To Reinstate the Lady Lumleys' Coat of Arms onto the Badge of Lady Lumleys' School



As a former history student at Lady Lumleys I think the link to the past the original coat of arms provides is very important. The continuity that students both past and yet to study will share when viewing it is something to be valued and preserved. To change it needlessly and without consultation is wrong and disrespectful to students and teachers past and present. I personally would keep the Latin motto as it might spark curiosity in students to look up what it means and learn something! However, if it were changed to 'founded by Lady Lumley in 1657' then it would at least honour the founder in a suitable way. Please reconsider as you have taken a bit of history that had class and made it look rather tacky. Chris Rayner 1984-1992

Christopher Rayner (Manchester, 2022-09-25)


I am a past student of Lady Lumleys School and the coat of arms is an historic part of the school and should continue to prosper in its original form, in recognition of the benefactor.

Claire Buckler (Pickering, 2022-09-25)


Thier is nothing wrong with the old one and why put more pressure on parents

nichola north (Thornton-le-dale , 2022-09-25)


This school is an individual in its own right. Lady Lumley"s has lots of history locally and needs to remain a institution in its own right.

TAYLOR-OLSSON Nicky (Pickering, 2022-09-25)


I'm signing because I'm an ex-Lady Lumley's pupil

Ashley Cowton (Scarborough, 2022-09-25)


Leave things be

Dunstan Greenbank (Kirkbymoorside, 2022-09-25)


As a former pupil at Lady Lumleys I'm appalled at what has become of it. The cage around it houses all the undesirable children from other areas and I'm so happy I've no more children to put through the ordeal of this school! I was proud to attend lady lumleys!!! The school had great teachers in the 80s who we all respected! It's disgusting that the logo we wore proudly has fallen victim and we want it back!!

Jo webster (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


Ex pupil

Stephen Pickering (Malton, 2022-09-25)


I attended the school in the 90s and feel it needs to keep its identity

Paul Taylor (Pickering, 2022-09-25)


This is a blatant disregard of our local heritage

Tim Bell (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


As an ex pupil and local my question is WHY OH WHY???
GET OUR BADGR BACK disrespectful to ex pupils and teachers who proudly wore that badge , and what a kick in the teeth foe the LUMLEY FAMILY WHO HAVE AND STILL DO SO MUCH FOR OUR COMMUNITY

Sharon Mackley (Great habton , 2022-09-25)


Because I am a past pupil (lefy in 1993) and I thoroughly enjoyed school life

Naomi Noad (Preston , 2022-09-25)


Every time I think of this school as an ex pupil I think of not only the great teachers I had, but also of the coat of arms. Why does the trust think they should have the final say? Surely the Lumley family should have been consulted, as well as the parents of pupil? (The trust that runs my daughters school has just done this without fazing it in, which as a parent makes me so cross.)

Clare Ward (Halifax, 2022-09-25)


It has been the same badge from the start of Lady Lumleys school.Why change things now .It does not have the same identity.

Angela Atkinson (Pickering, 2022-09-25)


There was no consultation. I went to Lady Lumley's and taught there.

Claire Bowes (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


This is a ridiculous waste of time, someone on a power trip . This is part of pickering history and shouldn't be a choice of one person it should be for the people who went or go to lady lumleys school if it is to be removed

Lynn Lunn (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


The school should focus on the coat of arms and give the students ownership of the school so they wear their uniforms with pride.

Brodrick Emma (Pickering, 2022-09-25)


I am outraged that the Lady Lumleys coat of arms has been changed!! If Lady Lumleys has ceased to exist then rename the school and get your own badge!! Do not Disney a long standing family trust in education!! What an insult to her name.!!!

David Pickersgill (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


I went to lady Lumleys and it’s tradition

Bev Stead (Malton, 2022-09-25)


I am signing this because it is an absolute disgrace that headteachers now believe that the history of lady Lumley's school should be removed for a stupid unfamiliar design.
This is a disgrace to the history of lady Lumley's and the school for which it was given to

Dean Fitton (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


Ex lady Lumleys pupil right here!! Leave the logo of the school be there was nothing wrong with it!! Concentrate on putting other things right before changing some that’s not broken

Katrina Cowton (Low marishes , 2022-09-25)


Seems a strange decision to have a tacky copy of the original coat of arms. Does the rebranding come out of the schools annual funding.

Paul Corney (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


Had no idea this had happened! Horrified!!

Hannah Pickup (Vendôme , 2022-09-25)


I'm signing because I'm extremely proud to be an alumni of Lady Lumleys.

Respect its history, a rebranding does nothing to attract any more investment.

You are standing on the shoulders of giants, respect that please!!

Andrew Stead (York, 2022-09-25)


As an ex pupil of Lady Lumley's School I feel it is important to retain its history.

Ann-Marie Shaw (Malton, 2022-09-25)


The tradition of badge emblems are part of a school. They symbolise history, honour and a sense of belonging. This schools badge is not an app to be updated.

Kirsty Flintoft (York, 2022-09-25)


It’s my former school

Daniel Lamb (Hindley Green, 2022-09-25)


The badge is the school’s identify and should remain as it has since it’s inception.

Steve Flintoft (Scarborough, 2022-09-25)


It has always been my family school

Janet Webster (Pickering , 2022-09-25)


I'm a former pupil my parents are andy children attend the school

Claire Simpson (Pickering , 2022-09-26)


I cannot understand the reason behind Chang ring the emblem, removing the history and identity of LLS, my daughter will one day go to this school and I would like the emblem to be the same then as it was when I attended the school.

Sarah Best (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


I attended Lady Linley’s school 40 years ago and believe the local community and the school staff and governors should be consulted , before remote London officials make major decisions about the identity of the school

Julia Jefferson (Tadcaster , 2022-09-26)


Disgraceful how these academies can come in and tear up the history book without any regard for the wider community. The new badge is an absolute eyesore and an embarrassment.

Oliver Baxter (Malton, 2022-09-26)


I'm an ex pupil of Lady Lumleys, I don't see why the Coat of Arms needed to be changed.

Elizabeth Corkell (York, 2022-09-26)


I am a past pupil of Lady Lumleys and think it is important to maintain the heritage of the the new badge is awful.

William Rayner (Blackburn, 2022-09-26)


We want it to stay as how myself, my siblings and my children remember it. It shouldn’t have been changed without any consultation.

Wendy Boyland (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


This fine old school has a proud ancestry and is slowly but surely losing its original identity. The New coat of arms is, in my opinion a completely frivolous version of it. It's just another case of this countries penchant for meddling in tradition and lowering of standards.

Wendy Berriman (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


Both my son & daughter attended Lady Lumley's & some of my grandchildren do now. People cannot just come along & decide to change local history. Why does it need to change?

Carol Gore (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


Change for change sake - revised badge purely for marketing reasons without a thought to the local history behind the crest

Kat Smith (York, 2022-09-26)


I am a previous lady lumbers student and tradition was always an important aspect of lady lumleys and it should stay that way. Its an offence to the woman who founded the school and all women who do good things in our community.

Abbie Johnson (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


No one has given a reason for the change?
Green parrots can mean loyalty steadfastness and educations..

Betty Smith (Pickering , 2022-09-26)


I went to lady lumleys school

Andrea Welburn (York, 2022-09-26)


As an ex pupil we were proud of our badge leave it alone!!

Kate Collier (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


The Lady Lumley’s coat of arms is of historic importance to the community.

I also think, given this history, the new “logo” is unnecessary and inferior.

Come on. Do the right thing. Bring back our school badge.

Robin Baker (York, 2022-09-26)


I’m an ex lady lumleys pupil and it’s history is important

Helen Oldroyd (York, 2022-09-26)


I am a former student and think the beautiful old emblem should be used.

Hilary Eberhardt (Staatz-kautendorf, 2022-09-26)


My children went you Lady Lumleys School and are justifiably proud to have done so. Lady Lumley was the benefactor for the original School and I believe that there continues to be a trust in her name for the benefit of those who attend(ed) the school. I fail to see how a school of another name could benefit from such a trust.

Amy Allen (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


The new logo looks awful. My children will have to wear it in afew years and it just looks tacky and cheap.
It needs to go back to the historical old one.

Leanne Morris (Malton, 2022-09-26)


The academy has no right to change the logo without consultation

Helene Haythorne (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


Im signing this because I believe it’s important to keep the heritage of the school.

Katherine Bray (Pickering , 2022-09-26)


I went to lady lumleys

Raymond Van wieringen (Stockport, 2022-09-26)


I used to go to Lady Lumleys School and the proposed changes to the badge are totally ridiculous - and completely unnecessary. I urge you to re-consider and reinstate the original design which has been in place for over 75 years.

Alex Thornton (York , 2022-09-26)


As a former pupil of the school and proud alumni I’m appalled by the actions taken in changing the crest. Not only is the heritage of the school being erased but the way in which it has happened is so inappropriate.
Not only this, from a professional perspective the execution of the updated crest is offensive and has little representation or respect for the original. The crest has to be reinstated as a minimum but consultation and community engagement should be taken if changes are to be taken in any bolder changes

Owen Turner (York, 2022-09-26)


As a former pupil, agree that this update is unnecessary and undermining, not to mention a waste of school funds that could be put towards something more meaningful / impactful for pupils.

Jessica Hodgson (York, 2022-09-26)


I want the history of the school to be kept.

Colin Mc Causland (Antrim, 2022-09-26)


Zero consultation and remember the Lady Lumley trust still significantly funds the school. Totally disrespectful and unnecessary….. who had a problem with the original??? Ah a handsome contract given to someone or some business as rebranding consultants.

Robert Batty (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


The new ‘crown’ seems so disrespectful to the Royal Family & was the Earl of Scarbrough was consulted on such a caricature of his family’s crest?Btw.happy parrots do not fly. They are content to sit on their perches and study the world. One website aptly summarises why so many popinjays might be seen leaving their perches:
“Parrots may fly away for many reasons - lack of safety, social interaction, food, or boredom. The best way to prevent that is to enrich the parrot’s environment by providing everything a parrot needs, like toys, food, treats, social interactions, and careful training - parrots raised by owners from a young age are extremely loyal.” The cartoonist clearly does not understand the message they are sending.

John Smith (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


I am an ex student who is proud of the Heritage
The alteration will no doubt have cost a considerable amount of money which could have been used on far more worthwhile things

Phil Fisher (Pickering, 2022-09-26)


A new badge is unnecessary and it looks ridiculous

Priscilla Heath (Helmsley , 2022-09-27)


There’s a great local pride in the school. Although I’m neither a historian or from Yorkshire. I agree with the concerns outlined here.

Susi Jones (Pickering, 2022-09-27)


I went to lady Lumley school and the badge should stay the same and should never be changed it is disrespectful to the history of the school

Julie Jackson (Pickering , 2022-09-27)