To Reinstate the Lady Lumleys' Coat of Arms onto the Badge of Lady Lumleys' School



The original badge is symbolic of the history of the school

Angie Warriner (Hull, 2022-10-07)


As a proud ex-pupil of LLS, a lifelong resident of Ryedale and with a personal and professional interest in cultural heritage, I am very saddened to see the revised logo. The decision makers should be aware that Lady Lumley’s historic legacy extends beyond the school and includes the Almshouses at Thornton Dale which share the crest. The School trust’s actions effectively separate the school from its partner facility. This unnecessary change erodes the identity and significance of the heritage asset and weakens the visual link between the important contributions Lady Lumley made for the benefit of the young and elderly populations of the locality. In my opinion, the new logo lacks quality and sensitivity in design and therefore fails to reflect the principles which are so strongly associated with the school and its benefactor. Please revert to the original design.

Helen Stephenson (nee Webster) (Pickering , 2022-10-07)


As an ex pupil of Lady Lumleys I believe the history is part of the identity and the original badge should be retained. The changes to badge and associated uniform costs are especially wrong at this time of restricted household budgets.

David Roberts (Pickering , 2022-10-08)


I want the original and classic badge for lady Lumleys School. Without her there would be no school at all!

Gloria Smith (Pickering, 2022-10-08)


A quick look on the LLS website states that the school’s core values are: equality, respect, integrity, resilience, kindness and community. Not much of this seems to have been afforded to the Brackstones and the wider school community when altering the crest. A quick look on Coast and Vale Academy’s website shows that the alteration of the crest brings it into line with the other schools in their chain. Unfortunately, probably no amount of consultation (which would have been best practice) would have stopped the CEO from enforcing this poor decision. The crest has been corporatized for the Academy’s convenience and marketing purposes. This is unlikely to have any material impact upon the quality of education that pupils in LLS receive but the ostensible lack of knowledge about the history and heritage of the school shown by leaders will impoverish pupils’ experience of their school.

As a girl who represented LLS many times in sporting and musical events, I felt honoured that my school was founded more than 300 years ago by an intelligent and thoughtful woman whose legacy was still tangible centuries after she had bequeathed the school to the area. When I wore the badge, I knew that I was part of a long history of pupils who had the good fortune to attend this unique place. The school has been a major part of the lives of families, pupils and teachers who have acted as custodians ready to pass it onto future generations – all unified under the crest. That is, until now. For the new CEO to sweep this away in such a heavy-handed and ill-advised manner through the empty rebranding of the symbolic heart of the school and the (perhaps technically correct but utterly insensitive) statement that Lady Lumley’s has now ‘ceased to exist’ is surely, as an earlier poster expresses, an act of cultural vandalism.

I hope that Coast and Vale Academy rethink this poor decision and honour the school’s core values by providing their pupils, parents and staff with accurate information about the history of their school and then offering a meaningful consultation process.

Clare Almond (nee Webster) (Pickering, 2022-10-12)


I went to this school and i feel the new logo is a disrespect to my upbringing.

Patrick Sampson (Pickering , 2022-10-12)


It’s my school and eff off you bloody nonces. Go ruin someone else’s school. Is this your job ? Are you really entitled to be the governor of school names which in fact, who ever is reading this has no clue about the town or school. A person to justify the history of a school, town, our settlement in Yorkshire. A county which my parents, grand parents and great grand parents established.

Once last time to the person reading this. Most likely a new Poncey head teacher with horrid intentions against children. What do you do ? Why would you change heritage which means so much to people for 300 yes. Bunch of idiots and hope you had a horrid Christmas, douche bag.

George Bringloe (Pickering , 2022-10-12)


It should never been charged. What a waste of time and money. It’s disgraceful.

Ann Walker (Pickering , 2022-10-13)


They’d be better off spending money on actual education. There was nothing wrong with the old badge.

Karen Garrett (Malton, 2022-10-13)


I’m signing because I grew up in Pickering and attended Lady Lumley’s School, I feel it is important to maintain history and values.

Nikki Onyejiuwa (London, 2022-10-13)


I was a pupil at lady lumleys
It will always be lady lumleys to me.
It was a good school back then now I've heard it's gone to shit.

Rebecca Hill (Pickering, 2022-10-13)


I went to this school and was proud to wear the badge... no-one will be proud to wear this, it looks shocking

James Hobbs (Pickering, 2022-10-14)


I don't want to see the original badge done away with. Why mend something that isn't broken.

Sheila Leckenby (York, 2022-10-15)


I went to this school.

Amanda Ring (Pickering , 2022-10-16)


I went to this school

Ring John (Pickering, 2022-10-16)


I'm signing because, Deo regi patriae ( for God King and Country) was the motto I stood by as a pupil who proudly wore that badge alongside the others before and aft of my time at the school. It is the alumni link of all generations who attended in the community that bonds us in a way specific to the school we have/had the privelidge to be educated at. It sets us apart from any other area school who don't have a historical link to the past and the traditions of this country. I say in despair "For the love of Deo regi patriae" restore the badge to the way it traditionally should be to honour and keep in place what Lady Lumleys intentions were and still maintain for our area.

Michael Parkinson (Malton, 2022-10-16)


I attented Lady Lumley's between 1993 and 1998. It is very disrespectful to Lady Lumley and the people of the town.

Jon Robertson (Pickering , 2022-10-20)