Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



He is taking always people choice, to be healthy, to be good, to be free.

John Evans (Busselton , )


I am signing this because McGowan is drunk on power and decisions are irrational and not based on science. He is out of sync with the rest of the Australia

Lukas Bronkhorst (Dawesville, )


The whole government is a corrupt corporate entity and Mcclown has been paid off and sold out all of the people of WA!!! Shame on you!!! and go suck a bag of dicks!!!

Mat Armstrong (Perth , )


mark mcgowan is ruining peoples lives, destroying business, absolutely disgusting

Steven walford (perth, )


I'm signing because not only were we forced to get the jab plus now the booster, plus having to provide proof of vaccination, which is a blatant invasion of privacy but to add insult to injury, Mark Mcgowan posts on Facebook "don't be a deadbeat when asked for proof".

Valerie Wust (spearwood, )


The vaccines DO NOT WORK. My family friends are triple vaxxed and STILL suffered from the corona. There are no grounds for this level of control ever especially when the vaccines are giving people myocarditis and yes this has been confirmed by doctors so fuck off with your rules that insist apon our freedoms being removed to keep everyone safe, it’s bullshit.

Jessica Strong (Googong, )


Simple...he needs to go just like all the other premiers. He reminds me of a certain German leader many decades ago....

Farah Bokhari (Kalgoorlie , )


He is elected by the people and is supposed to work for the people. He has totally disregarded and decided the people of WA. He is operating outside of his legal bounds with his unlawful dividing mandates.

Anthony Smith (Perth, )


He 'Acting' premier and in breech of the constitution, his employment conditions

Jurgen Wulf (Warnbro, )


Fuck McGowan

Bailey Moke (Perth, )


I'm defending my civil rights

Maria Iacono (Success, )


I would like freedom of choice for the COVID vaccine

Paul Andrijasevich (Perth , )


I BELIEVE that the ABSOLUTE authority and power given to this premier is beyond any thing in WA history.
There should all ways be a vigour debate and critical analysis from an opposition party or Independents, who represent the citizens and residents of WA

Fiona MCKENZIE-Brown (Mandurah, )


Medical decisions should always be in the hands of the individual.
The vaccine mandates are crippling business. They are causing insane levels of anxiety and depression within the community. Fear of job loss, adverse reaction (which is a very real and reasonable fear), judgement and isolation is leading people into terrible mental health.
And for nothing. These vaccines do NOT offer immunity. They may provide a reduction in symptoms, but a drug which imparts some benefit is usually known as a medicine NOT a vaccination.
We don't force cancer patients to take chemo. We don't force people with high cholesterol to take statins. We don't force people to do these things because it is their own decision to make.
Mark McGowan has been focused on creating division and control within the WA community. It is cruel. It is unjustified and it is wrong.

Julie Smith (Como, )


Mark McGowan has over stepped his authority and his bullying and harassment is not lawful

Craig Olston (Perth , )


I am so sick of his power trip!!!

Cheryl Simpson (Perth, )


This guy is bonkers needs to go

Matthew Quinn (Perth, )


Mandates and vaxs being forced upon innocent hard working people.

Tammy Taylor (Perth , )


The man has lost the plot, tyrannical dictator, ignoring scientific advice and making up the rules as he goes along, abusing the powers of the police to enforce his unconstitutional dictates. Man is not a man of the people or for the people, he is a disgrace to the office he holds!

Gary Donaldson (Coondle, )


Stop the mandate
Let us work

Mandee Best (Rockingham Perth, )


Mark McGowan seems to be ignoring some crucial medical facts.

Tracey Donovan (Perth, )


This man is evil.

Jeremy Foster (Canning Vale, )


I agree with all of the above, and because a totalitarianism gov/way of living is wrong. Medical procedures should be choice. The science does not support mandatory vaccine use. I want my freedom back, fir me, for my family and fir every human. Human rights have been breached.

Katrina TeHemara (Bunbury, )


I’m apposed to the mandates. Threatening peoples livelihoods and social liberties is unacceptable.

Scott Maloney (Perth, )


Illogical and I’ll conceived control of WA people , businesses , visitors and sports persons in a manner void of any common sense. Destroying lives , businesses and livelihoods in a dictatorial manner and gloating at his perceived success.

Ian Palmer (Perth, )


Don’t agree with McGowans decisions and mandates

Leigh Smith (South yunderup , )


He has been so focused on covid zero he has neglected any of his political promises. By shutting borders it has skyrocketed the prices of bricks and a shortage of workers, stalling production and costing small and large business owners alike.

Rhian Murray (Perth, )


Mark McGowan is overreaching power's he doesn't have. He isn't even a duly sworn parliamentarian. WA gave it's powers back to the federal government in 2001. Remove him now.

Laona Mullings (Perth, )


My body my choice no to communism

Steven Power (Perth, )


The premier needs to be removed for many reasons. Acouple examples is, he is destroying small businesses and for violating peoples rights, liberty's and freedom's.

Umit Saylamis (Perth, )


I feel mr maogowan does not have the best interests at heart of the people of WA

Morris Sean (Secret Harbour, )


This man is out of control! Hes destroying so many peoples lives

Lucy Grace (Perth, )


The manadates are out of control, so much suffering and heartache cause by forced vaccinations which simply do not work and cause more harm than good. And next, the kids, this man is obviously in phizers pockets...... like many others.

Nick Horton (Asot, )


I don’t believe in conventional medicine
I find this mandate of a pharmaceutical drug to keep or get a job highly offensive
I have had to leave my long term career due to it
This government needs to go especially all the premier of WA
What a waste of taxpayers money

Alana Raven (Cowaramup , )


Our current government are taking away free choice. The control that is happening is similar to Nazi Germany. It was wrong then, it is wrong now.

Karen Agnew (Narrogin , )


We need to stop the mandates and forced medical discrimination

Kristy Sumich (Applecross, )


Freedom of choice

Zoe Llewellin (Perth, )


McGowan is a Servant of the People. He and his beauracrats have No Authority over We the People.

Steven Mccann (Marian, )


The above statement is spot on!

Kevin Anderson (Bunbury , )


The Australian and West Australian Governments have committed crimes against the Australian people by denying human rights, violating the Nuremberg Code and Australian laws by coercing citizens to receive experimental injections for which the government and manufacturers are not liable for subsequent deaths and injuries.

Amy McDowall (Perth , )


This tyrant has no right to mandate a medical procedure for anyone but himself! He is unhinged and needs to go. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes our duty!

Chantelle Stewart (Padbury, )


Lies lies and more lies
There is mass propaganda by msm
True debate by medical experts is denied. The pcr test according to the CDC can't tell the difference between flu c19, live or dead viruses
Massive false positives ,to my knowledge cv17 virus has never been isolated ,massive side effects of an untested vaccine including multiple thousands deaths worldwide far higher than the supposed deaths from covid which was massively exaggerated flu virtually died now he's introduced medical appartied denieing people the ability to associate and have fun It's time for him to go!

Robert Morris (Rockingham , )


These politicians are corrupt and working outside of our constitution.

Stuart Lambert (Parkerville, )


No one should be losing their rights to work and move about freely. I am disgusted by these illegal mandates. Robbing people of their livelihood.

Catherine Shovlin (Perth, )


I am opposed to mandatory vaccination and segregation based on vaccination

Ellen Weetman (Bunbury , )


I believe McGowan has acted against the best interests of Western Australians and has forced peoplle to undergo a medical experiment to keep their jobs.

Bruce Commins (Australind, )


It's a disgrace what McGowan is doing to the state of WA we should never had lock downs and wearing masks is ludicrous. The last straw now he's going after our children from 5 upwards he said front the beginning that children were exempt from vaccination just another lying politician. Bye bye McGowan

susan ballard (Perth, )



Darren Thomas (Perth, )


I will not have a job because he is pushing vaccines that will kill people

Stephen Lyden (Perth, )


This is nothing to do w

Westphal Warren (Oakford, )


McGowan is not working for the people he represents he has become a tyrannical dictator hell bent on abusing his power by constantly extending the emergency law that were put in place there no long required and he needs to step down for abuse of power

Mike Kannis (Perth , )


Medical malpractice in ignoring cheap and effective prophylaxis for Covid-19
Allowing un trialled experimental vaccines on West Australians
Extremely poor handling of our health system
Neglecting the needs of Western Australians desire to be with loved ones
Unnecessary and illegal border closures
Putting overseas big Pharmas ahead of Western Australians
Vaccine mandates on the workplace
Unnecessary and useless mask mandates
Unnecessary and useless lockdowns
Targeting and persecuting Western Australians for their own health choices
Etc. etc

Anthony Matthews (Perth, )


I do not agree with McGowan’s vaccine mandates and segregation of society. What will he do next? Where will he draw the line?

Deborah Pettit (Perth , )


Coerced medical treatments are illegal under Commonwealth, Constitutional and International law. Especially when regarding children, and it is known beforehand that some deaths will occur, these are war crimes, and should be punished with the utmost severity.

John Lock (Parmelia, )


The mandates are not lawful and he has overstepped his powers, completely ignoring the bill of rights and the constitution, he is breach of several sections of the constitution and needs to be held to account and trialed

Richie Ray (Mandurah , )


No jab no job totally unreal .we have choices rights and freedom..
I lost my job after 31 years because i wont take there poison

Canning Roy (Perth, )


these mandates need to be stopped i have know job and will lose my house

madaffari alessio (perth, )


There is no pandemic and we the people know you’ve been bought.

Sarah Brookes (Bibra Lake, )


Mandates are unaustralian its up to the individual if they want to be vaccinated

Reece Francis (Perth, )


It’s an absolute atrocity what he’s dictating & trying to enforce.

Michelle Kensit (Perth , )


This has gone beyond serious. This needs to stop.

Peter Hansen (Butler, )


I don't see the point of getting All the shots if I carnt enjoy freedom to travel

Dorinda Barron (Beachlands , )


Tyranny will not be supported at the expense of the people he serves.

Nick Trutwein (Perth, )


The Premier's body language has changed drastically since March. He is arrogant and becoming more and more aggressive. He abuses people verbally and is killing WA with his mandates.

Andrew Patterson (Perth, )


The government is operating outside of their legal parameters and have thrown out the Australian Constitution. They all need to be arrested and held to account for crimes against humanity after the money trails are exposed in full.

Lyn Bayakly (Perth, )


Because Mc Gowan is an evil human rights abuser

Andreas Witt (Calista, )


He needs to go, enough is enough of this segregation he has created.

Brooke Weise (Perth, )


He is abusing his power

Jeffrey Weaver (Australind, )


The Premier has overreached and is dividing the community, among many other issues.
The Premier is no longer fit for the role!

Tim Elliott (Perth, )


I agree with the above and getting rid of him, or taking him down a peg or two so he comes back to down to reality.

Rebecca Khan (Perth, )


Because of the mandate I can not be at my job. I am healthy, fully fit and fully able to work but can not due to this mandate.

Jonathon Kennington (Stake Hill , )

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