It is in all our best interests to stop this blight on our lovely Hillfield estate.
BELIEVE - we will succeed.

Michele Payne (Solihull, 2022-08-12)


I'm signing this petition because if we all come together as a community we can stop this mast

Tim Payne (Solihull, 2022-08-12)


Trisha Berry

Trisha Berry (Solihull, 2022-08-12)


I live opposite the proposed mast and it will be clearly visible from our front bedroom windows and the lounge. There are far better sites away from residential properties. It is also a busy junction which has had several accidents previously and this will be another distraction for motorists. The mast and boxes will be open to vandalism and the overall look of this Installation is not in keeping with the area

Sally Barber (Solihull , 2022-08-12)


It’s Completely unnecessary

Chris B (Solihull, 2022-08-12)


Independent studies show harm to the health of all living things from 5G and all mobile masts. Solihull Council refuse permission for this Hillfield 5G Mast

Gillian Cooper (Solihull, 2022-08-12)


The EMFs created by these 5G masts is harmful to everything.

paul cooper (Solihull, 2022-08-12)


I don't believe there has been enough research into health and 5G emissions.

Roz Curtis (Birmingham , 2022-08-13)


They are eyesores
They seem to be placed in high population density areas like schools, hospitals, housing estates etc
Their installation destroys natural habitats
They are so dangerous that insurance companies won’t insure them
There is some evidence that they may adversely affect health and cause something similar to radiation sickness.
For people already medically compromised, this could end in death.

R F (Solihull, 2022-08-13)


I am very concerned about the health problems this will create on humans and animals, this is a disaster waiting to happen and I completely object to it

Maria Bailey (Solihull, 2022-08-13)


It’s the right thing to do

Peter Witson (Northumberland , 2022-08-13)


5g masts are a danger to our health

Helen Worster (Solihull, 2022-08-13)


Concerns over health grounds & visual impact.

Neil Cole (Birmingham, 2022-08-13)


No safety data or studies done

Graeme Munro-Hall (Coventry, 2022-08-14)


Tracy Kenney

Tracy Kenney (Birmingham, 2022-08-14)


I am signing because we are now seeing multiple applications for these monstrosities within our borough. The damage they will cause will be devastating and to not consult schools is disgraceful. This has to stop!

Margaret Galloway (Solihull, 2022-08-14)


There have not been adequate safety investigations and long term studies. Unsightly and unnecessary. Why do we need 5g masts please?

Steph Bister (Solihull , 2022-08-14)


I'm signing because profit of any corporation must not be above the health damage of people and damage of the nature

Minister Emoven (Solihull, 2022-08-15)


Its a disgrace that Solihull council are considering profiting by selling the green land that our Hillfield has to offer and destroying it with the hideous and monstrous 5G mast. On top of this three are refusing to share so does this next become a 5G mast plant with numerous masts? This is a horrific thought. not only affecting the value of the houses near by but effecting the overall feel of the area for all those that drive through Solihull.

Rebecca Leonard (Solihull, 2022-08-15)


It will be an economic and environmental disaster.

Abi Ward (Hockley Heath , 2022-08-15)


There is a better place for the mast by the Whitefields road / Monkspath hall road roundabout. In the proposed location it will attract graffiti and obstruct visibility of cars turning

Steve Woods (B901TU, 2022-08-15)


5G is not better broadband. This mast is located in a residential area and 5G brings no specific benefit to domestic use. Even the high speed is a) unlikely to be achieved and b) will be more expensive and c) will be oriented to commercial uses.
Currently, EVERYTHING about 5G is speculative.

Ian Jarvis (Wolverhampton, 2022-08-15)


I live in this area and this is not appropriate for a residential area with schools so near ny

Tracey Doherty (Solihull, 2022-08-15)


John Dutfield

John Dutfield (Coventry, 2022-08-15)


This is a risk to health of residents & so near to homes schools etc.
There is lots of suggestion of cancer & 5g

Rach Thomas (Solihull, 2022-08-15)


Health worries and we dont need 5g

Fiona Turner (Solihull, 2022-08-15)


Not sure of health implications

Masonp June (Solihull, 2022-08-16)


I do not believe this is in the best interest of the community

Debbie McGinnell (Solihull, 2022-08-16)


There are four schools within a very short distance of this mast and a huge number of family homes. The research into these masts is not conclusive so I think we need to wait.

Isobel Cogley (Solihull, 2022-08-16)


I'm signing because we need proper unbiased scientific research into this field to establish the impact on living organisms.

Elmar Dr Jung (Barton on Sea, 2022-08-16)


Yes I know we all want better signals but not to see ugly masts around.

Janet attwood-pollitt (Dorridge Solihull , 2022-08-16)


l do not want masts all over Solihull" nor do l want Solihull council to rent out the land for 5g at the expense of devaluing house prices in the area & possible health problems

jim harding (solihull, 2022-08-17)


i do not want this eye sore been put outside my home and road.

Why not put it on the top of the council house

Martyn Abbotts (Solihll, 2022-08-17)


I'm signing because evidence suggests 5g is harmful to humans and it's a technology that hasn't been properly tested.

GAVIN CLUER (Leicester, 2022-08-17)


I am supporting the residents objecting to this mast not only because some of them live very near to this proposed site but also because some of them work from home and may be exposed to cumulative occupational exposure in the workplace (i.e. home) also... therefore no reprieve for them. For further advice on exposure to this 2b carcinogen please see page 6 of:

Diana Hanson (Solihull, 2022-08-17)


Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council need to properly evaluate the health effects of radio mast before making any more planning decisions on their siting

Neil McDougall (Southampton, 2022-08-17)


Julie Cheetham

Julie Cheetham (Sheffield , 2022-08-17)


raymond tweedie

raymond tweedie (Grantham , 2022-08-17)


Im concerned about the harmful effects of 5G electro magnetic frequencies, that I believe have not been risk assessed.

sarah springett (Warwick, 2022-08-17)


we don't want the masts. full stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Les Doe (Reigate, 2022-08-18)


5G is not good for your health and the people need a voice. We don’t want it or need it

Charlotte Fletcher (Coventry, 2022-08-20)


These masts and boxes are unsightly and shouldn’t be in residential areas. This particular site is totally inappropriate as is next to a busy road junction and by houses. Put them in car parks or by office blocks if we must have them at all. Please listen to the residents-we don’t want them

Martin Barber (Solihull, 2022-08-20)


pollution issues

Thomas Masterson (Solihull, 2022-08-21)


Having close ties to this area myself, after reviewing the proposal I conclude that the implementation of a 5G mast in this location is as unnecessary as it is detrimental.

I do not believe the intentions are in the best interests of the local residents.
We are a democracy after all, and nobody seems to want this. The people have spoken.

Chris Bewick (Atherstone, 2022-08-22)


For health and nature reasons

Paul Rymer (Birmingham , 2022-08-22)


Fast 5G not required in residential areas.

Dave Parker (Birmingham , 2022-08-22)


I’m not happy with the unknown risks from this type of radiation being in my doorstep. I do not want the stress and anxiety that this will bring

Tony Panayiotou (Solihull, 2022-08-22)


I live very close by and worry about the negative health affects it will have on me and my 12 year old who is at school near by also

Bridget Manley (West Midlands , 2022-08-22)


My daughter & son liveclose by. We have too many masts locally. I worry for our health.

James Manley (West Midlands , 2022-08-22)


It’s too near to residential homes and schools nearby.

Paul Hughe (Solihull , 2022-08-22)


I live nearby and aware the health issue.

Wang Fai Choy (Solihull, 2022-08-22)


I don't want another eyesore mast in Solihull we're plagued with them. And why have a potential health issue on our Doorstep

Graham Bailey (Solihull, 2022-08-22)


janet dale

Janet Dale (Solihull, 2022-08-23)


David Ley

David Ley (Birmingham , 2022-08-23)


I totally agree that this mast should NOT be allowed as planned.

Michael Kirk (Solihull, 2022-08-23)


There are already too many mobile phone masts in Hillfield, which is a quiet residential area. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the antennas on these masts will affect the health of the residents. This is particularly the case given that higher concentration of antennas will be required for 5G network due to the higher frequency band it is operating at.

Andrew Lee (Solihull, 2022-08-23)


We already have so many in this area they are ugly and ruin the area! This would be another one going up around trees, children’s play grounds and close to peoples houses and on an environmental and health issue I completely disagree with the council’s priorities and lack of consultation with its constituents.

Daisy Askill (Solihill, 2022-08-23)

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