Keep west college Scotland nursery open



I'm signing because my son goes to this nursery and they are our lifeline.

Stephanie Mcneil (Greenock, )


This is a great nursery with great staff and helps out nature students with educating their children when their getting education themselves

John Lindsay (Inverclyde, )


It's a vital nursery facility for students at the college.

Lynch Frances (Greenock, )


I'm signing this because my son went to this nursery and it helps with people going to college to have the nursery onsite for their chdren to attend and alot of people couldn't do it without this nursery

Caroline Bain (Greenock, )


This nursery is required by many. The kids attending are used to this nursery and the staff as if the kids have not faced enough disruption

Jaclyn Pearson (Paisley, )


The nursery should be kept open to allow people with kids to keep learning and furthering their careers

Gary Wallace (Greenock , )


This is disgusting James Watt Nursery was the top nursery in all Scottish Colleges

Elizabeth Eaton (Port Glasgow, )


Fantastic facility and very much needed to support the community and students attending west college Scotland

Shannon Carruthers (Greenock , )


My daughter went to this nursery and she enjoyed it and it would be a real lose to the community and also to the students that need the nursery for them to return to further there education that need child care.

Natasha Kincaid (GREENOCK, )


I want to start collage and my 2 year old was going to be going into this nursery

Caitlin Mcintyre (Port Glasgow, )


This is a fantastic nursery which the local community relys on. Taking this service away will massively impact on the life chances of individuals with young children who want to study and secure a career for themselves & their families. All 3 of my children attended this nursery when I was a student. The teaching staff here are supportive not only of the children but that of the mothers & fathers as they have an understanding of student/childcare life struggles. I am now in a fantastic job and can work to support myself and my children, a chance I may not have had if it wasn’t for being able to depend on this service during my student years. I would urge those in charge of making this decision to reconsider.

Amanda Phillips (Greenock , )


This is a fantastic nursery. A huge loss to the community.

Alison McManus (Greenock , )


It's a much needed nursery

Eileen Boyle (Greenock , )


I want to support student that need this service

Claire Campbell (Greenock, )


My daughter was in this nursery fantastic staff x

Pamela Dooley (Greenock, )


I’m signing this because this town is losing so much and we need this nursery for college students with families and the community

Carol Smith (Gourock, )


Great nursery

Lynne McGowan (Greenock, )


My son and a few of his friends, a few years back went to this nursery!
It was an excellent nursery, plenty of good staff and also students learning childcare too, had good placements right there.
Better investment needs done and stop forgetting further education in our town, and students need childcare!

Heather MacBryde (GREENOCK, )


It's been hard e ough these last two yrs for kids they need to maintain some sort of normality and nursery's provide this

Daniel Mcgrath (Greenock, )


This is a fantastic nursery both my kids went to this nursery, my son had speaking problems within 4 weeks in here the difference was unbelievable. Plus the staff have all worked here for years that’s speaks volumes about the work place

Lynette Mcintodh (Inverclyde , )


People will lose out of further education if they cannot use this facility

elizabeth doolan (Inverclyde, )


Fantastic nursery and helps alot of people better themselves

Tracyann Macphail (Greenock, )


I am signing this because this is a fantastic nursery and the staff deserve better
It’s also very well situated in the heart of Greenock

Elizabeth Rodgers (Greenock , )


It’s ridiculous that children are suffering again x

Mary Mitchell (Port Glasgow, )


This is a lifeline for mature students with kids, I used this while I was studying at wcs, and the nursery staff were excellent.

Maeia Reay (Greenock, )


This is pre school education which is needed in inverclyed. If thus closes the council are going against what they say they encourage. ( an 3ducation)

Our children are living in poverty.
Students trying to better themselves use this nursery especially when they don't drive. They want to do better for their children and your answer to this is close it down.
Where does your morals lie.

Nnyl Nosredna (Inverclyde, )


This service is much needed for families with young children and also don’t want the nursery staff to lose their jobs

Ellen Henderson (Greenock, )


This is a vital service especially for parents wanting to return to, or further their education. I used this service for my daughter when I returned to study. It was so convenient and still allowed me to spend lunchtime etc with my daughter. This also alleviated any separation anxiety with my 1st born. The nursery has always been a great place for children to thrive and learn run by the most knowledgeable and caring staff. Losing this facility would be detrimental to the college and its future students.

Jacqueline McNeill (Inverclyde , )


Totally agree would be a loss of vital resource

Jane Sorensen (Greenock , )


Parents have the right to learn and also the help that the college gives not everyone has a mother or grandmother willing to look after their child

Christine Lindsay (PORT GLASGOW , )


I'm signing because students need childcare and there aren't always childminders available. Parents also like the idea of having their children nearby in case of emergency.

Kirstene coyne (Port Glasgow, )


This will be a great loss to Greenock and the surrounding area.

Jacqueline Munro (Gourock , )


I have a neice that goes there and it helps take the pressure off

Karen Branwhite (Largs, )


It's a valued resource and needs to stay open

Louise Craig (Greenock, )


Supporting local needed business

Angela McAfee (Port Glasgow, )


It's a valuable asset to the community and needs to stay open u can't shut an educational establishment for children especially one that is linked to the collage giving parent an opportunity to better their lives with further education helping prevent child poverty thats horrific do not remove this service from the community

Rachel Mcguigan (Greenock , )


We are losing to many services that have proved their worth

Linda Oneill (Greenock, )


The college nursery is a life line for so many to take this away could prevent the childs parents from attending further education/work if no other nurseries have availability.

Laura Weston (Greenock , )


This nursery and the staff are fantastic!

Allowing the parents to take courses to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children is amazing!!

Having the support of this nursery is vital when supporting the parents.

My mum managed to get her degree back in 90’s all because this wonderful nursery accepted me 27 years ago.

Stephanie Bellingham (Greenock, )


I am signing because it doesn't make any sense to close a good nursery and not have any facility to take it's place.
I know some of the staff and quite few kids that have or are at the nursery.
What would happen to students that rely on the nursery so they can study?
This decision needs turned over.

Angela Bennetr (Greenock, )


Inverclyde deserves and needs to have a nursery within the campus whilst parents study to try and get better jobs.
To many things keep getting taken away from Inverclyde.

Mary Howie (Port Glasgow , )


I'm signing this petition because without the nursery single parent mothers wouldn't be able to attend college, shame on those who decide it must close.

Jacqueline McMeikan (Greenock, )


When I was at college some of the students in my class depended on the nursery so they could get to college. It’s an important establishment for helping students get to college.

Linda Simpson (Skelmorlie , )


This is much needed nursery that allows parents/guardians to continue with their studies. Allowing them to provide a better life for them and their families. Taking this away would be detrimental to the town and families.

julie gorman (Port Glasgow, )


The parents in the community and attending the college rely on this excellent facility to enable them to continue education and employment. It is a vital resource.

Barbara Glancy (Greenock, )


My daughter attended this nursery and the care was second to none! Such a fantastic nursery with lovey staff.

Julie Mckee (Greenock, )


It is used by many and helps young mums go back to college to learn

Frances Williams (Greenock, )


People and there families will be massively effected by this asinine decision and it needs to be re-considered.

Sean Nelis (Gourock, )


It’s a huge part of our community to help
Parents gain an education.

Pauline Kelly (Greenock, )


This is a vital service for people who have children and would like to go back into further education. It has to be accessible to remain a service for parents and carers.

Kirsty McGregor Burns (Port Glasgow , )


My daughter attended this great nursery while I was a student at the college, it is a vital lifeline to many people, knowing their child can be looked after while they further their education.

Lesley McIntyre (Greenock, )


The nursery is required for families of staff, students and the wider community.

Clark Alison (Wemyss Bay, )


This nursery is needed. The lack of nurseries in Greenock is a disgrace

Jennifer Gallagher (Greenock , )


It's a brilliant nursery and mothers, especially who go to college need to drop there kids off

angela hair (Greenock, )


Is a great nursery also helps carers and parents further there career and not have the hassle of a nursery run.

Nicola Glancy (Greenock, )


Every child needs a nursery mear their area …

Luke Lewis (Greenock, )


Parents need this nursery to help with there furture in education it is so convient & within a great location

Fiona Taylor (Greenock, )


It needs to stay open as children and parents need the facility

Jackie Munro (Greenock, )


The people of inverclyde need this service we have lost so much over the years.

Georgie Mccracken (Inverclyde , )


This is a much needed resource for parents. Losing this will have a devastating effect on many families

Margaret McGowan (Port Glasgow , )


I plan on returning to further education once my little girl is old enough for the nursery (she’s 20m) so wouldn’t be much longer

Aden Snow (Greenock, )


This is a much valued service and a lot of people rely on this facility

Catherine Mcgregor by (Greenock, )


I’m signing this because I’d have never got the qualifications that I did without the help and support from the nursery.

Roseanne Murdoch (Inverclyde , )


I couldn’t have achieved the level of education I have were it not for the staff at West College Nursery. They not only provide child care but facilitated in the onerous process of having my child diagnosed with Autism. It is impossible to overstate the support myself and my child received.
Without this nursery, potentially hundreds of families will be forced onto Universal Credit with few job prospects, and an even greater number of children will be forced into poverty at a time when that is horribly prevalent in Scotland.

Dannella Carr (Inverclyde, )


My daughter was on the nursery when I was studying at the college

Fiona McCallion (Greenock, )


I believe this nursery should not be closed

Wendy Craig (Greenock , )


I have friends and family who do and will benefit from this nursery

Lauryn Hamilton (Greenock, )


I’m signing because my youngest daughter attended this nursery several years ago and it was fantastic. She loved her time there and the staff were so great. She came on leaps and bounds. For me, staff were welcoming and supported me going back to education.

Rebekah Davidson (Greenock, )


I have used this facility many years ago and it it a much needed service especially in this area with such deprivation.

Catherine Livingstone (Port Glasgow, )


My little girl was in this nursery and absolutely loved it fantastic place and amazing staff.

Jade Morrison (Greenock, )

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