Keep NHS dentistry in Shildon!!



We need nhs dentistry here

Lucy Dunn (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


Me my husband and 2 children no longer will have a dentist to attend. No where around County Durham area are even accepting children

Sarah Dunn (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


Me and my 3 kids are at bupa now we left with none my son is on a waiting list for braces and I am on the list too to get a tooth out now what going to happen.

Kim Young (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


We cant get into a dentist anywhere without this closing

Sue Burrows Was Smith (Shildon , 2023-05-04)


This is my dentistry service. I have autism and would not be able to go anywhere. This is highly unacceptable taking these provisions from individuals in these towns that clearly have a demand for said service.

Kayleigh Butcher (Bishop Auckland , 2023-05-04)


We need a dental surgery... I've been going to this dentist for 50 years .

Andrea Walton (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


Shildon needs a NHS dentist

Jayne Maguire (Shildon , 2023-05-04)


We need a dentist for the residents of shildon

Catherine Ellis (County Durham, 2023-05-04)


I'm signing because I have been a patient with this practice for 50 years and the staff are fantastic! Why close a busy practice like this? It doesnt make sense and is badly needed for the people of Shildon and surrounding areas as we cannot access any other dental practice in the local area. Please reconsider!

Julianne Alderson (Shildon , 2023-05-04)


As a resident of shildon we r loosing all services slowly we shouldn't have to travel for dental treatment

Janice Johnsin (Durham , 2023-05-04)


We need more NHS dental practices not less. The people of Shildon do seem to get the short end of the stick in a lot of cases.

BUPA, let someone else take over the practice Unless you have something to hide?

Neil Wood (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


Residents of Shildon need a dentist

Kelly Burdess (County Durham , 2023-05-04)


Bupa are closing their dental practice in Shildon. Many people in the town have used this practice all of their lives. After the closure they will all be left with no dental facility and little to zero chance of finding another

Peter Rowley (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


Is not dentists available in shildon no one is taken new patient in the area

Sergio Outeiral grimalt (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I think it’s ridiculous that dentist are cashing in while patients are suffering

Pamela Dobson (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I have attended this dentists from approximately 7 years old to now 58 years old and regularly attend to receive excellent treatment with Katherine, and the supporting staff. Bupa seem to not care about their employees losing their jobs, patients unable to get treatment. I have also heard that no one local are taking on any new nhs patients, and Bupa are not willing to sell the practice.

Paul Johnston (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I have gone to that dentist practice since a child. Care of the patients had just been totally discounted. Need to keep our dental practice 😠

Janet Nicholson (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I need a dentist been going there for years its shocking how now we are all left with a much needed dentist

Suzanne Thompson (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I have cancer which means I am immunosuppressed and suffer from continuous infections, especially in my gums, I am unable to find a local dentist to accept me.

Lesley Carey (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


We need to keep this dentist as shildon is a big town and it's a fab Dentist with great staff

Angela Robson (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-04)


It is unfair that NHS dentistry could no longer be, we need this service for those less fortunate than others. Let’s not make the rich richer and the poor poorer, help those less fortunate by keeping this service.

Mrs Smith (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


There’s no better dentist in Shildon.

David Scott (Co Durham , 2023-05-04)


It’s disgraceful that dentists are closing at a time when we need them most

Julie Bonas (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


This is my dentist and have been there years. Like many will struggle to find another taking on more patients. I don't want my Oral health to suffer. Please try and save this for the community. I've already heard people are pulling out their own teeth because they can't get an appointment. This is totally unacceptable.

Christina Sowerby (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


Dentists are hard enough to get in without completely shutting them down!

Rachel Dunne (Durham, 2023-05-04)


It's ridiculous that we have to lose bupa and they won't sell to another practice, i like thousands more can not afford private treatment and can't get NHS anywhere else

Christine Wilson (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I have been in this dentist for over 20years my child are too we trust these people and believe there should be dentist available for all

Shauna Beal (Bishop Auckland, 2023-05-04)


There are no dentists only 1 left in shildon it’s ridiculous how are we supposed to get dental care especially for the elderly who can’t travel!

Rachel Jones (Bishop Auckland , 2023-05-04)


shildon needs the dentist

Trudy Box (Shildon , 2023-05-04)


Vitally important we have nhs dental care in Shildon and surrounding areas. We live in one of the poorest areas in England with poor health and low employment . Dental care is a must

Adrian Hutchinson (Shildon , 2023-05-04)


We need a dentist. I needed emergency treatment and had to go to Durham to get it.

Diane Laidlaw (Co Durham, 2023-05-04)


We need a dentist

Nicola Robinson (Shildon , 2023-05-04)


I'm signing because its shocking only have one dentist left in Shildon people who used that dentist getting stressed out because can't get in anywhere shocking

Margaret Mcmahon (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I have used this practice for years

Vicki Barker (Bishop Auckland, 2023-05-04)


We need NHS dentist here!!!!

Susan Stonehouse (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


This dentist needs to remain open, there is nowhere in the local area taking on new patients.

Karen Thompson (Bishop Auckland, 2023-05-04)


Because as a small town we need this for our children

Christa Dent (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


There won't be any where for us to go to.

Julie Anne Hanson (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I have been with this practice for over 40 years

Valerie Firbank (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-04)


We need a nhs dentist in Shildon

Felicity Lonsdale (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


We have a right to NHS dentistry in shildon
People in this town are walking around with untreated dental issues

Anne-Marie Cosh (Shildon, 2023-05-04)


I've been at this dentist for 40 years there's no other NHS dentist in the area taking patients on its too big a loss for the area

Selina Duffy (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


We need a dentist

Teri Foreman (Shildon , 2023-05-05)


We need NHS dentistry in Shildon. We are one of the poorest regions in the North East and cannot afford private medical care.

Peter Morgan (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


Dentistry is an essential part of every day health & is needed just as much as a Medical practice & pharmaceutical…Bupa Dental Clinic in Shildon Must Remain! ! !

Paul Todd (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


This is my regular dentist and with not having many NHS dentists left; it's going to be chaos without it. It's hard to find dentists accepting NHS clients to start with

Katie Douglass (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


we must keep NHS Dentist in Shildon we have lost everything else of importance

Karen Robson (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


Save NHS dentist

Mags Carr (Durham, 2023-05-05)


It is my families dentist

Shaun Robinson (Durham , 2023-05-05)


I am a patient at BUPA dentist in shildon. No other dentists are taking on patients so will have nowhere to go for my treatment

Nicola Gibson (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


People need this dentist

Jill McLean (County Durham , 2023-05-05)


I am in this practice and will find it difficult to find another if it shuts

David Wardell (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


We need dental practice in shildon

Brenda Hall (Shildon , 2023-05-05)


My whole family needs this dentist, the staff are lovely and the care is amazing. It's a well used practice which has only hit a bump due to covid but is getting back on its feet.

Victoria barker (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


I don't drive and need the dentist to be local for me and my children to be able to access easily.

Nicole Gourlay (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


I can not get My children in a dentist in this town or surrounding areas

Dutchburn Ruth (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


Closing this practice will cause huge problems for thousands of people including children and the elderly. It just doesn’t make sense for a thriving business to just close down.

Craig Dixon (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


I live in shildon

Mark Graham (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


Myself and my son are registered here, I don't want to be left with no dental care. There is thousands of people out there that are looking for NHS dentist and are begging for dental care, why make more people in the situation.

Natalie Bowman (Co Durham , 2023-05-05)


The provision of NHS dentistry is essential to the health of the population.

Eileen Brewis (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


It's ludicrous !! At a time when it is impossible to join a practice or get an appointment, closing a clinic that provides emergency appointments when you need them.....and I have needed them !! Makes no sense !

Tony Wegner (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


I have been going to this dentist for years and they have always looked after me , cannot praise the dentist and staff enough , we need this practice desperately , please all sigm and support .

Caroline Dunn (Durham, 2023-05-05)


I’m currently a patient at bupa and I’ve tried to get into another dentist but no where is taking patients. It needs to stay open

Tracy Park (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


This is my dentist unfortunately if this shuts I won't be able to afford private dentist fees

Sarah Alice Freeman (Durham, 2023-05-05)


We need dentists

Mark Morrison (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


We need a dentist, I have 2 children and I am unable to get them registered anywhere

Ashley Loverance (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


My son goes to this dentist and there isn't another for miles if this closes its shocking how you can expect everyone in shildon to go to one dentist or travel in excess of 10 to 15 miles too get seen

Andrew Walmsley (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


I went to this dentist and the people there where lovely I was only ever there when I needed emergency work as they where the only place I could get into it's a shame if it was to go xx

Rachel Simpson (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


I am disabled and have bad teeth thro cancer and would struggle to get anywhere far

Lesley Tremble (Bishop Auckland, 2023-05-05)


I pay privately for this dentist out of necessity. It was near impossible even to find a private dentist that accepts new patients

Jo Sharp (Shildon , 2023-05-05)


I go to this dentist . Have been going for years. No other dentist will take me on so have no dentist available to me.

David Sherlock (Bishop Auckland, 2023-05-05)


It is very much needed in Shildon

Dorothy Johnston (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


I’m signing because this practice is where I was planning on using when I move to Gainford in June. I’d heard here in the US that the dentist is an excellent practitioner and that closing this clinic will adversely impact the community at large.

Tim Malloy (Tomball, 2023-05-05)


I know this practice and there brilliant, there's a shortage of dentists and it would be a huge mistake/loss

Paul Anderson (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


This is a great dentists.

Aaron Taylor (Newton Aycliffe , 2023-05-05)


I’m losing my dentist and unable to
Sign myself and children up anywhere else

Sarah Teare (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


It’s so important to have NHS dentistry available.

Isabelle Pearce (Glasgow , 2023-05-05)


Save our NHs dentist service.

Joe Pearce (Shildon, 2023-05-05)


Both myself and my son have been going here for years and now we can't get NHS treatment anywhere else. If one branch is closing they should be relocating their patients to other local practices but apparently only if you go private.

Louise Young (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-05)


We need another dentist in shildon and most people can’t afford to travel out of town

Susan Fletcher (Shildon , 2023-05-05)


Enough is enough. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening even further.

Marie Pearcr (Greenock , 2023-05-06)


Great practice

SIMON JOHNSON (Darlington, 2023-05-06)


This is my children’s dentist and as a health professional it worries me that children in this area will not have access to dental care. This may impact on their health and self esteem in the long term.

Kizzy Hunt (Gainford, 2023-05-06)


Everywhere should have an nhs dental practice. People are crying out for dentists!

Emma Tranter (Bbn, 2023-05-06)


I have children who along with the family need a dentist

Clare Smith (Shildon, 2023-05-06)


I believe it should be open

Nadia Akhtar (Spennymoor, 2023-05-06)


The area needs this practice!

Ian Gaskins (Durham , 2023-05-06)


I’ve been a patient at this practice for over 30years. My dental care is important to me and I’m in need of regular treatment.

Kelvin Vincent (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-06)


I’m from Shildon and have two small boys. It’s ridiculous in todays climate that there is no dentist in our area that will take nhs children never mind adults. Again a small town like Shildon is getting forgot about and people don’t care

Lee teasdale (Shildon, 2023-05-06)


My BUPA practice in Bishop Auckland is also closing. I have paid my national insurance for 43 years which is towards my health and dentistry which we all should be entitled to u see the NHS. More are needed.

Angela Mason (Bishop Auckland, 2023-05-06)


Keep it open we have no other dentist

Jayne Petty (Shildon, 2023-05-06)


Keep NHS dentistry in Bupa Dental Care in Shildon

Jackie Whitfield (Newton Aycliffe , 2023-05-06)


I think it should be kept open as the issue of getting a dentist is becoming very hard to get into and people are suffering due to this.

laura wilson (shildon, 2023-05-06)


We need a dentist in our local area!

Nikki Ross (Shildon , 2023-05-06)


Bupa Shildon needs keeping open

Susan Trotter (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-06)


Shildon people need this dentist. I, like most people have gone to this dentist for years.

Jeanette Smith (Shildon, 2023-05-06)


We have few services in Shildon as it is and the dentist is essential to people in this town and close by. There are too few appointments available as it is! We need dental care locally

Adele Simpson (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-06)


We need a dentist

Joanne Harwood (Shildon, 2023-05-07)


I used to nurse here on Saturdays when someone was needed. It’s so important that staff can keep providing the nhs dental care needed by the community. And that the town has access to their nhs dental care!

Yasmin Welham (Barnard Castle, 2023-05-07)


This situation is unnacceptable given the lack of consultation with employees and patients and the short notice.

Rob Lonsdale (Bolton, 2023-05-07)


I’m a health care worker

Lorraine Spencer (Durham, 2023-05-07)


People should have access to NHS services within close distance of home!

Melanie Knights (Newcastle upon Tyne , 2023-05-07)


This practice should not close

Norma Hind (Bishop Auckland , 2023-05-07)


Need NHS dentist

Rosemary Lloyd (Shildon, 2023-05-07)


This is our dentist and I would like to keep it open!

Amy Thornton (Newton Aycliffe, 2023-05-07)


I myself have used this dentist for 43 year and I now take my daughter

Fay Carney (Durham, 2023-05-07)

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