Save Rugeley Miniature Railway



Clubs like these are really important to keep a beautiful hobby alive.

Remco Vegting (Vledderveen , 2023-03-01)


To save a wonderful asset for the current membership and future members and for the general public to enjoy

Mike Dunning (Chester , 2023-03-01)


This a an amazing thing that many generations will enjoy! This should be loved and enjoyed by all!

Molly Gibson (Cannock , 2023-03-01)


There will have been years of care and attention spent on this railway and the work involved in moving it is extremely expensive and difficult. If the site is to remain a public park then the housing estate will already have some character, something that most housing estates never have. Please leave it where it is.

Paul Phillips (Watford , 2023-03-01)


I used to work at rugeley power station and have seen first hand what pleasure this fantastic little railway brings to people. It truly is a super little gem 💎

Christopher Barkas (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


We need more model engineering clubs around the west midlands and black country area

Carl Perry (Dudley , 2023-03-01)


The railway should be preserved for our future generations to enjoy and for our past generation to be remembered

Susan Key (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


This has to be saved for the community. A Jewel in the Crown.

Anthony Banton (RUGELEY, 2023-03-01)


I know how wondetful this miniature railway is to to the local residents. It is a fantastic asset to rugeley and should be saved.

David Laing (Stoke on trent, 2023-03-01)


I firmly believe that this railway will be a major attraction to the public amenity area being planned for the re development of this huge site. It allowed to remain in its present form it will be an asset to a huge number of Rugely residents but also attract visitors from a wider area.

Dan Thurstan (Blackburn, 2023-03-01)


It's important to keep these miniature railways running

Robert Hall (Uttoxeter , 2023-03-01)


We must protect established local interest clubs so that they continue to benefit the local society.

Simon Arnold (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I’m signing because it is wrong of the council to have approved planning knowing that this little railway has been there for 27 years. It is greedy and short sighted of the developers not to create a community space that would have included the railway.

Donna Louise MQ (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


This is such a hugely popular attraction both locally and further afield. It is a first rate club and facility that educates and provides enjoyment to thousands of people of all ages. It also makes a huge contribution to the happiness and mental health welfare of both its members and visitors!

David Slack (York, 2023-03-01)


My little boy would absolutely love this and it’s part of our town, despite the power station no longer being there I’m sure it could be found a new home for others to enjoy

Laura Conroy (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


This little gem of an engineering marvel need to be used and appreciated for generations to come when the area is publicly accessible again. It needs to be part of the public space amenities for children (and adults) to enjoy. It's also a historical in value

Darren Bussler (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


I’m appalled at the planning decision which would lead to the loss of a valuable community asset

Gary Johnson (Burton-on-trent, 2023-03-01)


It would be so sad to see it gone, all the kids… and adults love to ride it

Helen Harvey (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


It would be lovely to preserve this if we can

Alyson donegan (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I've lived in the area all my life and want to see some of brereton and rugeley to stay the way it was for future generations to enjoy not just to see bricks and mortar everywhere.

Caron Norbury (Staffordshire , 2023-03-01)


It will be a loss to the community.

Alison Harvey (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


To keep part of the towns heritage.

Sue Wilkes (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I am a former member of the Power Station club, and my children went on this many times Fantastic to keep anything from the former site.

Jason Cope (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


I enjoy the miniature railway in its current form.

Rob Fenner (Crewe, 2023-03-01)


This amazing railway has to be saved for future generations.

Mark Franklin (Rhyl, 2023-03-01)


It is so important to save this train track because it is part if Rugeleys heritage. It has been there a number of years and it provides a hobby for many people.

Lorraine Barker (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


This is one of the best tracks in the UK

Trevor Wootton (Walsall, 2023-03-01)


It's a local attraction that should remain

Sarah Vivian (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


An important part of rugeley and a an attraction for all local children

John Thain (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


I’m fed up of every single piece of land has to be taken and filled with housing

Debra Brown (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


I grew up in Rugeley my Dad worked at the power station, the little railway should stay

Isabel Lloyd (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I care about providing a valuable resource for people to enjoy

Steve Clark (Pickering , 2023-03-01)


We used to run Lakeside Football Club from the power station. Our lads loved the trains and thank you for sharing it with them. Hoping you can remain at the Site and the trains keep running for years to come

Monique Mcpeake (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


It is an asset to the local community. I have driven my locomotive there and know the people who run it. They deserve to continue to own and operate this venue.

Steve Harland (Selby, 2023-03-01)


The retention of the full version of this amenity will be a big attraction to encourage people to get out and make even more use of the planned public recreation area, as well as forming part of the area's heritage.



This kz part of rugeleys history and needs to be kept fkr future generations for all to remember the past of this town and the people ejo lost there lives work in the pits here.
This is apart of rugeleys history and heritage that they are trying to destroy and needs to be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Hayley Pearson (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


Whilst I approve of housing development, green spaces that promote well-being, protect wildlife and woodland are equally as important. This lovely little railway could be an attraction that encourages people to engage in the countryside and also celebrate the legacy of the site.

Pauline Brown (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I have visited this amazing railway before and had a great time. We need more attractions like this not less. The guys have worked very hard to get this railway running. Let it stay open.

Christopher Woolston (Oakham, 2023-03-01)


I was a member of Rugeley Power Station Social Club and I agree that we must keep and preserve this wonderful railway.

John Passey (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


Wonderful history to keep for future generations to enjoy

Jasmine Pierzak (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I would like to see this kepted for the history of the area

Gerald Molineux (Lichfield, 2023-03-01)


It is a precious piece of Rugeley history and should not be lost

Julian Money (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I believe that by saving the railway the local community will be able to enjoy its' benefits for many years to come, especially the children and those who have never encountered at first hand any form of Engineering............ It's an obvious asset that if lost can never be replaced.....

ALAN REDGRAVE (Trench, Telford, 2023-03-01)


Rugeley needs to keep attractions like this. It would be a great asset for the leisure and recreation area of the development, and a good focal point for wider heritage trails.

We've all seen the box ticking green / play spaces that get dropped into new developments by developers , let's be honest they are pretty ugly, cheap and rarely used. This would be a massive enhancement to the power station leisure & recreation area.

Daniel Shillito (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


This railway should be saved for the community

Pam Gibbon (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


Too much of our heritage is being lost to redevelopment, there are becoming less and less things for people to do and losing this beautiful railway will add to the list of things lost

Bruce Hope (Hayes, 2023-03-01)


Because Rugeley Miniature railway is a valuable asset to the local community and needs to be preserved.

Steven Brown (CREWE, 2023-03-01)


I used to ride on when I was young and would love to take my future grandkids

Catherine Hill (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I think it’s a great cause

Carol Palmer (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


This must be saved for the local community to enjoy.

Veronica Dunning (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


It has brought a lot of pleasure to people old and young over the years and no reason why that should not continue to be the case. It would be a lovely focal point within the new housing development whilst maintaining a historical link with the sites former use.

Tracy Barnett (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


This is an asset to the people of Rugeley and surrounding areas. It needs to stay as it is, not chopped in half. The current members gather for meeting and take part in activities and is a huge benefit to their mental health.
We are always calling out for things for youngsters to do in Rugeley. What better way to get them interested in engineering etc. The wealth of knowledge to be shared is immense from current members.

Ruth Banton (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


It's a marvellous and unique facility for the area. Once gone it can never be replaced.

David Fort (Halesowen , 2023-03-01)


We need to keep things like this in rugeley! Great fun for the children!

Abigail Williams (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


Loved going on miniature railway

Lian Smith (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


So much effort went into it's construction and it will be of great benefit to the new community being built around it.

Barrie Wilkinson (Hammerwich, 2023-03-01)


This is a wonderful little jewel in the corner of a huge mass of new housing and development. .it should be kept to make Rugeley a little bit unique instead of just another huge soulless concrete expansion

Patricia Cooke (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I used to love this when I was little!!

Megan Diamond (Armitage, 2023-03-01)


I totally concur with the text and what should be emphasised is that the railway gives a lot of pleasure and interest. Surely reducing it for a play park, often a shambles after a few years is less than logical - local children will have more interest and be drawn into the hobby.

David Halstead (Nr Market Harborough, Northamptonshire, 2023-03-01)


I strongly agree that attractions like these will be lost forever if they cannot be saved from greedy developers.

Peter Harrison (Swadlincote, 2023-03-01)


This is a local asset that needs to remain open and provide years of enjoyment for the community.

Steve Trotman (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


it would be nice

peter colbrook (nuneaton, 2023-03-01)


I’am signing because we are losing to much green spaces in our towns and cities,there is far too much concrete going into the ground as it is ,plus I love railways

Ian Thompson (Grays , 2023-03-01)


Local to society and an avid model engineer

Stephen Robb (Cannock, 2023-03-01)


It's a great railway had so much enjoyment there

Chris Newton (LLANGOLLEN, 2023-03-01)


Community assets and open spaces should remain intact to be enjoyed by all. The miniature railway will be a huge attraction and the considerable efforts of the Model Engineers in constructing and maintaining this superb amenity should not be simply swept away by redevelopment.

Roger Norish (Stone, Staffs, 2023-03-01)


Something as important as this should be kept and let the public see it

Brian Morgan (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


This is a valuable asset to the community, and it would be a travesty if it was lost.

Darren Foley (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I’m signing because this little railway is part of the history and heritage of Rugeley. It will add interest and enjoyment to the intended new use of the space and is worthy of preservation.

Nigel Braithwaite (Redditch, 2023-03-01)


We need local interest.

Grahame Foster (ARMITAGE, 2023-03-01)


It’s important to keep some of the town’s heritage and to give children some different form of outdoor activity connected to the past.

John Ivans (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


We need this as children have so few activities locally.

Glynis Hiscox (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


To save the railway for future generations

Emma Olds (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


Used to work here, was always good seeing the community make use of a lovely thing

Jon Grocott (Stoke On Trent, 2023-03-01)


I want to go on the train

Sophie Walker (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I am signing because the railroad has been there a number of years and can not see why it has to be changed, it will cost them more to move the track than any profit in any property put on the proposed track bed.
It’s all about profit not people.

Peter Hardwick (Tipton , 2023-03-01)


Longstanding institutions like the railway should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Soon there will be nothing left of our heritage due to development.

Andrew Burns (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


We should preserve this area for future generations and their enjoyment of this railway system that is generously supported by this group of volunteers

Nicholas Chan (Avila, 2023-03-01)


The people of Rugeley deserve this what a memorable experience for all

Patricia Langston (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


It brings back memories from my childhood and I think it's important to preserve our history to teach future generations about our past.

SIMON RADFORD (Swadlincote, 2023-03-01)


The model railway was there first. The builders/developer are just seeing pound signs not the history and dedication of the club. Disgraceful that they want to build on this.

Ann Whittenbury (Lichfield , 2023-03-01)


This as been with us for years. We want it to be saved.

Denys Richardson (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I’m from Rugeley

Paul Hardy (Ballymena, 2023-03-01)


These attractions are a very important part of the community and give hours of Plato young and old alike.

Andy Walker (Cornwall , 2023-03-01)


Having run my model locomotive at the superb Rugeley Miniature Railway as a visiting guest, I have to say the railway, in its current form, is a valuable, ready made leisure asset, available to both the developers of the power station site, the general public and future residents of the housing development, at little or no cost. Not only does the facility serve a leisure function, but also a teaching function, where people can learn about engineering, hopefully stimulating interest in the younger population to become our future engineers.

Lee Worthington (Bolton , 2023-03-01)


Great family attraction to the proposed public area

Tony Lawton (Newcastle, 2023-03-01)


Something like this will never come back we use to have 1 in Lincoln till the council decided to close it

Neil Bagley (Lincoln, 2023-03-01)


Rugeley needs to keep little gems like this!

Jakk Dannielz (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


My children rode on this

Dawn Harvey (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


This facility should be saved. My children went there and enjoyed it. I have been down to meetings there. It is a fantastic facility which would draw children and adults alike. It will also get publicity for the Model Engineering Club.

Colin Heseltine (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


It is a local treasure that has been around for generations, much more enjoyment for future families can be had and should not be lost just for more houses like so much else has been.

Clair Gibbons (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


It is a local attraction which will hugely benefit the community especially children

Pauline Bickerton (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


This would be a lovely attraction for families in the local area

vanessa uden (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


To save this miniature railway is a must,
For it's historical value to rugeley,
& Also it would be a great feature in the new park development,
Please keep the railway,.

Gillian Shirley (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


I firmly this railway should be kept running in its entirety for the people of Staffordshire and wider areas to enjoy in the future

Simon Pearson (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


We have lost enough heritage in our small town. This needs saving for future generations

David Allen (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


no railway should be bullied by developers

Alex Betteney (Stockton-on-Tees , 2023-03-01)


We need to protect and preserve our local history and facilities

Julie Wilkes (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


why should something that has been there for 35 years be destroyed...for houses to be built!!!

maureen bradbury (chester, 2023-03-01)


It is important to keep these small clubs going tor young people to discover engineering can be fun

David Parmenter (Gravesend , 2023-03-01)


I helped to build the track,it gives me a lot of pleasure in my old age and i like to see the smiles on the faces of the children that managed to ride on it

peter booth (rugeley, 2023-03-01)


The benefits to all far outweigh short term profit making,surely that must be obvious?

Adrian Morris (Chester, 2023-03-01)


This is an amazing place for a family day out

Ramona Danciuc (Lichfield, 2023-03-01)


My grandad use to take me here as a kid and I loved it!

Abi Gu-Bates (Rugeley , 2023-03-01)


I was born and bred in Rugeley!

Elizabeth Donnelly (Romsey, 2023-03-01)


It's a wonderful thing to have and would be such a shame to loose it for housing

Andrew Acton (Cannock, 2023-03-01)


This is a local asset and needs to be kept in its current form. Once gone, no one will build another!

Mike Smith (BRENTWOOD, 2023-03-01)


My son would love this railway!

Zoe Hallam (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


It’s part of Rugeley’s heritage and enjoyed by many. The Power Station(s) was (were) a major part of the areas modern history.

Philip Kent (Rugeley, 2023-03-01)


Losing such a delight would be devastating for the community.

Carol Harrison (Swadlincote, 2023-03-01)


Full size steam is becoming more rare, these models, the people that build them are the future of remembering and enjoying our past.

Justin Shaw (Chiba, 2023-03-01)


We need facilities like this miniature railway. It brings enjoyment to children and adults and fosters an interest in engineering and model making.

Graham Roberts (Swansea, 2023-03-01)

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