Secure the future of Gibbet Hill Farmhouse



This old Warwickshire farmhouse needs to be preserved and its connection with Sir Henry Parkes commemorated.

Jill Kashi (Coventry, 2022-08-24)


This old Warwickshire farmhouse needs to be preserved and Sir Henry Parkes who lived there as a child remembered.

Lisa Reay (Stoneleigh, 2022-08-24)


I'm a resident of Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, and am aware of the huge contribution local-boy Sir Henry Parkes made to the history of Australia. Born and brought up in the vicinity of the village, and living for some time at Tocil Farmhouse,, walking from there to Stoneleigh School, I feel strongly that his association with Stoneleigh should be permanently acknowledged.
My husband and I have visited most of the areas in Australia associated with Henry and his early links with Stoneleigh are well- recognised there.

Margaret Wallis (Coventry, 2022-08-24)


This is a very important part of Australian history.

Paul Smith (Stoneleigh , 2022-08-24)


This is a building of historic significance for both the people of Warwickshire and Australia. As a place of education I believe it is particularly appropriate for Warwick university to recognise and preserve it.

maggie moorhouse (Kenilworth, 2022-08-25)


Gibbet Hill farmhouse is an integral part of the ancient parish of Stoneleigh and should be listed.

Sue Crofts (Stoneleigh , 2022-08-25)


I live locally and want to preserve our historic buildings. This farmhouse is an important reminder of the history of this area and the people who lived here. In this case Sir Henry Parkes.

Jones (Kenilworth, 2022-08-25)


I believe this building should be saved due to its historical significance and the ravages already inflicted on Warks history by HS2.

Mike Doyle (Warwick, 2022-08-25)


This is a historic building, potentially a medieaval grange. Its sandstone wall is now hidden by bricks. Its association with Parkes alone should be enough to save it. An establishment based on education should understand its importance.

David McGrory (Coventry, 2022-08-25)


I'm signing because of the house's association with a significant statesman and because it is an example of a building from the Stoneleigh estate that existed long before the University was established. It enhances its site and deserves respect.

Peter Lockyer (Coventry, 2022-08-26)


Henry Parkes was a very prominent Australian statesman. His home at Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains has been preserved. His home "Kenilworth" in Annandale in Sydney is listed by the National Trust for its historic significance .
We don't have any buildings in Australia as old as Tocil House and it would seem to be a destruction of a place of historic significance if it were demolished.

Ian Thom (Sydney, 2022-08-27)


I am a descendant of Henry Parkes and believe it is important for history and tradition to be preserved.

Meredith Todd (East Lindfield , 2022-08-27)


It’s a part of Coventry’s and Australia’s heritage with connections to Sir Henry Parkes. We have lost to much history like this.

Paul Maddocks (Coventry, 2022-08-27)


Sir Henry Parkes was my great great great Uncle and I believe that Gibbet Hill Farmhouse is of significant historical importance as Sir Henry grew up there.

Shaun Parkes (Sleaford, 2022-08-27)


I'm concerned to see this important building that contextualises the historic connection with the Stoneleigh Estate, (for centuries owners of the Warwick Uninversity site) might be lost to future generations of students.

David Fry (Nr Rugby, 2022-08-27)


This building rem8nds us of a very important person in the history of Coventry

David Skinner (Coventry , 2022-08-27)


Henry Parkes was one of the most significant Australian politicians. Despite his early poverty in Britain, he rose to high office in New South Wales and is an example to everyone in terms of his achievements and perseverance to succeed in life.

FRANCIS VENTRESS (Manly Vale, 2022-08-28)


Because it’s part of our heritage
To be replaced with yet another modern building

Ann McCaig (Coventry, 2022-08-28)


historical connections are part of all our heritage

Bernard Rumbold (SWINDON, 2022-08-28)


An important Heritage House which needs to be
preserved. Home of Sir Henry Parkes a leading Statesman of our country.

Ann Evams (Coventry, 2022-08-28)


I am a descendant of Sir Henry Parkes and see a Certificate of Immunity from Listed Status as a threat (of demolition or drastic change) losing this heritage building which is one of significance to Australia and Australians.

Jennifer Clark (Balgowlah, 2022-08-28)


We are losing too much of our local heritage .

Ann Wilson (Coventry, 2022-08-28)


We have lost too many of our historic buildings in Coventry. Before WWII, it was one of the best medieval cities in Europe. Then the the Blitz and the planners arrived. It's said that the council did more damage than the Germans! No more. Enough is enough.

Merle Gering (Coventry, 2022-08-28)


I want to protect a piece of history.

Kenneth Grainger (COVENTRY, 2022-08-28)


I live in Coventry and want to see its history preserved and the city's story told - it is in danger of making itself like everywhere else, as it gets rid of important and unique landmarks.

Sars Maycock (Coventry, 2022-08-28)


It’s important to maintain cultural heritage and tourism

Bruce Tetlow (Coventry, 2022-08-28)


Henry Parkes a giant politician

Anthony Bianco (Kenilworth , 2022-08-29)


This property is too historically important to be lost simply because it does fit neatly into the development plans of the University of Warwick and should instead be saved for the nation.

Robert McCaig (Coventry , 2022-08-29)


This is an important part of Coventry's and Australia's history. As the home of Sir Henry Parkes during his childhood, the building should be protected, as is Moat House cottage where he was born.

John Payne (COVENTRY, 2022-08-29)


I'm signing because too much of our heritage is being sacrificed in the name of progress.

Kim Taylor (Solihull, 2022-08-29)


Too many heritage buildings are being demolished and the University certainly doesn't want for space to build elsewhere.

Joe Connell (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


The University must respect and value the historical associations of Gibbet Hill Farmhouse and its links with Henry Parkes, New South Wales and the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Trevor Cornfoot (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


I am a descendant of Sir Henry Parkes , the father of Federation of Australia.
A great man who's legacy is felt every day in Australia.

Gavin Henry Thom (Roseville , 2022-08-30)


The farmhouse is important for its own architectural and historic qualities, but also as the childhood home of Sir Henry Parkes, the father of modern Australia.

Peter Walters (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


I believe this is an important building for its history, its appearance and an example of the type of building that may be disappearing from the Warwickshire, particularly Coventry, landscape

Terence Kenny (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


There is no good reason for the building to be allowed to be lost and listing will provide more protection.

Philip Randall (At Austell, 2022-08-30)


I am signing because I care about the link between Henry Parkes and the political history of Australia, where members of my own family live - close to Manley where a statue of Parkes has been erected.

Andrew Rigby (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


The universties have been taking too much of our heritage and this building has local, national and international significance.

Vincent Hammersley (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


And a part of our connection as a country with Australia.
So this matters.

Timothy Claye (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


Such buildings related to historical events which underline that's significance in the origin of developing and shaping our world of today through the efforts of such far minded individuals live on in such landmarks.

Alan R D Clark MBE (LONDON, 2022-08-30)


On behalf of Ryton on Dunsmore history group, we support this unanimously

Stephen Garrett (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


This historic building must be saved, properly maintained, and publicly recognised for its importance.

John Goodman (Coventry, 2022-08-30)


This building has significant cultural heritage value. It is valued not only on a local scale but also has national and international significance by association with an important leader. It contributes to the historic environment of the Westwood area and can be an asset to the development of Warwick University and not an obstacle.

Matthew Glasgow (Brinklow , 2022-08-30)


I consider this is an important historic house with an extensive documentary history and considerable architectural interest. It incorporates an unusual two-room plan stone house of the 17th century extended in brick, as a characteristic farm house of the region

Nat Alcock (Leamington Spa, 2022-08-31)


Sir Henry Parkes boyhood home deserves to be listed. He was a significant politician who is recognised as a great statesman of Australia.

Adrian Clarke (Stoneleigh, 2022-08-31)


The house deserves to be preserved

P Tasker (COVENTRY, 2022-08-31)


I am proud and support our system of governance that was engendered by the concepts that were adopted by our State Governments. The result was that a National Federal Government was formed to give our country a direction and a voice on the world forums.
I support Stoneleigh History Society and the Westwood History Group to persue the granting of a Listed status for Gibbet Hill Farmhouse.
My relationship to Sir Henry Parkes is that I am a 4th Generation descendant from his daughter Gertrude. I am proud of my lineage.
Robert Booth.

Robert Booth (Paterson, 2022-08-31)


I feel very strongly that Sir Henry Parkes played a huge part in the development and unification of Australia and he is highly revered in that country.
He grew up in this house and was educated initially in the nearby village of Stoneleigh, where he is remembered with a plaque in the church. It is my opinion that such an important figure should be remembered and that his home should be granted listed status.

Richard Ashley (Leamington Spa, 2022-09-02)


Sir Henry Parkes Mother Martha Faulconbridge was my Great Great Great Great Aunt. I now live in Stoneleigh and feel that the preservation of this property and the links that it has to my Family and the modern Australia gives two reasons to protect this important part of local history. Perhaps the views from these very windows began to nurture his views on how to govern Australia. You cannot recreate History.

Douglas Faulconbridge (Stoneleigh, 2022-09-02)


It’s such an important part of history! It really shouldn’t be lost.

Louise Hughes (Coventry, 2022-09-05)


I have lived in this area all my life and remember the old farm house many happy memories also we are sick of all the new developments we know time has to change but Canley, westward heath has had there fair share.

Janet Dolphin (Coventry, 2022-09-09)

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