Make basic first aid training mandatory in all UK Schools



I agree

Wayne Pearson (Essex , 2023-01-02)


I feel everyone should know how to give first aid

Sarah adams (Basildon Essex , 2023-01-02)


I think this is needed

Jodie Knell (Lqindon, 2023-01-03)


I think it’s a good idea for children to learn basic first aid as it can save a life if at home and they might be the only one at home with mum/ dad/ Nan or grandad or even a brother or sister. Also an acct ours happen when older children are out with friends and this way they could make a difference between life and death

Michelle Humpage (Basildon, 2023-01-03)


Makes sense to me !

Tim Shave (Ringwood, 2023-01-03)


I am signing because I believe in this cause and everyone having basic knowledge of First Aid in their homes

Kerry Bowers (Southampton, 2023-01-03)


I'm signing because given the time it takes for emergency services to arrive - basic first aid is becoming an absolutely vital skill for everybody.

Brian Clark (Basildon, 2023-01-03)


I’m signing as I believe it is essential for everyone to have working knowledge of first aid. This could save many peoples lives.

Alan Twine (Basildon, 2023-01-03)


It's important that everyone should have basic first aid training. You never know when it might be needed at home with a loved one or out and about in town or country.

Pam McAllister (Basildon, 2023-01-03)


This is so important and could help so much!!

Amanda Bowers (Southampton, 2023-01-03)


This is a no-brainier, why NOT teach it in school 🤷‍♀️

Karen Regan (Basildon , 2023-01-03)


It needs to be done such a basic skill everyone should know including children

Nicola Coates (Laindon , 2023-01-03)


I think this is so important!

Emma Hamilton (Basildon, 2023-01-04)


It so important, it's a skill everyone should have basic knowledge of. Why is learning about sewing more important than the potential of helping someone in trouble or even saving a life

Sally Waide (Wickford, 2023-01-05)


It's important that children should learn these skills

Claire Thomas (Basildon, 2023-01-05)


I am a teacher and think it is so important to learn at any age.

Samantha Gill (Basildon, 2023-01-05)


Time is crucial in an emergency. It would also be beneficial to youngsters to know first aid

Clair Eagleton (Essex , 2023-01-05)


I think this is a must and would stop so many children from panicking and Dave so many lives

Demi Gullen (Essex, 2023-01-05)


Everyone should know basic first aid, this will save many lives

Sarah Teather (Basildon, 2023-01-05)


its a good idea

Beverley Wylde (BASILDON, 2023-01-05)


This is the best idea, I can't believe it isn't already!!

Laura Melia (Perth, 2023-01-06)


It’s a great idea

Tom De’Ath (Essex , 2023-01-06)


Not only will it take the strain off the NHS, it’ll give the children some knowledge they perhaps didn’t have before on what to do in the event of a potential emergency whilst waiting for necessary help, or take away some panic making whatever the situation somewhat easier to deal with in the moment.

Lauren Kaye (Basildon, 2023-01-06)


I think that this is very important and should be done as soon as possible

Robert Taylor (Basildon , 2023-01-06)


I think every person should have this knowledge

Jackie Dixon (Basildon, 2023-01-06)


Absolutely agree with the principal of this brilliant

Rose Andy (Essex, 2023-01-07)


Should’ve been made mandatory years ago. Such an underrated discussion that NEEDED to be made and finally has come to surface. The amount of positive impact this will have on not only families or patients but health workers as well is unbelievable. A change needs to be made and this is such a small step that will make such a phenomenal difference!!!🙏🏻

Abigail Dobson (Basildon, 2023-01-07)


Good idea

Colin brum (Basildon, 2023-01-08)


basic first aid training became compulsory in all high schools in the UK.

Sonia Ledner (Огайо, 2023-01-08)


I think this is a sound idea. It would be great for our communities if we created a generation that knew the basics, who’s first instinct was ‘I could help’.

Jeff Henry (Laindon , 2023-01-08)


Signing for a positive change for senior school children to leave school with a good basic knowledge of first aid. A change for this to go ahead could be the difference of saving a life!

Ant York (Leicestershire , 2023-01-08)


This is a great idea everyone should know first aid

Cindy Lovelock (Basildon , 2023-01-08)


I think it’s a great idea

Naomi Elliott (Uxbridge, 2023-01-09)


I believe this should be taught

Colin Millard (Billericay, 2023-01-09)


It's a very important thing that all schools should take part in.

Nicola Prior (Basildon, 2023-01-10)


It’s a fantastic idea

Hannah Boyes (Essex, 2023-01-10)


I think it’s important for everyone to have the knowledge of basic first aid.

Amy Snelling (Basildon, 2023-01-12)


Knowing First Aid can save lives.

Eileen Jeske (Dortmund, 2023-01-14)


I feel it’s important children learn first aid from a young age

Laura Rae (Basildon , 2023-01-21)


This should be compulsory

Wendy Morse (Billericay, 2023-01-23)


Health and illness is a fundamental part of life. First aid is a life skill. It is appauling that this is not part of the curriculum and being unable to manage these life skills is another contributing factor to lack of self care/responsibilities to self, innaproppiate use of a stretched healthcare sector and sky rocketing levels of anxiety in the general population.

Anita Pollard (Essex, 2023-01-25)


I think everyone should know basic first aid

Janet Jewell (Basildon, 2023-01-25)


I'm a parent of school children

Roxanne Whittle (Essex, 2023-01-26)


My children deserve to have knowledge

Mercedes Olley (Canvey , 2023-01-26)


I honestly thought this was mandatory for all staff to be trained? Shocked!!

Natalie Rising (Canvey Island , 2023-01-26)


I'm concerned that first aid knowledge should be mandatory in schools

Cara Riley (Canvey Island, 2023-01-26)


I believe absolutely everyone should learn the basic first response before arrival of a professional as these moments are the most important!

Mary Wallington (Essex, 2023-01-26)


I belive junior aged and comp age children should all do first aid courses . One it help their confidence if in any situation , will be good as a life skill and look good and their cv ' s to take to employment.

Saran Baker (RCT, 2023-01-26)


This is needed across all schools

Rachael Sheppard (CANVEY ISLAND, 2023-01-27)


I agree it should be taught in schools

Alex Ager (Essex, 2023-01-27)


I believe this is right

Chris Tuite (Basildon, 2023-02-03)


I believe it is such a vital skill to know to help save someones life especially as I had to save my aunts life in 2021 when she was choking on food. Her choking was completely silent so I knew it was very serious. Luckily I knew how to react and her life was saved. I'm just so grateful I was there and knew what to do without hesitation.

Kerry VanNiekerk (Canvey Island, 2023-02-04)


A life skill everyone should be equipped with to help save lives as a nation

Stephen van Niekerk (Essex, 2023-02-04)


Every child no matter what age should learn basic first aid.

Dorothea Abbott Abbott (Langdon Hills , 2023-02-16)


I strongly support every child having the knowledge and the know how to apply basic first aid.

Kelly Gordon (Firistell, 2023-02-20)


This is much needed, everybody should know basic first aid

Karen Woodward (Essex, 2023-02-20)


Basic first aid training could be the difference between life and death. What a brilliant petition!

Leah McNally (Basildon , 2023-02-22)


It’s vital for schools to teach this out as could help save lives im speaking as an experienced nhs working with 20yrs experience in the field

Clare Hayes (Basildon, 2023-02-22)


I believe children should be able to do this so they could help save a life.

Lynsey Paul (Basildon, 2023-02-22)


I believe this should be in every school across the world it will give every student the knowledge to help not only a class mate but someone in their personal life/community.

Jill Deney (Davenport, 2023-02-27)


Because you would never know if this could save a life one day!

Daniel Read (Canvey Island, 2023-03-17)


I think it's absolutely necessary that kids in all grades learn this. You never know when you could be the only one around to help. I know this from experience.

Mike Martin (Davenport, 2023-03-17)


Common sense

Lindsey Apen (Spalding, 2023-03-17)


Simple first aid, will save lives

Michael Cole (Lincoln, 2023-03-17)


I believe that this would be a massive thing for children to learn basic first age , not only will they learn a skill they will grow in confidence it would be amazing for them .

Steven Oxborrow (Chelmsford, 2023-03-18)


It's the right thing to do and I totally agree

Mark Alloway (Basildon, 2023-03-20)


Children will not only enjoy doing this, they will learn that they can save life's !!

Margarita Grech (Basildon, 2023-03-21)


I am totally for this, I believe in it. What a great idea!!!!! Every school should have this!

Maureen Bitterman (Blue Grass, 2023-03-21)


This should definitely be mandatory in schools to save lives

Katie Treadwell (Basildon, 2023-03-22)


I believe in this cause

Mark Bowers (Southampton, 2023-03-24)


All children should have some knowledge of basic first Aid, it would all so be fun to learn and push more people to work in the health service's of the NHS when there older

Steven Yewman (Essex, 2023-04-29)


This has to happen

Barry Dobson (Basildon, 2023-06-05)


It’s a NO BRAINER surely?

Chap Chapman (Essex , 2023-10-28)

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