No Nerd Emoji!



Я согласен автором, Тедди абсолютно прав. Данный смайл выглядит глупым и неуместным. Подростающее поколение не должно ассоциировать людей, и тем более детей в очках с чем то подобным, постыдным. Дети должны считать себя крутыми и классными, а не чувствовать ассоциации с этим смайликом. Тедди Коттл, ты крут 😎

Даниил Иванов (Анжеро-Судженск, 2023-12-01)


Sometimes it needs the view of a child to see how stupid adults can be.

Martin Hauser (Lübeck , 2023-12-01)


As a glass wearing kid who was often teased by other kids and some adults too, I understand Teddy’s feelings. I like the idea to rename the emoji as genius emoji. One thing I will tell Teddy though - as I got older, with applying some of that brain power at work and with a bit of luck, I do find myself doing better than all those who made fun of me. So don’t worry even if the petition doesnt pass - this is just a passing phase in life!!

Shaizil Sheriff (Charlotte, 2023-12-01)


Ich finde die Argumentation sehr gut und er hat Recht meine Kinder sind auch Brillenträger und haben mit "nerds "nichts zu tun.Und Teddy hat tatsächlich Recht es hat was von Ratte..

Peggy Schönberg (Brandenburg an der Havel, 2023-12-01)


Teddy is right !!

Rachel Foust (Hillsborough , 2023-12-01)


Finde es sehr toll von dem jungen weil es wichtig ist zu seiner Meinung zu stehen.

Julia Fraenzel (Beeskow, 2023-12-01)


Awesome that you’re speaking up about something you believe in. Keep up the great work.

Mary Pat Wylie (Ballwin, 2023-12-01)


womp womp lets go band for band i got 300k pounds lil bitch

cishshato gangbanguh (minnesota, 2023-12-01)


I wear glasses - I do not want to be stereotyped any longer

Catherine Carr (Tehachapi, 2023-12-01)


You are brave and wise beyond your years, young man. I hope your dream becomes a reality. Cheers!

Tom Henson (Bath, 2023-12-01)


Ich es auch doof finde.

Ralf Denker (Flensburg, 2023-12-01)


The nerd emoji looks offensive.

Darryl Kang (Singapore, 2023-12-01)


Das Emoji diskriminert!

Susanne Carson (Wuppertal, 2023-12-01)


I totally agree with this boy!

Ilya Karimov (Ufa, 2023-12-01)


It’s true and this child and all other people wearing glasses should be supported!

Tina Jongkind (Stuttgart, 2023-12-01)


I think Teddy is right. I don't wear Glases, but I see the Emoji just like Teddy describes it. A negative picture of persons wearing Glases.

Markus Schmidt (Hebertshausen, 2023-12-01)


People with higher IQ and or Special Interesse are as beautiful as others. I a very impressed that you did. Not accept this prejudice!

Birgitta Strater (Bonn, 2023-12-01)


Потому что так надо

Киря Пыря (Мрсква, 2023-12-01)


I am wearing glasses too and I think apple rrally designed very bad emoji.

Peter Popov (Moscow, 2023-12-01)


My son wears glasses and he’s the same age and he wears them cause they help him see better an that’s part of him an his image there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses! I love this and I stand for this! 🙌🏼🫶🏼

Adis Agović (Salt lake city , 2023-12-01)


Personally, I don't like this emoji either because it looks very offensive.

Lego in u room in u room (Moskow, 2023-12-01)


Понимаю пацана, нужно поддержать.
Сам он очень похож на смайлика, только без двух зубов спереди.
Желаю тебе удачи 🤓

Иван Лязин (Самара, 2023-12-01)


this guy is right :3

Ишоил Осинт (67р, 2023-12-01)


The reason I support this is also I wear eye glass and get bullied all time I wear them. For me, I wear eye glass so I can see far away stuff and I think perfect fine to wear glass and no one have right judge how I look.

Jason Tierney (Ottawa, 2023-12-01)


This emoji really offensive. I don't know what I can also say

Nikolay Ivanov (Moscow, 2023-12-01)


You're right.

La Mar (Reken, 2023-12-01)


Hey Teddy! I absolutely agree with you - good luck & warm wishes from Germany!

Sandra Flicke-Loetzsch (Köln, 2023-12-01)


I love the idee

Cornelia Siegrist (Zürich, 2023-12-01)


Teddy is totally right with it. This emoji has to be changed into something positiv.

Philipp Kolvenbach (Mönchengladbach, 2023-12-01)


I wear glasses myself, as do my two daughters. I don't want my children to have to endure teasing because of an emoji. I also think it's fantastic that a 10-year-old is fighting for what he believes in.

Jan Dietrich (Fernwald, 2023-12-01)


I‘m a nerd with glasses - and proud of this, but my emoji should not looks like a rabbit.

Gerald L (Wolfsburg, 2023-12-01)


Ik teken omdat ik als kind zelf gepest ben geweest met mijn bril en ik dat verschrikkelijk vond. Van Apple had ik wel meer niveau verwacht!

Christine De Meirsman (Gent, 2023-12-01)


Я согласен, и я тоже очкарик.

Andrew Mitiukhin (Moscow, 2023-12-01)


It’s fun

Yelizaveta Knyazeva (Saint-Petersburg , 2023-12-01)


I'm signing because I am a psychiatrist and I know too well that discrimination and teasing may have serious consequences and may cause serious illnesses.

Dr. Karen Rolfes (Bocholt, 2023-12-01)


good job, fight on

Philipp Klöckner (Koblenz, 2023-12-01)


I have been wearing glasses since age 4 and can relate to the feeling of being discriminated against simply because of my glasses. Good luck, Teddy!

Christine L. (Düsseldorf , 2023-12-01)


I wear glasses, too... And I am cool;) Greetings from Budapest!

Markus Kurkó (Budapest , 2023-12-01)


Ich stehe hundertprozentig hinter dem was Teddy sagt. Ich selbst bin ein nicht unintelligenter Brillenträger und möchte nicht gleichgestellt werden mit den Vorstellungen anderer, wie ein Brillenträger auszusehen hat.

Mario Matties (Prisdorf, 2023-12-01)


I do not have rabbit teeth either.

Johannes Freytag (Weiden, 2023-12-01)


I totale agree with this Young Boy. Wearing classes is cool and we need to be support our Kids to be theirselves with everything the are! Glasses and all things helping to make life easier are extremly cool!

Great Idea

Leonie Donner (Rheinfelden, 2023-12-01)



Evelien Vanheuckelom (Turnhout , 2023-12-01)