Retire and release Kshamenk



Kshamenk is living in a very small pool that is the size of a fish bowl. Kshamenk deserves to be placed into a sea side sanctuary off of the cost of Argentina near his pod so he can experience some sort of freedom and also have some communication with his family. He must be freed now before it is too late. Orcas do not belong in captivity and need endless amounts of open ocean to thrive. Please have some compassion and free Kshamenk by placing this extremely intelligent being into a proper seaside sanctuary! Thank you

Vanda Wrede (Victoria , 2023-08-31)


I love whales

Corie Wrede (Victoria , 2023-08-31)


This needs to stop. These creatures should be free to swim in an ocean with their own family. Captive Whales is just out and out cruelty. Thing shame.

Yvonne Rae (Edinburgh, 2023-08-31)


I care about his current condition

Jonathan Thompson (Cape Town, 2023-08-31)


I don't agree with wild animals being held in captivity.

Jackie Shields (Chertsey, 2023-08-31)


I want all Orcas free

Shizuru Fujino (Cartaxo, 2023-08-31)


this is cruel stop kidnapping orcas for money making purposes, this is animal cruelty and needs to stop we won't be quiet about this we will shut all tanks so they are free where they belong

sharon roberts (saffron walden, 2023-08-31)


It is so wrong, inhumane and torturous to keep these intelligent beings in tanks this way. We must right our wrong and release them into sanctuaries.

Ruthie Szatkowski (Bellingham, 2023-08-31)



Liz Pelonzi (TILTON, 2023-08-31)


Captivity of cetaceans is completely barbaric!

Kerrie Taylor (Lancashire , 2023-08-31)


It is wrong to keep him confined to this small space. it's been way too long already!

Susan Stowers (Langley, 2023-08-31)


I want this animal to live a better life in natural water and habitat.

Gagan Chandhok (Jabalpur, 2023-08-31)


All life deserves freedom

Tracy Benson (Hunmanby , 2023-08-31)


Whales should never been in captivity. They should be swimming free and deep with their families. Please stop the cruelty and send Kshamenck home !!
Thank you,


Nicole Buckley (Churchville, 2023-08-31)


This unspeakable cruelty is enough.

Charity Dawson (Rhayader , 2023-08-31)


It is wrong to keep these orcas in captivity. They belong in the wild. Please give this orca a chance to be free again and use that opportunity to educate your children on the importance of these animals to be able to live free and safe in their own environments. We have shifted the balance of nature time and time again and have lost so much in the process. Be kind to Mother Earth and all who live here.

Janet DAmico (Bossier City, 2023-08-31)


It’s time to put an end to captivity and marine type based shows. I think we as a society are starry to wake up and realize not only is this the worst form of cruelty, to put these whales and dolphins and otters and walrus’s and penguins ( it’s a rather large list) on display to behave like marine circus animals. Please it’s time to reconsider how we want the world to be and to put an end to all captivity. Please 🙏

Brandy OBray (Laguna Niguel , 2023-08-31)


Prison is not for wild orcas…. Sad

Wendy Connor (Plymouth , 2023-08-31)


Hi, please release this beautiful spirit. The circus needs to stop. These animals don’t belong in a concrete bowl. Please stop the madness, the abuse, let’s be a better human and set these animals free .

Jo De Maeyer (Morristown, 2023-08-31)


This is absolutely heart breaking!

Lyndsey JJ (Liverpool, 2023-08-31)


It’s cruel to keep these animals in captivity.

Patricia Kovacs (Brick, 2023-09-01)


I support retiring this and Mal and finding a better life for him

Jeni Dawes (Benoni, 2023-09-01)


Kshamenk deserves to be free, he’s spent forever in this fishbowl of a tank and he should have never been taken from his home. Humanity failed Lolita who recently passed away in captivity and like her so many others before her we will not let the same happen to this boy there is still hope.

Danielle Thompson (Cape Town , 2023-09-01)


This is the worst prison in the world! Such a shame!!! Such a tiny tank!

Tanja Gossen (Heiden, 2023-09-01)


No whale or dolphin should ever have to perform for humans or be imprisoned in a tank EVER AGAIN.

Lilac Fawn (Leicester, 2023-09-01)


I want Kshamenk to be sent to a sanctuary to live out his remaining years, near his family in the ocean

Emma Grant (Poole, 2023-09-02)


Don’t you think this innocent being as suffered enough from the hands of humans being ripped away from his home & family to put be imprisoned in a tiny dolphin pool to entrain for financial gain & to be isolated from his own kind when he is social animal who in the wild would be accompanied & surrounded by his own kind, you can’t change his past but you can make a difference an help change his future do the right thing & set this whale free!!

Joyce Jopson (England , 2023-09-02)


This orca needs to be cared for properly

Julie Gorton (West Malling, 2023-09-02)


He deserves freedom and doesn’t need to be tortured any longer

Susan Arlia (Pearl River, 2023-09-02)


They need to be retired and released

Suzi Waljer (Chertsey, 2023-09-02)


Orca Kshamenk is a sentient being, just as humans are. They think, they remember, they have feelings of hurt, anger, joy, just as we do. This is a horrible way to "live" - being a slave and trapped in a small body of water, when he was put in the Ocean to swim free, and far and wide. Please let Kshamenk retire this life, to have space and experience joy, before it's too late.

Veronica Janak (Lansing, 2023-09-02)


Free them! Now

Missy Atkins (Tennessee, 2023-09-02)


I don't think these animals belong in captivity. They must be able to live freely.

Karin van Amstel (Grashoek, 2023-09-02)


This is the right thing to do. This is cruel - he is in the size of a fish tank. You owe it to him to retire him, he should of never been stolen from his pod to begin with. Make it right.

Jade Strain (Mustang, 2023-09-02)


These poor beautiful and intelligent animals should never have been held captive to begin with all these years. Please give them the respect to at least let him live out the remaining years of his life at a seaside sanctuary where he can swim at deep depths and roam for miles in the ocean. Find it in your heart to help this poor baby. His birthright is to be free in the ocean, and he has earned it after all these years in captivity. He deserves to be in his home.

Christina Rinios (NEW PRT RCHY, 2023-09-03)


Orcas have been suffering abuse in captivity for far too long. It is absolutely inhumane and unethical, for the purpose of monetary profit. These majestic creatures are the apex predators of the ocean. That is where they belong, not in pools as trained dogs!

Kristin Glover (Sterling Heights , 2023-09-03)


It’s the humane action. Should never be in captivity!

Robin vanderzanden Vander Zanden (Hollywood, 2023-09-03)


These beautifull animals belong in our oceans!

Wendy Van der Helm (Vinkeveen , 2023-09-03)


It is abuse to make a whale perform for human entertainment

Harry Notaro (London, 2023-09-03)


This is so cruel and this beautiful creature should be in his natural habitat…the ocean!!!

Kimberly Sappington (Ridgecrest , 2023-09-04)


Animals do not deserve to be in captivity

Pearl Cox (Teignmouth, 2023-09-04)


In this day and age, no animal should be held captive in such inhumane conditions...FREE Kshamenk or move to a bigger more suitable tank.

Luciana Geddes (Cape Town, 2023-09-04)


Captive is shameful cruelty

Lynn Greaves (Cape Town, 2023-09-05)


The whales are abused and do not belong in captivity

Jamie Maggy (Plattsburgh, 2023-09-07)


it is important to rescue these innocent soles from human cruelty!

Julia Knoop (Nürnberg, 2023-09-07)



Stephanie Lin (San Marino, 2023-09-08)


This is cruel.

Eloise Narkawicz (Yorktown , 2023-09-29)


This is a horrendous way to live and an absolute crime!!!!!!!!!!!

Lottie Cartwright (Bristol , 2023-10-01)


Imprisoning an animal that cannot be cared for adequately in captivity for the entertainment of humanity is disgusting, vile, and truly sickening.

Leigh Ellison (Lorain, 2023-10-01)


I’m signing this petition as it’s animals abuse and neglect.
The isolation and the size of the tank is utterly horrific. They should not be allowed to continue to be open to the public and take peoples money when this kind of abuse is going on. Imagine if a human being one of their employees were held captive and treated this way. They would not be forgotten!!! Shame on this country!!!

Siobhan Kelly (West Yorkshire , 2023-10-04)


Justice for Kshamenk!!!!

Saffron Martin (Morley, 2023-10-08)


Orcas are such intelligent, social and sentient beings. In the wild, they travel up to 100 miles a day. It is horrific what's been happening to him. Please at least provide basic level of care!

Chloe Rezabek (Seattle, 2023-10-30)


In the ocean, orcas can live to be 80 years old. At cruel marine parks like Mundo Marino, their lives are shortened drastically-sometimes due to self-inflicted injuries caused by the miserable conditions they're kept in, other times because of illnesses likely caused by being denied any semblance of a natural life.

Julia Mcclurg (Wheatridge , 2024-01-18)


He deserves to be free. He’s been in captivity way too long in isolation. He may die at any time he should be released so he can live his last days in an open ocean.

Diana Cárdenas (Secaucus, 2024-04-04)


its disgusting how this poor creature is being treated.

Cerys Easom (Crawley, 2024-04-30)

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