Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



McGowan is a dictator

Paul du Toit (Alkimos, 2022-01-05)


Mark Mcgowan should be removed instantly and completely from parliament and never be allowed a job of position again. He has completely lost the trust of the people, he has ruined business. He has taken jobs from people and put people in a position where they can never work again. He is preventing people feeding their families and keeping a roof over their head. He is enslaving the people and pushing people to take part in an experimental drug trial. This covid situation is not about health it is about control. He is a liar. He needs to be held accountable for his war crimes against the people.

Julie Fieldsend (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I don’t support corruption and coercion.

Mitch Turner (Perth, 2022-01-05)


McGowan is being unethical with his mandate and it’s only to cover his ego.

Louis Els (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Sick and tired of his over inflated ego. He’s trying to cover himself and it’s a useless effort against the unavoidable outcome.

Louis Els (Perth, 2022-01-05)


This world is needing love & compassion more than ever, we need to unite to create no more violation & discrimination of individuals. It's our birth right the choices of how we live life & many people are taking this right to their head rather their heart. It's enough no more illegal RAPING of our basic life rights & all our children's future. Enough is enough...
I was born with rights of how my body & mind & life should be treated & I had children knowing this...these demands & new decisions that someone can do what ever they want to me , body mind & life & my children's is officialy RAPE. These power driven people that are meant to be working for our benefit have lost their way & are not standing for equality, acceptance & inderstanding which is the only way nature & humans are meant to have. It's time for a love filled change not a hate filled takeover.

Veronica Galipo (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Vaccinations should never be mandated.

Colleen Christie (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He has to go.. no scientific confirmation of the spread or the Vaccine ability to stop transmission
Costing business and people's lively hood ..

David Bennie (Mandurah, 2022-01-05)


I have lost my freedom of choice, and my job

Mahlia Neville (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Stop the mandates and the lies about the unvaxed backpacker.

Guy Bell (Forrestfield, 2022-01-05)


Totally agree with what is stated and we also do not believe that a flu/cold warrants the destruction of small businesses.
There is a bigger issue here that of our constitution and the fact he is following orders from the UN and not our Federal state!!!

D and E Chilcott (Perth , 2022-01-05)


I'm signing because I'm oppossed to medical mandates and restrictions on freedom of movement

Gary Marks (Perth , 2022-01-05)


I’m signing because I hate mark McGowan and any politician that has the same agenda as him

Gaze Glassie (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He’s bullying the public into a medical trial which is against the Nuremberg code and its causing fear, suicide, mental health and the list goes on.
He a psychopath and needs to be in Graylands mental hospital!!

Jacqui Chiplin (Perth , 2022-01-05)


Thousands of lives have been ruined by losing our jobs over a virus with 99.8% recovery rate & unnaproved trial vaccines that are maiming & killing young & healthy people. Natural immunity has been shown by many studies to be far superior

Melinda Botteon (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I am not in agreence with Marks lockdowns,masking watering enforcement's and the changing in goal posts of the jab.

Joanna Ryan (Rockingham, 2022-01-05)


For the coercion and breach of fundamental human rights! He has cost the wa people their jobs, there freedom and their health!!

Shannon Pelham (Cowaramup , 2022-01-05)


I am worried for the future of Australia and our children’s future. Government leaders are to support and serve the people, not commit crimes against humanity and corruption. The people have had enough! No more lies and Treason.

Stephanie Devlin (Mandurah , 2022-01-05)


I am potentially going to lose my job because i refused to be vacinated, even though there is no proof that vaccinated people are less able to spread COVID

Alicea Hall (Beeliar, 2022-01-05)


This premier has overstepped his role and must be removed asap.

Raegan Rumbold (Perth, 2022-01-05)


This premier needs to go. We have lost our livelihoods with no prospects of gaining employment. Some will lose their homes and families are falling apart. We need to say no to face masks and all other illegal directions from this Government. Divide and conquer is what is happening here with jabbed and unjabbed. If we want to get back to some kind of normal, we need to stand together and just say no more!

Shona Gourlay (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Im sighing for all West Australian freedom

Grant Reader (Albany , 2022-01-05)


Yes he should be..

Ross Devlin (HALLS HEAD, 2022-01-05)


I'm completely over this!!! To be jabbed a 3rd time when I'm so completely healthy????!!!!! For god's sake.... we are not idiots

Michelle Bond (Wa, 2022-01-05)


The mandates have affected my life, I have lost my job, and my anxiety has increased to the point of frequent panic attacks. My mental health has deteriorated and I feel lucky that I have a support system in place or this man would have another death on his head

Teniele Gabriel (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I am signing because he lies and is power hungry

Alice Boomer (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I am sick of the disgraceful actions of Mark McGowan and his party in discriminating against west Australians who have made a choice over their right to consent to medical procedures and vaccine trials.

Carole Anderton (Mandurah, 2022-01-05)


I want my freedom back.
I want no more ******* lies
I choose what I put in my body

Fatima Forbes (Baldivis, 2022-01-05)


He doesn’t represent the people. He is committing treason. He has destroyed WA.

Kelly Krestas ( Melbourne , 2022-01-05)


Forcing people to take a trail drug or lose their job is criminal.

Brett Mercer (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He's a lier and ruining lifes

Jess Pacey (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I am a healthy person with good immunity it's not up to Mark McGowan or any government to tell me if I should be vaccinated or not especially since this so called vaxx isn't safe if it was the FDA or CDC would have printed ingredients on the safety data sheets for these injection s

Ange Tree (Bunbury, 2022-01-05)


Because he could have stopped the mandates….but chose not to. His choices have had an enormously detrimental effect on hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve lost my job because of him. He’s pure evil, of course he should go.

Patricia Kates (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He is mentally unstable

Jay Comery (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Because I do not believe Mark McGowan is working for the people, he’s creating more division and harm.

Dayan Garcia (Perth , 2022-01-05)


This McClown must go and then be trailed for treason and genocide against the people of Australia. With a public hanging which still stands in our constitution.

Wade Frang (Alice , 2022-01-05)


He's a lying scumbag who has clearly been bought by big pharma. His views are tyrannical and follows fake science that is the vaccine industry. McGowan read "the real Fauci" by JFK jnr

Justin Trigg (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Because I hate the mandates and want my freedoms back.

Chad Carter (Karratha , 2022-01-05)


Dr Robert Malone himself has clearly stated vaccine mandates is not the answer and DO NOT give it to children.

Joe Smith (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowan is not listening to his prime minister. He is drunk on power and is a dictator who is doing a splendid job of dividing people in wa

Elaine McGuire (Mariginiup, 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowen has violated the constitution with the mandates he's implemented. He's suppressed us, disabled us from earning a living & treated us with absolute disregard. His tyrannical approach has impacted our physical, mental & emotional health beyond repair. He is cold, unethical, unapproachable & will not listen to the people of WA!. He does not care & needs to be removed before more damage is done!

Bridget Joyce (WARRENUP, 2022-01-05)


This can't go on

Wayne Harper (Warnbro, 2022-01-05)


Matthew is also wanting to go on the petition but we have the same FB account

Natalie Cresswell (Secret Harbour, 2022-01-05)


I agree mark McGowan needs to step down due to govt coercion on our state

Lisa Morrison (Bunbury , 2022-01-05)


McGowan is behaving like a dictator. He’s ignoring scientific facts about covid and it’s transmission, and ignoring facts about the vaccine and it’s safety and efficacy. Pursuing zero (or close to it) covid is irrational and unrealistic. McGowan is knowingly breaching human rights, the constitution and the Nuremberg code. These mandates are tearing peoples lives and livelihoods apart.

Lorna Watson (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I’m against the mandates.

Rosemary Morgan (Western Australian , 2022-01-05)


Foolish premier destroying peoples lifes buy using pathetic vaxx mandates and not offering therapeutic alternatives or testing ..may u rot in hell

Angus Mckiggan (Karridale, 2022-01-05)


The government has banned cheap and effective treatments for Covid at the behest of big Pharma. They are also covering up the harmful side effects of the experimental jab. They have become dictators.

Callum Watson (Newdegate, 2022-01-05)


I am signing this because I believe that the Premier Mark Mcgowan has and is continuing to go against the constitution and the law. This is hurting many people and their ability to earn an income. He has caused such fear amongst the people causing devastating devisions and discriminations. He has become a dictator and high on his own power and needs to be stopped.

Leanne Oldham (Albany , 2022-01-05)


Mark mcgowan has destroyed so many families and is actively causing the destruction of the wa economy as many lose their jobs for choosing bodily autonomy

Marcia Robbins (Karratha, 2022-01-05)


With the more power gifted to politicians, their invinceability will grow within themselves in a dangerous and destructive force.

Ian SALADINE (SWANVIEW, 2022-01-05)


Fuck McGowan

Craig Franklin (Perth, 2022-01-05)


It’s time for this heavy handed draconian approach to a situation that is never going to go away, to end. McCLOWN needs to either step down or have the intestinal fortitude to allow the economy to recover. He has had two years to sort out the health system, which was in a shambles before the Wuhan Flu arrived.

Victor Marneweck (Hillarys, 2022-01-05)


I feel Mark McGowan cannot be trusted and has his own agenda that has nothing to do with the health of the state

Andrew Clough (Margaret River, 2022-01-05)


I’m signing because I don’t support socialism in any way, shape or form. Especially those like Mark McGown who was recorded on video cheering, “Go Wuhan! Go China first!”

Talitha Dall (Perth, 2022-01-05)


This man is a liar and should be held accountable

Andrew Blevins (Rockingham , 2022-01-05)


He needs to be removed . NOW !!!

Amanda Wilbanks (Stirling , 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowan is not listening to the people anymore! His mandates have cost us our jobs. Covid is not ebola. He is also not acknowledging protocols that have worked in other countries! This mandating the Vax or you lose your job is criminal!

Trudy Roberts (Perth, 2022-01-05)


McGowan has been bought by big pharma. This plandemic is a scam and all the perpetrators are treasonous.

Shaun Litterick (Bunbury , 2022-01-05)


Segregation is disgusting.

Shayne Savic (Perth , 2022-01-05)


- the no access directions of no jab no job pushed onto employers is a OHS/WHS issue not a Public Health issue
- OHS/WHS Managers have an obligation to uphold the legislation and ensure a safe workplace as part of their duty of care
- forcing workers to take an experimental injection that does not stop you from catching / spreading COVID is NOT a satisfactory control measure!
-the injection injuries such as myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombocytapenia and or deaths as stated on the tga website are not conducive to the risk hazards assessment in the workplace.
- Coercing and forcing these jabs puts employees at risk of these injuries which could cause catastrophic harm and injury not only to the employee but the whole workplace team if an employee has a heart attack or stroke or does while on the job.
- New legislation being enacted in January could see employers charged with Industrial Manslaughter if they force this and someone dies or is seriously injured. Penalties are up to 20 years in jail and/or $10M!! Not the unlawful $100k for not following a direction!

You can access the documents here!Ar-TtqrfLQFpirU9SBF7vpVpxWh8_Q?e=BPt1HH
This is blatant mismanagement and governance of our state and unlawfulness of the Commonwealth Constitution, which overides states rules and regulations.
Mark McGowan has shown disregard to vulnerable people who cannot take these experimental jabs and has not allowed proper consent to be part of a world wide experiment.
He has not stood up for the people of western Australia for having available alternative treatments which the science now shows work and is listed on the NIH website as a registered product for use against covid.
His lack of compassion and empathy and total arrogance towards segregating and discriminating the West Australian people in my view shows lack of leadership qualities. Leaders support and lift people up to reach their highest potential.
Communist , totalitarians seek destroying, controlling ,coercian and total cold hearted disregard for humans as was shown during the 1945 Nazi war and subsequent deaths of 100's of thousands of innocent people. This feels like the same situation playing out again.

From the Attorney General's department in reference to The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 and entered into Australia on 13 November 1980,
International human rights law recognises that few rights are absolute and cannot be limited for any reason. No circumstances justifies a qualification or limitation of absolute rights. Part of our Absolute rights are non-derogable and cannot be suspended or restricted , even during a declared state of emergency.
Article 4(2) of the ICCPR provides that no derogation is permitted for
* Right to life (art 6). If a person is coerced into this experiment and is injured or does then their non-derogable right has-been taken from them. Shame on you.
* Freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment ; and freedom from any medical or scientific treatments or experimentation without consent (art 7). We have not been given total and open honest consent for this experiment which does not conclude until April of 2023.
*Freedom from slavery and servitude ( arts 8(1) and (2) . Mark McGown is not leading us but instead is barking orders at us without our rights to consultation and treating us as less than worthy humans.
*Freedom from imprisonment for inability to fulfil a contractual obligation (art 11). These new fines and imprisonment rules he has agreed to pass, most likely fall into this category.
*Freedom of thought, conscience and religion (art 18). Well mark McGowan certainly isn't allowing us this right given some religions forgo medical interventions and treatments.
I have no confidence in Mark McGowan to continue his governance of the state of western Australia as the premier .

Natalie Boudik (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He's a communist traitor

Colin Dauncey (Perth, 2022-01-05)


McGowan has gone to far

Robert Lockwood (Maylands , 2022-01-05)


I have lost my job as a nurse because of these mandates.

Karen Kingston (wellard, 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowan has lost touch with reality and the people of WA. Resources are stretched to the limits because of his tyrannical mandates on a health system that was already in crisis. Its no longer about health or keeping people safe.

Christina Neels (KOJONUP, 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowan is a member of the Corporation COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA which is completely lawless.I am a free and sovereign being and take the laws of Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900 UK. Mark McGowan and his Ministers are illegitimate. Get out of our Parliament House. You are all trespassing.

Laurie Clark (Perth, 2022-01-05)


These Vaccines are fast becoming very unsafe.
It's irresponsible to mandate them..

Rich Sanders (Karratha, 2022-01-05)


He’s needs to be gone

Kate Lormans (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I want a premier who is accountable,who i could have some confidence in,a leader for all people someone that would atleast show discomfort or caution when making life changing decisions for Australians,not that a political person should be able to interfere with any personal choices or careers or rights

Stuart Croucher (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I am not happy about the mandates set by our Premier. There is large scale shortage of jobs yet our Premier will allow people to lose their jobs and livelihood and suffer mental illness from not having a job and not able to feed their families. Which leader will allow this. Our freedom of choice has been taken away and the people that want to be vax free are discriminated against. Our Premier is unfair and goes against our democratic rights.

Helen Kara (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Mandates are wrong and I have had family members suffer adverse reactions from the vaccine.
This has to stop now he has gone to far.

Gavin Green (Perth , 2022-01-05)

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