Objection to the proposed name change from Hartley Primary Academy to Leigh Academies Hartley



I am signing as I feel the name change from Hartley Primary Academy to Leigh Academies Hartley will be detrimental to the reputation that Hartley Primary Academy holds. I hoped for so long that my daughter would get into HPA. It is an incredible school with incredible teachers that have worked so hard to build an incredible reputation in our village. Renaming our village school to a name that feels only holds corporate and a business mindset rather than Primary education and care worries me about the future of HPA. I strongly appeal this decision and hope for future references that LAT consults all those that will be impacted by an further changes in the future.

Sophie Carly (Longfield, 2024-01-05)


I am against the name change and want to maintain the historical significance and local pride of Hartley Primary academy.

Julia Griffiths (Hartley, 2024-01-05)


I’m signing because there has been no consultation with the parents/governors and there is no rationale for the change. Everything that will be discarded from uniform to branded school items to end up in landfill is an absolute disgrace. The money should be spent on the children and the school resources and not an egotistical name change.

V Briggs (Hartley, 2024-01-05)


The new proposed name takes away from the identity of the school and its village, pupils and parents. Hartley Primary is a village school and should not be named after a place that is a long way away or a person who’s called Leigh who ever they might be. It makes no sense changing its name to Leigh. It is a colossal waste of resource. Education shouldn’t need a “corporate identity” that is decided upon by a bunch of overpaid senior managers at an academy head office (who have probably never even visited the our village). Hartley primary is an ofsted outstanding village school and we are all very proud of it having a village identity and being named accordingly. Get the weird name Leigh off of its branding!

Fiona Jewell (Hartley, 2024-01-05)


I don’t believe a change in name will be good for the school.

Aimee Tester (Hartley , 2024-01-05)


This makes no sense whatsoever. Corporate drivel from expert money wasters. How about spending some of that yearly surplus on funding the schools!

Luke Jewell (Hartley, 2024-01-05)


I don’t agree with the business-like, corporate nature of the change and the lack of consultation with stakeholders in the school. The money required to implement a name change should be used instead for the benefit of the children and the school. The name that has been chosen is far from the traditional village-like name the school currently has and, I fear, will lead to a loss of identity within the community.

Stuart Edwards (Longfield, 2024-01-05)


I don’t want our village school name to change to some awful name

Charlotte Pell (Hartley , 2024-01-05)


This is a school of which the the local community is proud. It does not need to be part of a 'brand'. Money spent would be better spent on pupils.

Shelley Robinson (Longfield, 2024-01-05)


Hartley Primary Academy is a small much loved village school. It has a friendly community atmosphere in which each child is treated as an individual.
Some may say the name doesn’t matter, but the children are proud of their school and the school is well known within the village. The name itself Hartley Primary Academy sounds like the small but nurturing school that HPA is. The new name Leigh Academy Hartley sounds like an institution, a business, not a learning community that children and parents would be proud to be a part of.
I think it is terrible that no real rationale has been given for the change, and that the parents and children of HPA have not been consulted or had a chance to voice their views on the name change. The money being spent to facilitate the name change would be far better spent on the children’s education, which surely is the point of a school. HPA is a thriving village school not a business venture.

Jane Hardy (Longfield, 2024-01-05)


As an ex student of Hartley Primary School, I was thrilled when my son got accepted to HPA. This proposed name change is a complete disregard for the sentimental value that this wonderful school possesses, to not only myself but the village it resides in.

Rebecca Roud (Kent, 2024-01-05)


Even if a rebrand doesn't cost 'us' money, it still in my eyes takes away from what should be invested in buildings, students and/or practicalities to improve the learning environment. Staff retention and wider branding is a fallacy, the suggested name doesn't even suggest if it is primary or secondary school...the good local reputation built up over these years is lost. Also, as a strong advocate of the circular economy this move is consigning thousands of perfectly usable textiles to redundancy. I understand desire for change and conformity but change for change's sake is not helpful to hundreds of learners and their families and residents who will neither understand nor appreciate such a move being imposed upon these communities.

Rob Robinson (Longfield, 2024-01-05)


I strongly oppose the proposed change of name for Hartley Primary Academy. I am one of many parents who are proud of our ‘outstanding’ village school and believe that preserving its individuality is crucial. Adopting a 'brand' name is unnecessary and the funds allocated for the name change should be more wisely invested in enhancing educational resources for the children. Any changes to this school should be for the educational benefit of its students which this quite clearly is not.

Emma Thomas (Hartley , 2024-01-06)


To rename the school, and lose it's heritage and community identity, is unnecessary and benefits are far outweighed by the negatives. And to do so without consultation of parentsand students who overwhelming think it's a terrible decision is madness.

Brett Grady (New Ash Green, 2024-01-06)


Changing the name of the school
Does not better the children’s education in anyway and takes away the village name which we all love

Gemma Hubble (Longfield, 2024-01-06)


No consultation and not a good use of resources. The money to rebrand should be reinvested in to the school.

Geraldine Brampah (New Ash Green, 2024-01-06)


I feel that is not right for our school and I feel it’s making it more like a fancise and we are a village school

Georgina Hubble (Hartley , 2024-01-06)


This proposal has no benefits to the pupils.

Stephen Gordon (Kent, 2024-01-06)


i’m signing because i went to this school from the round ash way pre school to year 6 where i went on to have an education at Mayfield grammar school for girls. Without the education given to me by Hartley primary i wouldn’t have been able to achieve that. It is important to me that the primary school stays connected to our village instead of being changed to fit societies rules and be named after a straight old white man.

lucie townsend (kent , 2024-01-07)


I’m signing because of the lack of consultation prior to the announcement and no valid reasons being given that would directly benefit the school itself - it seems only to serve a wider group that lacks the level of excellence that Hartley Primary has achieved and promotes a lack of respect for the pupils and their parents and the wider community, who support this local school and have played their part in its success.

Kate Gittoes (Hartley, 2024-01-09)


The school has built up an excellent reputation and has played a significant role in village life for decades. The name of the village has always been the first part of the name, despite the other words changing over time. This latest proposed change would be the most significant and unwelcome name change in the entire history of the school. The money and time needed to carry out this rebrand would be far better invested in areas that benefit the children who attend the school.

John Scott (Hartley, 2024-01-09)


I’m signing this because I feel strongly the name of Hartley Primary Academy should remain in place.

Amy Pearce (Kent, 2024-01-09)


The school has a history and a connection with the village within which it sits. A corporate rebrand is a waste of money and this money would be better spent on children’s education, not in fulfilling a business plan

Anne-Louise Broome (Longfield, 2024-01-10)


I think that a rebranding exercise is a total waste of public money when schools need funds for better use.

Carol Boniface (Sevenoaks , 2024-01-11)


I live in Hartley, Hartley is a good school, I am a teacher, I have worked for Leigh Academy. I would never suggest anybody ever work there. There is something in-stringently wrong in the art department.. The Leigh Academy have a terrible name for teachers! And for pupils! and for teaching!
Absolutely, do no mar an outstanding school with the mud of Leigh Academy! Please.

Samantha Gallimore (Hartley, 2024-01-11)


I’m not in agreement with the name change.

Michelle Coleman (Hartley , 2024-01-15)


My nephew attends and I think the name change is totally irrelevant and a real shame

Claire Paterson (Gravesend , 2024-01-16)

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