Mistley Quay petition



Judgement has been passed and must be adhered to. Fence is an absolute eyesore and it's wrong that Quay owner is able to desist

Sue Morhall (Mistley, 2023-10-01)


This fence not only restricts local peoples access to and from the water from the Village Green, it is not fit for purpose from a health and safety point of view - and makes it impossible to rescue anyone in the water. It is simply a builders fence on a listed quay. Nowhere else in the country has a fence like this. We need a suitable safety barrier.

Nancy Bell (Manningtree , 2023-10-01)


The quay needs opening up to all and fence is so ugly and restrictive

Trudie Mann (Suffolk, 2023-10-01)


I want Mistley Quay to look better

Tracy Mckenna (Mistley , 2023-10-01)


I would like to see the fence removed and a suitable safety barrier in its place, to allow access from the river to the village green.
I have been using the Quay since 1970 till the fence went up.
It's very sad that this prevents me and my family going ashore for a drink, fish and chips and meeting friends there.
If common sense had prevailed, a sensible barrier could have been put in place.

Graham Lee (Wrabness , 2023-10-01)


I want the existing fence replaced so that the quay can be accessed and used

Kathryn Glover (Manningtree, 2023-10-01)


I wholeheartedly support removal of the fence at Mistley Quay. A blot on a lovely landscape. Why, since the court case was won by the village has the fence not been removed?

Jo Whittle (Felixstowe , 2023-10-01)


I used to be able to sail up the river from Harwich and land at the quay. Now no one can do that and the fence is an eyesore in the village- along with the rest of the site!!

Jules Martin (Manningtree , 2023-10-01)


I live here and it’s ruining the beauty. Having come from Rowhdge (also on the river) there was no ridiculous fencing such as this and we coped safely back there.

Patrick Clohosy (Manningtree, 2023-10-01)


I strongly believe for the well being of wildlife and people that the fence alongside the quay should be removed immediately.

Elaine Eyre (Mansfield, 2023-10-01)


Our town doesn’t want a fence up running the natural view of this area .

Paul Usher (Manningtree, 2023-10-01)


The fence is an eyesore, and the Supreme Court ruled that it should be taken down.

Tom Perrott (Mistley , 2023-10-01)


The Fence should of come down by now

Tina Saxby (Ipswich, 2023-10-01)


This case shows a total disregard for the decision of the Supreme Court. The rule of law is being eroded and this is another example.

James Harker (Whitchurch , 2023-10-01)


I remember being able to use the Quay. My family sail and canoe. I remember the beautiful barges that used to moor up. My 12 year old daughter has only known an ugly fence. I hope she can enjoy the quay as it should be in the very near future.

Emily Cooper (Manningtree, 2023-10-01)


I live nearby, could be a lovely riverfront area if not for the ridiculous fence, which by the way if someone did manage to get stranded in the water from a water based vessel would make rescue almost impossible!

Martin Cooper (Manningtree , 2023-10-01)


The quay should be unrestricted as it always has been.

Anthony Lee (Kingstone Winslow, 2023-10-01)


The fence as it is is dangerous for sailors, blocks emergency services ,not a long term safety rail (see quays at maldon and Newcastle for example) and an eyesore

S Feather (Bury st Edmunds , 2023-10-01)


Mistletoe should be a beautiful public space, there for the benefit of locals and visitors.

A court ruled and is being ignored.

Margaret Bleet (Chelmsford, 2023-10-01)


I have followed this campaign and know the area well. The people of Mistley have been patient and respectful in their frustrating fight to enjoy their village green. They deserve due consideration from the authorities.

Jacqui Williams (Colchester, 2023-10-01)


I’m signing this to support this cause so that we can enjoy the quay as it was before.

Joanna Harmsworth (Mistley , 2023-10-01)


The fence is ugly and poorly constructed and completely obstructive to the quay being used by the public. It is an AOB and should not be marred by a fence that looks temporary and serves no purpose for the public.

Gabrielle Lennon (Mistley , 2023-10-01)


I’m signing because the public should have free access to the river from the quay which is currently prevented by the fence .

Nigel Thomas (East Bergholt, 2023-10-01)


I have visited Mistley Quay for 50 years both from the river and land side and always enjoyed my time there. I am so disappointed that this is denied to others and future generations by the selfish actions of one man.

Peter Clayton (Southminster , 2023-10-01)


I've been visiting the quay by river for 35 years and up until 15 years ago enjoyed tying up alongside and going ashore. I feel that access should be restored so that everyone can enjoy what the quay has to offer.

Sophie Clayton (Southminster , 2023-10-01)


I would use this Quay to visit Mistley by boat which I cannot currently do (but used to do before TWL erected their fence). Cannot believe they have evaded responsibility for so long!!

Sue Lewis (Harwich, 2023-10-01)


I own two leases at Mistley Quay Workshops, the former 18th century granary on Mistley Quay. My family and I have used the quay since the early 1980s. Our cafe and workshop welcomed visitors who tied up their boats along the quay until 2008 when this shocking eyesore spoilt everything. The fence is a building site fence in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in front of Grade 2 listed buildings and close to the Grade 1 Mistley Towers. The local and county councils are usually protective of the heritage and welcomed Prince Charles when the 19th century maltings were regenerated. So thank you, King Charles, for recognising Simon Bullimore's contribution and awarding him an MBE.

Margaret Cooper (East Bergholt, 2023-10-01)


The court ruled in the residents' favour that the fence should come down. It MUST come down.

Anne Robinson (Manningtree , 2023-10-01)


I have visited the Quay many times in the past on board a Thames sailing Barge and would like to do so again as my passengers always used to enjoy visiting there and using the pub in a place where so many Barges were owned and based, including two which I currently Skipper.

Kevin Burtonshaw (Tollesbury , 2023-10-01)


My husband and I used the Quay before the fence was erected. We are now unable to use the Quay due to the fence.

Patricia Cooper (Nr Harwich, 2023-10-01)


The fence is a eyesore for those living there and those visiting

Lisa Ford (Lymington, 2023-10-02)


It is an eyesore and should have been taken down immediately after the Supreme Court decision. Totally unacceptable

Debs House (Stroud, 2023-10-02)


The quay should be free.

Jayne Cotton (Manningtree, 2023-10-02)


I am signing because we visit Mistley frequently and think the eyesore should be replaced with something more suitable as per the judgem5

Julie Hewitt (Harwich , 2023-10-02)


Removal of amenities for river users and all others
I lived around Manningtree for 20 years and still have many connections in Mistley

Peter Barrett (Stoke by Nayland, 2023-10-02)


The fence is an unnecessary and hostile eyesore which should never have been erected, simple bollards would do to alert people to the edge of the quay, as in coastal towns and villages around the country.

Sarah Davies (Harwich, 2023-10-02)


We have been unlawfully denied our right to use the quay long enough.

Jo Burge (Ipswich, 2023-10-02)


The fencing at Mistley is an unnecessary eyesore on an otherwise picturesque area and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Jean Mason (Harwich, 2023-10-02)


This fencing should have already been taken down as a result of the court hearings decision. There is no point in legal actions unless the results are enforced.

Richard Mann (Lakenheath , 2023-10-02)


It is outrageous behaviour and should be sorted

Julie Osborn (Harwich , 2023-10-02)


I’m signing because the fence has impacted our lives for far too long.

Claire Scargill (Mistley, 2023-10-02)


The spirit of the law must be upheld.

Martin Pope (Gloucester, 2023-10-02)


This is a vital community asset, the supreme court has recognised this fact, and it's more than past time that ECC enforce it's judgement.

Matthew Patten (Manningtree, 2023-10-02)


I’m fed up with TWL’s intransigence - it’s well overdue that something needs to be done !!!!!

Robert Childs (Mistley, 2023-10-02)


I believe in freeing Mistley Pier!

Joanne Ooi (Sudbury, 2023-10-02)


Because ive lived in mistley all my life and never needed a fence up beforehand.

Tim Merchant (Mistley , 2023-10-02)


The fence is an outrage and continues to be so.

Rickard Graham (Mistley, 2023-10-02)


It’s time to take action to allow residents and visitors alike to have access to the village green again. The current fence is a safety RISK with no way to help anyone who gets in danger in the water. Only last month a boat got into trouble along the quay and needed help which was delayed due to the current fence.

Faye Kent (Mistley, 2023-10-02)


I am a Mistley resident and want to enjoy the village green as envisaged by the Supreme Court. There should be no further delay n removing the fence and negotiating a suitable replacement in keeping with its surroundings.

Corinne West (Manningtree, 2023-10-02)


The law should be upheld

Stephen Coiley (Mistley, 2023-10-02)


It should be used as it was meant to be for mouring and other social activities.

Penny Kershaw (Manningtree, 2023-10-02)


I am signing because of the dangerous fence is a risk to safety of those using the river for recreation and business.

Richard Walsh (Ware, 2023-10-02)


I live here and would like to see the quays natural beauty restored

Jon Harvey (Mistley , 2023-10-02)


The issue should be resolved forthwith.

John Wood (Mistley , 2023-10-02)


This has gone on far too long!

Annie Meadows (Tollesbury , 2023-10-02)


It is a travesty that a private company can impede, indeed stop the free enjoyment and use of a historically used public space, which has been upheld by the highest court in the land to no avail, it us now inevitably blighting a beautiful area, and is a physical daily visual testament to the complete bureaucratic stagnation of current state British existence, where NOTHING is done.....shameful ...only the corporations are protected it seems and our rights as citizens are ignored, indeed mocked as seemingly nothing will be done

Harriet Bloor - Bates (Mistley , 2023-10-02)


I’m signing because I grew up in Lawford and have visited & spent time at Mistley Quay throughout my life including the times before the hideous fence. I miss the clear views and hate the ugly fence barricading such a beautiful area. So much has gone in to resolving this and im confused as to why it hasn’t been sorted out yet. It’s horrific and we need to make the changes happen! Bring it back to how it wa or at least with the new fencing that has been proposed.

Lucy Toms (Bury St Edmunds, 2023-10-03)


As a Mistley resident I have been appalled by the actions of TWL and its actions in thwarting the legitimate rights of residents. Also appalled by the inaction of ECC and TDC to support the local people.

Martin Rayner (Manningtree, 2023-10-03)


It is only fair that the quay is freed

Sarah von Halle (London, 2023-10-03)


The fence ruins the aesthetic of the view- Mistley is a beautiful village and the stunning walk by the water is ruined as a result.

Sarah McHardy (Edinburgh, 2023-10-03)


The fence must be removed. It ruins what is/was a beautiful quay and is totally out of keeping with all other “safety barriers” in place in similar quays in England. The quay should be free.

Imogen Gorman (Manningtree, 2023-10-03)


I hate that Ruddy fence.

Paul Lawrence (Manningtree, 2023-10-03)


The Quay is a well known and loved place central to Mistley. There are other quays who have no barriers all over the British Isles. Why are the authorities here dragging their feet?

Minnie Scott Russell (London, 2023-10-03)


A valuable amenity for villagers and visitors has been denied them for too long.

Alasdair Gladman (Cambridge, 2023-10-03)


Mistley is a very beautiful village and there is a large ugly fence obscuring the view and access to the water. It has been there for years and needs replacing with a permanent more attractive structure.

Emma Johnston (Manningtree, 2023-10-03)


The fence is an eyesore. There is a lovely fence at Shotley Gate, from Shotley Lodge to the Ship Wreck. Something like that would look perfect.

Cherry King (Mistley, 2023-10-03)


The courts gave their judgement and the community have raised thousands to pursue the outcome. ECC should respect the community they serve, recognise the authority of the court system and act. It is a disgrace that there has not been a solution found or any real engagement with the community.

Sarah Linton (Bradfield, 2023-10-03)


I fully support the petition and understand why the local residents are angry and frustrated.

Simonie Prior (Colchester , 2023-10-03)


the supreme Court have adequate a decision and its about time all parties honoured it

steve gunter (bradfield, 2023-10-03)


I believe in taking down the fence

Amanda Thompson (Coulsdon, 2023-10-03)


I find it unbelievable that this fence is still on place! What more can we do?

Judy Sexton (Tattingstone , 2023-10-03)


This cannot be tolerated any longer.
I want to swim, paddle and enjoy the village green and I believe it can be done safely without this horrific fence in place. We have NO acess to the water at present.

Christopher Payne (Mistley, 2023-10-03)


I believe in the upholding of properly delivered judicial decisions

Jonathan Hill (Maidstone, 2023-10-03)


For the good of the community and to enjoy and preserve the beautiful Mistley Quay.

Hannah Linnett (Manningtree, 2023-10-03)


I support Mistley!!

Mike Barron (Bolzano, 2023-10-03)


The rights of the locals to both a visually acceptable and practically workable barrier that is in keeping with the village green status ruling. This 'limbo' situation has gone on far too long.

Nick Wilson (Rayleigh, 2023-10-03)


I am a resident of Harwich in Tendring District and I visit Mistley frequently. The current fencing at the quay is inappropriate for the location and should be replaced by a more appropriate barrier such as that around the Stone Pier/Beacon Hill and Quayside areas in Harwich, or between Shotley Pier and Marina, or around Ipswich Haven.

Andrew Hind (Harwich, 2023-10-04)


I’m signing this petition because I believe that the replacement of the present fence with a safer version will enhance the lives of local residents and visitors alike.

Juliet Bullimore (Saxmundham , 2023-10-04)


The quay was previously a valuable asset for sailors and the general public, providing delightful views out to the River Stour, alongside an ideal place for sailors to moor and explore Mistley and Manningtree. Sadly, the erection of the fence by Trent Wharfage has ruined this village asset, and the community has fought long and hard to create a village green here. It is a mockery of our judicial system that the fence remains standing in spite of the Supreme Court's decision in the community's favour.

Oliver Wood (Colchester, 2023-10-04)


This has been going on far too long and Essex County Council have been derelict in their duty to sort this out, as the Supreme Court expected them to do.

William Shearer (Mistley, 2023-10-04)


We used to regularly tie up on the quay during our summer sailing holidays, visit the previous tearoom and the post office.

SANDRA CLAYTON (Southminster , 2023-10-05)


The people of Mistley deserve access to the beautiful estuary.

Maartje Scheltens (Waterbeach, 2023-10-05)


Local communities need to be heard and not mown over by councils who do what they want for quick money

Alexandra Martin-Zakheim (Taunton , 2023-10-06)


The fence needs to be replaced with suitable alternative that would allow access to the river.

Derek Bell (Mistley , 2023-10-06)


I grew up in the local area and have fond memories of it and I wish it to be accessible for future generations to use and benefit from as I did.

Victor Bellenie (Chelmsford, 2023-10-07)


This right of way needs protecting

Philip Cunningham (Mistley, 2023-10-07)


It is overwhelmingly obvious that it is the right thing to do.

Adam Johnston (Manningtree , 2023-10-08)


The existing fence blocks water rescue and is an eyesore. Tall quays are quite common in East Anglia (Wells, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft) and all have more elegant and safer alternatives.

Richard Harvey (Shotley, 2023-10-08)


As a resident and frequent user of Mistley Quay I support the decision of the Supreme Court in 2021 and request that Essex County Council and the HSE work without delay with TWL to find a solution to the replacement of the existing fence

Susi Hines (Mistley, 2023-11-07)


The Quay needs to be freed to open up space for all to use

Julia Withers (Mistley,Manningtree, 2023-11-29)


People should have access to Mistley Quay

Judith Grimwade (Ipswich, 2023-12-14)


The public should have the right to access the Quay from both land and water.

Ken Crudgington (Harwich, 2023-12-14)


I'm signing because public land should have public access. Stop delaying the process.

Joe Farrow (Norwich, 2023-12-14)


I believe this should be opened up and used and is causing problems with the local area for example Economy and restricting peoples freedom. I hope this ends one day, but like the laws need updating, nobody updates them!

Matthew Baker (Ipswich, 2023-12-15)


I would very much appreciate access & views of our very beautiful River Stour.

Paul Cowper (Mistley, 2023-12-16)


I would like to be able to access the quay from the water.

David Pennison (Liphook , 2023-12-16)


The fence stops .This access was part and parcel ofrge Quay becoming a Village Green the legal access to /from the river

robert horlock (Mistley, 2023-12-16)


The law should be enforced!
I remember life without the fence and the community needs that situation back. Being fenced off is not necessary nor nice

Ruth Gee (Manningtree, 2023-12-16)


the fence is disgraceful. I have used a boat on the Stour for more than 50 years; we used to use the quay frequently. The current situation prevents residents and visitors from using the village green.

John Linton (Mistley, 2023-12-16)


Mistley Quay should be free for all to enjoy. I am a sailor, a birdwatcher and a local resident and deeply object to the illegal fencing off of the Quay.

Roger Thorp (Colchester , 2023-12-16)


I'm signing because my yacht is moored on Thorn Reach and it would be so much easier to get to it from Mistley Quay

Anthony Agar (Manningtree, 2023-12-16)


I am very disappointed that our elective representatives have failed to act as expected by the courts for the greater public good in respect of this matter.

Stephen Jones (Mistley , 2023-12-16)


As a local boat owner access and egress to the water is prevented by the height of the existing fence which under the Docks Regulations should only be 1100mm high for emergency access.

Richard Smith (Bradfield, Manningtree, 2023-12-16)


I like the open space of the quay, and think there is entirely too much fencing in Britain.

Hugh Browton (ALDEBURGH, 2023-12-16)

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