No Nerd Emoji!



I think it’s a great idea!

Angela Fleet (Ottawa, 2023-11-30)


It’s morally wrong in this day and age to judge

Marissa Butler (Knoxville, 2023-11-30)


Because this kid is absolutely right! We needs deserve justice!

Kseniya Borisenok (St. Petersburg, 2023-11-30)


I too wear glasses and I am a teacher. One of my student does not want to wear hos new glasses because he is afraid someone will make fun of him. I love my glasses and veryone should feel safe with their needs being met!

Melissa AuCoin (Enfield, 2023-11-30)


I prefer to wear my glasses over wearing contacts. I also think it’s super fun to wear different styles, colors, shapes and patterns of glasses. You can express yourself with glasses. Wearing glasses is cool!

Hannah Henshaw (Augusta, 2023-11-30)


I fully agree with the petitioner and think it’s cool that such a young person is willing to take on big tech to make a positive change. I wear glasses too, and I don’t like the implications of this emoji either. Keep up the good work, Teddy, and never let anyone stop your shine!

Kelly Thoreck (Lake Clear , 2023-11-30)


I agree with Teddy, I never ever liked that emoji and I am proud to sign his petition to eliminate it and/or change it to something more appropriate! I've worn glasses since I was 4 years old and yes I have tried contacts but they are such a hassle. I love my glasses! Go Teddy!

Lisa Warmuth (Santa Ana , 2023-11-30)


I love the thought of the emoji being changed to Genius emoji! It's positive reinforcement for our children and begins to make the changes in the way society looks and thinks of people .

Renae Mussachio (East Amherst, 2023-11-30)


I have recently had to wear glasses too, and now I fully understand and fully agree that this emoji is offensive to people who have to wear glasses!

Ilya Verzun (Kharkiv, 2023-11-30)


Teddy is correct and is very brave to try and change things for the betterment of everyone!

Sheila MacDonald (Middle Sackville, 2023-11-30)


Glasses and nerds are cool…well done Teddy

Michael Butler (St Neots, 2023-11-30)


I also wear glasses and I am not nerd!

Anna Frolova (Tallinn, 2023-11-30)


I totally agree Teddy!

Jeri Fergus (REDWAY, 2023-11-30)


Because this definitely is GENIUS!! Way to go Teddy!

Tracy C (Brampton, 2023-11-30)


Just as it is wrong to prednisone people against skin color, disability or religion, so too is it wrong to pigeon while a group of people for the need to wear glasses. Please change the emoji to reflect a more inclusive view of the world and the humanity who calls it home.

Alicia Denzel (Charleston , 2023-11-30)


Я подписываю это, потому что считаю что людям которые носят очки нужны дополнительные не высмеивающие их смайлики

Надежда Фёдорова (Великий Новгород , 2023-11-30)


I'm signing because I think it is amazing that a young lad is standing up to a tech giant and fighting for change, and less discrimination!

Jennifer Savage (Kingston, 2023-11-30)


Totally agree with Teddy

SO Nyk (Odesa, 2023-11-30)


I absolutely agree with teddy. My daughter just got glasses at age 6 years and she is so very proud and she is loving them.

Kim Walker (Tasmania , 2023-11-30)


IM SIGNING BECAUSE there needs to be more positivity in the world. My son wears glasses and he is not a "nerd".

Also.... achild willing to challenge a big corporation needs all the support he can get. How great is it for him to stand up for what he believes in.

Cassandra Ross (Fort st. John, 2023-11-30)


I agree with him. This needs to change.

Brayden Fletcher (Nanty Glo, 2023-11-30)


I wear glasses and contacts. I think what Teddy is doing is pretty cool!

Michele Joyce (Tampa, 2023-11-30)


I'm signing because I wear glasses and I agree with Teddy!

Nicole Hannah (Peterborough, 2023-11-30)


I agree 100% with Teddy!

Francine Estabrooks (St. Catharines , 2023-11-30)


I agree with Teddy. Having buck teeth and glasses is a stereotype the is not necessary. Apple's team has the resources to be able to revise these emoji's to punch up instead of punch down.

Todd Willsie (Calgary, 2023-11-30)


I am signing because those who wear glasses have a disability. People do not choose to wear glasses. They have to if they want to be able to navigate this world. Children especially do not have a choice (since they are unable to wear contacts)and the current emoji perpetuates the stereotype of a nerd and enables bullying.

Lisa Pratt (Kennebunk, 2023-11-30)


People with glasses are Cool!

Дмитрий Поляков (Тбилиси , 2023-11-30)


I wear glasses too

Rowan Lugg (STOKE-ON-TRENT, 2023-11-30)


This child has a point.

Denni Doyle (Akron, 2023-11-30)


I also have glasses and this is offensive.

Theodore Griffiths (Blackstone , 2023-11-30)


I’m signing because I think Teddy has a great heart, and to hear that he’s upset over an emoji makes me upset. I figure, if we can have all kinds of LGBTQ+ emojis, why can’t we have a nicer looking nerd emoji? Thanks, Teddy❤️

Sam B (Modesto, 2023-11-30)


The nerd emoji is discrminating - the genius emoji is lovely.

Yvonne Jordan (Alsfeld, 2023-11-30)


Teddy is right for too long the wearing of glasses has been used to convey a negative connotation about a person as either they are a nerd or ugly or socially awkward

Margaret Head (Sydney, 2023-11-30)


I wear glasses and they are cool, not nerdy. Good on Teddy for taking a stand

Robert Pierce (Jersey, 2023-11-30)


My kids wear glasses too and love em and aren’t nerds

Tania Vassilakaki (Penticton, 2023-11-30)


I actually think he's right. No representative group should be denigrated.

Victoria Matthews (Oxford , 2023-11-30)


I’m signing because I totally agree that this emoji should be changed as I have been a wearer of glasses for 60 and as a child I was called many names including nerd.

Tracey Foley (London, 2023-11-30)


I’m very sorry you find the emoji offensive, also the emoji you designed is very cute!

Vojtěch Vančura (Prague, 2023-11-30)


I totally agree with you: especially because, as I’ve got older (I’m now 62: which is really ancient!), I’ve needed an increasing number of glasses; and now have to wear three different ones (hopefully not all at the same time…) – for reading, driving, and using my computers – all of which are blue (the glasses, not the computers – although I do have a blue Chromebook!), and have funky frames! So I agree with you: it should *definitely* be the ‘genius’ emoji! Steve Jobs wore glasses, as did John Lennon (ask your grandma), as does Bill Gates, and as do you! This is a genius idea, too; and a brave thing to do. Thank you!

Stephen Ward (MOOR ROW, 2023-11-30)


As a person who has been wearing glasses for more than 10 years, I fully support this idea! I want to use a smiley face with glasses, but I'm not doing it now because of the awkward teeth :(

Maria K (Trmice, 2023-11-30)


He makes a excellent point and believe Teddy will get this done!!

Janice Dee (KIngston, 2023-11-30)



Nerd nerdder (New York, 2023-11-30)


I think this is a great suggestion.

Shelley Kelly (Twin Peaks, 2023-11-30)


I totally agree with Teddy

Tracey Withers (Reading, 2023-11-30)


I'm signing because Teddy is right!

Dawn Murphy (BARRIE, 2023-11-30)


I fully agree with Teddy! Well done!

Andy Gabriel (8046, 2023-11-30)


I never thought of it that way. I agree, Teddy!

Colleen Lowry (Austin , 2023-11-30)


Because I agree with young Teddy

Barbara Hunt (Lancashire , 2023-11-30)


Teddys arguments are absolutely valid, I am fully supporting his position.

Ralf-Dieter Hamm (Worms, 2023-11-30)


I agree with Teddy 100%, the nerd emoji is offensive and I really like Teddy’s option!

Nancy Lam (Toronto , 2023-11-30)


I am proud to wear glasses! I also have buck teeth which are the bane of my existence.

Melinda McTeer (Baltimore, 2023-11-30)


I absolutely agree.

Andreas Wohlers (Bremen, 2023-11-30)


Great job, Teddy. You’re a changemaker, I like that. Keep going!

Meike Sommer (Dublin , 2023-11-30)


Es ist wahr und wunderbar was der Junge hier anstösst. Ich trage auch eine Brille und bin kein Nerd und habe keine Hasenzähne.

Diana Haag (Rüsselsheim , 2023-11-30)


I agree wholeheartedly with young Teddy. In this time of ethnic and gender sensitivity, ridiculing "nerds" is unacceptable. And where would we be now without Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Did they have bright red eyes and 2 prominent teeth?

Lucia Kuzminski (Toronto, 2023-11-30)


I'm not a glasses wearer myself but I respect Teddy's initiative in fighting for better representation. Fight the good fight dude.

Ethan Dean (Melbourne, 2023-11-30)


I am signing because I wear glasses and I am not a nerd

Katherine Miller (Guelph, 2023-12-01)


Boy, I'm agree with you! Actually, I don't use these emoji, because it's have big stuped teeth!

Yuri Shabalin (Rostov-on-Don, 2023-12-01)


Nerds rule the world.

Michael O'Hare (Brooklyn, 2023-12-01)


The boy's way is right

Swantje Neumann (Bad Sassendorf, 2023-12-01)


I like the new nerd emoji better

Erik Novak (Medina, 2023-12-01)


The boy is correct

Sharon Smajlovic (Halifax, 2023-12-01)


I think you are amazing. I'm a woman and mother of 3 daughters. I've had to fight all my life for basic rights like equal pay and opportunities. It's never wrong to speak the truth. I hope you are successful.

Gill Bethell (Sydney, 2023-12-01)


It is truly inspiring to see the younger generation fearlessly standing up for their beliefs, expressing their thoughts through voice, and bringing about change. We must never forget that staying silent only perpetuates the problem. This 10-year-old embodies the optimistic efforts of our ancestors, whose resilience and determination, blood, and tears have forged a legacy of strength passed on through generations.

Jade Pitman (Olathe, 2023-12-01)



Joseph JEINSENHOWER (H, 2023-12-01)


i'm signing to say: 🤓

augustus vladsocken (ohio, 2023-12-01)


I think the kid’s going places.

Jesse Smith (Frederick, 2023-12-01)


He’s right. The nerd glasses emoji with bad teeth is hateful.

Anne Marie O’Connor (London , 2023-12-01)


Weil ich seine Meinung teile

Karlheinz Vöge (Bremen, 2023-12-01)