Including Antisemitism Awareness Training in Freshman Orientation



I'm signing because I believe the first step in addressing antisemitism is educating students and other members of our community about the roots of antisemitism and modern examples of anti-Jewish bias.

Benjamin Bernstein (Palo Alto, 2023-02-24)


I'm signing because I am a proud jew, and especially after last semester abroad in tel aviv and really appreciating my religion and culture this is an extremely important cause to me!

thea bernstein (New Orleans, 2023-02-24)


anti-Jewish hatred is underreported and overlooked.

Alexia Narun (Chadds Ford, 2023-02-24)


I support curriculum about antisemitism in Tulane’s orientation for students.

Marcella Bernstein (Palo Alto , 2023-02-24)


Antisemitism on college campuses has spread to epidemic proportions. It is the popular position for students, regardless of understanding what it means or its consequences. I believe the best way to address this is through education. Please add antisemitism awareness training to freshman orientation. As a percent of the population no group suffers more hatred and bigotry than Jews. Help stop this trend. Thank you.

Lauren Segal (Palo Alto, 2023-02-24)


This is important to me.

Rebecca Reiss (New Orleans, 2023-02-24)


I am appalled by the hatred in today’s society, and I think it is imperative that students are taught how to recognize and fight antisemitism.

Elana Passmore (Deerfield, 2023-02-24)


Antisemitism is a serious issue but is not given the same focus as others like racism and sexism

Adam Stein (Rye, 2023-02-24)


I love the state of Israel and I love my people.

David Renbaum (Reisterstown, 2023-02-24)


This is an issue close and personal.

Mac Bressler (New Orleans, 2023-02-24)


I care about the campus jewish community

Nick Surfas (New orleans, 2023-02-24)


I believe that this is an important action considering the current events in the world.

Maddie Brooks (Pasadena, 2023-02-24)


History repeats itself and is repeating. We must not forget.

G Segal (Palo Alto, 2023-02-24)


Tulane students benefit from a deeper awareness of the historic and ongoing challenges that their peers are facing. Antisemitism awareness can promote greater tolerance and dialogue.

Emily Scheinman (Los Altos Hills, 2023-02-24)


The world needs more steps towards a better future

Jaimie Morris (North Potomac, 2023-02-24)


I believe this is important

Joseph soifer (Bethesda, 2023-02-24)


I'm very concerned about antisemitic discrimination happing all over the US and would like to see every university, including Tulane, take action to combat such discrimination.

Adam Berman (San Francisco, 2023-02-24)


Antisemitism has been growing on Tulane’s campus and this is a necessary procedure to prevent future antisemitism.

Elliott Soofer (tiburon, 2023-02-24)


i think it’s important to prevent antisemitism rates from rising on campus

John Karteczka (New Orleans , 2023-02-24)


I want Tulane to change the way they address antisemitism

Alex Florman (Santa Ana, 2023-02-24)


Would like to see change

Richard Deverey (New Orleans , 2023-02-24)


Love Judaism

Jesse Abed (Englewood, 2023-02-24)


Antisemitism should not be allowed in any aspect on any college campus.

Ilyana Mitchell (New York, 2023-02-24)


I’m Jewish

Andi Meyer (Bexley, 2023-02-24)


I'm a Jew who is disgusted with the rise of Antisemitism in this country

Jack Gillespie (New Orleans, 2023-02-24)


I am a concerned Jew about the uprising of antisemitism throughout the world and in hope for it to end soon

Derek Coval (Great Neck, 2023-02-24)


I’m signing because I want to spread the awareness of antisemitism to Tulane campus.

Lauren Bell (Bedford, 2023-02-24)


I fully support incorporating antisemitism awareness training in Tulane freshman orientation.

Jordan Kirsh-Clemenceau (Washington DC, 2023-02-24)


Jewish students belong at Tulane, anti-Semitic students do not

Andy Degnim (New Orleans , 2023-02-24)


This is an important initiative that will benefit all incoming students and stem the growing tide of bigotry and disinformaton on campus.

Andrew Katz (Los Angeles, 2023-02-24)


I’m signing because Tulane and all universities need to stand up to anti semitism

Beth S. Marx (Newton, 2023-02-24)


I believe anti-semitism is hate. And hate of all forms must be addressed and stamped out.

Jeffrey Kaftan (Birmingham, 2023-02-24)


I am Jewish and any amount of anti-Semitism is disgusting

Lauryn Golinsky (Reston, VA, 2023-02-24)


I’m signing this because my entire family …grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, perished in the Holocaust, and I see a pattern in this country with aspects closely resembling the antisemitism in Europe and the U.S. that led up to the destruction of six million Jews from 1939-1945.

Marcia Retrey (New York, 2023-02-24)


We need to educate students about anti-semitism.

Sarice Silverberg (Santa Barbara, 2023-02-24)


Education is the most potent weapon against hate.

Gil Retrey (New York, 2023-02-24)


I strongly believe in the cause

Marla Kaftan (Birmingham, 2023-02-25)


My granddaughter is a student. I’m 81 and vividly remember seeing people with numbers on their arms when I was growing up. And could not imagine that a similar culture could happen again.

Harvey Silverberg (Santa Barbara, 2023-02-25)


I want to fight against the horrible acts of antisemitism that I’ve seen on campuses and in our country recently!!

Zoe Silverberg (Santa Barbara, 2023-02-25)


I believe in the cause

Alison SHULMAN (Washington, 2023-02-25)


I am Jewish and believe this is necessary. Especially after recent events.

Isabella Spar (Ardsley, 2023-02-25)


Great idea to include antisemitism as part of all the DEI workshops.

Mark Silverberg (Santa Barbara, 2023-02-25)


I am signing this petition because Anti-Semitism seems ubiquitous around college campuses and students need to be educated.

Caleb Silverberg (Santa Barbara, 2023-02-25)


I’m signing because students at Tulane need to be aware of and sensitized to anti-semtism. There’s probably an incorrect assumption that there’s no antisemitism or hatred of Jews at Tulane because there are so many Jewish students there. It’s time to live in reality and make it a safer place for the large Jewish student population, before it’s too late.

Jim Scheinman (Los Altos, 2023-02-25)


I care about the safety of my Jewish friends.

Bella Castro (New Orleans, 2023-02-25)


This is important

Rory Macdonald (Philadelphia, 2023-02-25)


We need to teach tolerance nd acceptance

Richard Singer (White Plqins, 2023-02-25)

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