Plenty swimmer's have been robbed of not being able to use this facility

Michael Suskin (PRETORIA, 2023-05-18)


Been swimming here for 30years
Would love to swim for another 30

Gerhard Swart (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


Best long distance pool in and around Pretoria.
My son also going there for lessons.
Best pool for training Ironman.

Riaan van Staden (Centurion , 2023-05-18)


I'm a swimming coach

Rouxle Schutte (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I would hate to see the pool I have been swimming weekly at for 45 years go to ruin.

George Davie (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


Swam there as a child and my daughter used it for galas when she was in school

Kobie Donald (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


It would be terrible for such a useful public service to go to waste.

Andrew jones (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


It is the only pool available to me to swim and get some exercise. Please maintain the pool as well as the facilities.

Charl Pieterse (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I believe Hillcrest pool is an irreplaceable asset to Tshwane where families, swimmers, both serious and for fun and important sports events should not be prevented from using this public facility. Olympic swimmers have qualified here it is precious to Tshwane, an icon of swimming history

Jane Rees (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I have been swimming since primary school days and believe the exercise contributes to my good health. I am 78.
We need to preserve this facility please!

Rita Burger (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


This is an important community facility to not only teach children to swim, but to allow access to swimming for all.

Matthew Dalling (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


This is the pool where I do my swim training all year round. The facility has been sorely neglected and has been on a downwards spiral for many years now. Swimming is an important life skill which our children should learn at a young age and obviously Hillcrest is integral to that. Pretoria residents should have access to a clean, well maintained pool in a safe environment with friendly and helpful staff.

Sue Peterkin (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


We need well maintained public spaces for recreation. Public swimming pools are essential for society

Marek Dziembowski (pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I want the pool open, clean and usable to the public

Deon Koeg (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I swim here

Marnó Zietsman (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


My child competes in this pool and loves swimming and there won’t be any other 50m pool available in Pretoria

Meg Herbst (Edenvale, 2023-05-18)


Great pool for competing in and also gives easier access for people to be able to train. It should be maintained in order for more swimming competitions to be held there.

Damien Payet (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I used to wake up early 3 times a week to exercise in this pool as a teenager. Gyms were just to expensive and this is a longer pool

Odette Scholtz (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


My son , currently at TUKS uses the facilities and it is such a shame to see the facility fall to ruin.

Nikki Lelean (Port Alfred, 2023-05-18)


I race in that pool and the quality needs to get better!

Ross Hartigan (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I want to save Hillcrest

Lisa Els (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


For the development of swimming in south africa

Ethan Riekert (Centurion, 2023-05-18)


Used to be a swimming parent with kids activly partisipate in galas for more than 12 years. Great asset to the city.

Hannes Pieterse (Centurion, 2023-05-18)


My children are registered SA Swimming swimmers. Our Galas are held at Hillcrest swimming pool. This is where they qualify for the respective galas such as SANJ. Our Inter-Primary and Inter-High School galas are also held at Hillcrest Swimming Pool. Please save the pool. This is a much-needed facility.

Lerisa Roberts (Centurion, 2023-05-18)


This is our only olympic size pool in the area. Olympic athletes need this pool to function. Competitive swimmers need this pool. Community members need this pool. Please Tshwane, so the right thing.

Fritz Schoeman (Centurion , 2023-05-18)


Ek het my hele lewe daar geswem op skool, soveel goeie memories! Dis 'n skande dat dit nou so lyk daar!

Louise Chantler-Westraat (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


This is the best pool in Pretoria to practice, especially because it is an Olympic standard pool. This is currently the only pool a person can use for training, especially for big events. PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR POOL

Amelia Everitt (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


My children swim and compete regularly at Hillcrest swimming pool.

Maraliese Jordaan (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


We need 50m pools in SA

Karin Hugo (Stellenbosch , 2023-05-18)


I believe that it is absolutely necessary to have a facility like Hillcrest open to all. It has been an important venue for Lifesaving training and school competitions, not to mention countless opportunities for learning to swim, club training, and artistic swimming. Also, as a senior citizen, it was one of the few places I could swim without paying for an expensive gym membership.

Wendy Bester (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


This is a must venue for age group regional events and for Master swimming events

Chané Liebenberg (Centurion, 2023-05-18)


My kids have participated in this pool since they were 7 years old. I participated in it in the 1980’s and 1990’s. It is heartbreaking to see the current state of neglect of a facility that will cost millions of Rands to replace. All which can be avoided if it is properly maintained.

Willem Coetzee (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


We need a public pool for galas

Danél Bosman Pienaar (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


We need that swimming pool

Carina Koch (Centurion, 2023-05-18)


The money is available to save this swimming pool. It's just unfortunately gone to the pockets of the corrupt politicians (who have themselves, coincidentally, probably never learnt to swim..)

Gat Vol (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


To close Hillcrest would be an injustice to the community.

Suzanne Davie (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


This pool deserves to be saved and maintained. It has made many heros.

Tiana Köpplinger (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I am retired swimmer and a swimming who has enjoyed many a competition at this pool, and would like to see many more.

Declan Edwards (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I swim there often

Ters Joubert (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest pool is the only Olympic 50m pool in Pretoria and it is imperative to the sport to have a pool to have competitions and training facilities

Paula Muller (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


The City of Tshwane need to keep Hillcrest open and functional for our swimmers. SAVE HILLCREST POOL.
So many memories at this pool

Chane Oldewage (Pretoria East, 2023-05-18)


Swam many galas there the last five years

Friedrich Kasselman (Klerksdorp , 2023-05-18)


We need this swimming pool for our swimmers in Gauteng

Wickus Van Rooyen (Centurion , 2023-05-18)


This is the only 50m Olympic Standard pool, this side of Gauteng. This pool gives the opportunity to many young talented swimmers to grow and compete locally

Laetitia Muller (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


I love Pretoria and I love swimming. This venue is the pride of the South African swimming community.

Joe Prinsloo (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


It is a shame to let a landmark like this dissappear.

Cronje Grobbelaar (Tshwane, 2023-05-18)


I have seen so many young swimmers achieving and growing personally in the competitions held there.

Gustav Meyer (Port Elizabeth, 2023-05-18)


I grew up swimming at Hillcrest, and have such fond memories of galas and seeing people train for various sports such as scuba diving, underwater hockey, life saving etc - It is so sad that this beautiful facility will go to waste when it has done so much for so many over the years teaching sports endurance and health to so many generations. How can it be that government does not see its value?

Christine Diedericks (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I'm training for a cold open water event in Langebaan. As a cold water swimmer from Gauteng, I always find it difficult to get hold of a 50m (to train for distance) and cold water (to acclimatize in) pool, to train in during the winter. I'm not alone. There is a huge cold open water swimming community in Gauteng (especially in Jhb & Pta) who would WELCOME the availability of a clean, cold, 50m pool to acclimatize in during winter, since most cold water pools are closed during this time. PLEASE make the facility available to these swimmers, and please make season tickets available for winter, so that we can train throughout this period.

Minétte Teessen (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I make use of the facility .

Ivor Klapwijk (Centurion , 2023-05-18)


Why not?
Why would you like to see Hillcrest closed?
I know of many local kids swimming in that pool during the summer school holidays.

Christelle Van der Walt (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I value the pool, my son is a NTS swimmer

Annerie Visser (Midstream , 2023-05-18)


Im signing because my son is a competitive swimmer for NTS and TUKS

Larine Esterhuysen (Centurion, 2023-05-18)


My daughter is a National Swimmer and we need the Hillcrest Pool desperately for the galas

Philippa Dal Medico (Johannesburg , 2023-05-18)


I am passionate about the preservation of a landmark sporting venue in Pretoria. Hillcrest pool is also the only affordable swimming pool to train in, in the area

Gustav Meyer (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I participate in lifesaving galas and we use this pool

Alicia Knoetze (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


I, like many others, am a regular swimmer at Hillcrest pool, and the pool has always been open to the public the whole year round. It should stay open to the community and all the children who learn to swim an do it as a healthy sport.

Madelien Mills (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest is the only competition pool in the area and much needed to develop swimming. Many SA records have been set in this very iconic pool.

Filipe Lobo (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I have been visiting this pool since 1983, learned to swim at this pool and swam various galas there. My daughter learned to swim at Hillcrest with Diadora club and is now swimming with Tuks and swimming her own galas there. It is a landmark in Pretoria and will be greatly missed. No other Olympic size pool in the city and will be a great loss for the swimming community.

Alida Mouton (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


We need to keep things thats still working to be saved, The schools in the fisinity is using this swimming pool. ANC is steeling everyone money for their own gain. The ruling party is incompetent, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic

Charlaine de Wet (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I was hoping to train there for the midmar mile next year

Elsa De Roos (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


We need to look after our pools so that we can produce wired class swimmers!

Carien Godfrey (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I had to look for other options as this world class pool is not maintained and it is supposed to be accessable to all citizens to use at an affordable price throughout the year. We are paying tax money for facilities such as these.

Karien Van Deventer (Centurion, 2023-05-18)


It’s the right thing to do. Why should this excellent infrastructure go to waste.

JH Van der Vegt (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I train at Hillcrest

Louise Strydom (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Swimming as a sport will die out if we do nit have a 50 m pool.

Sandra Engelbrecht (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Everyone should have access to a swimming pool

Mandy Atkins (Pretoria+, 2023-05-18)


It is vital to keep this pool functional as the only public pool with this functionality in Tshwane and because it’s the right thing to do!!!

Adam Prinsloo (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


I also practice here.

Jason Vd Merwe (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I am a swimmer and make use of the pool. Has been the only facility available all year. Private companies have offered to repair at no cost to Municipality yet they will not allow it. How can Tshwane advertise learn to swim programs if there is no pool.

Ann Hodge (Tshwane , 2023-05-18)


We need to look after our public pools for the use of the community.

Marc Godfrey (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest swimming pool must be saved

Paul Merwe (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


I am sick and tired of authorities allowing our history to be abused an forgotten

Frans Gouws (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


There is a legacy to this facility and it still serves many who are unable to afford private facilities. It would be an atrocity as a city to close public areas like this and this could be an indication of what happens to parks and recreational areas and other public facilities in the future, it is important that we use this to set a precedent.

Paul Henning (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


My son is still a registered member of TUKS and I would still love him to compete in his home town when he can. He has swum many galas there and it is a place close to our hearts. With so much swimming talent in Pretoria, the maintenance and accessibility of the Hillcrest pool is a necessity

Kate Brown (Riyadh, 2023-05-18)


Why remove a landmark that means so much to so many old and young

Estelle Hirschman (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


The Hillcrest swimming pool plays an important public role for swimming in Pretoria. It would be unimaginable to be without such an important public facility.

Marius van Staden (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


I use this swimming pool quite often to train.

Janko Schmidt (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I’m signing this as I love to swim outdoors and not in a gym. Also it is vital all our children learn to be proficient swimmers. This pool is a National key point in our capital and it will be a disaster if this public facility has to shut down. Please can something be done to repair this pool and bring it back to proud Olympic status so that we can continue nurturing Olympic swimmers for the future. Please I urge you. If other municipalities and cities can do it why can’t we??

Diana Higgs (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I'm signing because I believe there should be public places accessible to all. This swimming pool is needed, as it is one of the few places in Pretoria that one can go to contribute positively towards their own life, without having to pay too much.

Christof van Zyl (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest Swimming Pool is a historical landmark. I swam there while I was at the University of Pretoria, and swam there when I couldn't afford gym fees. I was planning to take my kids there in summer this year. My granny used to go to the swimming pool!

Rebecca du Toit (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


It is the only public accessible pool to train for upcoming triathlons in my general vicinity

Johan Van der Merwe (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I want Hillcrest swimming pool to remain open

Mandy Macaskill (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Pretoria needs Hillcrest pool operating.

Don Theron (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


I train in this pool. It is an amazing asset for the city

Romina Henriques (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I'm signing because I used to be proud of my city. Now everywhere you look its in shambles!

Dominique Du Plooy (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest swimming pool is a very important part of the community in Brooklyn, Hatfield area. It provides a safe space for people who need to make use of it for various reasons. It is also a landmark in Pretoria, one of the few remaining pools open to the public.

Tracy Havermahl (Tshwane, 2023-05-18)


I am a swimmer who learnt to swim and compete at Hillcrest. It is one of the few 50m swimming pools available to the public for training and would be devastating to lose this landmark.

Belinda Glen (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


It's an institution and public pools are essential!

Alison Hayes (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


We need facilities to develop athletes!!

Willem Germishuys (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Save the pool please

Jackie Dippenaar (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


My family needs this pool. We go there weekly to swim and spend time as a family.

Annette Fourie (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


My daughter is a swimmer and we use Hillcrest for a lot of NTS galas

Chad Mouton (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


It is an iconic pool, enjoyed by families and swimmers of ALL abilities. Quite often, the place children and adults first learn to swim.
To let it go to ruin is a traversty

Dave Chamberlain (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Pool is an essential facility for Pretoria

Andrew Procter (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


That pool is the only source of entertainment at a reasonable price when it comes to access to a swimming pool, many gala's were swam here and many learners were taught to swim here.

Sharon van Diggelen (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


I want to continuec using the pool

Werner Stander (Menlopark Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I stay in the area and regularly visit Hillcrest to swim.

Henro Heyneke (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


It is important that anyone who wants to swim, can do so. Please!

Jeanne Cyrus (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I trained there for 15 years, and swimming changed my life. Not just physically but more mentally.

Melanie Crouse (Alldays, 2023-05-18)


Our kids needs a local pool where they can compete and practice. From a swim and waterpolo mom.

Celéste Ras (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Me and my family train there every week

JC Fourie (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I am signing because it will be a big shame to loose a facility like this. As a community we would be much poorer not to have a public swimming pool like this to be able to train, as well as host Gala's and other competitions.

Phia Mans (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


The Hillcrest swimming pool is part of our history, our school meet history and it has a role to play in helping new kids to learn to love swimming, to swim for pleasure and maybe even go further. Maybe an Olympic medal?

Marlene Eckard (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I want to keep Hilcrest open

Des Webber (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I believe it is in the interest of Tshwane and it's residents that the capital of our country has an olympic-size swimming pool for the training of our best swimmers.

Steinman De Bruyn (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


We use this pool for practice!

Elna Taljaard (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest swimming pool should be properly maintained by the City of Tshwane, like it always used to be. It should be available for public access, especially to those unable to join expensive gyms and institutions. Many of our kids learn to swim there and it is unacceptable that the CoT does not maintain public areas like they are supposed to. We never stopped paying rates and taxes which are supposed to be used for these purposes.

Almari Conradie (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest swimming pool must remain open and functional.

Pieter Fourie (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Let's help where we can...

Kevin Roome (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


It is in the interest of every Tshwane resident

Christa Venter (Pretoria , 2023-05-18)


We use this pool for training...

Wyatt Du plessis (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


How can the second largest municipality in the world not have an olimpic size pool for swimming competition?

Mark Cowley (Centurion , 2023-05-18)


We need public facilities

Gerrit Thiart (Waterkloof, 2023-05-18)


I use this pool twice a week as part of my preparation for International level competition. I can’t afford gym fees and private pool access. An integral part of my training will be taken away.

Esti Olivier (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I believe the pool is provided an avenue for triathletes and open water swimmers to train

Clintin Cogzell (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Hillcrest is an important national swimming pool, but also important for the community.

Gerhard Van Huyssteen (Lynnwood, 2023-05-18)


This place is a necessity! Its been in my life since I was a kid and Im 52 now. I swam ther. My brother swam there and all 5 my kids swam there

Angela Panagiotopoulos (Zwavelpoort, 2023-05-18)


I have trained there my whole life.

Peet Badenhorst (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


I am signing the petition because I believe that our community should have access to a public pool. There are about 1484 drownings per year in South Africa and these can easily be prevented by encouraging water safety. If there is no public pool how can we improve this? Swimming is not for the privileged few and all South Africans deserve to have access to this resource.

Samantha Reuning (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


HILLCREST is the only public pool in Pretoria. I spent many Saturdays swimming NTS galas there. Don't take away this pool that has many memories for Pretoria residents

Clare De Swardt (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


It is critical to maintain Hillcrest swimming pool

Boshoff Steenekamp (Pretoria, 2023-05-18)


Lot of good memories. Keep it open for future swimmers.

Anet Cronje (Germiston, 2023-05-18)

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