Support LGBT people at UoR after pro-conversion therapy for trans people talk



I’m a Trans* student myself, and this kind rhetoric is harmful

David Rozental-Devis (St Andrews, 2022-04-28)


I support Trans rights and conversion Therapy is torture and has no place in modern society.
Disgusted that such hatful rhetoric is being given a platform.

Liam Fiddes (Auckland , 2022-04-28)


Conversion therapy is torture and platforming someone who supports it is abhorrent.

Axel Bouchard (Montpellier, 2022-04-28)


Because this shit*****ed up

Tyler Souza (São Paulo , 2022-04-28)


Trans rights are human rights

James Walsh (New York, 2022-04-28)


Trans rights are human rights, and conversion therapy is an exterminationist policy that belongs in the garbage disposal of history — and certainly not a university campus. The University of Reading should be deeply ashamed of giving this person a platform, and it owes its community, the trans community at large, and frankly all of society (in that order) an apology for foisting this person’s vile rhetoric on them and us.

Meave Gallagher (Brooklyn, 2022-04-28)


As the petition states - platforming people who openly wish harm upon others is abhorrent, and should never be tolerated.

Lorcan Bevan Niss (London, 2022-04-28)


We must oppose exterminationist rhetoric for the sake of our trans comrades. If you attack any of us, you will have to face ALL of us.

Daniel Ludwig (El Cajon, 2022-04-28)


I’m signing this petition because I’m against discrimination of any kind.

Ruth Adeniyi (Reading, 2022-04-28)


Fuck TERFs

River Grow (Las Vegas, 2022-04-28)


People should be allowed to live their lives in whatever way they choose as long as, by doing that, they don't stop other people from living their lives.

K G (Saarbrücken, 2022-04-29)


This demeaning talk should not have occurred in the first place. If there is freedom of expression, there is also freedom of criticism.

Isha Sturdevant (Reading, 2022-04-29)


I’m signing this because Reading uni should be a safe space for all students, without fear that while facing and navigating hostility and hate in the outside world they may also have to face it in their own university community.

Daisy Theophilus (Reading, 2022-04-29)


Transphobia isn't a debate, it's just wrong. Giving a platform to transphobia isn't balanced or challenging, it's just supporting the powerful at the expense of the marginalized. Transphobes deserve protection from government censorship like everyone else, but no one is owed a platform, and bigots don't deserve a platform.

This was incredibly irresponsible and casts severe doubt on the judgment of the University of Reading's leadership.

Lexi Bufano (Austin, 2022-04-29)


Conversion abuse is an abhorrent practice, and should never be argued for for anyone.

What does it say of the university's commitment to protect it's LGBTQ+ students if it hosts a talk discussing whether some of them should be allowed to be subject to abuse?

How can any student expect to be listened to if they faced transphobic abuse, when the university openly welcomes people discussing if abuse is okay when it's done to trans people.

Oliver Hood (Billingham , 2022-04-29)


Conversion therapy is torture and torture is evil regardless of the victims age or the so called excuse, it should be condemned by everyone, yet there are lectures explaining why it's okay? Insanity.

Chris Ross (Livingston, 2022-04-29)


Conversation therapy is torture and should be banned no matter what form it takes. Platforming people who spread pro conversion therapy ideal at a university is a slap in the face of what academia stands for.

Oscar Shedwick (Liverpool, 2022-04-29)


Talks that are pro conversion therapy are facilitating homophobic attitudes on a campus that has a large LGBTQ+ community and is is supposed to be forward thinking with focuses on equality.

Shannon Dunn (Reading , 2022-04-29)


I do not support pro-conversion therapy

Kai Davis (Reading , 2022-04-29)


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Nina Moineaux (Paris, 2022-04-30)


Trans rights are human rights. Conversion therapy doesn’t work, and anyone who advocates for it has absolutely 0 credibility. Platforming the idea that there is any positive outcome to conversion therapy in any form is regressive and dangerous and is going to lead to more harm being levied against people who are already marginalized and having their rights threatened and it’s highly irresponsible

Elijah Konrad (Edmonton, 2022-04-30)


As a UoR alumni I am horrified and disgusted it would play host to such a vile event.

Peter Magee (Reading, 2022-04-30)


I am signing because as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist I consider it a crime to force anybody’s inner self into a shape of my anyone else’s choosing.
The essential self is and must remain sacrosanct and protected from intrusion from those who think they have a right to harmful manipulation, the opposite of the therapeutic stance.

Elke Amus (Reading, 2022-05-01)


I should think it obvious that in a society that is all about equality and inclusivity a university would put their young people at risk of being inculcated in these kind of views.

Chris Waters (Reading, 2022-05-01)


Transphobic speakers should not be given a platform to talk, especially at a uni, and especially if they won't make it an open lecture open for debate and challenges

Maddie Atkinson (Reading, 2022-05-02)


I've watched my trans friends who are also students at Reading suffer at the hands of these vile people and their beliefs for too long. These lecturers are a stain on the community and provide evidence for a lot of deep-rooted prejudice within educational institutions.

Kia Shackleton (Reading , 2022-05-02)


This talk was repulsive transphobia disguised as “academic discussion”. Actual free discussion would have included an open invitation, encouragement to challenge the ideas presented, and adherence to the code of conduct that protects the well-being of students. This cannot be allowed to happen again.

Alannah Moody (Reading, 2022-05-02)


It is disgusting that an institution platformed someone who is pro conversion therapy and it's ashaming that I am in attendance at university that did so

Kaysey Weller (Bracknell, 2022-05-06)


Conversion therapy does not work and is only used by bigots and closet cases

Jakey Miller (Cumbria, 2022-05-13)


I'm signing to protect the rights of my trans sisters and brothers.

Katherine Gogerty (MINNEAPOLIS, 2022-05-22)


we matter.

marley jude (mechanicsville , 2022-05-26)


this is a disgusting display of discrimination. plain as day they want us dead.

Athena Ballantyne (Preston, 2022-08-16)

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