Stewart Road Gate - Re-opening and Access



I think there are alternatives to closing this gate permanently and would be grateful if the school could re-consider alternatives and/of consult meaningfully with parents on this important access to the school

Philip James (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


My son (about to be 2 sons) cycles to school from wheathampstead road and always uses that entrance as an access point rather than cycling up the much more dangerous Carlton road. I would not want him to cycle anymore if he had to cycle up Carlton road due to the often one way system on that road with cars constantly pulling out around parked vehicles with very little view point of the oncoming traffic, let alone cyclists who would have no chance against these vehicles.

Rachael Dury (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


It is a quicker way for my son and daughter to get to school and safer than going down onto Carlton road with more overgrown plants pushing students into busy road.

Katrina Wilson (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


I am concerned about Children’s safely and loss of study time. I hope a solution can be found.

Simon Crisford (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


All the reasons stated above - the closure of this gate negatively impacts the walk to school for both my children.

In addition, the early start to the school days means that they will often have to be walking for longer in the dark.

Keeping the gate open is simple and ensures multiple access points to the school to manage the flow of pupils and traffic.

Annick Crisford (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


It’s adding more time to my children’s commute and also means they have to now walk on busy road to school.

Rebecca Youngs (Harpenden , 2023-08-28)


For all the above reasons shared. Please consider finding an alternative solution, such as those proposed or at the minimum, restricting hours of opening to beginning and end of school day, that will address misuse and security concerns but mean students and their families can continue to benefit from this access to and from the school.

Kristen Whale (Harpenden , 2023-08-28)


I’m signing because it’s safer for children

Louise Smith (Harpenden , 2023-08-28)


Both my children use the Stewart Road gate

Jackie Odetti (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


It will be a great shame if the footpath is closed. Totally understand that it’s being misused by individuals ( who have no rights to be there) but it’s a shame that it could be taken away from the children who use it on a daily basis.

My children to use this gate every day and will miss it particularly in the mornings and when there are after school / sports events and it’s cold/ dark/ rainy/ running late!

Ruth Draper (HARPENDEN , 2023-08-28)


This access point is the safest and quickest way for my daughter to exit the school to get to both her grandparents.

John Catterfeld (St Albans , 2023-08-28)


As mentioned in the petition, I think there is a better compromise to be had, which addresses the security/safety concerns, but which doesn’t simply lock-down the access full-stop.

Chris Lucas (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


Closing the gate will not the solve the problem. The unwanted visitors on Mopeds, that hangout by the cricket pavilion and smoke, come through the Aim Higher entrance (closest to the Chapel) on Carlton Rd. Closing the gate only penalises the children. It’s not a deterrent to the unwanted visitors. Both my children use the gate everyday and will now be forced to walk along Carlton Rd which is significantly more dangerous than their current route. I would urge the school to consider the alternative options suggested in this petition.

Claire Sutherland (Harpenden, 2023-08-28)


Increases commuting time unreasonably.

Patrick Wegener (Harpendene, 2023-08-28)


I want to reduce footfall along Carlton Road for traffic safety reasons.

Lucy Kennedy (Harpenden, 2023-08-29)


Whilst I am not concerned about children walking more (it’s good for them), I am very concerned about the traffic risks to children on Carlton Rd as the pavements are already overcrowded.

Suzi Watson (Harpenden , 2023-08-29)


Student safety

Georgie Love (Harpenden , 2023-08-29)


Reasons stated in text of petition and the fact that this route has always been available for 40+ years for students who live that side of St George’s school. In addition school site is open on various sides of the site for walk ins by strangers or through bushes on Carlton Road side of fields. Inconvenience to students for outweighs the benefit whatever that is, to the school itself.

Elly Downes (Harpenden, 2023-08-29)


The front entrance is already too busy and gridlocked traffic closing the back gate will make the situation far worse

Nick Ebbutt (Harpenden, 2023-08-29)


From a logistical and safety perspective, I believe it would be better for students to have access to StG from the gate on Stewart Rd.

Paul Durno (Harpenden , 2023-08-29)


My daughter goes to St George’s and this will be safer for her and many children. Carlton road is too busy and dangerous

Lynne Miles (Herts, 2023-08-29)


My children attend the school and use the enterance

Sinead Finnegan (St Albans, 2023-08-29)


My daughter uses this gate to walk to school and back. I would prefer her not to walk along Carlton Road.

Tracy Mason-Scott (Harpenden, 2023-08-29)


I'm a concerned parent that would like this entrance/exit to remain open for safer and quicker travel to school where heavy traffic is lighter and my daughters can reach the school ground quicker in the darker winter months.

Joanne Tang (Harpenden, 2023-08-29)


Better access for students

Tracy Oakes (Luton, 2023-08-29)


I am concerned with the extra footfall on Carlton Road

Naomi Robinson (Harpenden, 2023-08-29)


Both my children use this gate.

Sj Talley (Harpenden , 2023-08-30)


I am extremely concerned about my son having to cycle down Carlton Road, which is ill-suited to combined car and bicycle traffic. I appreciate concerns about potential vandalism, but the overriding concern must be pupils' safety, which is served by maintaining access to the Stewart Road gate.

Philip Newman (Harpenden, 2023-08-30)


The closure will impact the safe arrival of my son to school

Laura Waugh (Harpenden , 2023-08-30)


I am signing this petition, and I would like to express my disagreement with the closure of access to St. George's School through the Stewart Road Gate.

Joana Miranda (Harpenden, 2023-08-30)


Concern about the kids

Santhiya Rajan (Harpenden , 2023-08-30)


I do not think it’s safe to have the gate closed as access around the other side of the school is already chaos in the morning and afternoon and adding more children and cars will only create further issues and increase the likelihood of someone getting hurt.

I think alternative locking faculties would be a much better and safer idea.

Nicola Bourne (Harpenden, 2023-08-30)


I’m worried about safety on the narrow pavements along Carlton Road with so many more students having to go along this route at peak times.

Hannah Russell (Harpenden, 2023-08-30)


I’m worried about the health of children carrying heavy packs long distances.

Tania Roach (London, 2023-08-30)


There is no safer route for the children to take. Carlton road is too narrow and dangerous for more pedestrians and peak times. Children are walking in the road. Carlton Road needs to be a no parking zone and the pathway should be widened before considering to close the gate.

Victoria Graham (Harpenden, 2023-08-30)


Agree with all above points.

Peter Youngs (Harpenden , 2023-08-30)


The closure of the gate is unnecessary and will have a negative impact on the students, environment and roads.

Mark Gleeson (Harpenden , 2023-08-30)


This is because of increased distance to school. Given that the Stewart road gate was opened for so many years it created a customer practice. So to close it now it seems unfair.

Giorgiana Wegener (Harpenden, 2023-08-30)


I am signing as I believe Carlton Road is not particularly safe for children due to the narrow footpath and heavy traffic in the morning and afternoon (when lessons have finished).

Jeroen Harkema (Harpenden, 2023-08-30)


Im concerned about the increased risk of using a heavily congested Carlton road as an alternative.

James Long (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


My son has used the gate from day 1. I am keen for him to continue using it.

Tulio de Souza (Harpenden , 2023-08-31)


I’m a local resident and parent.

Richard Scott (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


I strongly believe that there are better alternatives to addressing the concerns highlighted by the school than just closing the gate. Supervised entry through the gate before / after school with clearly defined closing time would be effective. Have walked the ‘long’ route recently, I am extremely concerned by how narrow the pavement is due to over growing hedgerows which means that the pavement will be single person and therefore increasingly risky to students and other pedestrians.

Caroline Elston-Smith (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


I am concerned about the increase in footfall on Carlton Road that will result from this change. The Carlton Road pavement is very narrow and already results in many schoolchildren stepping into the road, which is obviously dangerous.

David Guise (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


Permanently closing this particular access gate is unnecessary and will significantly add to a child’s daily walk to school. It could also lead to more cars dropping off at the front of school.

Instead of permanent closure, the gate could be open from 7:45am/8am and then closed during the school day from 9am. And then reopened for going home time and locked from 5:30/6pm

With the front of school being so open and accessible, vandalism and antisocial behaviour on the school premises is still able to take place, for examples mopeds and pedestrians using the cricket pavilion having entered the site from the front of school.

Katy Milnes (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


Signing because of the time saved for homework or quality family time at home, & concern about increasing the footfall along an already-crowded narrow Carlton Road. The school day already starts earlier than a year ago, having to leave home even earlier due to this closure has many knock-on effects not to mention during returning home in the dark of winter. We do appreciate & support starting to secure this gate in general from unauthorised persons & during redundant timings, but request a compromise solution is found to apply this outwith the usual school & club arrival/departure times please. With so many other unsecured entries to the school grounds remaining wide open 24/7, the security improvement consequences of permanent closure of just this particular one seems negligible in comparison with the impact on students at the start & end of their school day. Agree with all other comments so far too. Thank you for listening.

Stephanie Sayers (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


My daughter attends St George’s school

William Whale (Harpenden , 2023-08-31)


I'm signing because this impacts my daughter going into yr 8 who frequently uses the Stewart Road Gate to access school and I'm concerned by the points stated in this petition such as the extra distance she'll need to walk carrying a heavy backpack, sports bag etc and increased congestion anc traffic safety on Carlton Road.

Kerry Campbell (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


My child is impacted

Amanda WARD (St. Albans, 2023-08-31)


My child says many people will just jump the gate and am scared that this will be dangerous

Juca Pato (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


My child safety has been using this entrance exit for her first year at St George’s. It allows her to barely cross any roads and has helped build her confidence & independence whilst keeping safe.

Simone Smith (Harpenden, 2023-08-31)


My grandson uses the Stewart Road entrance which apart from being a shorter route to school, is safer in that the volume of traffic using Stewart Road is much lower than that using Carlton Road. In addition the pavements are quite narrow on Carlton Road and people passing one another on foot there is likely to result in individuals stepping on to the roadway with the associated risks that that creates.
The concerns of pupils and their parents etc regarding this proposed closure should be taken in to account primarily thus putting safety at the top of the agenda and taking alternative measures to achieve the objectives that the proposed closure was aimed at addressing.

John Bingham (Kilwinning , 2023-08-31)


I'm signing because my grandson goes to St. George's and the gate is his shortest route. There needs to be more consultation between the school and pupils and parents for access, the path has however been neglected for years and needs a few bags of stones to make it's use more pleasant. It would also help reduce cleaning time for the school cleaners as they must have chunks of mud being constantly brought in! Trousers and shoes would also benefit!

Elisabeth Bingham (Kilwinning , 2023-08-31)


I do not see the need to close this access to St George's school which will mean a lot more students walking the narrow footpath on Carlton Rd and the already congested access on Sun Lane. Completely unnecessary.

Alison Banks (Harpenden , 2023-08-31)


This will impact my children.

chris smith (Harpenden, 2023-09-01)


My daughters use this entrance daily which makes their school journey so much shorter.

Marianna Gotlib (Harpenden, 2023-09-01)


Shorter route for my son

Dave Ashcroft (Wheathampstead , 2023-09-02)


My daughter walks through there and it’s makes it so easy for her to get to school and on time.. she would have to walk another 10/15 mins.

Kate Fuller (Harpenden, 2023-09-05)


It is a walk through that helps lots of children reach school and home quicker

Sarah Woods (Markyate , 2023-09-06)


The reopening of this path will enable much easier access to and fro St George’s from West Way.

Christine Saul (Harpenden, 2023-09-06)


It’s ridiculous that the footpath/gate is going to be shut …it will put another 25 minutes onto the walk to school …it’s absolutely disgrace

Peter Saul (Harpenden, 2023-09-06)


I think it’s safer to have a side entrance for cyclist etc and to reduce the amount of pedestrians on the narrow and over grown with bushes and shrubs, two way pedestrian traffic pavement where you have to walk in single file.
Many thanks

Tarry Pearman (Harpenden , 2023-09-15)

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