Remove the word Sussex from the title of Harry and Megham Windsor



Because I believe this should happen

Steve Miller (Littlehampton, 2023-03-09)


I'm sick of seeing Harry and meghan go unpunished for their disgraceful behaviour. They are a stain on our British reputation and I can well understand why most people from Sussex don't want any association with them

Jacqueline Jones (Bridgend, 2023-03-11)


I hate these 2 appalling people and they do not deserve to have any royal titles at all. By keeping their (UNDESERVED!) titles they have power to wield and also to get away with things which 'commoners' do not. Strip them and exile them from the United Kingdom!

Icky Plush (Scarborough, UK., 2023-03-11)


Their actions over the past few years are unacceptable

Stacey Heath (NEWCASTLE, 2023-03-11)


I object to someone being our Duke when they don’t even live here and who have tarnished the royal family.

Carol Flaskett (Littlehampton, 2023-03-11)


They are a disgrace.

Ellen Overstall (Nanoose, 2023-03-12)


I agree they should have the Sussex title taken away, as they have absolutely no respect for anyone/thing British, so I say let him have the title Prince Harry of Timbucktwo

Judy Elmslie (Paraparaumu, 2023-03-12)


Think all titles should be removed they are both a disgrace to the countries and the people of the UK and Commonwealth, I will add the USA to that list. Although its not the children's fault as born of surrogacy they are not entitled to be in the line of succession.

Barbara Chapman (LONDON, 2023-03-12)


They do not live here & have stated that they consider America their home. There behaviour & views about GB are disrespectful to the Royal Family & the people of this country.

Helen Fulton (Nottingham , 2023-03-13)


The word Sussex should be removed from H & M titles.

Shirley Rea (Kettering , 2023-03-13)


Harry has turned out a traitor to his family but also the people of Sussex and the UK

John Holmes (Brighton, 2023-03-14)


They lie, steal, cheat, on and on.......

Becky Bonell (Vancouver, 2023-03-23)


It's unfair on the people of sussex

Susan Gregory (Salford, 2023-03-24)


It nerds to be done. Long time coming.

Welsh Jones (Anglesey , 2023-03-27)


Because Harry is a non working royal ..rejected the royal institution. A Traitor to this country b

Wendy Lunt (Wrexham , 2023-04-01)


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\they nolonger deserve the title

Ray HUGHES (Feltham, 2023-04-04)


They are disgusting people who putting us all into danger of terroristic attack

Kamil Jasik (London, 2023-04-13)


I don’t want them representing our County with the name Sussex, when they trash the RF

Patricia Easby (Chichester, 2023-04-17)


HARRY AND Meghan have done nothing for the people of Sussex

Wendy Hicks (lacey, 2023-04-25)


I am fed up with these two slagging the Royal Family then using their association to make money. They are despicable.

Jenny Hobbs (Barnsley, 2023-04-26)


I loath how both Harry and Markle have lied multiple times over for sympathy and attention. Even the late Queen said “recollections may vary.”

Geoffrey Coates (Lake Munmorah , 2023-04-29)


Harry is using his title to downgrade the royal family.

Christine Vigurs (London, 2023-05-11)


This pair are scrounges and a traitor to this country

Immacolata Bishop (Guildford, 2023-05-13)


do not support narcissism.

Neil Young (Palmerston North, 2023-05-14)


Harry and meghan plus childrens titles should be removed as they are no longer working royals and wanted to live a normal family life with no ties to anything royal apart from obviously King Charles is Harry's dad and Harry's family.

Laura Jones (Surrey, 2023-05-15)


I have lived in Sussex all my life and so have my ancestors from the beginning of time and I am absolutely disgusted how these two people are dragging our heritage through the gutter with referring to Sussex in anyway way they can, either as a financial boost or just to boost their ego. It must be stopped.

Glynis Howson (Worthing, 2023-05-17)


They do not kive in UK and clearly have no value to the UK

Linda Rouse (WISBECH, 2023-05-17)


I’m signing because I live in Sussex and am disgusted they have the Sussex titles still. They came here for half a day!

Debra Green (Heathfield , 2023-05-19)


They don`t deserve our counties name.

Ron Porter (Brighton, 2023-05-20)


Meghan and Harry have left the royal family now They are not royals and I get fed up they are classed as part of the royal family

Christina Evans (Stoke on trent, 2023-05-20)


Both Sussex and York have brought the dignity of monarchy into disrepute by perpetuating malicious lies and prioritising personal commercial enrichment using their affiliation with the RF. Sadly, the king is too weak to manage this situation and I support Bob Seely's efforts to force Parliament to do what the king should have 9 months ago.

Stephie McCallum (Bristol, 2023-05-21)


Because they don't represent the UK or SUSSEX they make money off their titles

Peter Rooney (London , 2023-05-23)


I'm signing because I believe they are no longer entitled to hold the titles

Nigel Williams (Newport, 2023-06-01)


Its outrageous that both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have insulted the monarchy and the British people but yet personally profit from their titles

Janette Nye (Bexleyheath, 2023-06-09)


I agree they no longer live in the UK nor do they represent the city of Sussex

Carol Painter (London, 2023-06-11)


The Duke and duchess don't live in the UK and are meddling in politics using their British titles

Andrea Chambers (Newport Beach, 2023-06-26)


I don't think that anyone who misrepresents Britain and our monarchy in such a way for financial gain should not hold a title of our counties

Kathleen Edge (DONCASTER, 2023-07-07)


The situation is untenable, unfair and undemocratic. These people have rejected the UK. They are the worst kind of hypocrites and make a mockery of decent fair play.
They deserve nothing from us.

Kimberley A Loyns (Cowbridge, 2023-07-10)


I'm signing this because I don't like traitors to my country.
I live in Spain but am English, however these 2 well I can't put what I'd like to, have just made a mockery of the Royal family.
Parliament need to grow some balls and strip them, if the kids exist take them out of the line of succession.

Anita Lindsay (Arboleas , 2023-07-10)


It’s unfair to the people of Sussex County to be associated with Harry and Meghan. They do no work on behalf of the family or country. It is wrong for them to exploit the Sussex titles when they have no respect or duty, nor even reside in Sussex County.

Constance Fetter (Staines Upon Thames, 2023-07-11)


I live in Sussex and these two do not deserve to represent the county

Paul Silsby (Shoreham by Sea, 2023-07-11)


They are traitors to the U.K.

Graham Hill (YORK, 2023-07-17)


I’m signing because for these two people to carry the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex is monstrous - we don’t want them using our County for their publicity money making machine because they chose to turn their backs on the royal Family and all that entails and move to the United States to become private citizens. So that is what they should be.
Yes, Harry is a Prince but his wife should just be plain Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor!

Vivienne Hayes (Brighton, 2023-07-26)


If your dont work to Eran a title, You should not have one "handed to you"

Not living in the same Country.

Dont even "Want" anything to do with the Royales.

should not be able to have it both ways.

Jaramy Winslow (Mpls, 2023-07-26)


I am sick of them putting down Britain and the British people and even though king Charles is his dad, that is a separate matter. I have lost a lot o of respect for the royal family for allowing this to go on, also when have they been bothered about the people of Sussex.

Rosemarie Harvey (Chester, 2023-08-03)


I am a Sussex resident and I see no reason why a Duke & Duchess of Sussex should live outside the UK. They have brought the Monarchy into disrepute and Prince Harry has publicly criticised this Country. He does not represent us and the titles should be bestowed upon someone who cares about this County and is present. We the people have not been given a voice in this matter and he does not represent me as a resident of the County.

Sue Evans (Beckley, 2023-08-03)


They don't deserve anything off the people of the UK
And should never be allowed to set foot here again on account of their treasonous behaviour

James Higginbottom (Newcastle under lyme, 2023-08-04)


They have abused the tile...The great people of Sussex don't deserve it.

Wendy Dickie (Plymouth, 2023-08-07)


They should have no UK titles at all.

Anna Dixon (HOLSWORTHY, 2023-08-09)


Harry and Meghan are no longer part of UK nevermind Sussex

Tiffany Trelease (Stanley, 2023-08-09)


Because they claim to not want to be working royals. They continuously trash the RF. The people of Sussex deserve much more respect than Harry and his wife. They walked away and don't seem to care about anything except for making money. It's really sad that Harry and his children can't be stripped of their prince and princess titles since they want nothing to do with the RF.

Samantha M Boldt (St Francis , 2023-08-18)


Disgrace to royal family

Tanya Moore (Kernersville , 2023-08-19)


They should not use the titles if they think the Royal family is racist.
Because of all their inconsistencies.

Andreea Bostan (Aberdeen, 2023-08-20)


They should not be allowed to continue to use the Sussex title which they have been openly monetizing because they are no longer working Royals and no longer reside on the UK.

Marcia Peel (BRIDPORT, 2023-08-22)


The monarchy needs parliaments help with this mess; as well as the peoples help!

Leona Kennedy (Jewetts Mills, 2023-08-27)


I don't like them sneaky

richard baldwin baldwin (ENFIELD, 2023-08-30)


They don’t deserve to have titles that were bestowed upon them by the family they’ve bashed, disrespected, abused, etc…

Morgan Rein (Burlington , 2023-08-31)


They preach one thing and do the opposite

Bernard Gilmartin (Romford , 2023-09-08)


I am signing this petition because I feel these two have disgraced themselves and the people of Sussex, how can they possibly represent this county anymore when they don't even live in the country. They clearly think more of the American people as have chosen to live abroad and let's face it without these titles which I'm guessing they desperately want to hold onto, they would no longer be able to feed off the association. And if the royals are such racist monsters why is Meeeegain trying so desperately to hang onto the connection? So your Majesty I know Harry is your son but he is also a traitor and you need to deal with both of them let them see that YOU are the one in control you have the power not them at the moment they are walking all over you please man up.

Jane Connelly (Paphos, 2023-09-10)


Harry and Megan have made their hatred of the UK and the Royal Family very clear via books, a tv series, and many interviews. They are unworthy of holding any title or being in the Line of Succession. They use their titles for personal benefit and do not represent the great people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries in any positive manner.

Tanya MacLeod (Welland, 2023-09-25)


They have no respect for the Royal family

Rose Dean (Preston , 2023-09-29)


They are traitors to this country and have lied and used these titles to make money while the whole time being disrespectful to the people/country which gave them these titles.

Janet Mcgowan (Belfast , 2023-10-12)


Harry and meghan do not deserve to be called Duke and Duchess. They have abused and disrespected the titles. They have shamed the monarchy, the royal family and the people of the whole UK.
I feel sorry for the people of Sussex. Harry and Meghan are despicable. They continue to ruin everything that we have all loved for so long about the monarchy and the royals. All the hard work put in to better our world seems all for nothing now. Strip them of the Sussex titles.

Sabrina Cooper (Meridian, 2023-10-14)


I'm signing because my lovely county and the people of this country, have been branded bigots and racist by the two craven idiots known as H&M

Ashleigh Hogan (Chichester, 2023-10-28)


I'm signing because both Harry and Meghan are traitorous liars and have no place representing the British Monarchy

Maxine Manning (Middlesbrough, 2023-10-29)


The point is that Markel is using the title only to make money for herself, not choosing funds and stepping over corpses. They both do not value anyone and use every contact they have with people for their own goals. They insult and disrespect their family on both sides. Basically, they have no human values, just lies, accusations and playing the victim.
The only right thing is for them to lose the titles they are spitting on anyway.

Irina Vugrinec (Zagreb, 2023-11-07)


I am signing this petition in support of removing Sussex titles from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they have done nothing but bring shame upon their titles and use them for their own selfish greedy purposes.

Christine Nealings (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2023-11-12)


I c ant stand this drifters anymore usingvtheir titles, wearing the poppies, asvif they were still working royals

Yvonne Steiger (Fox Amphoux, 2023-11-16)


I believe The People of Sussex have the right to petition to have their community's reputation disassociated from the ongoing deluge of negative information that surrounds Henry Mountbatten Windsor and his American wife Meghan Markle and their continued attacks against the King and his Royal Family. They had no say in his taking The Duke of Sussex title, and he has shown no interest in visiting or promoting Sussex. Rather, he has used his title to earn money by attacking his grandmother and the Monarchy and brought shame to the SUSSEX community. As a Canadian member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, I believe he is the antithesis of all we value and represent to the World, and that Sussex and all his titles should be stripped to ensure he has no power to destroy the Monarchy.

Patricia Fieldwalker (Burnaby, 2023-11-16)


I think they are an absolute disgrace and are only earning money off the fact they are linked to the royal family. They wanted out - yet they use their titles whenever they can and then earn millions slandering the institution. Disgraceful!!!!

Yvonne Sgaw (Cheshire, 2023-11-25)


This latest attack on royal familys reputation is an outrage. They need to have titles removed

Hilary Edgeller (Driffield, 2023-11-29)


They have no respect or regard to the monarchy. She’s nothing but a gain makes you all look like a joke

Jules Dabies (Qld, 2023-11-29)


They have nothing to do with this country and in particular Sussex. Making money on the back of accusing royalty and this country of racism, whilst maintaining titles they are unworthy of is disgraceful.

Paul Denton (Ripon, 2023-11-29)


They are completely shameless & undeserving.

Sheila Billing (London, 2023-11-30)


They are a disgrace!!

Caroline Sanguinetti (Newcastle , 2023-12-01)


They routinely lie about almost everything and are not fit and proper people to hold such titles.

Murdo Macleod (By Ullapool, 2023-12-02)


I'm sick of all the lieing from Monty shit show and the griffters, lieing about the royal family and still trying to represent that they are royal and they are not liked around the world

Paul Davies (Swansea , 2023-12-02)


They have not only brought dishonour to our Royal family but to our country, they dabble in politics which they shouldn’t it is obvious they have unfairly accused the Royal Family and people of Britain of being bigoted well worse!

Sandra Fisher (Grays, 2023-12-02)


H and M are riding high on their titles but have done nothing but produce negativity for the Royal Family. If they do not want to be working Royals then they should not have this title. I am with the people of Sussex that they have tainted the counties name. I may live in Canada 🇨🇦 but my heart is in the UK 🇬🇧

Stella Lees (North Vancouver, 2023-12-02)


I lived in Sussex for many years and certainly wouldn't want this great county associated with these two narcissistic traitors..vile creatures.

Jennie Flanigan (Barry, 2023-12-03)


I’m signing because as a person who was born and raised in Sussex I am sick to the back teeth hearing Meghan Markle and Henry Windsor attack the Royal Family with disinformation and now we have Meghans friend Omid Scobie doing the same thing. The monarchy need to start listening to the people as doing nothing creates the King to look weak. The county of Sussex deserves royals who will show up for the small businesses, helping us thrive as a community. They’ve spent 5 hrs here and no longer even like the UK.
What else do these two have to do before action is taken? Harry is a traitor to his monarch and country. Enough is Enough!

Emma wells (Eastbourne, 2023-12-03)


They should not be allowed to keep their titles.

Caroline Richards (Bristol, 2023-12-03)


The conduct of the Duke and Duchess have been so despicable and dishonest that they do not deserve to retain the title. The disrespect shown to the King and the people of this country is horrendous and should not be tolerated or sanctioned by the retention of the Sussex title

Michael Swift (Stoke on trent, 2023-12-03)


They are a disgrace to our hard working Royal Familly.

Paul Jones (CHRISTCHURCH, 2023-12-04)


Making a mockery of our hard working Royals, continuing making money trashing our institution when they wanted out. Enough of this circus!

Ctina Cha (Liverpool, 2023-12-04)


Enough is enough. Harry and Meghan have totally trashed the King, Queen and other caring members of The Royal Family. All very upsetting and totally uncalled for.



Their behaviour in trying to undermine the monarchy is scandalous

Andy Dunn (Glasgow, 2023-12-05)


I'm fed up with them trashing our Royal Family publicly

Angelina Arturi (Wokingham, 2023-12-05)


Their behaviour lokks shameless.

Maria Buriani (Ferrara , 2023-12-05)


The time has come for the pity train to stop.

Tiffany Munday (Victoria, 2023-12-05)

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