Improve the Bus Service to Bevendean



im signing and support this whole heartedly, i have no choice but to depend on the 48 service im over a mile walk from any other bus service and often struggle with my mobility. i have been left waiting far too many times with buses just not turning up, and also been caused severe back pain by rickety buses when they do actually run!

Catherine Berman (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


Because the buses are infrequent, and often I’ve been at the bus stop, the sign shows a bus is due then drops off (no bus passes and you have to wait another 30-40 minutes for one.

Louisa O'Brien (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


The service into Bevendean is appalling. The infrequency and unreliability mean bus is no longer my preferred option

James Moore (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


I,m signing because the people on this estate have had to put up with a sub standard bus service for years.I was standing at the Ave bus stop one day and 7 48,s went by and no 49,s.I asked the driver why that was and he said the 49 bus had broken down and there weren,t any replacements.When I questioned him as to why there had been 7 48,s so far he said the 49 route didn,t pay.There were more elderly,students and out of workers in Scoombe...GO FIGURE

ANN WELLS (Brighton Sussex, 2023-01-26)


I live in bevendean and often left waiting long times for the 48/49 bus especially during winter it’s unbareble

Kerri-Anne Tingley (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I am a user of the 48 bus service and I have lived here for 28 years and it is the worst bus service across the whole city

Kelsey Jade (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I use the bus to drop and pick up from school

Melanie Ewing (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


The number 48 bus is so unreliable. I have to catch a bus before I need to, to make sure I arrive at an appointment in time. They also have seats that have been repaired & are dirty.

Freda Trott (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


The buses and the service is appalling.

Lynn stenning (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


The 48 bus route needs to be fixed

Steve Humphrey (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I use this service everyday and gets annoying when bus doesn't turn up when I got to go to work I work at the RSCH and there is no other way of getting there

Darren Berman (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


The 48 service is abysmal. How many times I've needed to get a taxi home on a cold evening because I don't want to wait for a bus that's been cancelled again. The service for older people and the disabled is shocking, as there are huge accessibility issues getting to the back end of bevendean.

Joe Walker (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


I live in Bevendean and I’m frequently waiting over 30 mins for a bus to arrive

Paula Willcock (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


I would like to see an improvement on the bus service to Bevendean

Mandy Bennett (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I'm fed up with waiting for buses that are suddenly cancelled

Neal Shaw (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I work in Bevendean and use buses every day

Carla shipley (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


The service up here is the worst in Brighton.

Oliver Ewins (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I am fed up of having to wait so long for the 48 in the cold!

Kelly Duffelen (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


To get a better service to Lower Bevendean.

Beverley Lee (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I live in Bevendean

Angela Darkin (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


I'm fed up with the 48 so often being cancelled before more frequent services. And the buses are so old that they have injured my back a few times now as they shake us about so much. Why are we the bottom of the pile of your passengers?

Leisa Brown (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


Unsatisfactory bus service is provided for residents of Bevendean. Most bus users are paying for service upfront & this service is not being provided. No delay/ repay scheme or compensation is being offered by bus company. Passengers are buying tickets for a service that is being advertised but not provided. Surly this must come under trading standards act ?

Angela Cook (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


I strongly agree the buses are terrible in Bevendean and unreliable

Jennifer Evans (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


I'm sick of the unreliable bus service for my estate.

Tina Ockenden (Brighton, 2023-01-26)


The 48 is so infrequent and unreliable that I often have to pick my son up at the start of Lower Bevendean to bring him home from school or town. The bus will be due and then disappear off the board whilst 3 49s drive past.

Ember Vincent (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


The quality of buses is poor. We call them bone shakers

Derek Fowlie (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


I would use it more if they were better quality and the suspension hadn't gone on them. They sound like they are falling apart.

michelle guyatt (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


I use this bus service every single day!

Lisa Pollard (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


Our bus service has always been bad and Bevendean is the forgotten estate

Tania Nealgrove (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


The bus service in Bevendean is awful. The buses that do the route are often very old and rickety which is not good on the big hills. They are also infrequent.

Mary Carmichael (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


Residents of Bevendean need and deserve a better bus service. Bevendean is a community of lower than average car ownership. So much of the community relies on using the 48 bus to get to the supermarket/ to get to work / to get to school, college , university etc. We are also living in a climate crisis and a good public transport system to all the city’s outer lying areas , including Bevendean , must be promoted, and car owners will only use the buses if they can be relied upon to get them into town and back without problems.

Mitchie Alexander (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


I'm a regular user of this service, the buses are absolutely filthy both inside and out. The service is unreliable and often canceled at the last minute. If there's a shortage of buses or drivers it's always our service that is cancelled. Some of the buses are so old they aren't fit for use. The plastic windows shake, have come away from the frame, the metal poles inside rattle, I've had my back jarred many a time by the bad suspension on the very old buses that serve this route. They don't have WiFi or phone charging ports like the newer buses and some of them smell so musty. You can't see out of the windows, the window frames inside are filthy. There's 2 buses that are used that are not fit for purpose. I don't drive and I have 2 young teenagers that rely on this service too and are often left waiting at bustops in the cold, rain and darkvwgen it's winter for 40min plus because of them being cancelled at the last minute. When they are running late they loop around the old steine instead of serving up to Churchill Square so if you're waiting there you are stuck. We've thankfully become wise to this and will jump on another bus to lewes Road and wait for our 48 from there as sometimes they will miss out London Road too!

Tracy Stevens (Brighton , 2023-01-27)


I'm disabled and have to use this bus service and am often left standing for a very long time waiting at the bus stop. I can only stand for a short period of time and waiting around for a long time waiting for a bus causes me great pain.

Carolyn Jackson (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


Living in Bevendean and the buses are horrendous

Sarah Prior (Brighton , 2023-01-27)


I've been saying for years that the buses that we get up here always seem to be the oldest most worn-out buses and am glad to see I'm not alone in that though. The frequency and reliability are not adequate for a green future. This is causing us to drive into the city when we'd much rather get the bus.

DANIEL PICKFORD (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


I’m signing because I rely on the 48 bus to get shopping and prescriptions. My partner is disabled and I need an efficient,safe and clean bus service.

Gaynor Gulless (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


I’m tired of waiting for ages at the bus stop to get home while watching sever49s any many many 25s go by.

Phyllis Stephens (Brighton , 2023-01-27)


I live in Bevendean, & use the bus service

Ron Porter (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


The service is atrocious!!!

Kerri Barnes - Dredge (Brighton , 2023-01-27)


I'm tired of seeing two 49's in 6 minutes, whilst waiting for a 48, which hits the signboards, then disappears. Bevendean is as big as Moulsecoomb, but doesn't get the same service.

Penny Hajduk (Brighton, 2023-01-27)


There needs to be leveling up across brighton. The east part of the city, moulsecoomb, bevendean and coldean have to live with poor/non existent services which other parts of the city have in abundance

Felicity Alder (Brighton , 2023-01-27)


I’m fed up having to wait 40 minutes for a bus and watching other routes come sometimes 4x by the time one 48 bus comes. It takes me double the time to travel to and from work, makes me late and unreliable.

Bruna Harres (Brighton, 2023-01-28)


It's about time Lower Bevendean had a reliable regular service! Just like we used to have in the seventies.

Patricia Alexander (Brighton , 2023-01-28)


Numerous times we have been late for something or missed something because the 48 on the timetable has just not shown up. We do try to complain to the bus company but usually receive a standard reply. This is not a pandemic issue because it happened regularly before then. I have complained so many times that they blocked me on Twitter!

Katie Blood (Brighton, 2023-01-28)


I've had to decline work in town where parking is impossible as too often left to walk 1.5 miles home in the dark / late evening after work, once dropped by the 49 bus at the end of The Avenue.

Anna Winskill (Brighton , 2023-01-28)


I am signing becuase I live on Norwich Drive and the bus service is appalling!

Samantha Murphy (Brighton, 2023-01-28)


I’m disabled and on a few occasions I’ve waited for the 48 at a bus stop, they’ve not turned up or running so late two often follow each other…..

Lyn Brouder (Brighton, 2023-01-28)


I live on Norwich drive. There are often cancelled buses, poor GPS on said buses and an app that lies that buses are coming. We’re quite isolated at the far end of the estate and it takes 30mins to walk from our house to lewes road. It adds so much time to our journey to work especially trying to get home.
I feel there should to a 48x bus that doesn’t go around the whole of Bevendean just goes to leybourne parade and back on the flat.
Also buses get cancelled completely if there’s even a tiny bit of snow. You should at least take people on the flat to the end of Bevendean using a shuttle service when this happens.

Nathan Milenkovic (Brighton, 2023-01-29)


I use the bus most days, pay the same bus fare as the rest of the city, but get a far inferior service.

Angela Millanzi (Brighton, 2023-01-29)


I've used the service and it's awful

Josie Hughes (Eastbourne , 2023-01-30)


The service is terrible

Angela Rowland (Brighton , 2023-01-30)


I’m a carer and I regularly use this service

A Smyth (Brighton & Hove, 2023-01-30)


35-36 Regency Square

Kelly Hart (Brighton, 2023-01-30)


Because off the 48 bus is actually rubbish around this area. I’ve actually complained where the actual back of the bus where you sit inside was actually coming away on the floor and you can actually see through and they had to take it off the road, even know it was actually doing all the 48 rounds. Also going to catch a bus and it doesn’t even turn up when I’m trying to do school runs. It’s just rubbish

Karen Barker (Brighton, 2023-01-30)


As a cut of area It is vital we have a better bus service for people to access the town Center

Tara Doshlani (Brighton , 2023-01-30)


48 bus service in Bevendean is awful

Matteo Pelucchi (Brighton, 2023-01-31)


A very bad service which is frequently cancelling buses and late. The buses are normally the old 600 fleet which are awful. We should not have to pay the same fares as people who travel on new buses when we ride on dust cart type buses that smell and should be shelved.

Sue Adams (Brighton, 2023-02-02)


I am tired of buses disappearing off of the timetable. Being late for work and being stuck in town after a long day at work.

Carly North (Brighton, 2023-02-03)


I've personally been affected by the terrible 48 bus service far too many times. Enough is enough.

Greg Rogers (Brighton, 2023-02-03)


Im signing because i live in bevendean, most of the time my kids are late for school or college, cos the buses either or late or they dont actually turn up. Their messy, old and very rattly buses. When i moved up here 10 yrs ago, their were 5 buses an hour

Melissa Reeves (Brighton, 2023-02-03)


Buses are regularly cancelled and it makes it impossible to get out of Lower Bevendean by public transport.

We should have a reliable bus service. When buses don’t arrive it can make you late for work and even if you can afford a taxi they take upto an hour or longer as it’s too far for them to travel for a job.

Greg Grundy (Brighton, 2023-02-03)


I’m signing because many disadvantaged people rely on this bus service and their voices hav3 been ignored for too long.

Shirley Eborn (Brighton, 2023-02-05)


The buses are rubbish!

Gayle Chapman (Brighton, 2023-02-05)


The service is appalling everyday there is a bus missed or late you can wait after a day at work see 3.4 49s and no 48 joke really is s0o I am signing to help along with others to hopefully improve this service

Lynda Bowles (Brighton, 2023-02-06)


I’ve lived in Bevendean for 13 years and we have THE worst bus service of anywhere else I’ve lived. Why??

Carl Mogg (Brighton, 2023-02-07)


I’m signing because I live around the area and also use 48 bus often. There are great numbers of elderly and disabled people live in the area and they deserve to ride on decent new buses that run smoothly rather than the old ones that you feel like their bones are shaken out of their skin every time they board a 48. Im fit and able , im can get on a computer to sign this. I want to voice for all those people who don’t get easy access to this petition and say what they need to say. We deserve better service in the area!

Hang Anderson (Brighton , 2023-02-08)


I'm signing because we need a reliable bus service. It can take 30 mins to walk to a bus stop if the 48 does not show up and that is not an option for those less active. Even to prioritise the service would be a great improvement. And by that I mean to ensure that the 48 is not cancelled -better to use a 49 or a 25 as a 48. Both of the other services are so much more frequent that passengers wouldn't have to wait for (potentially) 40 mins for the next one. Mon 6th Feb the 48 I was on turfed off the passengers at Lewes rd bus garage as a driver hadn't turned up. Not your fault and unpredictable but the bus behind us at the stop which was not in service when we arrived turned into a 25. As it drove off 2 more 25s came round the corner. Just to add insult to in jury. So we had to wait 30 mins for the next 48 while there were 3 X 25s following each other down Lewes rd. That is unacceptable and shows a clear disrespect for your customers on the unprofitable but necessary services.

Kathy Strulo-Brooks (Brighton , 2023-02-09)


I'm signing because this is my local bus service. I have lost count how many times I have complained to the bus company and the local MP about this service - infrequent service, late buses, last minute cancellations. Only last Friday (3 Feb) one was taken off at 8am-ish - this is peak time and I was due to go to a very important hospital appointment.

Melanie Jones (Brighton, 2023-02-11)


We need better busses

Rupert Wilkinson (Brighton , 2023-02-16)


I have had problems with this bus service for years. I have sent complaints time and time again, it needs to be improved.
This service is consistently and inexplicably delayed and canceled and ends earlier than other bus services.

Wojtek Perales (Brighton, 2023-02-21)


We encourage our students and industry partners to use public transport, and the service is not sufficiently reliable. During winter months our students are travelling in darkness, and we are concerned about their welfare when buses fail to materialize.

Itziar Leighton (Hove, 2023-02-23)


My husband and myself are in our 70s & 80s the buss service is important to us but in the 50 years we have lived in bevendean the buss service has been appalling it’s long overdue a decent buss service

Dorothy Carse (Brighton , 2023-02-25)


I'm tired of an unreliable service to Bevendean. We have one route to one part of town only, and it is often the worst buses, late, or cancelled. There are no viable alternatives, especially to those with prams or wheelchairs, and often the service is overcrowded.

Stephanie Shepherd (Brighton, 2023-02-25)


My daughter is dependent on these buses

Wesley Picton (Pontefract , 2023-02-25)


the 48 is the only bus to my partners house and it just not showing up makes it really hard to get to their house

Robin Stevenson (Brighton , 2023-02-26)


I'm a regular 48 bus route user and suffering from the bab service provided


Diana García (brighton, 2023-02-28)


Brighton deserves better bus services.

Tristram Burden (Brighton, 2023-02-28)


We need a proper, reliable, regular public transport service so people can get to work and go about their daily business. Also, if the government is serious about cleaning up the environment an alternative to individual vehicles is essential.

Delilah Hesling (Brighton , 2023-02-28)


it is a vital service to some very low income families who have no other means of transport as it is a very long walk from the back of bevendean to the lewes rd not possible for the elderly or those with limited mobility

Dawn Wyatt (BRIGHTON, 2023-03-01)


We need more buses running

Elisha Carney (Brighton , 2023-03-04)


I've been stung by the bad service of the 48 before and forced to either walk 30 minutes to the next closest bus stop in the cold or pay extortionate prices for a taxi/Uber on multiple occasions. I fully agree why everyone is fed up and support this petition.

Ryan Swaby (Brighton, 2023-03-04)


Buses are vital and Bevendean deserves as good transport as the rest of Brighton

Andrew Dean (Brighton, 2023-03-06)


we need this route to get back and fourth from work from early morning to late night

Abigail Cohen (BRIGHTON, 2023-03-06)


I work at Coburn and Baker and even though I cycle to work and back, a lot of my colleagues have to use buses. Before I cycled, I too had to take the bus and it was very inconvenient. There was about a 45m-an hour wait between buses sometimes and when I couldn't get the last bus I had to go up jacobs ladder which is extremely dangerous, especially in the dark or worse - frost! Someone could break a bone on those stairs easily. This bus route could definitely be improved for the safety of the public.

Beth Rhodes (Brighton, 2023-03-07)


I use this bus

Joseph Nancholas (Brighton , 2023-03-07)


As a worker at Coburn & Baker, I often have to wait over 20 minutes for a bus to get home. Oftentimes, they are late and I don’t feel safe as a woman walking up Jacob’s ladder for the 22. Also, a lot of the time the buses are cancelled or running early/ late, which is not ideal at all. I just want a reliable transport system to allow me to get to and from work.

Josie Lister (Brighton, 2023-03-07)


I work at Coborn and Baker and often have to wait a long time for the bus, have to use the 48 as Jacobs ladder is too dangerous in the dark.

Manal Salib (Brighton , 2023-03-07)


I work at Coburn & Baker and live in the Bevendean area. The bus 48 does not come as often as it should and it is very disappointing. Especially times when one has things to do by town and we have to wait ages to get there and back.


Aboubakar Jakomba (Brighton , 2023-03-07)


I work at Coburn and Baker and live by the Open Market stop. On the night shift i finished between 10pm and 2am and would try to leave at the right time to catch the last or second last bus. The busses were often late or cancelled altogether. So after waiting 20-30 minutes at the bus stop I would walk 20 minutes to Lewes Road, or 45 minutes home. In the winter after a long shift this was really exhausting. Taxis quote a 40 minute wait to pick up at the Hyde at night. Taking the steps up to the 22 route isnt a good option for many people, especially in winter when the steps are hazardous.

Katherine Tuck (Brighton, 2023-03-07)


The bus service is vital to several of my work colleagues. Who are often late or absent due to the infrequent service of the 48. A better service would attract more non driving employees.

Charles Kay (hove, 2023-03-09)


I work for coburn and baker and i find the bus service way to infrequent, the only other way is to use 'jacobs ladder' which is treacherous in the dark

Anthony Potter (Brighton and Hove , 2023-03-09)


The bus 48 is unreliable route. Everyday is late throughout the day or not even turning up for almost an hour. Some drivers staying longer on Bodium stop or Churchill Square like 4 mins extra no wonder is delayed. Its a constant worry...

Ally Horska (Brighton , 2023-03-10)


Bevendean seems to be forgotten about on all counts

Donna Stephens (Brighton, 2023-03-10)


I'm work at Coburn&Bakery and often have to wait a long time for the bus. I have to use the number 48. As Jacobs ladder is too dangerous in the dark.

Sofiia Kryzhanivska (Brighton , 2023-03-11)


It's highly convenient for me having the bus every 15 minutes instead of 20

Freddie Barnes (Brighton , 2023-03-13)


As a student, planning around the bus has become incredibly hard, and is negatively affecting my education.
With Bevendean becoming a university hub for students, better transport and road upkeep is needed, especially for the locals, who are forgotten by the council

Luke Taylor (Brighton, 2023-03-14)


The bus service needs improving children are late to school due to cancelled or Late

Leah Corney (Brighton , 2023-03-15)


I’m signing because the bus situation in Bevendean is ridiculous to the point of insult. So many of us have been stranded for half an hour, an hour, forced to pay for a taxi or suffer in the freezing and wet, and why? Simply for the reason of us being deemed less important. How is that in any way acceptable, to put us beneath the needs of the others within the same county?

Amber Shamsi (Brighton, 2023-03-16)


I'm not happy with our bus service

Joy Matthews (Brighton, 2023-03-16)


I'm signing because the quality of service is very poor, busses are often taking off, and we always seem to get the older buses. Absolutely dreadful.

Andrew FitzGerald (BRIGHTON, 2023-03-17)


I live in Bevendean and work in central Brighton, it would be nice if there was a more reliable bus service to get home from work

Naomi Smith (Brighton, 2023-03-17)


I’m signing this because due to cancellations/no show or leaving bus stops 2-3min earlier then timetable saying - I was dealing with school attendance offices who were not believing me, that bus Nr.48 could have not showed up so many times during half terms. My children had unauthorised absences (school is in Brighton centre- Middle street and Dorothy Stringer). But that’s not just it, interestingly that after work , from 5pm- 48 comes only every 30min, time when people come home from work and if it has not arrived- you end up by waiting 1h in which case we take bus Nr.49 and walked 25min from Avenue to Auckland Drive as it is quicker. Now we bought a car as we can’t rely on 48 bus

Agnese Lejina (Brighton, 2023-03-17)


As an owner of business situatated in Bevendean, which employes 40 people, we are aware of the dificulty they face, trying to get to work and back home. Since we have moved our business to Racehill Valley, we have discovered a part of Brighton which we were not familiar with We are now thinking of moving to live in Bevendean. We would like to see both the residents and the business community thriving here.

yoav cohen (Brighton, 2023-03-17)


The 48 is and always has been an awful bus route and us residents have suffered for long enough.

Isobel Pratt (Brighton, 2023-03-18)


This bus route has ALWAYS been neglected. It's a joke, time for change.

Kerry Keane (Brighton , 2023-03-18)


The 48 bus service is a vital link for me and many other people in this community - especially pensioners like myself, and students

Doreen Fitzpatrick (Brighton, 2023-03-18)


I’m signing for me and a lot of other people who use this bus on a daily basis and we are fed up with buses Not arriving on time or cancelled, and also the appalling state of these buses, ie being dirty, and seating delepadated. Also the braking system on these buses is appalling having witnessed man falling from upstairs hanging on to the bar at last minute, otherwise he’d been badly injured. Also bus drivers hitting kerbs regularly. Also I’d like to mention the crammed packed buses on a regular basis, gives me bad anxiety and I have to get off and get on the next one.

Anna McCabe (Brighton , 2023-03-18)


I’m one of the resistances in Bevendean who don’t satisfy with the bus service

Amy Lin (Brighton , 2023-03-19)


I've had many problems caused by the 48

Boyan Dimitrov (Brighton, 2023-03-20)


Because the bus is never on time and never arrives

Caitlin Watkins (Brighton, 2023-03-20)


The buses are frequently cancelled on this route and it is the only way home or out for Bevendean.
Because of the unreliability, we have to try and catch the bus one or two buses before the one we should be able to catch to reach our destination in good time.
As the prices have increased, the service has become even worse than ever.
My son has autism and dyspraxia and this lack of reliability is extremely distressing to him. At the same time, he has had bus drivers tell him to hurry up as, due to his coordination, he struggles to get his bus pass out. Not all, but some are rude and unprofessional.

Jo Porter (Brighton, 2023-03-21)


Not enough
And always come late

April Antrobus (Brighton , 2023-03-22)


There are lot of students .elderly and a school in the area. it causing problems a certain times

Patricia Hurrell (Brighton, 2023-03-25)


Public transport is environmentally sound.
Also New buses would be great

John Porter (Brighton, 2023-03-25)


i get the bus everyday and it’s SHOCKING

lois spencer (brighton , 2023-03-28)


I'm fed up with waiting ages at bus stops

Graham Askey (Brighton , 2023-04-03)


Ive lived all over Brighton and Hove in the last 30 years and lower bevendean has the worst bus service of anywhere I know. Its awful.

Tracy Mayor (Brighton , 2023-04-05)

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