nothing about the situation in M.E.

Antony Zamchick (Bushey, 2024-01-16)


Gary Linekar is commenting on delicate issues well beyond his remit. He comes across an uneducated baffoon

David Woolf (London, 2024-01-16)


Lineker is an anti semite

Michael Sherling (London, 2024-01-17)


I agree and support the Motion

Philip Crawford (Altrincham , 2024-01-18)


He should not get involved in something he knows absolutely nothing about. He is just a jumped up ex footballer who should stick to eating crisps!!

Jackie Rose (Manchester, 2024-01-18)


I hate his views on Hamas
He is a traitor to Great Britain with his supporting terroists

Alan Harris (San Pedro del Pinatar, 2024-01-19)


He's anti semitic and he should not be expressing his views on our TV

Gary Stinton (Leominster, 2024-05-14)

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