Cut Russia off SWIFT



Im ukrainian

Dominika Pasternak (Antwerpen , 2022-02-26)


Because people are dying, it’s the least you can do!!!please help!!!

Sofiia Ternovyk (Klaipeda , 2022-02-26)


Because my country (Ukraine) is in danger.

Dzvenyslava Milchevych (Budapest , 2022-02-26)


It’s a f* war on Ukraine!! Stop Russia!

Olha Kozlenko (Prague, 2022-02-26)


Because my country Ukraine is suffering, innocent people are dying!

Tetiana Pavlus (Kyiv, 2022-02-26)


Ukraine is my country, it deserves PEACE and Russian MUST BE PUNISHED!!!!

Solomiia Sender (Warsaw , 2022-02-26)


russian aggression against Ukraine

Таня Кравчук (Яворів, 2022-02-26)


I want to stop war in Ukraine. Stop Russia!

Olga Nel (Kyiv, 2022-02-26)


Russia is an aggressor and has to be responsible for its actions against the peaceful country - Ukraine! I beg you to do block them from swift! Hungary, it’s the most important right now!

Victoria Lishchuk (Lutsk , 2022-02-26)


I want the exclusion of Russia from the international payment system SWIFT.

Iryna Harashchuk (Yavoriv , 2022-02-26)


Cuz Hungary gotta take action now!

Anhelina Babych (Łódź , 2022-02-26)


We have to stop this war

Iryna Klymuk (Lublin, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because it has direct effect on my country’s future. Ukraine is currently being invaded by the world’s worst tyrant. Action needs to be taken. The USA, Germany, Italy and Cyprus confirmed that they support the decision to cut SWIFT from Russia. Now it is up to Hungary.
If you think the war does not concern Hungary, just remember that in case Ukraine gets fully invaded, Russia will share borders with Hungary and it will pose a constant threat and fear just like it did to Ukraine for literal centuries.

Inna Malyshevska (Chernivtsi, 2022-02-26)


My homeland and my nation are being bombed and destroyed. Putin must be stopped

Alyona Kryvosheienko (Verkhnodniprovsk, 2022-02-26)


I’m Russian and I don’t want this war.

Sofiia Mamedova (Klaipeda, 2022-02-26)


Путиняку на гілляку

Anastasiia Ivankova (Odesa, 2022-02-26)


This user promotes Russian terrorism in the time when the Kremlin invades Ukraine

Кімак Діана (Klaipeda, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because I want peace for our Motherland

Lesia Sobchenko (Kyiv , 2022-02-26)


I am Ukrainian and don’t want my country suffer from aggression! To save lives!

Yuliana Bamburova (Yavoriv, 2022-02-26)


Russia needs to withdraw their troops and stop this meaningless war, cutting swift might help do this

Daniel Ewais (Lviv, 2022-02-26)



Sophia Kozlovska (Klaipeda, 2022-02-26)


I am Ukrainian

Iryna Boiko (Strasbourg , 2022-02-26)


Russia has invaded Ukraine and has attacked civilians!!!!

Sofiya Lyn (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Putin actions are against human rights, peace and is destroying a SOVEREIGN and INDEPENDENT country.
A full scale invasion, with military attacks is occurring - and yet Russian media & government are saying they are not attacking. Wtf?!
We need to stop this gross negligence of human rights, and the most important is still the safety and well being of the Ukrainians- we need to support them more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Hesse (Frankfurt , 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because I am Ukrainian and Russia is killing my family and friends while the whole world is doing nothing. Ukraine is fighting fearlessly, but Hungary needs to understand that if they don’t help to stop Russia - they might be the next ones to suffer from them!

Yelyzaveta Mateshuk (Budapest, 2022-02-26)


My country is in war

Андрій Журба (Kremenchuk, 2022-02-26)


Stop Russian. Stop war in Ukrainian houses.

Оксана Іжевська (Броди, 2022-02-26)


I’m Ukrainian!!!!

Ірина Турба (Yavoriv, 2022-02-26)


no war in Ukraine

Andriy Pasternak (Peremyshl, 2022-02-26)


I am a Ukrainian who doesn't want to allow Putin and Russia destroy Ukraine and provide Putin's regimen! I want my country and my family and friends to be free!

Olha Liashenko (Madrid, 2022-02-26)


I want to help Ukraine, I’m Ukrainian, just words don’t work, we need to cut Russia off SWIFT!

Dunayeva Polina (Praha , 2022-02-26)


I want to stop war

Mariia Viushyn (Ternopil, 2022-02-26)


MAKE PUTIN STOP. Ukrainian children are dying!

Yulia Moskvytyn (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because we must stop russia

Diana Buno (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Russia has invaded my country, Ukraine, democratic independent country (not as like Russia). Russia kills people and lies! Russians should feel the consequences. Please cut them off SWIFT.

Andrii Liashenko (Madrid, 2022-02-26)


Ukrajnában élek, ez az én hazám. Oroszország és rezsimje az én népem életét veszi el, gyerekek halnak meg. A SWIFT-ről való leválasztás esély a békére. Készen állsz arra, hogy ne csak az ukránok életét vegye ki, hanem a népét is? Biztos vagy benne, hogy nem te leszel a következő? Egész Európa számít rád.

Oksana Терещук (Ternopil , 2022-02-26)


Cut off SWIFT

Volodymy Hunkalo (Yavoriv, 2022-02-26)


I am Ukrainian and right now my relatives and friends are in danger because of the war in my home country.

Anna Rusalkina (Siena, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing this petition to stop Russian agression.

Olha Vakula (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2022-02-26)


I'm signing this petition to stop Russian aggression.

Volodymyr Vakula (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2022-02-26)


Ukraine is in danger

Іринка Фарина (Surbiton, 2022-02-26)


Because Ukraine needs Russia to be cut off of SWIFT. Every strict measure has to be taken against Russia. This country started war in my country and has to be punished!

Yaroslava Napykhanko (Lviv, 2022-02-26)



Катерина Свідрик (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


To help save my country

Volodymyr Kasaraba (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Say No war!!!!

Андрій Гайдар (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


War in Ukraine

Yaroslav Fedoryshyn (Zaporizhia , 2022-02-26)


I‘m signing becase Russia kill Ukrainian people and it’s the one way to stop Russia

Zoryana Tsytsk (Wittmund , 2022-02-26)


Порібно нарешті зробити важливий крок, а країнам, які обіцяли свою допомогу нам, врешті решт показати це діями, а не словами. Російські окупанти вже нищать будинки мирних жителів, необіхдно діяти зараз!!!

Christina Mashchak (Chervonograd , 2022-02-26)


We have war

Svitlana Kovalenko (Kyiv , 2022-02-26)


We need help to protect ourselves from Russia
Otherwise EU will be the next if you don’t help us

Наталія Галичанка (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Because it will help stop the war in Ukraine

Daryna Yeleva (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


I’m from Ukraine and I want a peace in my country! Please help us! Block the SWIFT for Russia, this is one of the things you can to all Ukrainian families, that want home, that want peace! Please!!

Kateryna Pasiukova (Prague, 2022-02-26)


Because Russia invaded in Ukraine and kill peaceful people

Ілля Онищук (Ternopil, 2022-02-26)


If you won’t help then russia will be in your house tomorrow and you will die

Bohdana Bondarenko (Stryi, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because my country need help!

Анна Шишута (Lutsk, 2022-02-26)


Russia is spreading violence and deaths in my country

Maks Bas (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Because Russia attacks my country!!! People are dying!!!!!

Анастасія Лахманюк (Львів, 2022-02-26)


I’m signing because my country where my family and I live had been ILLEGALLY invaded by Russia! And I will do anything which is in my power to stop this craziness!

Novikova Anastasia (Zaporozhye, 2022-02-26)


My country is at war

Lada Kuriacha (Zhytomyr , 2022-02-26)


I want to sign the petition

Yevheniia Romaniuk (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


Ukrajnában élek, ez az én hazám. Oroszország és rezsimje az én népem életét veszi el, gyerekek halnak meg. A SWIFT-ről való leválasztás esély a békére. Készen állsz arra, hogy ne csak az ukránok életét vegye ki, hanem a népét is? Biztos vagy benne, hogy nem te leszel a következő? Egész Európa számít rád.

Litvinyuk Petrovna (Lviv, 2022-02-26)


To protect Ukraine and the whole world from Russia

Alina Lytvyn (Brno, 2022-02-26)


Я не хочу продовження війни

Андрій Золотник (Тернопіль , 2022-02-26)

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