My parents live in Essex just east of the extended ULEZ. This whole debacle is purely an exercise of greed and a total extortion racket. I have to drive into London for work purposes now and again as public transport from the North Norfolk coast is not easily accessible when having a walking disability. This whole scheme needs to be scrapped as it is a total waste of taxpayers money and none of us voted in favour of it!

Mandy Jallow (Great Yarmouth, 2023-10-06)



john daniel (london, 2023-10-06)


He should be sacked

John Evans (Iwade, 2023-10-06)


Khan is a liar and not fit to be Mayor of London .

Duncan Harland (Dereham, 2023-10-07)


I’m signing because Khan is acting like a dictator against the wishes of the people and has initiated a scheme directly aimed at people with less money during a cost of living crisis, taking freedoms from the working person and the lonely old.

Leah Williamson (London, 2023-10-07)


I believe these accusations to be true

Jenny Shearman (Orpington, 2023-10-07)


Khan continues to act criminally and needs to be stopped.

Kaye Hookway (London , 2023-10-08)


Sadiq khan is corrupt
He doesn’t believe in democracy he just forces things through without proper consultation

James Carey-Wilson (Sutton , 2023-10-09)


I'm signing because I'm sick of government & knunt taking our rights away, and having to keep paying just to work or look after family.
They are criminals

jean Lewin (Colchester, 2023-10-09)


Agree to all of the charges and the unfair poor tax.

mick timmins (sheffield, 2023-10-09)


Khan is a criminal, and his whole scheme has nothing to do with pollution

Ian Hoare (Essex , 2023-10-10)


I believe the mayor is a lier and needs sorting .

Wayne SCOBLE (Bexley, 2023-10-10)


Khan is a criminal liat

Oliver Strebel (Hampton Hill, 2023-10-10)


I think Khan has brought in Ulez illegally

Keeble David (Coventry , 2023-10-10)


I believe this to be an unfair and unnecessary tax on London citizens.

Ken Angel (Derby, 2023-10-10)


ULEZ is a scam based on unmitigated lies and false claims that causes untold misery to millions of Londoners both the inner and the outer areas.

janos bajtala (London, 2023-10-10)


i do not agree with taking money with menaces and putting the working class under more misery than we already have in this country

christopher gregory (epsom, 2023-10-10)


I don’t agree with it. We live out of London in country side , our air is not polluted

Margaret Bennett (Biggin Hill, 2023-10-10)


There is no valid case for an extended ulez scheme in the boundaries prescribed.

Paul Oconnor (Uxbridge, 2023-10-10)


I agree with the reasons for raising this petition

Julie Truman (London, 2023-10-10)


Sadiq Khan is a criminal

Tony Price (Waltham Abbey, 2023-10-10)


The ulez is illegal and immoral mayor Khan is a nazi, a criminal and a general disgrace.

Jason Harley (London, 2023-10-10)


Because I don’t think it’s right what Sadie Khan is doing

Gillian Holloway (Milton Keynes, 2023-10-10)


Sadiq khan needs to be held accountable for his mismanagement as mayor .

Gary Mcgreig (London , 2023-10-11)


This is the most unfare way to treat motorists I have ever seen! There's no doubt it's a system corrupt just to get money from motorists.

James Price (Bromley , 2023-10-11)


Sadie Khan has abused his powers and lied to get things through consultations.

Steve Stapley (London, 2023-10-12)


I agree with the petition's purpose

Ted Kelly (Wirral, 2023-10-12)


This is an usubstantiated lie and illegal process of fund collecting

John Humberstone (London, 2023-10-12)


The Ulez scheme is dishonest, corrupt, morally wrong, wrongly managed by TFL, wrong on every level.

Barbara George (Hayes , 2023-10-12)


What Khan is doing is fraudulent and illegal.

Jill Edwards (Bromley, 2023-10-12)


I am totally against ULEZ…it’s a stealth tax to recoup misappropriated TfL funds and penalises the true working class hero’s of this country.

Toni Pope (Surbiton, 2023-10-12)


He is stealing money from people under false pretences as his actions do not help any one but himself.

Chris Drucker (Staines, 2023-10-12)


he needs to be stopped before all other concils adopt his same attitude of commiting crimes because they know we cant do anything about it, make an example of him

Mark Dickinson (sheffield, 2023-10-13)


I do not agree with the ULEZ charge and I think that Khan is not telling us the truth about air pollution.

Leo Cullen (Rochford, 2023-10-13)


The whole ULEZ scheme has been imposed illegally without consultation with the general public.

Jackie Vaughan (Cranbrook, 2023-10-14)


ULIZ is provable fraudulent and Khan is the thief who is guilty of making money from it.

Malcolm Avery (London, 2023-10-15)


I'm signing this because no one should be above the Law. Many aspects if Sadik Khan's leadership have been shown to be corrupt, this is just one of many items he could and should be arrested for. How much longer can he keep breaking laws that would see anyone else in Prison.

Dave Stanway (Hayling Island, 2023-11-06)


Its one big scam and he is using this money to pay off his debts by illegal means

Sandra Shipp (CLACTON-ON-SEA, 2023-11-07)


He is corrupt

Robert Toplis (Chesterfield, 2023-11-07)


Khan is a crook, a liar, selfish, person,

JENNIFER DAVEY (Tunbridge wells, 2023-11-11)


He can’t control areas that aren’t his! He is a fraud and doesn’t care about the people.

K Walker (Surrey, 2023-11-11)


He has got to stopped and brought to task!

Jan Willingale (Loughton , 2023-11-11)


Khan is a liar and a fraudster who is determined and has ruined London.

Yvonne Reader (Northolt, 2023-11-11)


Khan is a fraud. He misquoted "4000 deaths", lies about "50% london don't own cars" "9 out of 10 compliant", bribes imperial college to 'fix' reports that don't fit his narrative.

Chris Brown (London, 2023-11-11)


I have had enough of Sadiq and TfL controlling my life and telling I can only drive if I pay them to drive my van yet I pay VED (vehicle excise duty) £320 which was £290 last year to drive on road plus I have to pay insurance and mot so I should not have to pay the scums money to lavish a happy life at our expense that’s my reason for signing.

Steve Hutton (Walton-on-Thames , 2023-11-11)


It's fraud!

Nicholas Smoothy (London, 2023-11-11)


I believe the Mayor of London is guilty of fraud, has continue to lie and has spent money fraudulent presented false Information regarding g the ULEZ expansion.

Dawn Donnelly (London, 2023-11-11)


He has told so many lies and on that basis, is stealing from poor people. Ulez isn't even law. He thinks he can do exactly what he likes and doesn't care about who's lives he ruins along the way. It's disgusting and the way he manipulated the ulez consultation by ignoring votes is extremely fraudulent. He twists everything to suit himself. He doesn't answer questions and he Sat's we live in a democracy but because of him we actually dint anymore. He has ruined London and if left in power will ruin the whole country! I am so angry.

Sue Holman (Carshalton, 2023-11-11)


It all wrong in so many ways.

Paul Withers (Hastings, 2023-11-11)


This despicable mayor has ruined people’s lives and businesses by fabricating and lying about air pollution in outer London. It does not exist.

June Thompson (Sutton , 2023-11-11)


Get Khan out!! He is destroying London and turning it into a 3rd world dump! He needs to concentrate on getting knife crime down rather than punishing the working class with his ULIEZ! He is a disgrace and corrupt

Sarah Garrett (FELTHAM, 2023-11-12)


I am signing as I believe the ulez to be a money maker. How can charging people that own a “ non compliant vehicle “ reduce emissions. I

Scott Parker (Truro, 2023-11-12)


Khan HAS to go, he’s the worst mayor ever. Everything that he’s responsible for and goes wrong he blames others, nothing to do with him. An out and out liar

Denis Woolmark (London , 2023-11-12)


The ulez cameras are as he put it not their to save lives but to raise cash & further more financially de stabilise the lives of many londoners & if allowed to roll this out his illegal tax levies will ensure people will soon lose their vehicles , due to financial difficulties this will cause hard working uk families . And whilst your at it Arrest matt hancock for crimes against humanity , in his time in office as health Secretary.

Andy ConspiracyRealist (Guildford , 2023-11-12)


There is no justification for this ulez charge pure control and money manipulation by Khan

Sue Bushnell (Tibenham , 2023-11-12)


Khan is a tyrant and this has all gone far enough

Lee Mcshee (London, 2023-11-12)


Where can the public see the list of these 4000 people who have stunned lungs and dies prematurely due to air quality. As it has been stated as the main reason for this £700,000 daily tax. Please publish so post mortem can verify the exact causes.

Dee Hybes (London , 2023-11-12)


Khan needs to be sacked because he is a liar.

Janet Benn (London, 2023-11-12)


Sadiq khan is destroying London
Housing policing are his failures
TfL is a badly run business loosing money
Londoners money, Ulez is a cash cow
He and his team bribed the imperial college
There is no end to throwing our money into his failure ,council tax is up 53 percent since he became mayor with a billion pound sat in housing fund that he hasn’t spent in housing
He defends terrorists home and abroad
Allow them back into our country to keep their votes, has sia security that won’t wear badges outside schools filming , parking the vehicles that carry these men on protected ground removing trees to put a tarmac carpark on flood ground at Wraysbury and even after being caught out by imperial college report he continues to lie about pollution and how Ulez will solve it
The reports clearly say Ulez has had nine or minimal effect on London’s pollution and as for implementing Ulez in areas on London that he callls London to fit his agenda Thea towns at not allowed to vote in the London election!
The man is obsessed with his goal and care’s noting for the results it has had

Mark dietrich Raymond Dietrich (Twickenham, 2023-11-12)


Khan is a tyrant, robbing people under false pretences

Pat Chesney (Barnsley, 2023-11-12)


ULEZ is a money grab by Khan to clear the debt he has created, What he has done and is doing is illegal

Tim Pyle (Tidworth, 2023-11-12)


Hi, i pay the £12.50, to continue driving my none compliant ULEZ car. If this was really about clean air, i would not be allowed to drive it. Planes, Ships, and Industry, are the biggest pollutants. "Emissions know no boundaries."

Paul Connolly (Orpington , 2023-11-12)


Khan needs to go. He is an arrogant, rude weasel

Tracy Hope-Osborne (Westerham , 2023-11-12)


Khan is a fraud and is robbing the poor.

Ricardo Ares (Essex, 2023-11-12)


He is a racist and a liar and a thief.

Trevor Hewitt (Romford, 2023-11-12)


It’s not right and very unfair everybody pays more then enough for tax insurance petrol also everything els what with the cost of living immigrants get treated so much better then anyone born and bred here

Jacky Moore (London, 2023-11-12)


He's a scam artist

David Gentle (Bracknell, 2023-11-12)


Khan has destroyed the city of London.

Steve Williams (Plymouth, 2023-11-13)


I believe criminals should be charged no matter who they are

Pauline Roberts (Liverpool , 2023-11-13)


Khan is a lieing scheming, manipulative individual. Too much power for such a dangerous, terrorist defending tyrant

Amanda Burton (Brentwood, 2023-11-13)


I don't believe in ulez it has wrecked my life and isolated me from family and friends

Antonia Harris (Edgware, 2023-11-13)


ULEZ must be scrapped. It infringes our human rights.

Sally Cakebread (Uxbridge, 2023-11-13)


The mayor imposed Ulez against consultation results, also hiding 5200 signatures. He also purchased cameras and signs ahead of the results. Spending public money for this scheme is against Londoners wishes and all spending should be investigated. Being leader of C40 Climate Change group is also a conflict of interest.

A Hills (London, 2023-11-14)


The man has abused his position, gone against the will of the people.

Barbara M Keenan (WORCESTER PARK, 2023-11-14)


Khan is a liar and should be held accountable of this unjust tax on the poorest of people. He does not represent the people of London. Get khan out.

Wendy Cripps (London, 2023-11-14)


I agree with the narrative

Linda Harris (Sidcup, 2023-11-15)


I truly believe that Khan is a thieving criminal, extorting money from folks going about their daily business. He is limiting our freedom of movement, which is intolerable.

Richard Hollier (Basildon, 2023-11-16)


It’s criminal

David Downer (Northants , 2023-11-16)


It's the right thing to do !

Mike Turvey (Milton Keynes , 2023-11-16)


What he is doing is plain wrong.
It's an abuse of power.

steve Thompson (Uxbridge , 2023-11-16)


The ULEZ scheme introduced by Khan for Outer London is unnecessary as the air quality has been proven to be clean, so charging £12.50 a day to drive older cars is affecting poorer people who cannot afford a new(er) car.

Clive Tasker (Uxbridge , 2023-11-17)


This is against the will of the people and it is extorting the public.

Jamie Hicks (Bexhill-On-Sea, 2023-11-17)


This criminal and his backers need to be jailed

Richard Harley (Leicester , 2023-11-19)


He is a lier

Laura Balloch (Ro8, 2023-11-19)


I do not agree with the ules restrickions

Anthony Marchant (Enfield, 2023-11-19)


Sadiq Khan should not be the Mayor of London. He is not fit to represent London with his lies and disregard of the average Londoner. I have had to pay to drive my car in this made up Ulez which is just a tax on our freedom.

Julie Hughes (London, 2023-11-19)


Khan needs to go

Michelle Potter (West Drayton, 2023-11-20)


He has lied, targeted the poor driver and cannot be trusted to represent the people.
he has a real obsession with power and has proven he is a bully and employs thugs.
he is nothing more than a gangster.

Chris Ryder (Lowestoft, 2023-11-20)


The ULEZ expansion was FORCED on thousands of people, without a fair consultation, and thus has ruined thousands of peoples' lives, both financially and mentally.

Kate Hughes (Croydon, 2023-11-20)


This man is dangerous and is destroying our beautiful London

Alison Bell (Thames Ditton, 2023-11-20)


What Khan is doing is literally criminal.

Richard Harris (Billericay, 2023-11-20)


Sadiq Khan is a crook, he has repeatedly lied & misled the public to line his own pockets. Whilst ignoring Policing and underground pollution on the tube. Continually despite all the evidence he is never held accountable.

colin ormston (London, 2023-11-20)


He's a crook and needs investigating

Deborah Smith (Beckenham, 2023-11-21)


Sadiq Khan has told so many lies and no one has batted an eyelid. He is ruining people's lives

Sandy Young (Kent, 2023-11-21)


Khan needs to resign
Done no good for London
Arrogant man
ULEZ is a crime against ordinary working people

Bonnie Damarell (London, 2023-11-21)


This vile narcissistic person is lying & needs to be held to account

Rachel Travers (London, 2023-11-29)

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