Stop the solar farm next to Barnsdale Gardens



I feel this solar farm is planned for the wrong place and is far too big

Jane Brown (Tinwell, Stamford, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens is one of a kind organic and wildlife garden. The gardens and the history behind them bring many thousands of visitors to Rutland. Any disturbance that encroach on the gardens would be extremely detrimental. Although I am in favour of renewable energy it should not be at the cost of a precious resource like Barnsdale Gardens which demonstrates to gardeners how to garden in a way to benefit wildlife and produce quality organic food.

Shirley Martin-Abel (Oakham, 2022-08-03)


To protect the wonderful Barnsdale Gardens.

Laila Lear (Stamford , 2022-08-03)


This is NOT the right place for a solar farm. The noise and disruption could well force the closure of the much loved Barnsdale Gardens which would be a disaster.

Lesley Hull (PETERBOROUGH, 2022-08-03)


This is an area of outstanding beauty and there must be other areas where this could be sited and not next to Barnsdale Gardens. The disturbance to the wildlife in this area will be severely compromised .

Deana Hudson (Peterborough, 2022-08-03)



Sarah M FORD (Whissendine, 2022-08-03)


Preservation of resource of nature and tranquility

Robert Halloway (Sydney , 2022-08-03)


Why would a solar farm be built near one of the best loved attractions in the area, is beyond me. I visit Barnsdale Gardens to find inspiration and to relax and unwind. Find another area where it would be less intrusive

Derrine Smith (Northampton , 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens, the surrounding woodland and open fields adjacent to the woodland are a haven for wildlife. This area should be left as it is to protect local wildlife. Site the solar farm adjacent to existing commercial developments.

Debbie Adams (Melton Mowbray, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale is beautiful,unique, and accessible and of national import.
It's well documented progress from Geoff Hamilton's concept and execution through to Nick Hamilton's dedicated stewardship deserves respect.

Philip Poole (Birmingham, 2022-08-03)


We’re facing increasing foo supply pressures. Why build solar farms on prime agricultural land? There are better places to locate them.

Richard Davis (Oakham, 2022-08-03)


We need to keep our land for agriculture so we have food security.

Valerie Waring (Boston, Lincolnshire, 2022-08-03)


There are alternative sites nearby equally suitable which would not spoil the environment near to Barnsdale Gardens

Tim Carter (Uppingham, 2022-08-03)


I support the petition against the siting of a Solar Farm next door to Barnsdale Gardens.

Phil Powell (Droitwich, 2022-08-03)


I entirely agree with the reasons outlined in Nick Hamiltons statement.

Susan Bentley (Sleaford, 2022-08-03)


I love to visit Barnsdale Gardens. It is so tranquil and this will ruin the whole place

Marianne Beasley (Corby, 2022-08-03)


The detrimental impact upon wildlife and close proximity to Barnsdale gardens which is a peaceful haven in a beautiful unspoilt setting. It would also have a massive impact upon all the birds at Rutland Water including ospreys, swans and geese and in nearby Burley Woods and falconry centre including red kites. It is a totally unsuitable location for numerous reasons.

Jane Nicholls (Oakham, 2022-08-03)


Have visited Barnsdale a number of times I love the peace and quiet while walking around the beautiful gardens.

Susie Baker (Peterborough, 2022-08-03)


The location of the solar farm would have a huge negative impact on the local wildlife and particularly affect Barnsdale Gardens and it's conservation work.
There are better, more appropriate places for this solar farm and the current proposal must be stopped.

Phil Ratcliffe (Leicester, 2022-08-03)


There are far better sites locally for this to be positioned. Barnsdale Gardens is a national treasure and should be preserved at all cost.

Lisa Duffin (MELTON MOWBRAY, 2022-08-03)



Elaine Herring (Nottingham, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens is a nationally famous tourist attraction as well as a tranquil resource for local Rutland people which will be adversely affected by the proposed solar farm development immediately adjacent to it.

Ian Hartley (OAKHAM, 2022-08-03)


The proposal is not compatible with Barnsdale's enterprise when there are many other more suitable locations nearby.

Roderick Bird (Saffron Walden , 2022-08-03)


During Geoff’s tenure of Gardeners World, Barnsdale became a national treasure. As such, it should be protected from any potential degradation .

Stewart Bowler (Eastleigh, 2022-08-03)


I love Barnsdale and it needs to be protected as the work of Geoff Hamilton is unique and needs to be preserved for the good of the country and world, not besmirched in this manner.

Patricia McCree (Ryde, 2022-08-03)


The location of the solar farm is too close to adjacent properties.

David Whiles (Peterborough, 2022-08-03)


To protect the wildlife in the area. The massive decline in our insect population is at a critical point and we should be protecting their habitat not destroying it.

Sylvia Myers (Skegness, 2022-08-03)


Phyllis Pattrick

Phyllis Pattrick (Kettering, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens provides inspiration to would be gardeners as well as being a place which enriches the senses and emotional wellbeing. Shame to spoil it and the joy it brings.

Vivien Veasey (Mansfield Notts, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens is a beautiful, peaceful place that would be spoilt if the solar energy farm is positioned where it is planned to be.

Trish Fairclough (Coalville, 2022-08-03)


I am concerned for 2 principal reasons
The potential to spoil the ecology of the area around these gardens which have done and continue to promote sustainability and diversity of insect species. Also the use of yet more agricultural land which should be producing foodstuffs for consumption by the uk population so that we become more self reliant.

Helen Shea (Oakham , 2022-08-03)


This would be destroying an area of unique natural beauty. In addition it would be detrimental to the success and thrive ability of Barnsdale Gardens by threatening the wildlife and natural peaceful environs.

Gilly Reeves Hardcastle (Leicestershire , 2022-08-03)


Solar farm construction and visual impact will spoil the tranquility and ambience of Barnsdale's rural idyl.

Stephen Wilson (Wakefield , 2022-08-03)


Miss Jayne Hardcastle

Jayne Hardcastle (Uckfield, 2022-08-03)


I do not believe this is a suitable location for solar panels considering its proximety to Barnsdale Gardens.
I think this will spoil the visitors enjoyment.

Carol Squirrell (Ongar, 2022-08-03)


Although there is a need for this type of development a more suited position away from a place of peace tranquility and colour where many of millions have found happiness and health as well as ideas, would be a thought to consider

Paul Washbourne (Cambridge , 2022-08-03)


I support Barnsdale opposition to placing the solar next to the gardens

Anthony Foster (Shrewsbury , 2022-08-03)


I’m a great advocate of the beautiful gardens that zGeoff Hamilton set up and now is being beautifully managed by Nick Hamilton his son, so that peace and quiet, and the lovely gardens can be enjoyed without constant and annoying noise that would be totally out of place! Please stop this desecration!

Cheryl Davidson (Chester, 2022-08-03)


The solar park should be further away from Barnsdale which has an abundance of wild life which will be affected.

Susan Carter (St Ives, Cambs, 2022-08-03)


I am all for solar farms but they must take into account the surrounding area. Motor, fan and inverter noise can be very intrusive. If it does go ahead there must be adequate sound screening so that the tranquility of Barnsdale gardens is totally unaffected.

Andy Latty (BOSTON, 2022-08-03)


Motorised solar panels are not good for the environment or any neighbours.

Audrey Perry (Brinscall. Chorley, 2022-08-03)


This will be sited far too close to the beautiful Barnsdale gardens.

Tony Worrall (Dolgellau, 2022-08-03)


Country land should be used for cultivation. Solar panels belong where I live, in the city. This is commercial exploitation masquerading as environmentalism.

Michael Sweeney (Leicester, 2022-08-03)


Barbara Such

Barbara Such (Halesowen, 2022-08-03)


Solar energy does not generate electricity to match the demand and there are no large batteries to store excess energy for use when required. All solar farms in the uk are therefore quite pointless.

Tomoyo MacDonald (Manningtree, 2022-08-03)


I want to protect the wonderful garden created by Geoff and maintained by Nick. Let’s keep it peaceful.

Anne Smith (Bedford, 2022-08-03)


I am very attached to Barnsdale Gardens and feel that this will ruin the peace and tranquility of the gardens that is important to so many people and the wildlife.

Janice Underhill (Sleaford, 2022-08-03)


I’m signing because:
The constant noise of the motorised panels will be detrimental to the established business of neighbouring Barnsdale Gardens.
Using 81 hectares of greenfield land for solar panels is industrialising of the countryside.

Liz Dewsbury (Driffield, 2022-08-03)


I'm signing this petition because there are other more, far suitable, fields elsewhere. Barnsdale Gardens is a tourist attraction and haven for wildlife. Why spoil it??

Melanie Brown (Melton Mowbray, 2022-08-03)


Whilst I am a total supporter of green energy being deployed I fear in the rush to go forward we are not looking over our shoulder at what will be removed. Rutland is the smallest county in the U.K. and currently seems to be on a mission to cover our beautiful county with Solar Farms with no real regard to the positioning. Exton Solar is part of EconEnergy which in an International Company littered with Non European Executives who despite their environmental blurb will have knowledge of, or thought for, the actual location of this solar farm. Another part of The United Kingdom being taken from us.
The deliberate placing of this site so adjacent to Barnsdale Gardens is a blatant disregard to and understanding of the legacy of Geoff Hamilton and his work currently under the sympathetic guidance of his son Nick. There is no doubt that during the construction and ongoing operation of this farm there can only be negative impact upon the beauty, tranquility and ethos of Barnsdale gardens that could be avoided by simply siting the development a small distance away from the boundary of Barnsdale Gardens.

David Cockerill (Melton Mowbray, 2022-08-03)


They should be on "brownfield" sites or warehouse roofs - not farm land!

Derek Buckett (Northants, 2022-08-03)


Let's keep Barnsdale as it is, nice and quiet and a great place to visit regularly.

Barry PAINTER (SLEAFORD , 2022-08-03)


I object to such farms being built on good agricultural land. I am in favour of panels being placed on the vast acres of warehouses littered all over our land. Why on earth is this valuable space being wasted?

Diane Miller (Kettering, 2022-08-03)


Solar farms should not be on useful farmland. All distribution centres and other new public buildings should have them on the roof.

David Garrick (Leicester, 2022-08-03)


better position available, and noise level

Bob Pritchard (Holbeach, 2022-08-03)


I do not want the noise to disturb our visits to Barnsdale Gardens which is such a tribute to Geoff Hamilton and his work for the BBC and our nation of gardeners. Please reconsider the location.

Celia Jones (North Anston, Sheffield, 2022-08-03)


I want to protect the peace and quiet of Barnsdale just as Geoff Hamilton would have wished.

Susan Porter (Maidenhead, 2022-08-03)


Barnesdale is a beautiful and much loved garden nurtured over many years by Geoff Hamilton and his family. His son Nick has followed in his footsteps and created a beautiful peaceful garden much enjoyed by everyone. This monstrosity on land next door is totally out of keeping with the area and there are much better open spaces more suited to solar farms. I and my family object strongly as it will detract from the quiet tree lined road on which Barnesdale is situated.

Katharine Rowe (High Wycombe , 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens is an important resource for both local people and as an attraction for visitors. Please turn this application down and preserve this resource. F D ALCRAFT

Francis Alcraft (Melton Mowbray, 2022-08-03)


Patricia Jones

Patricia Jones (PE191PX , 2022-08-03)


I am against this plan. Use brown field sites or the many roofs on all new "distribution buildings" around Kettering area.

Rosemary Buckett (KETTERING, 2022-08-03)


I am signing this because it would seem that no consideration has been given to where to place this solar farm, it is to be right next door to a very wonderful, unique, longstanding facility to the area. why can it not be placed away from public visiting places, there is plenty of countryside!

Jean Layne (Stamford, 2022-08-03)


I’m signing because this project will cause much harm to precious and much loved gardens and amenities.

Rita Westley (Stafford, 2022-08-03)


There are far better places to build a solar farm which will not ruin such a beautiful garden, full of wildlife, birds and insects. It is a peaceful,refuge for so many people and would be a tragedy if not preserved as it is.

Angela Newton (Market Harborough, 2022-08-03)


Why build a solar farm next to a treasure when ther appears to be better local fields where the solar farm could be built? Please don't assault the tranquility of the Barnsdale gem.



Doesn't make sense to have the solar farm beside Barnsdale Gardens when it can be situated elsewhere to suit everyone, it's not like it'll be nearer the 🌞

Mairead Williams (Carmarthen , 2022-08-03)


I'm signing this because I am opposed to building solar farms on farmland, which must be used for food production, and in areas where the adjacent properties will be negatively affected. Barnsdale Gardens currently sits in a rural setting alongside land which complements its natural beauty, and supports the wildlife which visits the gardens. The solar farm would cause irreversible harm to Barnsdale Gardens , a national treasure.

Rosemary Stimpson (Stamford, 2022-08-03)


I think there are better-situated fields where these solar panels can be placed, away from the close vicinity of Barnsdale Gardens.

Eleanor Price (Bangor, 2022-08-03)


Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll (Llangynwyd, Maesteg, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places to visit and is a haven for wildlife. It would be a terrible shame if this tranquility were to be lost. I can well imagine that this development could cause the demise of Barnsdale Gardens and this could impact negatively on the local economy and the attractiveness of Rutland as a tourist destination.

Tim Maddren (Oakham, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens are not only a place of beauty but tranquil and time spent wandering or sitting allows you to be still and peaceful with nature and birdsong. This proposed development on the proposed site is totally inappropriate and would spoil the enjoyment of visiting the gardens.

Susan Lynne Adamson (York, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens is a valuable resource, providing inspiration to visitors, but more importantly, it serves as a haven of peace in many people's lives, and as such ought not to be jeopardized by a significant industrial installation being built right next door. An alternative location should be sought, further away from this important recreational facility.

Terence Green (NG32 2EB, 2022-08-03)


Barnsdale Gardens is an iconic local treasure and should not be subjected to the development that is proposed.

David Vale (Oakham, 2022-08-04)


Victoria Sagar

Victoria Sagar (EXETER, 2022-08-04)


This is a beautiful peaceful spot with an abundance of wildlife and a pleasure to visit , it is not an appropriate site

Teresa Warrington (Nottingham, 2022-08-04)


I believe barnsdale is a very unique in that it has inspired many generations of nature lovers and would be gardeners thanks to the legacy left by Geoff Hamilton and has been meticulously preserved by his son Nick.
This is also a valuable resource for the local community.

Ken Clayton (Spalding, 2022-08-04)


We support Barnsdale in their objections.

Linda Pearse (King's Lynn , 2022-08-04)


This is the wrong to place to site a solar farm!
Barnsdale is a beautiful, peaceful place that has special meaning to many people that visit on a regular bases and the noise etc from the solar farm would spoil this.
Barnsdale does many things to encourage nature and this does not fit in with the legacy that Geoff Hamilton left for us all to enjoy.

Desley Jones (Boston, 2022-08-04)


Roger Ellis

Roger Ellis (Leicester, 2022-08-04)


The request is perfectly reasonable and I support Hamilton.

Annie Vahtra (Lincoln , 2022-08-04)


Rosalind Illman

Rosalind Illman (Crowborough, 2022-08-04)


This plan is preposterous and must be stopped.

Patricia Hagger (Oakham, 2022-08-04)


There is no place for this solar farm adjacent to Barnsdale in this location.

Diane Haycock (Doncaster, 2022-08-04)


The proposal is a ridiculous waste of much needed farm land and habitat.

Graham Jelly (Nottingham, 2022-08-04)


Barnsdale is a national institution. An inspirational and educational garden embracing the legacy of the Late Geoff Hamilton who is revered for being well ahead of his time with his respect for nature and organics. Locating this site next to the garden would be at enormous detriment to the gardens and ongoing work done here. Please locate it elsewhere.

Nicola Ward (Denbigh , 2022-08-04)


Barnsdale Gardens has been built up over the years to provide a haven for wildlife and visitors. We visit Barnsdale and enjoy the peace and tranquility it provides away from the pressures of everyday life. The sound of motorised solar panel will not only spoil that for visitors but impact on the wildlife that Barnsdale attracts.
We all understand the need to utilise this type of energy production but there must be other locations where it would be more appropriate to site this.

Diane Clay (Derbyshire, 2022-08-04)


Barnsdale is too beautiful to be threatened in any way

Judith Lucas (Peterborough , 2022-08-04)


I understand the need for solar power but feel there are better places to install them such as roof of buildings or land not near established amenities such as Barnsdale Gardens. If we keep installing on agriculture land we will eventualy find the country in a position where we are short of land for growing crops meaning we will have to import more crops than we do already.

Nicholas Clarke (Bourne, 2022-08-04)


This is the wrong place to put a solar farm on arable land making noise next to Barnsdale Gdns and the nearby houses

Neil Tunstall (Exton, 2022-08-04)


I object to the use of this green field site to be used for solar panels and battery storage. It is also too close to houses along the boundary. The field are vital to grow crops.

Jenn Laidler (Cottesmore , 2022-08-04)


This development is bordering residential properties and businesses like Nicks.. so many better brownfield sites could be used

Oliver Smith (Oakham, 2022-08-05)


A rural location close to village and will negatively impact on some peoples homes - needs better situating not near residential areas

Jo Downton (Oakham, 2022-08-05)

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