Faringdon needs its very own Splash park do you agree with me?



I’m signing because the author is correct. A splash park would be an excellent and welcome addition to our town.

Richard Aubrey (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


Faringdon has a significant lack of activities for children. We desperately need more. A splash park would be a great community space.

Feleena Mason (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


The children would love this.

Tracy Clarke (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


It would be a great addition to the town!

GEMMA DUNN (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


I’m signing this because Faringdon has very minimal activities for younger and older children the town needs a huge update when it comes to facilities including a splash park. Children shouldn’t miss out on these things just because they live in Faringdon the council need to look more into the town rather than more houses.

Jess Bloomfield (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


I agree with Lizzie!

Brenda Graisgour (London, 2022-06-23)


I’m signing because I completely agree with Lizzy. The population of Faringdon is rapidly growing and there are many families with young children, a lot of whom can’t drive or have access to a car. A splash park would be a very welcome addition for all Faringdon families.

Lucy Redwood Hanson (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


In a town with so many children not within reach of an outdoor water activity, a splash pool would be a huge asset. Faringdon residents contribute so much to the Vale budget and we want our children to get the same benefits as other areas.

Carolyn Williams (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


I really agree with this, it would be great to have a splash park for the families.

Lisa Lewis (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


@I think it will be a great addition to the Faringdon Community and families

Romney Pargeter (BUSCOT, FARINGDON, OXFORDSHIRE, 2022-06-23)


I have children and this would be a great thing to have. It also reduces travel to other places. Now that Faringdon is growing it needs more attractions for children in the area.

Charlotte Chatfield (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


We love water and it would create a lovely outdoor space for the community

Isabel Redwood-Hanson (Bristol , 2022-06-23)


I have children who would greatly benefit from a splash park without the need to drive miles to the nearest one!

Helen Lofthouse (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


I agree

Rebekah Pugh (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


I agree!

Jade Douglas (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


Margaret Broadberry

Margaret Broadberry (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


We need a splash park for Lizzie and her besties to have fun in!

Mary-Anne New (FARINGDON, 2022-06-23)


I live in Faringdon and the kids would love it!!!

Joanna Brown (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


We are need off a splash park ,

Beverley sharps (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


Faringdon is a growing town and needs more areas of recreation!

Hayley Edwards (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


Eleanor Jones

Eleanor Jones (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


I think it's a terrific idea and would help the environment by saving lots of journeys to other towns!

Coleen Gray (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


Faringdon needs a proper play park including a splash zone. The facilities in faringdon for small children are really ooor compared to all the surrounding towns

Debbie Lock (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


From experiencing the fun my daughter has at our local splash parks, other children deserve this experience locally to them too

Paul Rice (Colchester , 2022-06-23)


All small towns need this sort of thing for our youngsters, to keep them away from all this electronic gaming stuff!



Faringdon needs something for the Children . The town has / is growing enourmasily and there are hardly any facilities for families to take children apart from the small play parks with are not very adequate .

Veronika Brown (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


My grandchildren live in Faringdon and although the town does have a leisure centre, as a growing town it does need an outdoor attraction such as this for all children to enjoy.

Grace Pugh (Birmingham, 2022-06-23)


The children need this in our town.

julie Childs (Faringdon , 2022-06-23)


I have a 15 month old who would love it. And loads of friends with babies and children too.

Sarah Hayden (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


It would be great 👍

Magalie Blouin (Faringdon, 2022-06-23)


This would be great!

Emira Shepherd (Faringdon, 2022-06-24)


I agree totally with you I tried for tears and nobody would listen just kept being told there was no room for a splash park

Catharine Moore (Faringdon, 2022-06-24)


We need a splash park!

Daniella Mckinstry (Faringdon, 2022-06-24)


I'm signing because I feel this will be a real boon for the town. In these days of expensive travel this would encourage people to stay around Faringdon and spend money here.

Paul Gray (Faringdon , 2022-06-24)


I truly believe that this amenity will bring great pleasure to the youngsters of Faringdon.

Hugh Pugh (Birmingham, 2022-06-24)


I would love to enjoy this with my sibs.

Josiah Pugh (Faringdon, 2022-06-24)


Its about time we had better child facilities

Hannah Clarke (FARINGDON, 2022-06-25)


I have family there with young children. It would be lovely to have a splash pad locally

Petula Kelley (PATRICK AFB, 2022-06-25)


It would’ve saved me travelling out of town to Wantage & Abingdon when my boys were small if we’d had one. I think families with younger children would greatly benefit from this.

Alison Hilborne (Faringdon , 2022-06-26)


I agree with Lizzie I think the children of faringdon would love a splash park.

Sherrie Morgan (Faringdon, 2022-06-26)


We desperately need more leisure facilities as the skate park is getting dangerous! More houses means more children! Spend more money in Faringdon!!

Amy Carter (Faringdon, 2022-06-26)


I agree

Becs Pashley (Faringdon , 2022-06-26)


Our kids need a splash pool as much as the kids of Wantage and Abingdon.

Rachel Holt (Faringdon, 2022-06-26)


We need it!!’

Tamas Molnar (Faringdon , 2022-06-27)


I am signing this petition as I have 5 children and this would be great for Faringdon as some people don’t drive like myself and it would be amazing for the children in Faringdon like wantage and Abingdon have a water park

Kelly Fotheringham (Faringdon , 2022-06-27)


Now the town has grown rapidly there defiantly needs more things for children to do, especially during summer time.

Bethany Taylor (Faringdon , 2022-06-28)


I have always thought that we need this sort of thing for our town, and want to support Lizzie's campaign.

Bethia Thomas (Faringdon , 2022-06-29)


For my sister and family

Caroline Helm (Carramar, 2022-06-29)


In the long hot days of summer, kids need somewhere where they can cool down safely. Let's keep them out of rivers and open water where so many accidents and fatalities happen every year, and maybe even save water with them all using the splash park rather than the 100s of paddling pools that will get filled instead.

Janet Kingdon (Wantage, 2022-06-29)


I have a little 3 year old who would love a local splash pad!

Sarah House (Faringdon, 2022-06-29)


I have a five year old son who loves the splash park in Wantage. It is a bit of a journey into Wantage just to enjoy the facilities, when we have space here to enjoy the same facilities. We have so many families in Faringdon with young children that would be able to enjoy the facility.

Lidia Notarbartolo (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


A great idea for kids

Lyn Waugh (Faringdon , 2022-06-30)


Good luck Lizzie. Hope you get the splash park

Pam Wood (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


Faringdon is growing and children need outside space. This would be wonderful and will stop parents needing to travel out of town to find activities for their little ones. The town has always been a little left behind and now is a perfect time to add something which will encourage people in.

Val Sansford (Ryde, 2022-06-30)


I have always thought Faringdon needed a splash park, with the growing number of houses and families this would be a great addition to Faringdon.
Well done Lizzie.

Lisa Lawrence (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


This would be amazing! Much needed for the children!

Alice Roseman (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


It would be good for our town and children

Martin Wooster (Faringdon , 2022-06-30)


We are very local to Faringdon, Faringdon and shirvenham are growing so quickly that I believe more needs to be available for children in the local area.

Hayley Hayes-Partlett (Shrivenham, 2022-06-30)


This is a great idea and my grandchildren would love it when they visit.

Carolyn Taylor (Faringdon , 2022-06-30)


I believe this would add value to the available leisure activities for the children of Faringdon. It would encourage children to play outside and be less sedentary.
My daughter is older now, but we would have made great use of this as we often stopped at ghe one in Witney on the way home from orchestra. (We were lucky not to have to rely on public transport).

Anna Gardiner (FARINGDON, 2022-06-30)


It’s a wonderful idea!
It would also hopefully reduce the need for people to buy plastic tat each year in their own gardens.
More community spaces surely equals a better community.

Claire Deakin (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


Environmentally this would be an amazing addition to Faringdon. Less paddling pools in back gardens or accidents in rivers etc.
With the expansion of the town there is nothing for young people to do or places like this for families to gather at. What an amazing addition to our town this would be

Lucy Barton-Evans (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


As a local mother it would be incredible useful to have more facilities for kids in the local area. The town is growing rapidly but many families do not have access to a car, making finding activities difficult. I believe a splash park would be very well used and also draw visitors from the surrounding villages.

Kate Louise (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


Faringdon is a lovely town, but there are so few activity areas for kids and teenagers. This would be a great attraction for residents, as well as bringing people from the surrounding villages to Faringdon more often !

Eleanor Bayley (Faringdon , 2022-06-30)


I have family & friends in Faringdon so I think this is a brilliant idea

Elderfield Hannah (Abingdon, 2022-06-30)


I have 2 kids and I think this is a fantastic idea.

Yulduz Simaitiene (Faringdon , 2022-06-30)


Faringdon needs something for the kids. It is growing so rapidly but there is no infrastructure to support this. The town is dying out and people need a reason to stay

Shannan Harrison (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


I think this is a fab idea!!

Jessica Mildenhall (Uffington , 2022-06-30)


Such a beautiful thing to do so many others can enjoy. We'll done young lady wish you all luck. 😍

Julia Davis (Oxfordshire , 2022-06-30)


There is not a splash park local to us and my children would love this as would many others

Michael King (Clanfield , 2022-06-30)


My 4 year old daughter would love something like this, faringdon needs something else for the children.

Abby Jackson (Oxfordshire , 2022-06-30)


Would be a great addition to the town.

Lisa Redman (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


Im signing because i agree with Lizzie! Faringdon does need a splash park! So many would benefit from it!

Kerry Meaney (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


Faringdon has such a need for an area like this. Whilst the cycle park is amazing for children, none of the parks are particularly great. With 2 infant schools soon to be open, all these new builds this would be a definite benefit for all the children of Faringdon!

Kate Norgrove (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


It is great idea that will bring a lot of joy to the children.

Elena Simeonova (Faringdon , 2022-06-30)


This is exactly what kids in Faringdon and surrounding villages need to keep them entertained during the summer months. I wholly support Lizzie's campaign.

Victoria Fensome (Faringdon, 2022-06-30)


I think thus would be a great addition to Faringdon for the kids

Kelly Howard (Faringdon , 2022-06-30)

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