No Nerd Emoji!



I agree with Teddy's concerns and would love to see the Genius emoji become a reality.

Esme Cottle (Henley-on-thames, 2023-11-27)


I think Teddy is right!

Liz Boyes (Manchester, 2023-11-28)


Teddy is RIGHT!!! Great job.

Ben Brown (Hale, 2023-11-28)


I agree with Teddy

Kelly Godwin (Sale, 2023-11-28)


I wear glasses too and I agree with Teddy! You go dude!

Michelle Church (Reading, 2023-11-28)


Teddy Cottel’s Genius Emoji is inspiring

Kate Lockwood (Cheserex, 2023-11-28)


I support Teddy all the way!

Michelle Zyda (Reading, 2023-11-28)


I support Teddy in recognising the misrepresentation of people who wear glasses.

Kate Casserley (Reading , 2023-11-28)


I agree

Ruth Douglass (Hale Barns, 2023-11-28)


I agree with this petition.

Clare Lowe (Tadley, 2023-11-29)


Teddy is absolutely right on this one!

Sarah Revel (Leeds , 2023-11-29)


I absolutely agree with Teddy

Arthur Godwin (Basel , 2023-11-29)


I believe in promoting body positivity and I would like to support a brilliant initiative

Or Williams (Reading, 2023-11-29)


Good on ya, Teddy! (Found you on BBC)

Eric Johnson (Hanoi, 2023-11-29)


I’m signing this because I wear glasses and am a specialist in my field (a nerd?) but I most certainly do not look like the emoji!!!

Georga Godwin (Oxford, 2023-11-29)


I support this initiative.

Luis Velasco (Kidlington, 2023-11-29)


I support Teddy's proposal. He is right!

Edward Godwin (Duggingen, 2023-11-29)


With you all the way, Teddy!!! Let’s make the change!

John Webster (Teddington, 2023-11-29)


I support this petition.

Josué Maldonado (Chihuahua, 2023-11-29)


I agree with Teddy. Glasses are cool. Well done.

Alison West (Reading, 2023-11-29)


I agree! Change the emoji to a beautiful smiling face!

Kelsey Morgan (London, 2023-11-29)


You are doing an AMAZING job!! You are so young, and yet a powerful advocate already. You should be very proud of yourself for creating the change you wish to see in the world.

Georgia Jarmolkiewicz (London, 2023-11-29)


I wear glasses and so does my boy. Removing the teeth and rebranding to genius, is genius! You make me proud to be part of the glasses wearing community! Go Teddy! A Prime Minister in the making, I'd vote for!

Pru Winters (PULBOROUGH, 2023-11-29)


Young people should not be ashamed to wear glasses and they do look cool!

Simon Smith (Reading, 2023-11-29)


Teddy’s right, great job!

Krystal Currums (Gloucester, 2023-11-29)


Teddy is right, I agree we need a better emoji for glasses wearers.

Jenny Woodhams (Bury, 2023-11-29)


I agree with Teddy! I wear glasses since I was 6, and they even make me look better, and by no means did my teeth grow.

Pablo Dopico (Berlin, 2023-11-29)


I was bullied all through my Junior school.
This emoji needs to be changed.

Louise Fallon (London, 2023-11-29)


If he feels it's offensove then it is offensive, and discriminative. That's what matters. When I was at his age, when kids got glasses they were called all sorts of horrible things. It should be changed. I fully support him.

Peter Visi (Oxford, 2023-11-29)


In unhappy with people being labelled

Richard Martin Ashley (Montrose , 2023-11-29)


I am signing because no one should be treated differently just because they wear glasses.

Lorna Pinington (Partridge Green, 2023-11-29)


I completely agree with Teddy!

Julie Gibb (Collingbourne Ducis, 2023-11-29)


I'm signing because Teddy has a perfect right to be heard, and I much prefer his emoji!




Young people starting to wear glasses need support not disrespect.

Peter Kearns (Farnborough , 2023-11-29)


Good luck with your petition Teddy! I saw you on the news and agree that people that wear glasses aren't nerds! Well done.

Liz Taylor (Portsmouth , 2023-11-29)


Well done Teddy! I hope Apple take notice.

David Rea (Havant , 2023-11-29)


I agree !

Jennifer West (Southsea, 2023-11-29)


Teddy is right. People who wear glasses shouldn’t be assumed to be nerds.

Julie Barnett (Henley on Thames, 2023-11-29)


I wear glasses & object to them being associated with the word Nerd!

Sue Wyatt (Southampton, 2023-11-29)


Protect the feelings of people with glasses!

Elspeth Brown (Winchester , 2023-11-29)


The current emoji is terrible. Please change it.

Roger Ward (Leeds, 2023-11-30)


I agree with Teddy! Remove the negative stereotypes and celebrate Genius and the wearing of glasses as a positive.

Anne Kerby (Bundaberg, 2023-11-30)


Nerd is offensive to people who wear glasses

Denise Stradling (Reading, 2023-11-30)


Teddy is right.

Yasmin Limbert (WIRRAL, 2023-11-30)


I don’t like the use of the nerd emoji being connected with somebody wearing glasses

Harriet Potts (Manchester, 2023-11-30)


I am a glasses wearer and I agree that the emoji is offensive and could have a negative impact on the emotional well being of young glasses wearers.

Theresa Smith (Hirsham, 2023-11-30)


Teddy is correct. Glasses are cool not nerdy.

Russell Evans (Swindon, 2023-11-30)


I’m signing because he is absolutely right and good luck!

Oliver Goad (Chichester , 2023-11-30)



Phil Purcell (Kidderminster , 2023-11-30)


Why stigmatise nerds? Promote a passion for knowledge. The buck teeth (and ideally glasses - which are cool, definitely not nerdy) need to go.

Richard Ryan (Gosport, 2023-11-30)


It's careless, casual bullying, not just of glasses wearers but also of those who have prominent teeth.

James Cubberley (Sheffield, 2023-11-30)


I agree change should be made

Geraldine Marechal (Erith, 2023-11-30)


I’ve worn specs for over 60 years and I’M NOT A NERD!!

Sue Mortimore (Solihull , 2023-11-30)



Элла Груздева (Samara, 2023-11-30)


"nerd" emoji did offended me as well when I was in secondary school cause it was used to represent me in chat group 😂. It wasn't that bad but it helps people to develop stereotypes about academically smart people that wear glasses.

Doniyor Nosirjonov (Warsaw, 2023-11-30)