Save the 'Blue Skylink': Airport-Kegworth-Sutton Bonington-Loughborough



Many people without cars are reliant in Kegworth on this hourly service and there is no adequate alternative.

Ray Sutton (Kegworth, 2023-01-10)


The Skylink bus service needs retaining as it is a vital cross-county border link serving villages in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire

Donna Griggs (Kegworth Parish Office, 1 London Road, DE74 2EU, 2023-01-11)


This service is crucial for older persons and ppl who cannot walk to the village centre; it links QMC, Nottingham, Long Eaton, village centre, Sutton Bonington and Loughborough. To lose this service would affect the quality of life to some vulnerable people.

Carol Sewell (Kegworth, 2023-01-11)


My son uses this service

Matthew Turner (Kegworth , 2023-01-11)


We need basic infrastructure in the village

Folds-Bell Rachael (Kegworth, 2023-01-11)


I would like to keep the service.

Geoffrey Smith (Derby, 2023-01-11)


It an important asset to the village enabling people to get to the hospital, Long Eaton, Sutton Bonington

ELISABETH SHEPHERD (Kegworth, 2023-01-11)


Don't want to lose the service as people in the village rely on it

Sara Turner (Kegworth, 2023-01-11)


It's vital the village retains its already limited public transport facilities!!

Jo Priestley (Derby , 2023-01-11)


I use this service regularly to Loughborough and also to Nottingham for hospital appointments.

Amanda DavisDavis (Derby, 2023-01-11)


I think that this service is important to maintain for those who do not drive, but still want to get about.

Eve Sutton (Kegworth , 2023-01-11)


I need the local bus service

Andrea Moore (Derby, 2023-01-11)


Getting rid of this bus service will make Kegworth even more inaccessible than it currently is. It is already over full with cars, shown by the parked up streets. Surely you should be encouraging fewer cars and more public transport use!

Georgina Mann (Derby, 2023-01-11)


We need to keep this service

Leanne Rhodes (Kegworth , 2023-01-11)


The village needs to be kept connected.

Paul Taylor. (..Kegworth., 2023-01-11)


It is important to have buses linking to amenities (cities) as we have many residents and students in the village that do not drive.

Christina Siettou (Kegworth, 2023-01-11)


My wife and I are regular users of this service, travelling into Loughborough as an alternative to driving as there is a convenient stop outside our house (old Station Hotel). Services like these are vital in rural areas and need to be retained to ensure that all members of society have access to transport around their local area.

Nic Heppenstall (Kegworth, 2023-01-11)


I use it regularly and need this transport

Mick Phillips (Derby, 2023-01-11)


My mother and father that don't have internet can't sign this so I'm doing ok their behalf. They used this service all the time. Neither of them can drive.

sonia Harrison (Derby, 2023-01-11)


It should be kept.

Jasmin King (Derbyshire , 2023-01-11)


I use this service

Stuart Hallam (Derby, 2023-01-11)


Want to keep the bus service

Lynne Stone (Derby , 2023-01-11)


Our village needs to have transport links to the neighbouring towns.

Jean Hayes (Leicester , 2023-01-11)


A bus route such as this is vital for rural communities.
The younger members of the community need it for getting to Loughborough College/University.
I use it for nights out in Loughborough.

Geoff Springthorpe (Kegworth , 2023-01-11)


Its a useful service especially for the elderly and those unable to drive. Elderly depend on this service forna social life and to do their weekly shopping

kerby marriott (kegworth, 2023-01-11)


I need this to get my little girls to nursery and school

Abigail Lawton (Kegworth , 2023-01-11)


Friends and family and myself use this service

Holly Jones (Derby, 2023-01-11)


We have few buses that come through our village, please don't take this away from us

Rebecca Hurd (Kegworth, 2023-01-12)


Myself and localgs use it

Hilary Jones (Kegworth , 2023-01-12)


I don't drive and rely on this bus service to get me to work/town etc., as do other members of my family who don't drive.

Joanne Martin (Kegworth, 2023-01-12)


It will be a travesty if the village loses this. A lifeline to so many and those commuting to and from work.

Gaye Rowlson (Kegworth, 2023-01-12)


I believe this us an important link for the elderly and those that cannot drive.

SUE KILLEEN (Kegworth Derby, 2023-01-12)


The bus service is essential for the village.

Malvern Davies (Derby , 2023-01-12)


This bus service is a lifeline for me and many others .

Sally Hastings (Derby, 2023-01-12)


I live in Kegworth and use this service

Rod Pritchard (Derby, 2023-01-12)


I use this bus and it would affect my journey to work

Zoey Herring (Derby, 2023-01-12)


Use to use this quite frequently, and may well need to again in the future, as do many others in the village especially those who don't drive!

Nicola Bowring (Derby, 2023-01-12)


We are now approaching our 70s and I have personally just given up driving the loss of buses will mean it takes away independence. I also fear for the young adults who are not old enough to drive. How will they get to further education colleges. There independence will also be taken away. Why do the bus companies use the large buses can they not use smaller buses during the lighter hours, which may cut down on costs.

Valerie Beniston (Kegworth , 2023-01-12)


Bus services are vital to the life of the community. We need more, not less! Kegworth's amenities have been diminishing in recent years, so travelling to adjacent centres increasingly important. Kegworth already struggles with too many cars: parking a major problem.

Angela Evans (Kegworth, 2023-01-12)


We need this service to get to nearby towns and cities as Kegworth has no Banks no Post Office and very limited variety of shops. Needed for more rural villages to access nearby towns.

Carolyn Fowell (Kegworth , 2023-01-12)


We need this

Jan Palmer (Loughborough, 2023-01-12)


We need the bus service

Sonia Morley (Kegworth , 2023-01-12)


I'm signing because this is an important service which ensures those who rely on public transport can travel to the airport and local towns and city's

Christine Hooton (Derby, 2023-01-12)


so many people rely on these busses

fred johnson (Derbyshire, 2023-01-12)


This bus is a direct link for residence to Nottingham, surrounding areas etc. We live in a rural village where this is some peoples link to Long Eaton for shopping, QMC for hospital appointments and many more. It's vital the service is kept

Alison Dunmore (Derby, 2023-01-12)


It would be a shame to lose this lifeline

Robert Smith (Kegworth , 2023-01-12)



Renata Szmyd-Chrobak (Castle Donington , 2023-01-12)


I don't want to lose as it's a great public transport option that keeps cars off the road

Phil Helm (Leicestershire , 2023-01-12)


How can we possibly live in a village without a bus service.

Jeff Gill (NWLeics, 2023-01-12)


I still wish to use the service to get to work and visit family in Kegworth

cheryl salthouse (Long Eaton, Nottingham, 2023-01-13)


Lots of people in our village and the next rely on this bus service!

Catherine Hilder (Loughborough, 2023-01-13)


We need this service for the villagers who can’t drive and don’t have facilities like post office, bank, health services, shops,

Tania wassall (Derby, 2023-01-13)


This bus helps me to visit my friends and family in loughborough and in long Eaton. The bus stop is near to where I live and I see a lot of elderly people use this bus.

Mandy Spiby (Derbyshire , 2023-01-13)


Because people who done have any transportation will be majorly affected

Garry Fagan (Derby , 2023-01-13)


I feel it is necessary to retain this service for people living in outlying rural villages

Jenny Brazill (Derby, 2023-01-13)


A good bus service is vital, especially for non-drivers. Many people become isolated without one. I would use buses far more if they were reliable and sensibly priced.

Alison Gordon-Farleigh (Derby, 2023-01-13)


This is an important service for Kegworth residents and other villages. Also for people who need to get to the hospital.

Jacki Grange (Leicestershire , 2023-01-13)


My daughter uses this service to get to work without it she won't be able to get there.

Susan Leslie (Kegworth, 2023-01-13)


This is a vital link to get me to work.

Russell Ince (Kegworth , 2023-01-13)


It is a vital service for many oeople

Eileen Harrison (Kegworth, 2023-01-14)


This service needs to continue as numbers using it will grow, as more and more developments are built in and around the airport and general area. Without it, there will be more vehicles on roads that are already very busy

Paul Ritchie (Derby , 2023-01-14)


I use this service

Della Harris (Derby, 2023-01-14)


I use the buses regularly as do others. We need this service.

Josaine Cowley (Kegworth , 2023-01-14)


We need this bus running!! Can’t stop it. Just not right

Scrap Man (Derby, 2023-01-14)


This is an incredibly important service to the village in general but especially for the older and less mobile people in our community. Kegworth is bound by motorways and busy A roads and is danger of being cut off without critical services!

Ally Gill (Kegworth, 2023-01-14)


I am signing this because many many residents and businesses rely on this service

julie cooke (derby, 2023-01-14)


Regular bus services are vital to rural villagers. Kegworth has very limited amenities so residents need to travel further afield.

Fiona Miller (Kegworth , 2023-01-15)


Public transport needs improving and updating, not cancelling, in order to encourage people to use it and help reduce private vehicle use and thus help to combat climate change. People who live in country villages need MORE means of transport, not less.

Christine Platts (Kegworth, 2023-01-15)


It is Kegworth's only direct public transport link to Long Eaton and, more importantly, the Queen's Medical Centre.

James McKay (Kegworth, Derby, 2023-01-15)


The bus service is vital and encourages people to not use their car.

Nicola Griffiths (Derby , 2023-01-15)


I am singing this because this bus service is needed

David Liddle (Derby, 2023-01-15)


Because we need this service. Visitors find it useful as well as residents

Doreen Tansley (Leicestershire , 2023-01-15)


This bus service is a lifeline to this village

Vicky Pegler (Derby, 2023-01-15)


As a user of the service it’s demise would inconvenience myself but it would also create difficulties for other members of our community who would not be able to access local amenities, opportunities for employment and leisure.

Robert Griffiths (Kegworth , 2023-01-15)


Ì depend on these buses for medical appointments at QMC and dental appointments in Loughborough

Vaĺentine Lambert (Kegworth, 2023-01-15)


My son uses the bus daily to get to Loughborough college. I will be retiring in a year and will need the bus myself to get to local facilities.

Alison Langley-Evans (Derby, 2023-01-15)


Our only bus service, uesd by locals. Not everyone drives

Gail Smart (Loughborough , 2023-01-15)


i live in kegworth and while i drive if i need to put the car in for a service or it breaks I have no way to get to work if this service goes this could genuinely cause me issues staying employed, like multiple people. Furthermore I use it to go on holidays.

Villages have just as many rights as cities and should not be persucated for not being profitable bus routes.

gareth williams (derby, 2023-01-16)


The people in the village deserve a bus service. Retired/ older users and younger users who dont yet drive shouldn't have to resort to paying for taxis.

Rose Carr (Derby, 2023-01-16)


bus is needed by loads of people in kegworth and sutton bonington

CAROL WRIGHT (Derby, 2023-01-16)


I'm signing because it is an essential transport link for many elderly or without transport at the bottom end of the village. There are many elderly who can not walk as far as the market place but could with this bus link still get to Loughborough or Sitton Bonington to meet friends and shop, plus use post office at Sutton Bonington

Marion Hopcroft (DERBY, 2023-01-16)


I'm signing because I have previously contacted Trent Barton during/after lock down to try and ensure this valuable service was continued.
I do not drive and therefore rely on this service to enable me to go to Loughborough to carry out banking/shopping/dental appointments.
I also use the same service to enable me to get to the QMC for any hospital appointments.
My daughter and 4 grandchildren live in Long Eaton and they use the blue Skylink to get here in the school holidays- she is unable to drive through a medical condition, and it would be much harder for her to do this if the service was completely cancelled- she can no longer get to us easily an a Saturday because that days service has been stopped already.
I would urge the powers that be to ensure this bus continues, for other villages like Sutton Bonington, Normanton-On-Soar and Zouch will not have the advantage of being able to use a hourly bus service.

Susan Woolley (Derbys, 2023-01-16)


We need the bus service.

Mark Payne (Kegworth , 2023-01-16)


We need the bus services

Barbara Reeve (Derby, 2023-01-17)


I know many people who use it as i do as well

Olena Travkina (Kegworth, Derby, 2023-01-17)


Our bus services are already pretty bad, why should we lose another service. Not everyone can drive or afford a car. The government want us to use public transport but we are extremely disadvantaged in rural communities.

Debbie Moody (Derby, 2023-01-17)


Without this service there isn’t a link to Nottingham which is important to me. I actually wish the service would increase to the weekend - not stop all together.

Kathryn Greenwood (Derby , 2023-01-18)


It is an important link from our community

Sascha Bellamy (Derbyshire , 2023-01-18)


This makes no sense at all. I imagine one of the reasons it is now used less frequently, is because the cost of living has soared so high, that people are trying to make less trips in order to save what money they do have. Also cutting out the service will be extremely detrimental for any elderly people or anyone who does not drive and cannot afford a taxi .
If this service is removed then I suggest that LCC provide the free passes for pensioners to use a taxi service. (which I doubt will not happen since most of its priorates seem to lie with Leicester City not its county.

Ian maber (Kegworth, 2023-01-19)


Because as a pensioner, I use the bus a lot and would be trapped in Kegworth if the bus service was cut.

Barbara Miller (Derby, 2023-01-19)


I'm signing on behalf my grandma who doesn't have a email.
She recently lost her husband, and she doesn't drive so she relies on the bus to get her to Loughborough town, for shopping and the market.

Bobbie Smith (Kegworth, 2023-01-20)


Because our pensioners need the qmc service

Mitchell wall (Derby, 2023-01-20)


I don't want this Bus service to be Cancelled. It is a great service & well used by local folk

William Hobbs (Kegworth, 2023-01-21)


There is no any other bus from Kegworth to Nottingham.

Agnieszka Lewandowska (Kegworth, 2023-01-21)


It is a vital link for Kegworth. Vital for workers to get to the new and expanding Freeport at East Midlands Gateway. Wrong time to cut transport as this is growing.... Also, I believe it is of vital importance for students in the village to get to Sutton Bonington (University of Nottingham) campus.

Chris Plummer (Kegworth , 2023-01-22)


We need to keep this service for the people who cannot drive to give them independence in their lives

Mrs Dorothy Ann Dillon (Kegworth , 2023-01-23)


It would be a great shame to lose a vital bus service

Rosemaire Pegler (Derby , 2023-01-23)


Because the village needs a bus service and its a lifeline for the elderly and people getting to the hospital.

Clare Hawksworth (Kegworth, 2023-01-23)


I’m signing this because I use this bus when my car is in the garage and we use the bus to go to Nottingham instead of using my car

Wendy Dickenson (Derby, 2023-01-24)


This is a great service and usually very busy

Sheila Ellix (Ashby-de-la-zouch, 2023-01-24)


I’m signing because I have family in Nottingham and when I’m out visiting and we have a cheeky drink I don’t have to worry about expensive taxi

Rebecca roberton (Derby, 2023-01-25)


We need this service

Mark Davies (Kegworth, 2023-01-26)


This is an important resource for our village and the numerous people living here and working at the airport and beyond

Marion Scott-Williams (Derby, 2023-01-26)


This should not stop

Gareth Isaac (Kegworth , 2023-01-26)


The bus is essential to villagers who need to get to work and college.

Simon Langley-Evans (Derby, 2023-01-26)


I visit friends in kegworth and they come to Donington

Ian Ragsdale (Castle Donington , 2023-01-26)


I think it is used a lot by Kegworth people .
Perhaps it could do fewer trips

Jane Clarke (Kegworth , 2023-01-26)


This is an essential service for many people to go shopping etc
The Coop in Kegworth is as expensive as the rare taxis

Tony Millinson (DERBY, 2023-01-26)


I'm signing this petition because our community need this vital bus service to connect to the airport, Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough and Leicester in an affordable way. Eventhough, I have not travelled this bus route but I will have chance once my car broke down without courtesy car or go to cities nearby once I cannot drive.

Sam Wong (Derby, 2023-01-26)


My daughter gets this bus every day for work and college

Joanne Spiby (Derby, 2023-01-27)


Staffing has become a whole issue in the hospitality industry, and the staff that we do have rely on public transport.

Heather Thornton (Kegworth, 2023-01-27)


This service should not be lost

Lesley Lambert (Derby, 2023-01-27)


My daughter uses this service.

Stewart Hill (Derbyshire, 2023-01-27)


Rural transport is environmentally friendly and needed for those who cannot drive or afford a car

Pauline Brown (Oakham, 2023-01-27)


I want to see the service kept…link to airports should be kept.

Damian Lathall (Derbys, 2023-01-28)


I regularly use this bus service to get to campus in Sutton Bonington and as the Student Guild Chair of my campus I know how important it is for students to have access to public transport which can take them to Loughborough. Many students who do not own a car see this bus as a lifeline to meet friends, go food shopping, go to work and to get to class on time. Without this bus service I would have struggled to complete parts of my course that demand earlier starts than my university's bus timetable can't accommodate for.

Ashley Matthews (Loughborough, 2023-01-28)


This is a valuable service for Kegworth and its residents. Employement options will be limited without this bus service.

John Saunders (Derby, 2023-01-28)


This is an essential service linking local villages and towns for employment, socialising and shopping. Without this service people will be cut off, isolated, have to pay more for food and will have extremely limited employment options. I use this bus for work to get to Loughborough from Kegworth as we cannot afford to run 2 cars. We use this bus at the weekend to go shopping in Loughborough and to take our young children to activities and visit relations. . The other sky link bus (Derby Route) has 2 buses per hour which are too close together time wise, the drivers do not wait if early, its expensive and the app is very rarely correct. We need the Notts skylink service to continue 7 days per week and it make no sense why it is stopping. Without this bus my working day will be 2 hours longer.

Vicky Saunders (Derby, 2023-01-28)


I believe it is important to maintain a rural service to reduce the reliance on individual cars and to give accessibility to people that don’t have access to vehicles or are unable to drive.

Simon Hoddinott (Kegworth, 2023-01-28)


Kegworth needs this bus our hospital QMC Nottingham it the only bus that goes Queens

David Cowdell (Derby, 2023-01-29)


It's an important route for locals and Loughborough university students, as well as Nottingham university students

Louise Cheetham (Loughborough , 2023-01-29)


Without the bus it will be hard to travel for those who don't drive!

Jemima Selby (Derby, 2023-01-29)


It is our only public transport links to Loughborough and East Midlands Airport

Henrik Pakula (Leicester , 2023-01-29)