Calling for a Thorough Investigation into the Practices of Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming Charitable Trust



I have met to many human victims of this charity and have had to call the authorities several times to address ponies in there care be8ng neglected and left without water.

Karen Thorpe (Bridgend, 2023-06-03)


I’m signing because I almost ‘adopted’ a mare and foal who were not owned by this charity and I later found out had been stolen from an older gentleman who owned several Shetlands and had them taken illegally, they should not be classed as a charity and now having seen the premises I’m appalled by the way these horses/ponies are being kept, this is money making not care, compassion and helping!

Naomi Martin (Bristol, 2023-06-03)


Please do a thorough investigation into this place - so called charity .
So many things not adding up plus seems their practice is flawed & my concern is the poor animals

Beverly Ooss (Barry, 2023-06-03)


I have first hand knowledge of how this charity is run and know all the above to be true

Lindsay Evans (Caerphilly, 2023-06-03)


I'm signing because I volunteered at this rescue 6yrs ago briefly, it became obvious quite quickly that the welfare of the horses was not top priority of the rescue but attracting donors and 'cash cows' was. The conditions were appalling in the stables, there was no rehabilitation or education of the equines that were rescued. The fields were full of ragwort, fencing was a danger hazard, they fed mouldy bread and sugar beet that had turned ransed to the ponies. It was just awful, fund raising for things that never materialised, using Joe publics money to castrate & passport the 'chairs' own ponies. Always asking for cash if you rehomed a pony rather than a cheque or bank transfer. The chair once told me that the rescue was a noose around her neck, if she felt like this 6yrs ago why on earth is she still running it, and running it badly. The horses in Pandy, Abergavenny are hardly ever checked by the rescue, the fencing is inadequate, they are put in a field and forgotten about, I never saw a farrier attend any ponies. The chair regularly spoke badly of the vets, but would then throw endless cash at a pony with them so she could advertise on Facebook how much they cared and how they were doing everything for the poor mite. The fact that their own inadequacy had rendered the pony there was never spoken about. This charity needs closing and the Chair needs prosecuting for animal neglect, misappropriation of funds, lying to the public for monetary gain.

Philippa Weeks (Monmouth , 2023-06-03)


This should not be a registered charity with all the illegal activity it is involved in

Dawn Newbury (Cardiff , 2023-06-03)


Ann keating and her so called charity must be stopped..illegal practices and very poor equine care

Viv Pritchard (Cardiff, 2023-06-03)


Because I've seen 1st hand how these people operate and it's not right!!!

ChrisnLinda-Jane Johnson (Caerphilly, 2023-06-03)


This charity needs to be stopped, attempting to steal horses and their neglect force the horses they have is disgusting.

Kelsey Jervis (Tredegar, 2023-06-03)


I believe this charity is effectively stealing horses - operating outside of the law.

kate archer (Pontypool, 2023-06-04)


It needs an investigation

Emma James (Barry, 2023-06-04)


There is a lot of this going on all over the valleys

Anita Powell (Tredegar, 2023-06-04)


Ann Keating Took my Horse Seren 16.1hh British Sport Horse. Rechipped her and gave her to Bluecross Charity on a false Passport!!
I owned Seren for 15yrs Loved and adored her!
I am not the only person Miss Keating has had a 'VENDETTA' against and stolen horses!
While looking for Seren in her many holding areas, I took photos/videos of the appalling conditions these Ponies/horses are kept in.
It's a money making scheme, no welfare what so ever! And most are there illegally to extort monies from public donations or to blackmail the current owner before the equine is returned!!
As Police class as CIVIL Ann knows nothing will be done!

Rebecca Hartnoll-Gigg (Carmarthen , 2023-06-04)


Rebecca’s horse needs to be rightfully returned.

Sam Gardiner (Llanelli, 2023-06-04)


I once volunteered with the charity and saw the mistreatment and abuse if the horses for the cash profits to go in Ann Keatings back pocket.
How this has been allowed to go on for so long beggars belief

Lisa watkins (Caerphilly , 2023-06-04)


This charity is abusing the awa they are not above the law yet seem to believe the law doesn’t apply to them because they are “a charity” taking animals without the correct procedure is simply theft as animals are deemed under the eyes of the law as property then this charity is causing theft of property and that in it’s self is illegal and the police need to start taking action into this it is not a civil matter if your property is stolen it is a criminal matter and should be addressed as such

Mandi Mac (West Lothian , 2023-06-04)


Because Ann keating doesn’t deserve the title of “charity”. She steals horses, she starves them and doesn’t get them proper care. She should not be allowed to own any animals at all.

Jasmine Hartnoll (Carmarthen, 2023-06-04)


Always had a concern with this charity. Rehoming entire colts and stallions to people with no experience. Not having adequate premises for horses in their care

Cathryn Laity (Bristol, 2023-06-04)


The misuse of funds to help these animals especially a curtain member that steals horses and has done for a while now.

David Morgans (Llanelli , 2023-06-04)


Animals do not have a voice of their own and this 'charity' has had me concerned for the animals welfare for years now.
Although regularly reported nothing is being done to ensure suitable housing and care.

Nerys Perry (Carmarthen, 2023-06-04)


I believe they took my horses illegally

Charlotte Bishop (Mountain Ash, 2023-06-04)


These equines need a voice to ensure they are treated with the professional care they so deserve.

Theresa Durrell (Pontypool , 2023-06-04)


It needs investigation

M w ash (Barry, 2023-06-04)


This should have happened years ago. Make it happen now.

Sam Smith (Hampshire, 2023-06-04)


It's important to have complete transparency when taking money in the name of a charity.

Angela Battrick (Llantwit Major, 2023-06-04)


Because I believe that this is not a good organisation and it’s braking the law

Sybil Lee (Manchester , 2023-06-04)


I've watched many questionable videos on Facebook posted by this charity.
Pony's in dreadful conditions in thier care.
Heartbreaking to see! Something needs to be done to shut these people down.

Cathy Cooper (Gloucester , 2023-06-05)


Concerned about unethical behaviour and illegal practices in regards to removal, treatment, and rehoming of horses and ponies.

Meriel Fulcher (Llandysul , 2023-06-05)


They robbed my mother's British sport horse (seren)

Cameron Gigg (Kidwelly, 2023-06-05)


They steal well looked after equines, Do not look after them as they should, then sell hem for profit, Rescue Charity, What a laugh.

Sheron Glover (Kidwelly, 2023-06-05)


The issues raised need to be addressed as if true then it’s very deceitful of the charity

Janette Murphy (Aberdare, 2023-06-05)


I believe it should make a difference

Tam Hardwicke (Mid Glamorgan , 2023-06-05)


It's absolutely ridiculous that someone has given themselves this much power and authority, believing they are above the law and taking peoples pets. It is theft pure and simple. No one is above the law, and someone needs to be held accountable for the thefts that have been made and are continuing to be made.

Hannah Hall (Treharris , 2023-06-05)


Welsh Pony Rescue has been ‘rescuing’ horses for years and placing them into conditions which are the same if not worse as were they collected them from. the idea of a ‘castrate not cull’ programme is effective if a cull was ever threatened in south wales which it has not been. they rehome horses to people with little to no idea on how to work with an unhandled horse and decline rehomers who could effectively work with these horses. numerous horses are returned due to them not honestly sharing with rehomers the condition of the horses. they send horses all across the UK without completing home checks and effective monitoring of the owners. there needs to be a thorough investigation into their practices in hope that change can occur.

ffion lewis (Gwent , 2023-06-05)


I care about the welfare of horses.

Lisa Fletcher (Barry, 2023-06-06)


Signing because it’s disgusting what they are doing and have done for many years!!

Lauren Ahearne (Bargoed, 2023-06-06)


So many horses suffering and this is hindered by the wrong people saying they can help and many being quite frankly taken in and funding them to cause yet more!

Joy Bawden (Bridgwater, 2023-06-06)


This rescue needs to be investigated, too many people are benefitting financially, horses are being stolen, and there is no regulation. They are also taking horses on welfare grounds without proper authorisation.

Andrea Michelle (Caerphilly , 2023-06-06)


Ann keeping and her 'charity' needs to be stopped. They give actual charitable organisations a bad name

Kelly Jones (Dolgellau, 2023-06-06)


I would like this charity to be fully investigated
Most equine charities have open days where the public can see their work.
There is a lack of updates on rescues taken in

Mona Parr (Dumfries , 2023-06-06)


I believe these horses are being mistreated and deserve to be removed and put with decent people

Nicola Perham (Bridgend , 2023-06-06)


I see the stuff she done and see it daily... also been doing it many years 20+ m

Nicole Briggs (Merthyr tydfil, 2023-06-06)


I believe in this cause

Chris Barratt (Swansea, 2023-06-06)


beoucse i want to

thoma lednor (cardiff, 2023-06-06)


The welfare and living conditions of “rescue” horses and ponies is absolutely shocking!

Cerianne Foster (Cardiff, 2023-06-06)


As a previous volunteer the horrendous acts carried out by this “charity” must be brought to a stop. The poor equines need rescuing from this squalid place.

Nia Lewis (Newport, 2023-06-06)


This rescue is not acting in the animals best interests and they are living in dreadful conditions

Shelley JUDD (Carlisle, 2023-06-06)


I believe animals should have better care

Jamie lee Wallis (Bridgend, 2023-06-06)


The guy is a scammer and a thief he robs horses and charity’s

Kian Lewis (Wales , 2023-06-06)


Because I'm a horse/animal lover

Kerry Walsh (St. Helens, 2023-06-06)


She stole my horse before!

Tom Price (Merthyr tydfil, 2023-06-06)


These people do so much wrong and need to be stopped!!!

Linda Hamilton (Caerphilly, 2023-06-06)


This charity should not be allowed to call its self a charity.Ponies are kept in appalling conditions,and goes against everything that this so called charity is supposed to stand for.

Glenys Teague (Torfaen, 2023-06-06)


I believe this charity need to be investigated as a lot of ponies are being taken illegally

lorraine alexander (Caerphilly, 2023-06-06)


This so called charity needs to be stopped. They don't give a dam about any of the ponies and have caused more harm then good.
Hand the charity to someone who is actually going to make a difference to them poor ponies

Hannah Padfield (Hengoed, 2023-06-06)


The owner of the rescue steals horses and is a really bad person. She needs to be stopped

Sally Sarkozi (Bristol , 2023-06-06)


This rescue needs to be shut down

Sarah Clegg (Chester, 2023-06-06)


This has to be investigated

Vicki Peace (Halesowen, 2023-06-06)


This organisation needs to be vetted as far too many animals are being hurt when they should be being cared for

Julie Prosser (Cardiff, 2023-06-06)


I’m concerned about the practices of this animal charity

Alison Cole (Stowmarket, 2023-06-06)


I have seen the underhanded ways these people work. And I have been on the receiving end of their theft

Ann Savage (Knighton, 2023-06-06)


I’ve volunteered at this rescue and seen horrors first hand

tracy williams (Penrhiwceiber, 2023-06-06)


It’s not fair these ponies are getting treated the way they are

Ashleigh Matthews (Merthyr , 2023-06-06)


To stop horses being stolen and to shut down the business

Bruce Prosser (Wales, 2023-06-06)


I want to see accountability and action regarding downright neglect and profiteering from certain non registered equine charities, who remain untouchable especially those hidden in South Wales.

Debra Johnson (Limoges, 2023-06-06)


Have read about the bad practice of this so called charity/rescue, also the conditions these poor animals are kept.

Lorrie Clarke (Winchester , 2023-06-06)


This rescue needs to be investigated due to taking horses that don't belong to them

Cory Lewis (South wales, 2023-06-06)


This charity must be looked into with regard to the way it deals with its rescue ponies and the policies it adopts. Particularly with regard to one of its administrators and her motives.

Lynn Groves (Bridgend, 2023-06-06)


I’ve been reading about this charity and don’t feel it is being run correctly and ethically

Ollie Pearson (Bristol, 2023-06-06)


Don’t like neglect or cruelty or pretending to be a sanctuary

Janice Foster (Oakham, 2023-06-06)


The horses need justice

Kieran Higg (BurryPort , 2023-06-06)


The bad things that happen at this rescue needs stopping

Carol Knox (Llanharan , 2023-06-06)


I am appalled with this rescue charity . The conditions the horses are kept in and being allowed to just take a pony away from its owners without any authority

Alison Price (Merthyr Tydfil, 2023-06-06)


I think it’s important that charities are investigated regularly to ensure they are upholding standards of care and financial propriety

Ailsa Enos (Dinas Powys, 2023-06-06)


This needs to stop for the horses welfare.

Cheryl Downes (Cardiff , 2023-06-06)


All animals deserve the care and love we can give to them

Pat Payne (Swindon, 2023-06-06)


Money grabbing, stealing horses which aren’t there’s

Shanie Ling (Mid Glamorgan , 2023-06-06)


This charity truly needs scrutinising and the chair needs to provide transparency and honesty in her dealings.

Kayleigh Skym (Barry, 2023-06-06)


That vile woman AK actually entered a stable that my grandsons pony was in and tried to take her infant of him. How low can u be ?

Sam Jones (Bridgend, 2023-06-07)


Things need to change in this rescue, or it needs to close.

Mel Hewlett (Llanelli, 2023-06-07)


Rescues should be working with local authorities to remove animals in the correct way, to ensure a prosecution is not compromised a safe space aid secured for the animal.

Samantha Thomas (Dinas Powys, 2023-06-07)


It’s wrong how some charities say they help but in fact are just bully’s and want the money , not in the game for the horses but themselves

Dionne Trivett (Cardiff, 2023-06-07)


I do not agree with what Ann Keating does. She goes around taking people's animals without their knowledge. She needs to be stopped , she claims money from people through charity to look atter the horses she supposedly looks after, they clearly don't see this money because they are a state. Let's stop Ann Keating !!!!

Maudy Kins (Beaufort , 2023-06-07)


The need investigation for all their wrong doings by aninals

Karen Critchley (Chorley , 2023-06-07)


Stole my friends horse

Daniel Sale (New Tredegar, 2023-06-07)


It is most definitely the right thing to do absolutely shocking seeing what they are getting away with

Lisa Jones (Pontypridd , 2023-06-07)


She's an absolute rat bag x

Natasha Chloe Morris (Bridgend , 2023-06-07)

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