Boston College COVID-19 Booster Mandate



BC Parent

Sara Slattery, MD (Haverford, 2022-01-03)


BC Parent, CSOM '93 and member of the Boston College Parent’s Leadership Council

Robert Hymans (Wyckoff, NJ, 2022-01-03)



Carol Skogstrom (mashpee, 2022-01-03)


BC Parent

Colleen Lynn (Atlanta, 2022-01-03)


Parent of 2 BC students.

Elizabeth Cursio (Larchmont, 2022-01-03)


BC Parent

Christa Hymans (Wyckoff, 2022-01-03)


BC Student Class of 2023

Lucas Morizio (Garden City, 2022-01-03)


Parent & A&S 1993

Molly Hamilton (Potomac, 2022-01-03)


BC parent

Beth Fitzgerald (Massapequa , 2022-01-03)


I’m signing because science doesn’t support safety / efficacy of the booster. And mandating booster is illegal.

Kim Savage (Dallas , 2022-01-03)


BC Parent Class of 2025

Hooman Noorchashm (Yardley, 2022-01-03)


I am a Registered Nurse and a parent of a BC student. I am vehemently opposed to the tyrannical vaccine booster mandates.

Stephanie Grimes, RN (Sleepy Hollow , 2022-01-03)


I am a BC parent

Janice Klettner (South Salem, NY, 2022-01-03)


I am a BC parent.

Cathy Connolly (Stamford , 2022-01-03)


I believe BC can do better

Hanna Butler (Boston, MA, 2022-01-03)


BC parent

E Morizio (Garden City, 2022-01-03)


Boston College Parent

Valerie Morizio (Garden City, 2022-01-03)


BC parent

Mary King (Barrington, IL, 2022-01-03)


Concerned BC parent over the safety of this product

Carol Malloy (Dover, 2022-01-03)


It is unconstitutional, illegal and immoral to mandate a vaccine that is under emergency use authorization. Our children are not guinea pigs!

Noel Ashekian (Norwell, 2022-01-03)



Eileen Gordon (Mansfield, 2022-01-03)


Prospective student

Renee Armstrong (Dover , 2022-01-03)


In addition to the 4 exemptions recited, students with medical exemptions to the vaccine should be exempted from the booster requirements whether or not they have been previously vaccinated.

George Skogstrom (Mashpee, 2022-01-03)


Perspective student

Anna Chan (Dover, 2022-01-03)


Where there is a risk there just be a choice.

Chelle Subber (Sherborn, 2022-01-03)


I’m a concerned parent.

Tonia Whitton (Edwards , 2022-01-03)


I am opposed to any vaccine mandate. As a Catholic, I know it is unethical, even evil to mandate this. It is also in direct opposition to the statement from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith #5 states,
“ At the same time, practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary. In any case, from the ethical point of view, the morality of vaccination depends not only on the duty to protect one's own health, but also on the duty to pursue the common good. In the absence of other means to stop or even prevent the epidemic, the common good may recommend vaccination, especially to protect the weakest and most exposed. Those who, however, for reasons of conscience, refuse vaccines produced with cell lines from aborted fetuses, must do their utmost to avoid, by other prophylactic means and appropriate behavior, becoming vehicles for the transmission of the infectious agent. In particular, they must avoid any risk to the health of those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, and who are the most vulnerable.”

Boston College is overstepping AMS going against church directives. This is abhorrent.

Anne Smith (York, 2022-01-03)


I’m signing because Boston College is a catholic university, or so it claims to be… Yet it is trying to mandate a vax that was created with the use of aborted tissue. Completely against catholic teachings. Not to mention the how ridiculous it is to mandate a medical procedure for an illness with a 99% survival chance.

Peter Smith (York, 2022-01-03)


The vaccine trails contained collecting kidney specimen from aborted babies

Caroline Colarusso (Stoneham, 2022-01-03)


I attended BC and if I was a current student I would be fighting the mandate as well.

Carley Ryan (Carver, 2022-01-03)


BC Parent
My child is, by definition, fully vaccinated. An additional booster, especially one not specific for the current (omicron) strain, is deemed by our family to be unnecessary. If she gets omicron as a healthy young adult, her course will most likely be milder than the influenza she had this fall. Additionally, she would have naturally-acquired immunity to this evolving virus. The spike protein vaccines have real risks of cardiomyopathy and thrombocytopenia, whereas the J&J vaccine has a risk of emboli. We are not willing to risk these for a booster that doesn’t prevent disease that would likely be mild anyway. BC, please allow families/students the opportunity to make their own health decisions.

Krishna Schmidt (Overland Park, KS, 2022-01-03)


BC '86 and parent.

Patricia Hamilton (Baltimore, 2022-01-03)


I oppose mandatory boosters especially for young healthy people. There is a growing body of research with clear findings and data demonstrating the danger of overstimulating the immune system, as well as the risk of myocarditis and other side effects, which are far greater risk than the threat of covid. Also the most vaccinated countries and cities, ie Israel, are experiencing the largest number of cases. So clearly the vaccine is not preventing infection.

Denise Wilson (East Hampton , 2022-01-04)


BC '82 and parent

Michele Bowery (Walpole, 2022-01-04)


I am a BC parent.

Joseph Klettner (South Salem, NY, 2022-01-04)


Vaccines over stimulate the immune system. Naturally one can only catch the same respiratory illness 12-18 months after initial infection. Vaccinating more than once a year will lead to extreme over stimulation of the immune system which may have long term health consequences.

Sally Markham (Florida , 2022-01-04)


I am a concerned BC parent.

Georgia Bruni (Berkeley , 2022-01-04)


I am signing because I am against the booster shot for our children. The booster poses more risk than covid. It is not proven to reduce covid complications and certainly does not prevent covid.

Lizette Warren (Atlanta, 2022-01-04)


Concerned BC Parent ‘24 & ‘26

Carol Lilley (Berwyn , 2022-01-04)


I am writing as a concerned parent who is well-versed in the data and science that clearly shows the risks outweigh the benefits of booster shots for college age adults.

Scott Wilson (New York, 2022-01-04)


Parent of 2 students, 1991 graduate

Sara Utsch (Atlanta, 2022-01-04)


BC Parent

Brendan Coppinger (Lunenburg, 2022-01-04)


BC parent

Ivette M Rodriguez RPh (Miami, 2022-01-04)


BC parent

María Coppinger (Lunenburg , 2022-01-04)


My son attends BC-Class 2025. Justice shall prevail.

Catherine Raith (Springfield , 2022-01-04)


Vaccinated people still get Covid.

Brian Tully (Garden City , 2022-01-04)


I’m a concerned parent of a child of the class of 2025 and I cannot stand by and watch my child be abused by the chopsticks shoved up their nose. On another note, the booster cannot stand. We will win!

Laura Scalise (Walpole, 2022-01-04)


My daughter is a sophomore, vaccine does not work as portrayed, there is no risk reward for young adults to get vaccinated or boosted, risk far outweighs benefits.

Matthew Scherr (Miami, 2022-01-04)


I’m signing as a parent of two current BC students who have had Covid and the vaccine

Danielle Albro (Kingwood, 2022-01-04)


My children are fully vaccinated, one with a booster, and contracted COVID this past week. The booster doesn’t seem to work and they now have natural immunity. Immunity is science.

Laura Knapp (Cumming , 2022-01-04)


BC Alum '85 and parent of current student

Deborah Flint (Amsterdam, 2022-01-04)


This is America. Land of the free.

Arthur Frazier (Aiea, 2022-01-04)


The covid Vaccines are proven to not be as effective as once believed to be and with unknown risks for these children it shouldn’t be mandated…

Julia Grimes (Garden city , 2022-01-04)


My daughter, who is healthy as of this moment, has had heart arrhythmia and accelerated heart rate issues which could be complicated or, God forbid, exacerbated with any booster/vaccine which does not have long-term study results on patients with her condition. I am whole-heartedly against any unnecessary procedure performed on any of my family members which does not have valid, scientific, published backing from the medical community.

Cathy Madalo (Murrieta, 2022-01-04)


I am a grandparent of a BC student and don’t believe the students should have endless covid 19 vaccines

Velma Markham (Durban , 2022-01-04)


I’m signing because my son would like to attend BC

Suzanne Stevens (Killingworth, 2022-01-04)


BC parent

Joseph Flint (Amsterdam, 2022-01-04)


It is truly remarkable that in year 2022 parents need to plea for the God-given rights to bodily autonomy for their children. This is an incredibly embarrassing moment in Boston's history. Every student who doesn't want this medical procedure out of medical or religious considerations needs to be left alone to complete their education without coercion and harassment.

Massachusetts Constitution Art. II (1780): It is the right as well as the duty of all men in society, publicly and at stated seasons, to worship the Supreme Being, the great Creator and Preserver of the universe. And no subject shall be hurt, molested, or restrained, in his person, liberty, or estate, for worshipping God in the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience, or for his religious profession or sentiments, provided he doth not disturb the public peace or obstruct others in their religious worship.

Karina Demurchyan (Newton, 2022-01-04)


BC Parent
Against a mandate for an age group that already has a nearly ZERO chance of severe illness or death from Covid, especially since booster does not stop infection or transmission. There is no justification for the mandate, especially with Omicron.

Christa Ferry (Cleveland , 2022-01-04)


Alum and parent

Susan Larocca (Garden City, 2022-01-04)


BC Class of 1991
Parent of BC students 2022, 2024, 2025

Jacqueline Lombardi (East Greenwich, RI, 2022-01-04)


Booster mandates for college aged students are reckless and dangerous in light of most recent myocarditis data from Oxford, Hong Kong, Ontario Public Health, and Kaiser Permanente. Mandating boosters for Covid recovered students does not reduce risk from Covid, but instead adds risk. Mandating EUA vaccines (Comirnaty is version that is approved and is not yet available) is negligent and illegal. Mandating vaccines without providing parents of the myocarditis data denies Informed Consent.

Melissa Kendell (Cadillac, 2022-01-04)


BC alumni who sees this as more harm.than good. The spread of omicron in vaccinated communities shows that mandates do not work. My donations to the school are done should this go through.

James DeRonck (The Woodlands, TX, 2022-01-04)


I am a parent of a BC student.

MARK BALZAROTTI (Basking Ridge, 2022-01-04)


Its not your business !

John Tachin (Rochester , 2022-01-04)


BC concerned parent

Laurie Cassioppi (Lisle, 2022-01-04)


I am a BC grand parent

Mollie Slattery (Palm beach, 2022-01-04)


Boosters arent working and have proven high risks. As soon as one person is seriously injured, collapses playing sports or dies on your school grounds, the lawsuits start and the college effected for life. Live this school. Can’t see that happen. Many students are getting omicron with minor symptoms and have natural immunity.

Rosanna Caira (Newton, MA, 2022-01-04)


It is discrimination to require proof of vaccines
And boosters, this is blatant discrimination!
You are guilty of denying education

Susan Bouthot (Oxford , 2022-01-04)



Deirdre McCaffrey (Greenwich, 2022-01-04)


My niece is goes to school at B C. This is all very disturbing! I pray fir all students at BC and pray for this administration that is not working with God

Maria B Galano-Maughan (Miami, 2022-01-04)


My child goes to a college that is also mandating boosters. I want to help stop the madness.

Anne Bussian (Birmingham, Alabama, 2022-01-04)


I think the booster should be a choice by families.

Nicole Dolan (Essex, 2022-01-04)


I’m a prospective parent

Barbara Corliss (Burlington, 2022-01-04)



David McLean (McLean, 2022-01-04)


No university should mandate anything experimental on young people to attend college. Shame on them.

Aaron Perez (Hendersonville, 2022-01-04)


I am a concerned uncle of a current student.

Edward Balzarotti (New Jersey, 2022-01-04)


Alumni; CSOM ‘88, Parent; ‘24 and ‘26

Michael Lilley (Berwyn, 2022-01-04)


The institutional hubris of this organization is appalling. This is coercion and eventually their true motivation for this mandate will come to light. I have another child in a comparable size school which did not mandate and they had no more or less cases this past fall.

Michael McGee (Arlington, MA, 2022-01-04)


I agree! No more forced medical intervention for Covid-19!

Cassandra Marino (Ojai, 2022-01-04)


Concerned Family Member

Betsy Carlson (Williams Bay , 2022-01-04)


I am sign because my daughter shouldn't be forced to take this particular ineffective vaccine

Antonella Antonacci (dix hills, 2022-01-04)


My son will be continuing his education at Boston college starting this fall.

Anna Dimitratos (Mount Sinai, 2022-01-04)


Mandating someone to take a vaccine that hasn't been well tested is LUDACRIS. Time to STAND up to this garbage.

Gina Sce (Rochester, 2022-01-04)


I'm signing this petition because any student who was vaccinated in accordance with the Boston College COVID vaccine mandate last fall, deserves the right to decide if they want to continue to boost with these vaccines, regardless of whether they've had prior or current COVID infection. There is plenty of evidence that fully vaccinated people (both those with the original two-dose vaccine as well as those boosted with the third dose) can pass COVID onto others and can get COVID breakthrough cases themselves. There is no evidence that has been provided to the students to support and justify further vaccine booster mandates. That said, there should be no instance whereby vaccine boosters are forced on these students and students who choose to forego these vaccine boosters should not be punished with additional testing and masking requirements.

Marisa Yates (Western Springs, 2022-01-04)


Concerned BC grandparent - helping with tuition and possible endowment

Marilyn Ruddy (Dover, 2022-01-04)


The vaccine is dangerous and untested. This makes absolutely. I sense for healthy young men and women. Whoever you force will have field day suing you in the future when the dangerous long term affects are realized.

Donald Byrne (Garden city, 2022-01-04)


I want the mandates to end

Meghan Oleary Rosa (Truckee, 2022-01-04)


Class of 2025

Robert Hymans (Wyckoff, 2022-01-04)



Steve Gordon (Mansfield, 2022-01-04)


All the Covid-19 Vaccines available in the US have been shown, through peer-reviewed studies throughout the world, including the United States, and in official statements by the directors of the CDC and NIH, to not prevent infection or transmission of the Covid-19 virus, and any of its variants.

The unlawful and unethical mandate to force vaccinations upon your staff and students has no rational public health merit. So, why are you doing this?

Samuel Straface (Duxbury, 2022-01-04)


Parent of current student. Agree with this reasonable letter. Concerned over boosters in general and that the risks outweigh the benefits for college-aged students (teen boys in particular), but also over a lack of specific guidance for those currently infected but still apparently expected to get boosted by the early February deadline. How is this blanket mandate appropriate?

Dan McIsaac (Long Valley, 2022-01-04)


Disgusted grandparent of Boston College student. Rethinking endowment - that’s for sure. This is medical tyranny

Raymond Ruddy (Dover, 2022-01-04)


As an alum. I do not believe in mandates. You lost me and my money with BLM

Maureen OLeary (Harwich, 2022-01-04)


I believe in choice and following the actual data. Boosters are not needed to suppress the spread or reduce the severity of Illness in young adults. No data tells us of the risks of boosters in the future.

Carol Jorissen (Clarendon hills, Illinois , 2022-01-04)


Booster shots not not be mandated , it should be a choice

Teresa Rodriguez (Miami, 2022-01-04)

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