Stop Abortion Buffer Zones



This bill is an infringement of freedom of speech & freedom of assembly.
It is completely unacceptable.

Christopher Powell (Maltby, 2022-10-23)


I believe that little babies should live.

Jane Stewart (Belfast, 2022-10-28)


I am prolife and pray that women and their babies are always able to access a loving positive alternative to abortion

Ed Brown (Birmingham , 2022-10-28)


Abortion is murder and this needs shouting from the rooftops.

Vivienne Parker (Downham Market, 2022-10-28)


I'm signing because if it is acceptable to the authorities that women have the right to murder their unborn baby boys and girls it ought to be the right of others to express their opposing view.

will brooks (Leven, 2022-10-28)


i believe in the right of free speech

MARK BARRY (Merthyr Tydfil, 2022-10-28)


This law is criminal!!!

Peter King (SEAFORD, 2022-10-28)


For the sake of these innocent children to be whose blood cries out to God from the ground

Linda Jones (St.Albans Herts, 2022-10-28)


Life is sacred and begins at conception.

Terry Graham (Halesowen, 2022-10-28)


I believe this to be against God's laws and the bible's teaching about the sanctity of life, in so far as the unborn baby in the womb is a human being from the time of conception. Abortion services however well meaning contradict the above.

Patrick Sykes (Bournemouth, 2022-10-28)


All human life from conception to its natural end, as determined by Almighty God, is precious.

Hilary Williams (Cheltenham, 2022-10-28)


It is against free speech to put up buffer zones.

David Johnston (Belfast , 2022-10-28)


I'm signing because I believe passionately in the rights of an unborn child and the right to share my stand on this issue seems basic with freedom of speech. Totally against this proposal of buffer zones.

Martin Rose (Bristol , 2022-10-28)


I’m signing because I care about the terrible guilt mothers feel after they have aborted their perfectly healthy babies. A tragedy the 10,000,000 babies have now been aborted in the UK. A whole generation of people!

Valerie Williams (Bristol, 2022-10-28)


Freedom of speech.

Eunice Davies (Southend-on-sea, 2022-10-28)


this is a violation of the right to free speech and actions which were not unlawful prior to this change. Those who believe in the sanctity of life in the womb should not be forced to restrict their peaceful support for those who are facing the decision of terminatiion.

Jane Sykes (New Milton, 2022-10-28)


I believe in freedom of peaceful assembly.

Tony Waring (Kingsbridge, 2022-10-28)


Women under pressure to have an abortion need to be aware there are alternatives. They must have real freedom to choose, which must include the right of the baby to have life.

P0 Newton (Leamington Spa , 2022-10-28)


I'm opening my mouth for the dumb

David Clemence (Settle, 2022-10-28)


These 'buffer zones' are an infringement of the right to lawful (peaceful) assembly. It has singularly failed to be shown that there has ever been intimidation by those 'protesting' outside of abortion clinics, hospitals, or facilities et cetera. They are also an affront to freedom of conscience. There is no need for this legislation, and I would see it repealed with immediate effect.

Stuart McKay (ABERDEEN, 2022-10-28)


I wish someone had given me the information I know now.

Pamela Da Costa (London, 2022-10-28)


I’m signing because a society that murders its own children and silences those who would oppose such a crime, is not a society that is safe for anyone to live in

Susette McLachlan (London, 2022-10-28)


Abortion is killing this country - Our birth rate of 1.53, should be 2.2 so we continue as a people. Also not every one who goes to an abortion centre wants an abortion, it is forced on them, given a way out they may deliver the baby for adoption or keep the baby

Tony Wilson (Waltham Abbey, 2022-10-28)


Wholly against the buffer zone

Joy Butcher (Truro, 2022-10-28)


There are already sufficient laws and police powers to confront harassment and illegal activity. The freedom to influence and persuade within the law is the essence of a free society and should not be removed.

Francis Williamson (Birmingham, 2022-10-28)


We are supposed to be living in a free society where freedom of expression counts for something. Our freedoms are slowly and increasing being eroded bit by bit we NEED to stand up and be counted before we turn completely into a Police State.

I. Smith (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-10-28)


I care about life so every woman considering having an abortion needs to hear the testimony of women that have rejected abortion.

Philip Mear (Preston, 2022-10-28)


I fully oppose any attempt to stop the freedom to h women to make the right choice to keep their babies, and many have been helped to do so outside of abortion clinics, by the people there helping them, also I oppose this threat to our freedoms that this law poses.

Christine True (Saltash, Cornwall, 2022-10-28)


I am signing because we should have the right to protest anywhere . That should not be talen away by any goverment, it is our freedom right.

chris dekker (kettering, 2022-10-28)


I believe abortion is murder

Rosalind Taisia (Peel, 2022-10-28)


I’m signing because this proposal takes away my human rights to stand in a pubic space and offer help to women who maybe seek help

Adrian McGuinness (London , 2022-10-28)


I truly belive to kill a healthy baby is murder, especially when both Mother & Baby are well

Gareth Carter (Blaenau Gwent, 2022-10-28)


I believe everybody needs the opportunity to access whatever help is available to them. Help for other health conditions are promoted freely eg Alcoholics Anonymous without fear or favour, so denying pregnant women the same help is unacceptable.

David Smith (BOLTON, 2022-10-28)


All life is precious and MUST be protected. This includes life in the womb where a baby is at it's most vulnerable to external interference. In the case of abortion this amounts to murder.
Mothers must be able to receive helpful guidance from others with the baby's best intentions at heart.

Stephen Goddard (Bristol, 2022-10-28)


Freeom of speech to express a concern for an unborn baby, in a loving manner, should not be viewed as a criminal offence. What's worse, destroying a baby in the womb or making a peaceful vigil to offer a healthy alternative?

Susanne D. (London, 2022-10-28)


Abortion is effectively the murder of infants. Women who contemplate taking this desperate step should be warned of the eternal spiritual consequences. Stopping women from receiving advice is equivalent to complicity in the promotion of infant murder.

Hamish Robertson (Coupar Angus, 2022-10-28)


I agree with those who think that this is wrong. It is an affront to free speech.

Lynne Jones (Droitwich , 2022-10-28)


Because no one has the right to take another's life, only God has the right to give life and the right to take life, and he said in his word thou shalt not murder , for all who do this will answer for it on the day of judgement

Robert James (Tredegar, 2022-10-28)


I think buffer Zones around clinics should be removed . Think of the baby who is vulnerable and needs protection . Give mothers another chance to think it over by talking to them and saving a life .

Dorothy Coomarewel (Wembley. London , 2022-10-28)


The child in the womb deserves all protection, especially when facing violent death at the hands of the abortion industry. Prayerful witness o/s abortion centres is vital and has never involved harassment of the mothers who tragically take their child to the abortionist, rather it aims to give comfort and alternative options to save their baby.

William Simpson (London, 2022-10-28)


None of us would be here on this earth if all our mothers decided to abort us. Life begins at conception. Killing a developing baby cannot be justified for any reason, except in very few specific circumstances.
To prevent gentle, compassionate intervention, by using buffer zones is unconstitutional and smacks of dictatorship.

Alan Stevens (Wolverhampton , 2022-10-28)


Killing babies for the convenience of the mother is morally, ethically, and medically wrong. Denying the right to seek to persuade mothers not to kill their babies is a terrible misuse of the law.

Ray Cantrell (Colchester, 2022-10-28)


Freedom of speech needs to be protected. There are also many women who have been helped by others offering alternative options at a point when they feel alone and there is no way out.

Jess Coombs (Hove, 2022-10-28)


So much Good is done by pointing out that there IS another answer to an unplanned pregnancy other than abortion. Many babies lives have been saved and the mothers are so thankful for the gentle advice offered.

PATRICIA DEACON (London , 2022-10-28)


I m not in favour of murdering innocent children and therefore I m not in favour of buffer zones that support this most horrible and unhuman act, therefore I m signing this petition .

Eva Pinto (Erith , 2022-10-28)


I object to this infringement upon freedom of speech and freedom of lawful assembly and speaking up for the unborn who have no voice

Larry Maurice (St Leonards on Sea, 2022-10-28)


To help the helpless/

ann farmer (woodford green, 2022-10-28)


The existing law is sufficient to ensure a good balance between those seeking abortion and others who are pro-life. If approved this legislation could set a president for other types of buffer zone.

Arthur Champion (Derby, 2022-10-28)


This is an infringement on free speech

David Bamber (Sompting, Lancing, 2022-10-28)


I believe life occurs at conception. Man is a par taker in creation, not a Demi-god who creates life, therefore has no right to abort / kill a child in the womb. It is morally unethical to encourage abortion or euthanasia as a nationwide edict

Evelyn Guddat (Tewkesbury, 2022-10-28)


People should be given the opportunity to change their mind.

Russ Howell (Mold, 2022-10-28)


I am absalutly appalled that a so called conservative government would stop Christians from silently witnessing outside abortion providers. Abortion is murder period and we will speak out for the baby's in the womb.

Janet Bickerdike (Wakefield , 2022-10-28)


I believe we should be able to pray anywhere and that no one has the right to stop that. I believe in peacefully sharing with women - knowing that babies are alive today as a result. I think the law that imposes a 6 month prison sentence is disproportionate.

Hilarie Blair (Shrivenham, 2022-10-28)


The right to freely express an opinion is essential for a civilised society. Removing it leads a society in a very dangerous direction.

Alastair Paterson (Watford, 2022-10-28)


I’ve had my abortion 50 years ago and if anyone had been at the gate and had offered me help I would now have a son of 50.

Sophia Murphy (Hove, 2022-10-28)


Abortion is the legalised murder of an unborn child. Horrendous and horrific.

Peter Worsley (Cheltenham, 2022-10-28)


I think some women think abortion is the only option and if offered a realistic alternative they might review their decision.

Denise Jones (Feltham, 2022-10-28)


I am signing this petition because it is a basic human right, indeed necessity, to demonstrate kindness to other people; the 150, buffer zone prevents that act of kindness!

Ian Hames (Kettering, 2022-10-28)


The Gospel must be preached everywhere

David Phillips (Alnwick, 2022-10-28)


It is not equitable to deny pregnant women the right to be advised on the alternatives to abortion.

Roderick Campbell (Dunvegan, 2022-10-28)


1. I abhor murder of innocent people
2. I abhor any opposition to freedom of will and speech

Douglas Bruce (Cannock, 2022-10-28)


I am appalled at the millions of babies killed in their mothers wombs. Pregnant women need to be given help and advice at abortion clinics.

Colin Wilkinson (Northampton, 2022-10-28)


Every life is precious and should be safely carried in the womb and born. Having an abortion is extremely traumatic for many women with lasting consequences on their emotional and mental health.

Kathy Tandy (LEYBOURNE WEST MALLING, 2022-10-29)


There are already enough laws in place for these buffer zones to be enforced, there is no need for this legislation.
These zones are also preventing people to act in a mature way to try and help women that could be under a lot of stress, and need support.

Sonia Nikitina-McNamara (London, 2022-10-29)


Human life is sacred,including unborn babies still in their mothers' wombs.

neeraj Benjamin (Bedford, 2022-10-29)


Abortion is wrong and people should know there is support available for women which does not lead to them killing their baby

Sarah Adjei (London, 2022-10-29)


A womans right to choose to be informed about NOT having am abortion!

Thomas Button (Birmingham, 2022-10-29)

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