Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



I want McGowan to never work in politics again

Rod Costa (Booragoon, )


I never voted for him in the first place, I believe in immunity and making a stand for my children!


Sarah Bosgra (Perth, )


McGowan is serving foreign masters

Yunous Vagh (Dianella, )


I’m sign this petition because we lost (because of him !! ) overnight basic human rights !! Nelson Mandela spend life time in jail all together I think 27 years. Power to the people not to politicians, they so pose to work for the people not against !!

Bogdan Fon (Kalgoorlie, )


We deserve a choice

Haylee Roach (Perth, )


We keep hearing that McGowan is “keeping West Australians safe”. Why then do we still have a hospital crisis? The reason he keeps shutting us down is because he knows he kept all his eggs in one basket building Metronet and left nothing for public health.

Charles Mould (Perth , )


I want to visit friends and family in WA. WA is part of Australia and should be open for all Aussies to visit and enjoy.

Alison Roode (Waterways, )


This country is no longer a democracy and it needs to start from state government

Eva Siamis (Perth , )


This tyranny and treason MUST stop!!!

Damian Giles (Geraldton, )


I have health issues that will be greatly impacted in a negative manner if I have the vaccine and exemptions are near impossible to be granted therefore I am against Mr McGowan's and Labor vaccine mandates/passports and as such will become unemployed from a job in which I was considered "essential", once my long service leave (which I had to take so I didn't lose my job on the 31st of December) is over. I voted for Mr McGowan, I voted for Mr Cook as my local member but I will never support a Government that is so hell bent on throwing so many individuals and families into poverty because they can't (like myself) or won't because of personal choices and beliefs, give in to mandates. Mr McGowan has no regard for the people who voted him in and he should be stood down!

Leah Gilleland (Perh, )


I’m sick of this state being run in dictatorship

Athanasios Siamis (Perth, )


I am worried for the future of Western Australia

Jamee West (Applecross , )


I disagree with the laws he is putting in place

Shaynie Hampshire (Perth, )


Because I would rather die then live in a dictatorship

Bill Ingram all rights reserved (Perth, )


Everyone should have a choice whether to take part in a medical trial and not lose their jobs because they choose not to. Mark McGowan has caused division between friends and loved ones, has made people unemployed and coerced many people to get this jab!!! He needs to go!!!

Kristy V (Perth, )


Blackmailing people into taking a medical procedure is immoral. Having to choose between getting the jab or feeding your family is blackmail.

Marie Klarich (Halls Head, )


He seems to have forgotten that he was elected to govern in the BEST interests of the people of WA, not to rule with the arrogance of a communist dictator. I also have serious doubts mental acuity to make other parliamentary decisions outside of the current mandate situation.

Steven McKinnon (Perth, )


I do not support Fascism! We in Australia live by the Westminster system of Government for the people, by the people. Since when do states control borders?

Ray Bacich (Burswood , )


Mark McGowan is drunk on power and not acting in the best interests of the people. He is actively lying and taking incentives from pharmaceutical companies.

Kylie Floate (Mount Barker, )


I believe he has to be removed he's an arrogant dictator and is not listening to the voices of the people

Julie Kendall (Perth , )


The unfair discrimination against those who simply choose not to have the vaccine is ridiculous and tyrannical.

Reece Leggo (Mandurah, )


He needs to go

Tracy Mincham (Mandurah, )


Unlawful and unsafe acts by a premier under health and safety which comes under the change to WA State legislation in under OHS WA ACT -1984 tis now replaced with National WHS (WA) act 2020 new legislation passed on the 10/11/2021 which January 2022 includes industrial man slaughter laws the Act and 5 million fines or 680,000 fine that stipulates all members or the workplace have a duty of care to provide a safe workplace, and under this Act risk assessment by mandating worker to take an Experimental drug is now putting them at risk, and all workers around them. Therefore also making it that workers and business owners are breaking the law, by not doing their own Duty of Care.
Which is required, do your risk assessment - anyone can do it.

Anne Wallace (Perth, )


He has enacted massive overreach and totalitarian power in wake of covid.
He has had two years to increase health service capacity in readiness for the pandemic and done nothing.
He’s enforced illegal and immoral vaccine mandates. These mandates have led directly to vaccination injuries and deaths. Therefore he is directly culpable for manslaughter
He has committed crimes against humanity in breach of the Nuremberg code.
I could go on, but that alone should be enough for several life sentences.

Smith Chris (Ocean Reef, )


Our grandparents fought for freedom. We are slowly losing it each day. Mark McGowan along with the rest of the corrupt politicians all need to be removed from government immediately. A perfect example of Mark McGowan corruption was allowing the Perth Cup and banning every other event. RacingWA is in his pocket.
Shame on Australia
Mark McGowan needs to be imprisoned for his crimes and discrimination

alexis tomic (perth, )


He has no clue. Totally removed from the TRUTH and what the people want. Get rid of him 🤷‍♀️

Trudi Hetebry (Erskine , )


He keeps changing the ‘goal posts’ and no need for mandatory vaccination

Alison Ferguson (Perth, )


McGowan is getting way out of control and needs to go asap along with all the other power hungry politicians.

Jennifer Micucci (Perth, )


Im signing because I have done everything asked of myself and my family yet we are treated like crimanals when returning from Qld. Not our fault everyone is not vaccinated. Get over your power trip McGowan!



The fact that Mark McGowan refuses to address genuine concerns regarding adverse events due to the shots, preferring to ignore them, and further, that he actually engages in such insulting and divisive language towards people he is supposed to lead proves that he has neither the capacity nor character to continue as the Premier of WA.

T Tucker (Perth, )


Because we the people have freedom to choose as per our constitution and should not be forced to take a emergency approved synthetic gene code therapy that no one can know the long term affects of. With the company's that make the product having no liability for damages. WTF

Terry Schaafsma (Perth, )


Even by doing the "right thing"...x2 vax etc returning from a holiday in QLD, we are treated like criminals in our own State! Where will ALL this end? .... the control is absolutely absurd!.



McGowan has gone too far with his coercion, bullying, segregation and mandates. He has made thousands of people unemployed and forced people to have a trial vaccine against their will. He is causing aggression in society, in families and fear with half truths and misinformation

Audrey Russell (Kalamunda, )


To insist I disclose my personal health information is a breach of the privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
To refuse me service is a breach of the discrimination Act 1992 (CTH) s6 and s24
To attempt to force or coerce me to wear a mask is a breach of the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth) S88 and s95.
To compel me to wear a mask is a breach of Article 6 s1 and s3 of the Nuremberg Code.
COVID-19 Digital Certificate - Lawful Notice:

Adele Wilkinson (Westminster, )


He is part of the tyrannical system that needs to be completely torn down before a "we the people" system can be installed for the betterment of mankind not the pockets of the corrupt oligarchs. IF NOT NOW.... WHEN...IT'S TIME ❤️

Linda Howlett (Boddington, )


Im signing because he's a dum cunt

Jason Dekort (Perth, )


McGowan, like all other state premieres, has lied time & time again since the last election. He rules like he thinks he is an emperor, not an elected member of parliament. His actions since the start of this so called pandemic have shown how easy it is for the government to have almost total control over the entire population. I did not vote for him.

Brian Moss (Greenwood, )


The Government has gone way beyond their powers, they are unlawful to the constitution and the people and they should be hung for genocide for what they are doing with the experimental medical procedures (vaccines) The proof is out there what damage is being done to people around the world.

Nathan Bell (Bunbury , )


mark mcclown thinks hes a dictator and has the right to issue directives that the little people shall obey. hes not! governments role is to PROTECT our rights, NOT issue them.

ken moody (perth, )


His immoral, illogical, unlawful and insane tyranny must end now. It's past time to have open and honest debate, based on more than an industry funded glossy brochure.

Denise Fernie (Perth, )


Mark McGowan is a criminal who is committing treason

Victoria Smythe (Perth, )


Where there’s risk there must be choice snd there’s not. Pull the mandates or He needs to go!

Erica Hunt (Perth , )


I’m signing this because the mandates are mindless now and people are fooled by it.. mass hypnosis is evident

Ken MacDonald (Forrestfield , )


I want Mark McGowan out!!!

Aishling Feane (Ellenbrook, )


Mark McGowan has breached and broken the law and created intentional harm onto the people. He has been allowed to legally murder people breaking every legislation in the book with medical experimentation. People have lost their livelihoods due to his illegal actions. Mandates are not legislation

Rachael Crombie (Perth , )


I don't agree with these forced mandates and the segregation it is causing amongst our community.
Our basic human rights are being destroyed.

Kim Clare (Perth, )


Too many reasons to list. He needs to go!

Sarah Robinson (Wembley , )


This madness must end

Liz Scott (Dongara, )


Mark McGowan

Emily Wakeford (Perth, )


Government overreach and complete dictatorship

Emma Kezich (Perth, )


I want McGowan gone!!!!!

J Starr (Perth , )


Over reactionary decisions ,with zero debate equals tyranny.....OUT OUT OUT !

Eric Henderson (Mandurah , )


He is an out of control tyrant ruining peoples lives on his power fueled rampage of control

Brian Feucs (Perth, )


Everything in the explanation above is correct, and something needs to be done.

Dave Smith (Perth, )


This guy is a dictator , his actions are criminal yet our sheep media do nothing to hold this communist loving dictator to account .

Jason Priest (Perth, )


This man has become a threat to the lives of Western Australians. Medical interventions, especially novel and/or experimental ones, should never be mandated. Citizens should not be discriminated against for their personal choice. Mark McGowan has also exhibited a severe lack of regard for public health since taking office. Ambulance ramping hours are twice as high this year compared to 2020, and five times greater than when he took office. He has been completely ineffective at preparing our hospitals for the pandemic and this mandate has only served to further drain those precious resources by having noncompliant staff fired and those remaining overworked.

Mark McGowan needs to be scrutinized in a court for gross violation of civil liberties. His policies have failed us: the vaccines do not prevent or reduce transmission as promised, their risk profile is growing alarmingly, the clinical data from Pfizer's own trials which is being drip fed to the public is raising serious concerns about how that data was collected and used to manipulate the reports, the blatant disregard for the risk/benefit ratio in vaccinating children... The list goes on. Remove Mark McGowan from office.

Stephanie Smith (Lesmurdie, )


I don't believe in lockdowns and masks l don't like being spyed on either

Robert Coumbe (Kalgoorlie , )


I never voted for him I don't like him. He is egotistical and out of touch with humanity. He tells lies and thinks he is above the law and better than the people who pay his wages.

Lindsay Duncan (Bridgetown , )


The measures being taken for Corona virus are an over reach of a premiers authority. They do not have a scientific bases and are breaching my rights as a human being.

Samantha Skipp (Wanneroo , )


McClown is out of control. Just that simple.
They just say health advice. Where the scientific references?

Hieu Truong (East Victoria Park, )


He is ruining people’s lives.
Free choice on what enters you body is a right. He doesn’t get to force people.
coercion by not letting people work if not vaccinated is disgusting.
He needs to go. He’s not following the science. A virus that has a 99.9 % survival rate is not a pandemic.
He and his advisers need to actually look at the science and other countries.
The whole government needs replacing

Donna Fowles (Secret harbour , )


Extreme over reach from the government, mandates are wrong on so many levels,

Bettina Gould (Perth , )


I'm signing because Mark has overstepped his position and is using the emergency power's incorrectly and not working for the people or the constitution.

Shane Purcell (Bunbury , )


War Crimes. Coercion into a medical experiment is a crime against humanity.

grey codner (perth, )


Corrupt government leaders are attributing to loss of lives

Lynne Didcock (Melbourne , )


It’s time to go , he’s a maniac 😡

Carla Sutton (Adelaide , )


Unlawful actions of McGowan... enough is enough. He is not working for us...the people.

Nadya Wren (Dalyellup , )


Mark McClown is a maggott

Greg Maker (Perth, )


Science is proving the vaccine’s poor efficacy and that there are many alternatives available to protect and support society and patients. The government has had 2 years to effectively educate, encourage and support healthy lifestyle choices and improve the health system. Fining GP’s for ordering a COVID antibody test and other punitive measures are nothing short of criminal. McGowan is not supportive of our health at all. What policies and procedures are in place for when COVID hits and people are at home? What health measures are going to be offered to the patient? What interventions are in place for patients admitted to hospital? Please provide a step-by-step guide. We expect nothing short of complete transparency. McGowan and the health bureaucrats will be held accountable for all they have failed to do, the hardship, the pain and suffering, and the harm to businesses, citizens and families in WA.

Monique B-C (Formally Perth, )


Because he’s a dictator.

Natalie Mikic (Perth, )


Our rights and freedoms of choice are being taken away from we the people.i dont wish to live under rule of these tyrants or be controlled in every aspect of my life.i am signing this for the sake of my fam8ly and others

Cheryl Blair (Beechboro, )

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