Release from arrest Andrew and Tristan Tate, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu



I’m signing because I know Tate brothers personally and I 100% know they wouldn’t do anything bad. They should be released as fast as it possible, the government has enough reasons to trust them.

Anastasiia Volodina (Vienna, 2023-01-11)



Maninder Dhaliwal (Edmonton , 2023-01-12)


I'm signing here because the Tate brothers helped me with my depression and with my suicidal tendencies. They saved my life and now im in the best shape on my life. I owe to them so much so the least that i can do is support them. Much love from Portugal

Tomás Almeida (Oeiras, 2023-01-12)


All what the media says it's a scam I'm totally with Tate brothers

Markus Gómez (Nuevo león , 2023-01-13)


I’m signing because, innocent until proven guilty, but everyone is jumping to the conclusion saying that it’s true, because they don’t agree with what he says. We need more people to understand that we need him to be innocent cause if his not, women were actually trafficked

Tyler Jansen (Uitenhage , 2023-01-13)


I am signing because i think Andrew is inocent.

Arttu Koivunen (Tuusula, 2023-01-13)


Free Tate Brothers, they're innocent. Tates saved a lot of teenagers from depression, financially, emotionally, helped them to get their masculinity back, get in shape. Now he's accused of things he will never do because all what he tells us in his messages is the truth about this corrupt world, he exposed the pedophilia satanist government, because the Matrix (billionaires) want to keep control over everyone by their agents who are musicians, actors, influencers... #FreeTateBrothers

Saïd Medini (Larbaa Nath Irathen, 2023-01-14)


I'm signing because the Tate brothers arw innocent, as it was proven for so many times..

Arian Dermaku (Neusatzstrasse 4, 2023-01-14)


I’m singing because the Tates have been wrongfully accused they have done nothing wrong and they have taught me to respect women more and understand how beautiful women truly are and they made me a better man physically, spiritually, and mentally

Gavin Rutledge (Hamilton, 2023-01-14)


The Tate brothers are only waking up this generation. They are trying to help young men out there who need it. They're to good for the world to be human trafficers

Joost Kusters (Vogelwaarde, 2023-01-14)


Because governments are criminals. The matrix is real. And i have uge respect to Tate brothers.

These accusations can’t be spreaded without jailtime for the fake spreaders.

Fine regards.

Wietse Bosmans (Geel, 2023-01-14)


I believe Andrew Tate was falsely accused. We've seen how the prosecutor manipulated the statement from witness to victim without the witness consent. The arrest was unjust.

Faezah Azmi (Selangor , 2023-01-14)


Tate is innocent. He is truth. Tate represents freedom and masculinity.

Christian Landan (Carolina, 2023-01-14)


I am a tate fan they both helped me alot in my life and i know the matrix is real and the elits are real scumbags thanks too the tate brothers have open my eyes they don't deserve this at all

Maikel Serafimova (Sint-Niklaas, 2023-01-14)


The process which they are facing up is utterly and completely unacceptable, funded on lies, they are internet influencers and sensationalists and Romanian government is basing it self in funding their accuses onto their internet sensationalist characters, and not by the people they really are or factual pieces of evidence, of course they are locking them up for other reasons, bribe from big heads, maybe even for envy, but I always sign for equal rights and stand for fair law. Freetatebrothers.

Fatjon Dyrmishaj (Bolzano, 2023-01-14)


These 4 individuals are innocent and are being wrongly convicted of disgusting crimes which there is no evidence for


Sam Turner (London , 2023-01-14)


It’s clear that the muppets are doing what the they are supposed to do, listen to the big boss, who is at the top of the pyramid.

Marius Patrascu (Petrila, 2023-01-14)


Andrew and Tristan are G's

Celeste Oliva (Genk, 2023-01-14)


They are two GOOD people who someone out there wants to take them down. Ridiculous, let me be free for humanity’s sake.

They are totally innocent and absolutely no evidence at all against them.

Kieran Keddle (Cancun, 2023-01-14)


Signing bc you needa free the top g

Shaan Chawla (Syosset, 2023-01-14)


I'm signing this petition because I know for a fact that Andrew Tate is innocent and that the charges held against him are false.
Besides that ,Andrew is too rich to be doing crime businesses like human trafficking anyway.

Nedim Begić (Cazin, 2023-01-14)


I'm signing become he is innocent humble guy and he saved my life last year by providing discipline and motivation in my life. FeeTopG

Shubham Prajapati (Ranchi , 2023-01-14)


Free the top g

Free Tate (Bristol , 2023-01-14)


Andrew helped me alot with my mental health issues and hes a good and an honest man free him.

Shady Hbaish (Israel, 2023-01-14)


I know that the Tate brothers are guilty and i think it’s unfair what’s happening

Luca Luca (Bucharest, 2023-01-14)


I’m signing for the next generations to come.

Nathan R (San Antonio, 2023-01-14)


I love this dude he changed my shitty life

Irphad Ahmed (Jammu, 2023-01-14)


Because I know they are innocent. There is no evidence of their guilt. It's total nonsense.

Mohammed Fahid (Luton, 2023-01-14)


Tates brothers are a good force for the world and have changed my life for the better.

Elouan Savignard (Nantes, 2023-01-14)


I’m signing because the Tate brothers are an inspiration to me, like so many other young men out there, to be strong, smart and better overall. They inspire men to work hard for what they want, to embrace struggles, to keep going and to keep showing up to perform in life. I’ve developed a better mentality and live a healthier and more productive lifestyle thanks to their teachings. They are changing many lives across the world for the better, unlike many other “influencers”. Please free these great men and the two lovely ladies with them.

Timothy Chapman (Savannah, 2023-01-14)


There is no evidence.

Xavier Pardo (Tampa, 2023-01-14)


Top G is innocent.

Primo Jr Santos (Las Pinas, 2023-01-14)


He needs to be free.

He motivated me to go gym and improve myself, been going for 3 months and I feel amazing.

Because of the Tate’s, I’m becoming the best version of myself.

Nerijus Rakauskas (West Bromwich, 2023-01-14)


Tate is a G, and its all scam

Jakub Soldat (Prague , 2023-01-14)


I love TOP G

Luka Barišić (Split, 2023-01-14)



Marc Mangott (Laufen, 2023-01-14)



Arseniy Krupovich (Bratislava, 2023-01-14)


I’m signing the petition because it is completely false allegations. They are being kept in prison because of an online persona which is completely unlawful. They both have children who need their fathers.

Neil Dixon (Manchester, 2023-01-14)


Release these two innocent men immediately!

Sameer Hussain (Birmingham , 2023-01-14)


The Tate's are innocent, and they deserve to be treated fairly, he is a walking message of good intent to the masses.

Jasamran Bains (BIGGLESWADE, 2023-01-14)


The tate's don't deserve this they are good people

Kenneth Call (Oscoda, 2023-01-14)


Unjustice towards tate brothers without any single evidence they’ve been detained

Arrest the criminals not the innocents

Sha Dow (Dubai , 2023-01-14)


The Tate brothers as improved my life exponentially since I encountered them last year, they inject positivity and good masculine vibes to my life

Roei Shirav Kraiem (San Ramon , 2023-01-14)


The Tate brothers are a positivo force in this degenerate world
Motivate all uf us tobe the best versión of ourselves for our loved ones and elevate and perform at our highest for the good of our society.

Oswaldo Trinidad (Mazatlán , 2023-01-14)


Andrew Tate is a force for good in the world

Xavier Rivera (Bayamon , 2023-01-14)


Because he changed my life, he is the best role model.

Patrik Potari (Budapesr, 2023-01-14)


This is a 21th century circus performance.

Jack Thianks (Amsterdam, 2023-01-14)


I’m signing because he has changed my prospective to see things

Mayank Bansal (Sangrur, 2023-01-14)


I’m signing because I want the top G to be released because he didn’t do anything bad

Yusuf Kasimu (Sokoto , 2023-01-14)


Im signing in because andrew and his brother are going through what they shouldn’t the case is built on lies the victim doesn’t have any proof seeing this the real victims who actually got raped will have a negative impact on themselves tate needs to be released #FreeTopG

Brxken Hearted (Dammam , 2023-01-14)


The tates are indecent.

Alex Audenaert (Antwerpen , 2023-01-14)


Tate is my pal

Erik Lloyd (London, 2023-01-14)


I stand and firmly believe the Tate brothers are a very good thing for this world, currently the West are destroying men to become weak.. The Tate brothers taught me to love myself and those close to me, I was very suicidal, they saved my life by the message they spread.

R vd Westhuizen (Newcastle, 2023-01-14)


Innocent until proven guilty
Lack of evidence and the media I clearly pushing the negative side of the story as I’ve not seen any thing positive posted and there is loads of evidence to suggest the whole case of rubbish

Billy Martin (Gravesend , 2023-01-14)


Because Andrew and Tristan changed my mindset. Andrew and Tristan is my inspiration 🖤.

Ronak Kumar (Patna, 2023-01-14)


We all know he tells the truth, he talks about masculinity and of course he loves women. He is a hero in our generation.

Nick Vrac (Thessaloniki, 2023-01-14)


I know Tate brothers are innocent

Jim Litridis (Thessaloniki, 2023-01-14)


I know and I believe their are innocent. Everyone needs them. I need them

Anne ANONGBA (Abidjan, 2023-01-14)


I am signing this petition because Andrew Tate is a innocent and never involved in any illegal activities. This case against Tate’s brothers is completely nonsense. I appeal the court to release Andrew Tate.

Shahab Kakakhail (Paris , 2023-01-14)


He’s teaching good stuffs; too bad we only have just 1 of him.

Sd Potra (Cluj, 2023-01-14)


They are innocent.

Timothy Njoroge (nairobi, 2023-01-14)


It’s my right to sign it

Mark Martin (Gravesend , 2023-01-14)


I believe in due process and innocent till guilty. There is so much media content where it’s been chopped up and edited to make things more extreme and false than it is. Just like how amber heard ruined johnny depps case bc of hearsay and the me too movement. If anyone partakes in illegal activity, we all know through behavior and instinctual nature, any individual would not draw attention to themselves and work behind the scenes. Epstein and his cohorts did way worse and yet none of the names have shown up since.

Vu Nguyen (Wichita, 2023-01-14)


I believe the tate brothers are innocent and kind hearted persons who have the fear of God in them

Ogar Destined (Abuja, 2023-01-14)



Lutfi Useini (Kicevo, 2023-01-14)


The charges are baseless. They are not being given a fair trial.

These men are the epitome of being a gentleman. They’ve positively impacted the youth more than anyone alive. #freethetates

Yash Kawdia (Bengaluru, 2023-01-14)


Because the Tate brothers helped me on so many levels. They don’t deserve what’s happening to them!

Ahmad Slim (Beirut , 2023-01-14)



Zayn Sayd (Latakia, 2023-01-14)


Allegations are false!

Joey Carnevale (Melbourne , 2023-01-14)


tate is absolutely innocent and should be freed. we need him to fight the matrix

Lekë Nela (Tirana, 2023-01-14)


They are in prison for no reason

Cezar Dragomir (Braila, 2023-01-14)


I am signing this petition because i feel and believe on andrew thoughts .i firmly believe he is not involved in any type of human trafficking stuff. I mentor and admire hum.Respect TopG

Rahul Tripathi (New delhi , 2023-01-14)


The Tate’s have changed my whole view on life and how I should live my life like becoming the best version of myself be strong inteligente charismatic ect ect and I do believe they’re innocent there is no reason at all why they would need to do this there’s women that would throw themselves at him they’re amazing and beautiful individuals that society desperately needs right now and the matrix is trying to silence them and I have defended them every time I’ve heard or seen someone say something bad about them and they never come up with facts Jus on what head lines say and never can back it up #FreeTopG

Auzzie Alvarez (El centro , 2023-01-14)


They are innocent free Andrew tate and free Tristan tate

Martin Powell (Leominster, 2023-01-14)


I believe Andrew and Tristan Tate are a good force in this modern world of degenerates. I see nothing but foolish acts from celebs and icons every day and we are forced to except this foolery by a force we do not see lerking in the dark...a sign of pure evil
What the Tates have done is give opportunity for a different perspective then the one we are forced to except as reality and that can never be bad
The more perspectives we have the better we can see the whole picture so no one should be silenced
A great man once said step away from the picture to see the whole image or something like that

Sandiso Dladla (Soweto , 2023-01-14)


The Tates did nothing wrong they are helping the free minds.

Trevor Walter (Philadelphia , 2023-01-14)


I’m signing because i think the Tate brothers are innocent, i’ve improved my life in many ways by listening to Andrew Tate, i’ve been through one of the most difficult stages of my life because of his message to be strong and masculine. I’ll be always thankful to him. No matter what the situation is if Andrew Tate is innocent i’ll always support him.

Arsalan Abdullah (Karachi, 2023-01-14)


Free the Tates. Stand up to injustice.

Emin Yaz (Sydney, 2023-01-14)


They are all innocent and don’t deserve this!

Katie brennan (Liverpool, 2023-01-14)


Free Top G and Top T
There are the best person ever
They Change me in the best and proud me
Thanks you for your help

Riccardo Vicino (Treviso, 2023-01-14)


I support Andrew and Tristan

Jaylin Faustin (North Lauderdale, 2023-01-14)


I want Andrew and Tristan back making more content together

Nasir Gayles (New Orleans , 2023-01-14)


Free speech matters and I believe the tates have a right to walk

Xander Entwistle (Fort William, 2023-01-15)


They are innocent #FREETHETATES

Armari Waterworth (Porirua, 2023-01-15)


Because Tate has been a positive role model in my life. I was obese when I first heard about him, upon further investigation & watching his contents, I have learned that I need to quit making excuses and take responsibility of my health. I've lost 10KG since & still working on losing more weight.
He is innocent & wouldn't do anything like what he was alleged, free him immediately.

Dean Alu (Port Moresby, 2023-01-15)


Because this is not just an attack on Andrew tate this is an attack towards masculinity as a whole.

Wahyu Affandi (Sentul, 2023-01-15)


I'm signing because Andrew and Tristan tate didn't do any mistake

Sai Krishna (Telangana , 2023-01-15)


I'm signing because they have impacted my life positively and there is no tangible evidence against them for the alleged crimes.

Nitin Sharma (Gurugram , 2023-01-15)


I love tate. And the matrix have attacked him

George Nagle (Rayleigh, 2023-01-15)


Andrew Tate and his team are the lights in a dark world.

Etsub Senshaw (5421 Wentworth Ave, 2023-01-15)


Free the Top G!

Viku Best (Paris, 2023-01-15)


Because there is REALLY bad people in this world but Tate brothers are not one of them ! Lets take the elite down and fast !

Oskari Haapoja (Helsinki, 2023-01-15)


Tate brothers are innocent

Riccardo Minniti (London, 2023-01-15)


Top G

Michal Sotiriou (Chalkida, 2023-01-15)


Because he is top G

mikhyail rajashah (villa, 2023-01-15)


He is a man of God

Yassin Safaa (Basra, 2023-01-15)


I'm signing because the Tates have genuinely transformed my mindset and my outlook on the world and life itself. They have inspired me towards becoming a different beast and expanded the horizon of my imagination regarding what I thought was possible. Between being funny, charismatic, motivation and intelligent and perspicacious, I genuinely believe they are an overall net positive for the world. Based on everything we've seen so far evidence wise, they seem innocent to me. I don't think they deserve this.

Zac Ola (London, 2023-01-15)


He is a free man

Sam Mckenna (Brisbane , 2023-01-15)

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