SAVE the Skylink bus service in Sutton Bonington and surrounding villages



The withdrawal of the service will have a detrement impact on both young and old who rely on this service. It impacts on people getting to and from work as well as shopping and health appointments

Duncan Collings (Loughborough, 2022-12-18)


The withdrawal of the bus service would be detrimental to many people within the community, be that on a regular or on an ad-hoc basis. There are some residents for whom there is no reasonably priced alternative to access local essential services, education and employment. A lack of a bus service would also be a backwards step in terms of an environmental provision of transport options.

Julie McMullen-Kerr (Loughborough, 2022-12-19)


This is a vital service for so many, young and old in the village of Sutton Bonington.

Sarah Thompson (Loughborough, 2022-12-20)


I am signing this because as a disabled person and wheelchair user loosing the bus service would leave me stranded in the village

John Yates (Sutton Bonington , 2022-12-20)


I would like to see SB remain a viable place to live if you are elderly or young. My eldest relies on the service for daily weekday commute to Loughborough Colleges. It is also an important service for SB campus students. Not to mention some residents that are disabled.

John Hebblethwaite (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-20)


We really need this bus service.

Sally Swales (Loughborough, 2022-12-20)


I want to keep the bus links open.
My wife and I have a car, we're lucky, lots of people in Sutton Bonington don't, they need that bus.
My own son is one of them, we might be one of them as we get older. If the buses are gone, then none of that will be possible.

Sean Swales (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-20)


I am a local resident and feel strongly the bus service is essential for local residents young and old who may not drive to reach local amenities.

Caroline Tormey-staves (Sutton bonington, 2022-12-20)


The bus service is essential, as not all residents of the villages drive and rely on it.

Alison Buckley (Normanton-on-Soar, 2022-12-20)


The bus service is a vital need for villagers old and young , who haven’t got or can not drive a car.

Brenda Griggs (Sutton Bonington , 2022-12-21)


This is an important service for the local community

Paul Fagan (Sutton bonington , 2022-12-21)


I regularly use the Skylink bus and use it to get to work - we should have services like this in our village.

Joanna Judd (Sutton Bonington , 2022-12-21)


I’m signing as my children need this bus service to get to school in Loughborough.

Kirsten Fasey (Loughborough, 2022-12-21)


Because as a non driver, with young children, I rely on the service to get out of the village for shopping and appointments.

Stacey Pepper (Leicestershire , 2022-12-21)


This bus service is vital to our community. My sons use it to get to college in Loughborough and to meet their friends which is essential for them to access education, maintain their social circles whilst looking after their mental health. Cutting off the bus service is cutting off the village for all residents. There are more houses being built not everybody drives, or can afford to drive.

Jayne Hadfield (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-22)


I'm signing because I have close friends in the area who rely on this service and losing it would impact them both in additional costs from having to use their vehicle plus restricting their children from being independent

Melanie Stokes (Scunthorpe, 2022-12-22)


This bus is an essential service for many people.

Kirsty Heathcote (Derby, 2022-12-22)


This Bus Service is essential for residents who do not have alternative transport for access to Doctors, Pharmacies, Shops, health and wellbeing options that vital to the community at this time.
Aren't we also trying to be more sustainable in our transport choices ?

Duncan Bembridge (Loughborough, 2022-12-22)


It's the only way my cousin can get to visit us. The only decent bus service for Sutton Bonington

Heather Durston (Long Eaton , 2022-12-22)


I'm signing because the withdrawal of the service will have a serious impact on both young and old who rely on this service (for shopping , doctors appoiments and jobs).

Guillermina Burgos Mendiondo (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-22)


I do not drive and therefore need the buses to continue the service through Sutton Bonington

Marilyn Birkett (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-22)


I’m a resident of Sutton Bonington. This is our only bus service to Loughborough and Nottingham, many people rely on it.

Nina Scott (Loughborough , 2022-12-23)


I’m signing because it is unacceptable for our community to be left without a Bus Service. The loss to our Commuinty, not least to the most vulnerable would be too great.

Matt Barney (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-23)


The bus service is an important lifeline, particularly for those in Sutton Bonington who don’t drive. Its profitability should not be the only consideration when thinking about continuing to run the service.

Jo Welham (Loughborough , 2022-12-23)


I use the Skylink bus.. Many people in the village who do not drive depend on it to get into Loughborough for shopping, work and college.

Liz Glynn (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-24)


There needs to be a bus service in Sutton Bonington for people to get to work who do not drive , along with young people to get to college in Loughborough, plus elderly needing to get to Loughborough or connect to Kegworth or east leake for doctors or prescriptions

Sam Collings (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-24)


The bus service is an essential village facility which has been running for decades in various forms.
It is relied on by many people, young and old, who use it for shopping, getting to school and generally accessing the local area.

Sara Hickman (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-24)


My teenagers need the bus service through Sutton Bonington to get to work and college most days of the week.

Margaret McPhee (Loughborough, 2022-12-26)


My mother relies on the bus service to get in and out of town for essentials.

Bridget Thornhill (Loughborough, 2022-12-27)


We need our bus service you just can’t leave people high and dry elderly folk will have their independence taken away as that is probably the only time they can go out and socialise getting hospital appointments etc. This effects everyone every age group why build new houses saying good transport links.

Karen Bourne (Loughborough , 2022-12-28)


I use it, and I care for those less fortunate than me, who do not have the option of driving...

Ray Peacock (Sutton Bonington , 2022-12-29)


I would like to use the buses to help me get to QMC for appointments

Wendy Miller (Loughborough, 2022-12-29)


the service is an essential lifeline for the village

Garry Smart (Zouch, 2022-12-30)


Tge bus service is important to people in Zouch

Lisa Lawson-Storer (Loughborough, 2022-12-30)


I am a local resident that uses the service regularly to travel to/from Loughborough. Losing the skylink would mean I have to walk 25 mins to kegworth to catch the derby/leicester skylink

Nic Heppenstall (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-30)


i am signing because there are lots of people in the village that do not drive and can only rely on this transport

Kerry Timmins (nottinghamshire, 2022-12-30)


I lived in Sutton bonington from when I was born till I was 18, this bus for young people is a life saver and allows for more freedom and mobility for all ages

Emma Powell (Huddersfield , 2022-12-30)


I use this service to get to and from school and it’s the only means of transport for our family .

Sarah Warren (Leicestershire , 2022-12-30)


Without this bus service my mum won’t be able to get to work in Loughborough. Also, Trent Barton are still able to provide a bus service from Kegworth to Loughborough. If they can do that then they can provide a route for Sutton Bonington to Loughborough.



The student population is increasing in SB with the expansion of the University Vet School. There's already not enough local accomodation and students are looking to live in Loughborough but have no transport. They are already quite isolated.
The Doctors surgery will eventually close, we have no village dentist. Residents need to commute to Loughborough for these services.
Students travel to Loughborough College will have no form of transport.
The village is increasing in size with a new development of 70 houses currently being built at the end of the village.
Stop cancelling buses and be more reliable and am sure you will be used more, certainly at the beginning and end of the working day.

Gail Bembridge (Loughborough, 2022-12-30)


I live in Sutton Bonington and we need to be able to get about on public transport

Ruth Pickering (Loughborough, 2022-12-30)


I’m signing because I use the bus for the airport and commuting to Nottingham centre. Weekend running would also be great to return to for the airport in particular.

Helen Peckham (Loughborough, 2022-12-30)


Without this service those who cannot drive will be isolated. This affects the elderly most. As the dispensary is also closing you are fully isolating our elderly

Frank Swann (Sutton Bonington , 2022-12-30)


Some of the community of Sutton Bonington rely on this service for work, college, University, shopping & connection to Loughborough rail links. There are elderly residents that will become isolated without the bus service. Homes are being built& we're advertised as having good transport links. I feel that this is a much needed service.

Karen Gold (Loughborough , 2022-12-30)


The village needs a decent bus service that runs regularly and at weekends/evenings.
With less facilities in the village, the loss of a dispensary and most likely the doctors,
without a bus service those that do not drive will have difficulties in accessing these vital services, resulting in maybe having to move to another area.

Gina Day (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-31)


Without this bus service, my wife will have to quit her job. She doesn't drive and will have no way to get to work.

Richard Boylan (Loughborough, 2022-12-31)


I have family in Sutton Bonington i need to visit & don’t drive a car .

Joy Horsley ( Nottingham , 2022-12-31)


We live in Sutton Bonington and we don’t have a car!!! We need this bus.

Iryna Tsynman (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-31)


I need this bus service

Rowan Hourd (Leicestershire , 2022-12-31)


This is an essential service and a life line for many people

Caroline Shore (Sutton Bonington, 2022-12-31)


I need this bus. Because we have not any transport, and I use this during all week and need some on weekends too

Svitlana Dziubak (Zouch , 2023-01-01)


I need it

Sheila Harrod (Loughborough leics, 2023-01-01)


I am signing because I use this bus. The withdrawal of the Saturday service already has been an issue. The village needs a regular service to Loughborough.

Rachel Quick (Sutton Bonington, Loughborough , 2023-01-02)


I live in Sutton Bonington and I don't have access to any transport apart from this service, which if it is discontinued will leave me with no chance of getting a job anywhere

Franz Fobbe (Loughborough , 2023-01-02)


I used to live in the village and needed the bud to be able to work and socialise. I also have relatives in the village that also need this bus service to get the basics like shopping etc

Anthony Fairclough (Nottinghamshire , 2023-01-10)


I'm signing because having lived in and around Kegworth for the last 59 years I have been using this valuable bus service firstly as a child/ teenager/ full time worker/parent with children and cannot imagine not having such a useful service withdrawn.
All of my 5 children went to school in Sutton Bonington as I did and 2 of my grandsons now attend there as well- so my family has been connected to the village for many years.I fully support the village in it's campaign to keep the Skylink service running.

Susan Woolley (Kegworth, 2023-01-12)


Linda Hopper

Linda Hopper (Derby, 2023-01-14)


I hope that the Skylink bus service through Sutton Bonington will be preserved.

Arnold Goodwin (Sutton Bonington, 2023-01-14)


The elderly/non drivers in our village will be cut off

Jane Smith (Sutton Bonington , 2023-01-14)


My mother uses this bus regularly and would be lost without it

Amy Arrowsmith (Loughborough , 2023-01-15)


I am signing because the buss is an essential service to the village. We need more frequent and cheaper buss links!

Sofie Sjögersten (Sutton Bonington , 2023-01-15)


The village will be cut off without the bus service

Mark Payne (Kegworth , 2023-01-16)


This is an essential service for workers and elderly people. It enables young people to travel

Penny Shuttleworth (Loughborough,, 2023-01-17)


Nick Frith

Nick Frith (LONDON, 2023-01-17)


My sister asked me to!

Chris Frith (Hereford, 2023-01-17)


I live in this village which has a large and diverse population but limited facilities in terms of shops and amenities. I think taking away access for non drivers would make life very isolating and difficult for them.

Sally Varley (Sutton Bonington, 2023-01-17)


The bus service is essential for the community and especially older people, children and young people who are unable to drive.

Graham Hickman (Sutton Bonington , 2023-01-17)


I’m signing this petition to quite simply be able to continue to survive independently. I am single and live in housing association property in Sutton Bonington. I don’t drive and rely on this service to get to and from work.
Quite simply if we lose this service, I lose my job and there are no other job prospects in the village or at a walkable distance. If I lose my job Incant pay my bills and could ultimately lose mine and my sons home!
Just because I live in a rural village I should still be able to work and access amenities, not a lot to ask!

Carol Payne (Loughborough , 2023-01-17)


My family live in Sutton Bonington and l get the bus from there into Loughborough. If there wasn't a bus l would need to take the car which l don't want to do. I'm a pensioner too...

Linda Hampson (Castle Donington , 2023-01-19)


This bus is needed to get to Nottingham QMC

David Cowdell (Derby, 2023-01-20)


My friend takes this bus to college and if it doesnt get there he will have to find an alternate way

Daniel Harris (Coalville, 2023-01-21)


I use this bus, don’t drive and need this bus other wise I’m stuck

katie burton (Loughborough, 2023-01-21)


I use to go to hospital and shopping

Zita Pivovarjonoka (Derby, 2023-01-21)


This service is really important for residents without access to a car. And good public transport helps address some of our environmental impacts.

Ben Wilson (Nottingham, 2023-01-25)


If a village the size of Sutton Bonington loses its bus service there is no hope for smaller villages. Good public transport is essential to provide education and employment opportunities and to reduce carbon emissions.

Mary Carswell (Thrumpton, 2023-01-25)


I am a user of the service and am not able to drive.

Bev ANGELL (Thrumpton, 2023-01-27)


Many residents rely on bus travel for work, school, heslthcare appointments, sporting and social activities etc.

Mary Thomas (Sutton Bonington , 2023-01-31)


These bus services are a lifeline for some people who don't drive

Mel Roper (East Leake, 2023-01-31)


It is an absolute necessity that residents of remote villages have access to public transport. Many villagers are elderly or can't drive, having no bus service leaves them very isolated, unable to get to shops and doctors etc...

Jane Harrison (Loughborough , 2023-01-31)


I’m signing because the villages require access to a bus service. This is used by those that don’t have cars, the elderly and those to young to drive. Environmentally this also makes sense and we should be finding ways to encourage its use.

Jenny Burke (Nottingham, 2023-01-31)


My son using the bus to get to college in loughborough every day, as do many of his friends. If there’s no bus to Loughborough how will 16-18 year olds be able to go to college? I also know that the bus is vital to older people who can no longer drive

Katharine Hebblethwaite (Loughborough , 2023-01-31)


I live in a village and there needs to be access to Loughborough and Nottingham for jobs, shopping etc. I don’t want to see this access go for residents that really need it.

Rebecca Griffiths (Loughborough, 2023-02-01)


I rely on this service

Jonathon Gibbs (LOUGHBOROUGH, 2023-02-01)


People in rural communities need access to local towns and cities for the amenities.

Anne Raisbeck (Loughborough, 2023-02-01)


This service is vital to those of college age and not yet able to drive but may need to get to Loughborough to attend college, to those who are elderly and no longer able to drive but need to access services in Loughborough and for those who are not able to afford their own transport and need to access services in Loughborough eg job centre

Carey Evans (Sutton Bonington, 2023-02-01)


I live in the village

Kim Ainsworth (Sutton bonington, 2023-02-01)


I live in the village and use the bus weekly.

Dave Ainsworth (Sutton bonington, 2023-02-01)


The bus service is vital to residents

Jess Bush (Loughborough, 2023-02-02)


We need Regular bus services

Jeanette Sharpston (Nottingham, 2023-02-02)


I live in the village

Bev Ainsworth (Sutton bonington, 2023-02-02)


The bus is very much needed there are alot of pensioners and young that rely on the bus service who do not drive

Wendy Halverson (Loughborough , 2023-02-02)


I use the bus frequently.

Malcolm Cobb (Loughborough , 2023-02-02)


Kegworth would not be served by any public transport and would be isolated.

Donald Mee (Derby, 2023-02-02)


I m signing because my daughter needs to use the bus to get to her new school in west bridgford. We live in Normanton on soar

Jo Farmery (Loughborough, 2023-02-03)


We need to keep public transport in rural communities

john herrington (normanton on soar, 2023-02-03)


This is an option I was given.

Patrick Burge (Leicester, 2023-02-03)


We need public transport in rural areas

Samantha Kearn (Loughborough, 2023-02-03)


I’m signing this partition because the village desperately needs this bus service.

Elizabeth Bullock (Loughborough, 2023-02-04)


The village needs a bus service.

Peter Mitchell (Sutton Bonington, 2023-02-05)


This bus service is essential for my work transport.

Bram Baeken (Loughborough , 2023-02-07)


It is a much needed service, and the loss would negatively impact many people immeasurably.

Andrew Derbyshire (Loughborough, 2023-02-07)

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