Petition Against Revised Planning Application for further development at the Knockerdown Inn by Caffeine and Machine Ltd 23/00566/FUL



I'm against this planning application for the reasons stated

Elisabeth Jones (Carsington, 2023-06-20)


I believe this proposal to be one step towards the original Planning proposal. My original objection stands - the roads around here are dangerous, those in fast cars -with all the goodwill in the world -will not be able to help themselves but drive well above the speed limit which will cause danger to those who live and visit here.

Becky Cole-Morgan (Derbyshire , 2023-06-20)


I'm signing because I'm a local resident and feel strongly these proposed changes by Caffeine & Machine are a 'stealth' way by them to get to where their plans were submitted, and refused, by DDDC last year.

Shirley Rhodes (Carsington , 2023-06-20)


This area should be retained as safe and quiet for visitors to the countryside and nearby residents alike

Claire Gollin (NOTTINGHAM, 2023-06-20)


I feel strongly that this venue does not need the extra car parking and this is just a precursor to other future plans. It was turned down before for good reasons and should be turned down again.

Jacqueline Skipper (MATLOCK, 2023-06-20)


This expansion of an existing pub car park is not in the best interests of the local area.. it is going to allow Caffeine and machine to attract the high spec vehicles that will pollute the environment with the noise, fumes and create an additional hazard to the already dangerous road system in the local area.

David Peacock (Hopton Matlock , 2023-06-20)


This seems like a backdoor way of gaining the original planing proposal which was originally turned down

Robin Kindleysides (Matlock, 2023-06-20)


Its going to create far too much traffic around that area for those small roads. There is certainly no requirements for a pub to warrant parking spaces of 100 vehicles or more! Caffeine and machine have reopened the pub and are now trying ways to get around their original application which was rejected.

J Duty (Matlock, 2023-06-20)


I object to the unsustaibale nature of the devlopemnt attracting more fast and high performnce cars with a following of car enthusiasts who race around our small lanes and B roads

Chris Stait (Hognaston, 2023-06-20)


This proposal would result in significant damage to the environment and is a form of unsustainable development that would gradually wreck the character of this area of natural beauty.

Cheryle Robertson (Ashbourne, 2023-06-20)


All the same reasons permission was reject on last request.

David Furniss (Hognaston, 2023-06-20)


I disagree with the Knockerdown development bringing additional traffic to a rural and being totally out of character with the area. In additional additional retail area is not required, Ashbourne town has surplus retail.

Melanie Lidiard-Phillips (Derby, 2023-06-20)


We should not increasing traffic along the B5035 (Middleton-Ashbourne road). It's a rural country road. The public transport infrastructure needs to be improved to meet environmental requirements and fight climate change.

Pamela Butler (Matlock, 2023-06-20)


The idea of attracting even more motorbikes onto the local roads is awful. They are noisy and inconsiderate road users, often travelling in very large groups of 20 or 30. My home in Brassington suffers enormously from the noise, congestion and inconsiderate behaviour they bring. The local roads are already over-busy due to people accessing Carsington reservoir facilities. We do not need any more of this excess traffic. It makes no sense to allow this development whilst the Local Council refuses to provide traffic calming or 20mph speed limit to local villages. Any more weight of traffic contributes further to the danger on our road for pedestrians, cyclists and local people. The Caffeine and Machine application would add significantly to the road congestion we are already experiencing

Rachel Sharratt (Brassington, Matlock, 2023-06-20)


The large increase in car parking spaces is not justified and would result in making the B5035 even more dangerous than at present.

Janet Rose (Ashbourne , 2023-06-20)


I believe this is an attempt to rekindle the original attempt to have Caffeine and the Machine establish a second ‘outlet’ on the site of the Knockerdown Inn and the road network serving this establishment is entirely unsuitable, unsafe and inappropriate for such a venture.

Martin Crowder (Bradbourne , 2023-06-20)


I live locally and we already get too much noisy traffic along this country road.

John Astle (Ashbourne, 2023-06-20)


I agree with all of the objections raised in this petition. It is difficult to think of a less suitable location for a development of this nature. The creeping expansion tactic must not be allowed to work.

Alan Cribbens (Ashbourne, 2023-06-20)


I agree with all of the statements/reasons made by Elizabeth Jones.

Philip Howard (Courtenay, 2023-06-20)


I am signing because there is no business justification for this increase in number of parking spaces (and no need for them to be hard standing) and harms the current natural environment. It follows previous “creep” by the applicants in their other site in Warwick.

Sarah Bond (Matlock, 2023-06-20)


Will add substantial noise and disruption to an otherwise tranquil area

Spencer Tallis (MATLOCK, 2023-06-20)


Strongly object to the extension of car parking and new exit - this is just a step approach to be able to host car meetings - how can this be sustainable or safe for local residents

Tim Foxlow (Bradbourne , 2023-06-21)


I am fully against the redevelopment of this site by Caffeine and the Machine with this application the start of the process into turning this country pub into a playground for petrolheads.

Simon Wildash (MATLOCK, 2023-06-21)


Inappropriate urbanisation

Dinah Foster (Eye, 2023-06-21)


I object to the application on grounds of an increase to the car parking which appears excessive for the requirements of a normal public house which will add to noise, pollution and traffic and believe the approach is the same as for Caffeine and Machine in Ettington

Rosie Harrison (Carsington , 2023-06-21)


I remain concerned that Caffeine and the Machine are seeking to set up their venture via the back door, have had planning permission refused initially. This is not a suitable location for their operation. Additional car parking spaces on the scale they are seeking are not necessary, the Knockerdown has operated as a successful family pub for several years with the current number of parking spaces. The B5305 is a narrow country road with a history of accidents, and no one should be seeking to increase the volume of traffic on it, particularly fast cars typically driven by "petrolheads". This is a particularly tranquil area and visitors are attracted due the peace and quiet, and this will inevitably be threatened by increased traffic.

Liz Young (Matlock, 2023-06-21)


I fully agree with all previously stated objections to this application. Such a development is completely out of keeping with the quiet rural location of the Knockerdown pub.

Stephanie Taylor (Ashbourne, 2023-06-22)


Given the size of the Knockerdown pub it is not necessary for a further 100 hard service parking spaces.
I believe their approach is intending to grow slowly to their original business plan via the back door.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Matlock, 2023-06-24)


I can’t bear the thought of the additional traffic, increased noise, extra pollution and threat to the wildlife in such a beautiful, rural area.

Angela Eden (Derby, 2023-06-24)


I am objecting to the proposed development at The Knockerdown on sustainability and road safety issues.

Susan Green (Ashbourne , 2023-06-24)


This proposed development is totally inappropriate for our area.
There are already two classic car developments in the region; one at Ambergate on the A6 and another in Derby.
I expect the local authority to be strong in its determination to protect what is left of a once beautiful and relatively quiet rural area.

Graeme Stanley (Hognaston, 2023-06-25)


I feel the development is not in keeping with the rural life in this area and is unsustainable.

Helen Mackenzie (Hognaston , 2023-06-25)


Basically their recent submission does not change the original issues of speed noise and highway issues.

Sally Housley (Ashbourne , 2023-06-25)


The proposed development is wholly inappropriate for the local area. The local community does not need nor want such a facility. The roads are already heavily trafficked with high speed motor bikes and other vehicles. This proposal is not environmentally sustainable and poses zero benefit to anyone but the owners of the cafe.

Jennifer Marshall (Ashbourne, 2023-06-26)


This development, by its nature, will draw more polluting traffic into a rural setting on the edge of the Peak District and is completely at odds with the wildlife conservation areas of Carsington Water and nearby villages. Streams of cars circuiting through Hognaston and the Dam Wall road will not only bring pollution and noise to the area but present a clear danger to pedestrians in the village. It is not a suitable location for a car-based business and seems out of step with any Derbyshire Dales and Derbyshire County Council eco-friendly, carbon-neutral measures. Potential speeding along the Dam Road wall (already an issue) will create safety hazards to Carsington Water visitors.

Sharon Green (Ashbourne, 2023-06-26)


I strongly object to this application on several grounds and being a resident of Hognaston hope it gets turned down again.

Nick Lidiard-Phillips (Derby, 2023-06-26)


The area is rural and should be kept rural. A significant increase in traffic is not welcomed or necessary. If passed it will lead to excessive noise, pollution, additional speeding on the dam road and using local villages as rat runs.

Marshall Andrew (Ashbourne , 2023-06-27)


I agree

Robbie Burns (Wirksworth , 2023-06-27)


I am extremely concerned that this Venue will impact the local area that known for its peace and tranquility as well as its outstanding natural beauty, this is a place where there are many holiday lets that support many peoples livelihoods and employ local people, the added traffic on a road which is already overwhelmed the amount of Quarry lorries, farm vehicles will increase the accident rate putting more pressure on the NHS, so please reconsider.

Gillian Cook (Matlock, 2023-06-27)


This is a back door approach to achieve planning consent for a car enthusiasts site in Rural Derbyshire already refused. Still unsustainable.

David Hartland (Hognaston, 2023-06-27)


I am against the impact that this application will have on the local environment if successful

Stuart Moore (Kniveton, 2023-06-27)


I thin this development will create an unsafe area around Carsington for children, adults, horse riders cyclists.
The lack of infrastructure in and around this area as decided by the original decision remains the same.

Marnie Crowder (Bradbourne Ashbourne, 2023-06-27)


We need to protect the wildlife & countryside

Christina Bell (Calton Stoke-On-Trent, 2023-06-27)


I object to the urbanisation of our countryside and consider this application an underhand attempt to achieve the same outcome as the previously denied planning application

Nick Webster (Carsington, 2023-06-27)


I object to the urbanisation of the countryside.

Dave Oldfield (Derby , 2023-06-27)


The proposed development is totally inappropriate and will be a serious environmental problem.

Richard Powley (Bakewell, 2023-06-27)


I want to preserve the piece and quiet of this wonderful valley, The views and walks make it a place for mental peace and recharging oneself

Berri Richley (Hognaston, 2023-06-27)


The remote location of the site and lack of infrastructure for employees and visitors to be able to access it by foot, cycle or public transport is such that the proposed change and intensification of use would constitute an environmentally unsustainable form of development in the countryside that would be contrary to Policies S1, S4 and EC1 of the Adopted Derbyshire Dales Local Plan (2017) and guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework (2021).

The 2nd reason given for rejection of the original application is also still valid, namely -
The siting, scale and nature of the hardstanding areas would have a significant urbanising effect that would fail to respect the character, identity and context of this part of the countryside and local landscape contrary to the requirements of Policies S1, S4, PD1 and PD5 of the Adopted Derbyshire Dales Local Plan (2017)
Whilst this application does not include a new building the proposed hardstanding areas are significant and will still fail to respect respect the character, identity and context of this part of the countryside and local landscape for exactly the same reasons .

Jonathan Green (Wan Chai, 2023-06-28)


I feel that this car park expansion is just part of a grand plan by caffeine and machine to gradually get the permission that was refused to them only last year. The pub should just remain a nice local pub rather than changing into a noisy dangerous meeting place for petrol heads that will inevitably speed along our local roads like they have done at other caffeine and machine sites.

Ania Williamson (Wirksworth , 2023-06-29)


I fully support the reasons identified to reject the revised application to increase car parking spaces at the Knockerdown.

Anne Wilson (Carsington, 2023-06-29)


I strongly object to the unnecessary increase in car parking at The Knockerdown pub due to destroying the environment and the proximity to a dangerous road junction

Sue Omotosho (Kniveton , 2023-06-29)


I am a resident in one of the adjacent villages ( Kirk Ireton) and use Carsington reservoir and the surrounding countryside and don’t want this type of pollution ( noise and exhaust fumes etc ) in this beautiful countryside area.

Julian Goulder (Ashbourne, 2023-06-30)


I'm signing for all of the reasons that were stated in our letter of objection to the Planning Department of 30 October 2022 in respect of the previous application. There is nothing in the current application that serves to address any of those objections, relating to traffic generation & highways safety, noise nuisance, air pollution, light pollution, ecological and wildlife negative impact, nuisance caused to local farming businesses and inappropriate commercial development in a beautiful rural area.

Jo Greene (Matlock, 2023-06-30)


I’m signing because this will only serve to increase traffic on what is already a busy road.

Dil Mitchell (Matlock, 2023-06-30)


I continue to strongly object to the proposal on both counts as previously submitted

Jean Gardner (Ashbourne, 2023-06-30)


The unsuitability of the lanes to carry the increased amount of traffic They already have the problems of motorbikes going at great speed to Matlock

Jennifer Barratt (Ashbourne, 2023-07-01)


The increasing threats to this area of countryside are unjustified, unacceptable and unwanted by local people.

Simon Roddis (MATLOCK, 2023-07-02)


I strongly object to this application further to my letter of objection previously forwarded re the original application

Wendy Rose JP (Derbyshire, 2023-07-02)


With this application, I would be in agreement with some extra car parking spaces as the site has too few when events are occuring (for example, on recent weekend when music was on). However, I cant see the need for 100 spaces - maybe 60. If it is safer to access the site from the dam road, I would support that but would recommend that the other exit is decommissioned.

At a fundamental level, if an application has been rejected but no further rational has been provided for a new application, surely the decision has to remain the same?

Adrian Evans (Ashbourne, 2023-07-03)


I'm signing this petition because, following a unanimous rejection to a previous development plan, this is clearly a "step by step" back door approach to achieving the original objective. If there is no justification for the increased number of places, why should this be approved? As pointed out, this number of parking spaces is not necessary to run the pub. Given that none of the original key reasons for refusal have changed, this application should be refused

Catherine Evans (Ashbourne, 2023-07-03)


So many parking spaces for a country pub…?! Looks like back door development to me…?

P Murtas (Matlock, 2023-07-03)


Knockerdown is a beautiful rural area overlooking Carsington Water and needs protection against excessive commercial development

Arthur Champion (Hulland Ward, 2023-07-05)


I feel this application will cause major concerns for road safety, impact negatively on climate change and cause antisocial issues for the local community and police

David Potter (Ashbourne , 2023-07-05)


I am signing because there are usually enough spaces and the countryside is precious and is quickly being eroded without enough thought or consideration. How does this fit in with the reduction of car use and other policies?

Caroline Toner (Nottigham, 2023-07-07)


I live in Hopton which is one of the villages nearest the Knockerdown pub and I don’t believe this planning application for the unnecessary amount of car spaces has is needed or warranted. I do not understand why the people who are involved in this project don’t understand that this will have a significantly adverse effect on our local community and their actions should be challenged and investigated, as what they are asking for in regards to this application do not make any sense.
I also have serious concerns that if this is passed then this will not only have a negative impact on our community but the owners will not be able to do anything about what will eventually happen in regards to their actions which is going to affect our quiet community. This above comment is because after reading through this application and looking at their website it just seems that they have “yard parties” which is not indicative of what they say about serving food their philosophy seems to be let’s just cram as many cars into an area for parking. The “need for speed” would indicate to any one reading their website that cars travelling to this venue will be using our country lanes to race these cars and surrounding quiet roads would be an ideal place to use as a racing opportunity.
Also, all the previous comments which the community have posted from Ettington seems to have completely ruined people’s day to day lives. This is not something that I want where I live.

Nikki Jump (Matlock, 2023-07-08)


I am against this development because the increase to 99 hard standing parking spaces is excessive for the requirements as a country pub and contrary to the sustainability criteria in the DDDC Local Plan and the aims of the NPPF

Paul Sutton (Hopton, 2023-07-09)


I am against this development because the increase to 99 hard standing parking spaces is excessive for the requirements as a country pub and contrary to the sustainability criteria in the DDDC Local Plan and the aims of the NPPF

Hillary Sutton (Hopton, 2023-07-09)


I object to the proposed development

David Maskrey (Carsington, Matlock, 2023-07-10)


I objected to the first planning application on the grounds of traffic safety - with increased cars and a dangerous additional entrance/ exit on the B5035 near to the Carsington Water junction. This has not changed with the second application.
In addition, I object to the creeping urbanisation of the site and do not understand the business justification for the size of hardstanding proposed.

Janice Southway (Carsington, 2023-07-10)


I am signing because I am against the latest application to increase the hard standing parking spaces by such a huge amount and am against the application for an additional entrance/exit onto an already dangerous part of the road. I request that this planning application is rejected.

Alison Howard (Hopton, Derbyshire, 2023-07-10)


I do not agree with the urbanisation of the local area.

Liz Wellby (Matlock, 2023-07-12)


This proposal is inappropriate, locally unsustainable and environmentally damaging

Sylvia Jones (Matlock, 2023-07-12)


In accordance and agreement with the objections listed by Carsington Parish.

Roger Warren (Matlock, 2023-07-12)


See no good reason for this proposal to go ahead, original objections still relevant today

Frances Warren (Matlock, 2023-07-12)


I strongly object to this planning application



I strongly believe that the application is the next stage in moving towards the final goal that Caffeine and Machine put in their original planning application which would be detrimental to the area in terms of noise pollution, environmental damage and safety

Steve Rhodes (Carsington, 2023-07-15)


I believe the case against the original application for development was sound and this current application is totally unjustified.

Andrew Bullock (Matlock, 2023-07-16)


I object to the Knockerdown becoming a race track.

Greg Potter (Ashbourne , 2023-07-16)


I'm signing because I agree with the objections raised above

Andrew Lee (Matlock, 2023-07-19)


People come to the Derbyshire Dales to enjoy the countryside and scenery. They want to get away from traffic and noise and pollution. We should be discouraging the use of petrol and diesel cars, not facilitating their use and abuse.

Suzanna Stuart-Monteith (Nr. Ashbourne, 2023-07-19)


I am very concerned this application is unnecessary and will harm the local area

Carol Spencer (Wirksworth, 2023-07-20)


I’m signing this because I don’t believe the increase in parking is necessary

Linda Brown (Ashbourne , 2023-07-21)


I do not believe it is at all compatible with the landscape or other leisure activities in the area. I also have road safety concerns

Ivor Milner (Wirksworth, 2023-07-21)


The worry of the road safety aspect of the entrance and road (B5035) approaching the Knockerdown.

Jane Taylor (Matlock, 2023-07-24)


The countryside should be saved, and not destroyed to put something down that will attract more cars and carbon emissions to a beautiful area

Clare Baker (Ashbourne, 2023-08-11)


I’m signing because I don’t believe it is needed and will take away the beauty of the area by increasing traffic and noise

Steve Caunt (Ashbourne, 2023-08-11)


To resist excessive rural environment loss

Stuart HODGKINSON (Carsington , 2023-08-11)


Extra parking at this venue is unnecessary in its current form. It would seem that the applicant is looking to expand in ways which were deemed to be unsuitable in the previous application and should this application be granted it will only serve to increase traffic levels on roads leading to the venue which are not designed to cope with it. Pedestrian/cycle/horse crossings in the area are already difficult to negotiate with current traffic levels and increases are likely to cause accidents to occur.

Ellen Foster (Matlock, 2023-08-12)


I live here!

David Beacham (Wirksworth, 2023-08-14)


I don't believe it is the right place for development of this kind. Carsington water nearby is a sanctuary for wildlife . Wildlife should be prioritised as we are in a Biodiversity Crisis.

Marion Blenkinsop (WIrksworth, 2023-08-14)


I am signing because of concerns about increased fast traffic on an already busy fast road but also a road where there are a number of cyclists and in particular family groups on the way to Carsington Water also the people on foot who walk from the various campsites.

Chrissie Tiedeman (Matlock, 2023-08-21)


I object to the creeping, unsustainable development of the countryside, with its negative impact on residents, visitors and visitors

Catherine Oldfield (Carsington , 2023-08-27)


There is really no need for any further car parking spaces for the pub as it stands. Would appear from this proposal that Caffeine & machine are trying to increase car parking so that more and more cars can arrive at the pub, meaning they can then run their big car meets as outlined in previous planning app which was rejected! So planners think wisely and reject this back door planning application. Thank you

Ann Buxton (Matlock, 2023-08-27)


I dont want to encourage any further increase in traffic and conjestion in the area

Hilary Sutton (Derbyshire, 2023-08-27)


We need to reduce car use and encourage walking and cycling and public transport. Reduce pollution.

Sarah Rowbotham (Stockport , 2023-08-27)


I love the knockerdown pub and surrounding area and do not want more cars attracted to the area. Less cars more cycles.

George Butler (Brighton, 2023-08-27)


We lived in Carsington Village for 14 years and are well aware of the dangers of such a development...not only in road safety but also in spoiling the natural beauty of the area.

Pete COE (Uttoxeter, 2023-08-27)


Signing because the proposal would spoil the area and the concept of a small Inn

Jane Phillips (Nottingham, 2023-08-27)


Signing because there’s no evident need for this parking

Matthew Parris (Bakewell , 2023-08-27)


I do not believe this is the right development for this rural location. Keeping increasing numbers of cars off the road should be the aim of our Council since the contribution cars make to pollution and climate change cannot be underestimated.

Laura Stevens (Matlock, 2023-08-27)


The number is spaces requested is excessive in relation to the capacity of the public house; The remote location of the site and lack of infrastructure for employees and visitors to be able to access it by foot, cycle or public transport is such that the proposed change and intensification of use would constitute an environmentally unsustainable form of development in the countryside that would be contrary to Policies S1, S4 and EC1 of the Adopted Derbyshire Dales Local Plan (2017) and guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework (2021); The siting, scale and nature of the hardstanding areas would have a significant urbanising effect that would fail to respect the character, identity and context of this part of the countryside and local landscape contrary to the requirements of Policies S1, S4, PD1 and PD5 of the Adopted Derbyshire Dales Local Plan (2017)

Heather Keltie (Matlock, 2023-08-27)


I object to the increase in noisy traffic as a result of such a development

Margaret Butler (ASHBOURNE, 2023-08-27)


I live locally and do not want to see downstream usage at the Knockerdown Inn by Caffeine and Machine the owners for motorsports ,cars or bikes, events which would bring such cars and bikes to the local roads in large numbers and creating associated safety hazards for local drivers and pedestrians in the vicinity .

John Keltie (Carsington, 2023-08-27)


This is a hazard and is likely to cause risk to life In accordance with Health and Safety Regulations 1974

Ben Castledine (Ashbourne , 2023-08-27)


There’s no need for any more development in this area.

Peter Smith (Ashbourne , 2023-08-27)


I live extremely close to this proposed development and am totally against it

Natalie Oldfield (Matlock, 2023-08-27)


I believe this is an application by stealth.

Sarah Cumberland (Matlock , 2023-08-27)


I am against the urbanisation and traffic increase in the beautiful area.

Elizabeth Pepperell (Hognaston, 2023-08-27)


Previously the customers of the Knockerdown have included visitors from the adjacent Brackendales holiday cottage complex and the nearby camping site too, and as such, are walk in customers.
The increase in car park space heralds an increase in vehicle traffic in the area. The new proposal is for an increase in high performance vehicles approaching along small country roads. Kniveton, Brassington and Carsington are not built for, and do not have the capacity for an influx of large numbers of speeding cars.

Susan Genders (Matlock, 2023-08-27)


I am signing because of the environmental impact it would have on the area with an increase in noise, traffic and pollution which would be detrimental to the wildlife in the area and the local people .

I would suggest that a more eco friendly program to protect the area from harm and degradation would be more in keeping to preserve the natural environment.

We need to be reducing the pollution and noise in the area to reverse the environmental damage.

I would suggest no development or expansion is undertaken ever, period and that a compulsory purchase is made by the Council for the community to use.

I would suggest that the company relocate their activities to an area where there are already similar businesses.

Jayne Smith (Hopton, 2023-08-28)


I do not want my village traffic being increased

Kenneth Bigland (Matlock, 2023-08-28)


I'm signing because I visit the area regularly and am alarmed by the proposed developments which cannot be sustained locally.

Frances Wilkins (Ashbourne, 2023-08-28)


The additional car parking applied for is not necessary for an ordinary pub at this site and a development towards Caffeine and Machine's style of operation elsewhere is not appropriate for Carsington roads, nature or community.

Kate GC (Matlock Bath, 2023-08-29)


I fear dangerous driving on along the dam wall road and surrounding lanes. This is my school run route. It’s bad enough we don’t want boy racers causing accidents in our community.

Victoria Wright (Derbyshire , 2023-09-09)

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