No Nerd Emoji!



Teddy is right, shame on Apple. Way to go Teddy.

Michael Cocksedge (Wasaga Beach, 2023-12-02)


It’s the right thing to do!! ❤️

Irene Wreding (Kumla, 2023-12-02)


It is important & I wear glasses too and I stand by what he means.

Alicia Purewal (Bradford , 2023-12-02)


totally agree about this youngster i finds its offends me atleast change the teeth the glasses were good

Damob Jesso (Paradise , 2023-12-02)


I thoroughly agree with Teddy,and furthermore, think that emojis which are derogatory and humiliating and, encourage name-calling, are another form of bullying.

Amanda Gilliard (Belper, 2023-12-02)


I fully agree, I too wear glasses at 77 and I reject any implied meaning that I am a 'nerd.'

Lyn McConchie (Norsewood, 2023-12-02)


I hope for a better tomorrow

Evan Peterson (Lander, 2023-12-02)


The stereotyping of people who wear glasses is tired and lame - how about someone wearing glasses who is cool, confident, and comfortable with their appearance for a change?!

Dave Dravitzki (Napier , 2023-12-02)


Genius emoji is far better

Marian Schut (Heppen, 2023-12-02)


I support Teddy. I'm old enough to be his grandma but recall the impact of being called specky four-eyes when I was eleven because I wore glasses. It's time this trope of so-called nerds was consigned to the dustbin of history. Well done Teddy for highlighting what is, in reality, a form of discrimination.

D Hague (Oldham, 2023-12-02)


There shouldn't be stigma around wearing glasses and nerds shouldn't look stupid. By

Heather McKenzie (Waikanae, 2023-12-02)



Kevin Martinez (Bremerton, 2023-12-02)


The emoji is unnecessary

Jaeme Baker (Rangiora , 2023-12-02)


I’m signing because I completely agree with Teddy! Two of my children wear glasses and I am signing the petition on their behalf. People who wear glasses deserve more than one emoji with negative connotations.

Shelley Hilsdon (Chesham, 2023-12-02)


Teddy is absolutely right, do glasses wearing people better Apple!

Maja Canham (Cressy, 2023-12-02)


I agree that the current nerd emoji needs a revamp. And I love this new design!

Ethan Oberholtzer (Phoenix, 2023-12-02)


My son wears glasses and agrees with Teddy it makes him sad too!

Kirsty Riddell (Edinburgh, 2023-12-02)


Mijn dochter draagt een bril en vindt het ook beledigend

Femke Kernor (Kinrooi , 2023-12-02)


Bravo Teddy 💪🤓

Laïla D (Brussels , 2023-12-02)


I agree

Evelyn Ferrando (Talca, 2023-12-02)


teddy es weon

Big Falopas (santiago, 2023-12-02)


Looks cool, and i am making something like this right now (sadly im not apple employee)

Nikita Maslov (Kyiv, 2023-12-02)


I've worn glasses since Elementary School and think that the term "Genius" or at least "Smart" would be better than"Nerd" to describe the emoji. Also something closer to Teddy's drawing could make a better emoji because not everyone who might need glasses might also need dental work done (and vice versa). Your current emoji probably disses not one but two groups of people (especially children). Your emoji could be cute without making groups of people (especially children) having to deal with unintended bullying by their peers. In a world filled with sensitive subjects, we all need a lot more kindness toward others. Thank you.

Barbara Barger (Penetanguishene, ON, 2023-12-02)


I agree with Teddy and believe the “nerd emoji” is offensive and could be better designed

Marilian Moore (Denver, 2023-12-02)


I wear glasses and as a teacher I would hate to think that children (or anyone) who need glasses would be put off by negative images like this. It’s rude and offensive.

Hilary Rodley (Thames, 2023-12-03)


I too wear glasses and I’m glad someone is finally trying to change it.

Brandon Morris (Ashland , 2023-12-03)


I'm signing because I agree with what is being ask, the emoji can be really offensive and very stereotypical thing.

Francisca Barrera (Santiago , 2023-12-03)


I have always felt embarrassed by this emoji. My one teacher had it hanging on a plaster in the corner of the classroom for absolutely no reason and every time I saw it I felt completely embarrassed. I wear contacts now, but I always thought that even though most of the people that I know that are nerds (myself included) have glasses or contacts, it is not ok to have the teeth with it. It is insensitive and has absolutely no purpose in being there. Your version/name is much better.

Alex Segal (Pittsburgh, 2023-12-03)


Signing because I don’t want glasses to be associated with being a Nerd (although I have worn glasses all my life and I am a Nerd lol)

Madeleine Griffin (Brampton , 2023-12-03)


I wear glasses and don't like neither the look nor the name of the nerd emoji!

Pär-Johan Goody-Rohdin (Perth, 2023-12-03)


I agree

Lella Christiaens (Brussels, 2023-12-03)


because of the nerd emoji looks nerdy

Gino Vroman Vanderghinste (Waregem, 2023-12-03)


People who wear glasses should be able to be whatever kind of person they really are - they shouldn't be labelled as nerds.

Helen Oliver (Letchworth , 2023-12-03)


I’m signing this because he is right! Have taught for over 30!years and can’t tell you how many children are so self conscious about wearing glasses… this doesn’t help at all.

Paula Hale (Cambridge , 2023-12-03)


My sweet and clever granddaughter has glasses and is waiting for braces. I hope that this emoji will be replaced before it hurts more children.

Clement Vanderperren (oudenaarde, 2023-12-03)


арен лгося

Кирилл Шилько (Москва, 2023-12-03)


I'm signin this petition because "nerd emoji" is making genious children fell akward because of their knowledege. Great job Apple :(

Maša . (zagreb, 2023-12-03)


Anche mia figlia porta gli occhiali,trovo la petizione di Teddy davvero bellissima

Anna Debellis (San severo, 2023-12-03)


Well done Teddy 😁

Jamie Wilson (Bangor, 2023-12-03)


I'm signing because I agree with Teddy.

Hannah Lore (Tauranga, 2023-12-03)


My Child (a girl 11) feels the same.

Katrien Allegaert (Brugge, 2023-12-03)


Солидарен с петицией.

Даниил Терещенко (Сургут , 2023-12-03)


Il le fait pour tous ceux qui peuvent se sentir de la même façon que lui.
He is doing it for all the others that might feel the same way he does.

Julie Cossette (Drummondville, 2023-12-03)


I wholeheartedly agree with change in face and the name. Your reasoning and logic are brilliant. I have worn glasses my entire life and resent this poor image that Apple presents.

Kathy Krizan (Hamilton , 2023-12-03)


People are butthurt about everything these days. Apple, do NOT listen to this kid. Nobody should listen.
I only wanted to comment, but these websites don't have option to only comment without signing.

Nes Eri (Liverpool, 2023-12-03)


Listen to the kids. Remove the buckteeth and change the name — anything that can be seen as offensive is just another weapon in a middle school scenario. If Apple condones calling people who look a certain way “nerd”, this spreads onto classrooms. As a teacher, we swat bullying constantly. Help turn this into a positive, please.

Angela Jurgensen (New Westminster, 2023-12-03)


In 2023 these stereotypes should not exist and be perpetuated. It is extremely offensive to me.

Louise Van Tongeren (Christchurch , 2023-12-03)


Stereotypes are unacceptable for children and adults.

Chris Johnson (Pebble Beach, 2023-12-03)


I think the same of Teddy

Matteo Presutto (Brescia, 2023-12-03)


The nerd emoji takes people back to a time when being considered a nerd was a bad thing and kids who looked like nerds (even ones that weren't actually nerds) got bullied for it. Yes, lets change the nerd emoji to the genious one.

Patricia McClain (Surrey, 2023-12-03)


I agree with the purpose of this petition

Nathan Whelan (Hinckley, 2023-12-03)


I agree with Teddy but most of all I want him to believe that he can fight for his rights and win!!!!

Alessandro Morelli (Los Angeles , 2023-12-03)


He is right

Lev Fomin (London, 2023-12-03)


I had to wear glasses to see the blackboard at primary school - the teacher constantly called me four eyes other kids soon followed. I would actually bury my glasses when I got home

Lisa Tua (Christchurch , 2023-12-03)


I’m signing on behalf of my daughter Sophie as she thinks there should be a range of emojis with glasses that are nice. It’s a shame for people that wear glasses that there’s only an unkind version of people wearing glasses.

Tessa Gordelier (Bristol , 2023-12-03)


Excellent idea!, the world moves thanks to people like you, Teddy!

Jose Manuel Menéndez Martin (Boadilla del Monte, 2023-12-03)