Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



He is an out & out liar saying things to scare general population into following his unlawful mandates. It is so dangerous forcing people out of work through mandating experimental medical procedures.
He had lied about numbers of people infected & the severity of so called disease.

Ross Hunt (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I don't want to be forced to have a vaccine I don't trust.

Adrianne Brookes (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He has failed to lead with integrity and lacks honour.

Rick Meadows (Mandurah , 2022-01-05)


I believe that what Mark McGowan has done is beyond the scope of his duties. As a result I, at 75 years, have lost my permanent job and are now struggling with my life. Things need to change.

Dennis Hardie (South Kalgoorlie , 2022-01-05)


Mark is acting in the best interest of himself and those that tell him what to do, it’s criminal to tell me I’m not ‘doing the right thing’ when this experimental drug is still in trials, and after being violently ill from flu jabs, and then suffering a brain haemorrhage then surgery with post lesion epilepsy, so I believe this shot will kill or seriously harm me. Then there are all the deaths and injuries that I have seen heard and look at on the TGA and similar sites around the world that have shown that these drugs have done more damage than all the jabs put together in the last 4 decades, not rare, not a coincidence. Be transparent tell us how many payouts the insurance companies have paid out to 18-64 year olds in the last year

Anthony Ball (Coolgardie , 2022-01-05)


SACK MARK MCGOWAN NOW! He is ruining lives and our state. This satanist must go now

lyn taylor (Cooloongup, 2022-01-05)


He has destroyed my working career.and he is a puppet to the CCP and has sold out Australia .And he is drunk on power

Craig Mcelroy (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Because he's a evil globalists dictator

Mark McCann (Currans Hill, 2022-01-05)


I am signing this because Mark mcgowan is a criminal and needs to be more then just removed from office but also be imprisoned, along with all his ministers

Rebekah Tyler (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I believe vaccine mandates are evil, illegal and dangerous. There’s many other ways to treating the highly survivable virus without using coercion and forcing poverty onto someone who doesn’t feel comfortable to comply with this illegal mandate.

Ray Holdsworth (Perth , 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowan is ruining Western Australia! Pushing trial drugs with his mandates it’s wrong!

Alexandra Hampson (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I don’t agree with the Mandate

Elaine Walsham (Wickham, 2022-01-05)


McGowan needs to go!!!!

Samantha Ray (Wilson , 2022-01-05)


The mandates are unjust unfair and create a division in society. McGowan can go to hell with his murderous mandates. Literally making people take a jab they believe will kill them in order to keep their jobs.

Matt Milne (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I am against mandates

Colin Corns (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Whilst I think Mr McGowan thought he had WA’s best interests at heart in the early days of C19, he appears to either have lost the plot or be taking directions from power hungry people. If he can’t stand up to others or be realistic and stop trying to control with mandates that are inconsistent and serve no purpose in this new world, then he needs to resign. It’s my body-my choice and I’m not a danger to anyone.

Jo-Anne Barden (Perth, 2022-01-05)


These mandates are destroying peoples lives and are not backed by reliable scientific evidence. The fact that the vaccines have many serious known side effects should be enough not to mandate them

Pauline Floate (Perth , 2022-01-05)


Dont support tyranical govt. and the forced vax against peoples will. There is no state of emergency

Alex Wren (Dalyellup, 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowan should no longer be in a political position. The people say no to medical tyranny and violation of the Nuremberg code.

Vaughan Adams (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He needs to go

Daniel de Boer (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I'm signing because Mark McClown has lost all concept of humanity. He is unethical and dangerous. He needs to go

Jaz Hokianga (Broome, 2022-01-05)


Traitor McGowan should be arrested for genocide, fraud , coercing people to get an experimental vaccin which is not approved.

Marian Schagen (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Its so wrong to be pushing people out of jobs iver an experimental medical procedure. So so wrong.

Amy Bernhardt (Perth, 2022-01-05)


The clown needs to go

Maryanne Muir (Bouvard, 2022-01-05)


McGowan is incompetent as a leader. He knows full well how this virus was introduced and what the Jab is doing to his own people. He's on the payroll and doesn't give a shit about the damage it is doing and will continuing doing. Politicians are like Dirty Dypers. They need changing.

Peter Goddard (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Because everyone has a right to medical choices over there body no one should be punished or locked out of society. For difference. It’s diversity and difference that makes Australia 🇦🇺. Amazing place

Kelly Bull (Perth , 2022-01-05)


I am losing my job

Michael Scallan (Bridgetown, 2022-01-05)


Tyrannical and unjustified actions towards people.

Kurt Plumb (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He is not bigger than God and able to remove someone's free will. He needs to go

Robert Anthony (Perth, 2022-01-05)


This corrupt premier isn’t serving the people of WA but few foreign corporations that wish to rule the whole world !! He could have been a great premier but obviously has a corrupt mind! Out of parliament you terrible terrible person, and all your cronies!

Sladjana Zivadinovic (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I'm scared that the future for my children and grandchildren will be a communist Australia with no freedom. Also no transparency with the vaccine with its adverse reactions or masks as its proven they don't work, nothing makes sense.

Richard Davies (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Governments are not above the law a mandate is not law, however we are being forced into getting the death jab via removing our freedoms and the un vaxed will be deemed a enemy of the state before we know it

Michael Distefano (Perth , 2022-01-05)


I don't think McGowan has the public's best interest as premier of WA. I wanted to call this out having been born and lived there 27 years; with many relatives still residing in WA.

Kellie Cardell (Melbourne, 2022-01-05)


The man is so obviously deluded in his own self importance, a complete megalomaniac a tyrant. He needs to be removed immensely to save this our state of WA

Paul Foran (WEMBLEY, 2022-01-05)


My oldest son who is now 25 may now lose his house as he is jobless due to your mandates. He was in the oncology/hematology ward for over 5 and a half years after his 4 year old vaccine and can’t get exemption. His father fell from a 24th floor balcony in Victoria last year as he couldn’t get back to WA. Mental health problems are through the roof, and you are a scumbag McGowan. Are your kids vaxed?

Anne-Marie Clayton (Perth , 2022-01-05)


He's a traitor.

Peter Hungover t (Perth, 2022-01-05)


This goes against human rights

J Tuia (North Dandalup , 2022-01-05)


Opposed to premier not following proper science and advice from top scientists/medical experts, who knows about covid and vaccines, to impose Mandatory vaccination.

Forcing people to choose between giving up earning a living vs injecting a known toxin into their bodies that can cause long-term irreversible damage and possibly death.

Damian Hla (MORLEY, 2022-01-05)


i agree that the mandates are not in the best interest of the people and the premiere is entering the state into an apartheid with the jabbed and un jabbed

Ian Wheeler (Tapping, 2022-01-05)


The people of WA have suffered at the hands of this ruthless dictator for too long. He is s a corrupt treasonous premier who is not acting in the best interests of the people of the state.He is drunk on power.mandating a experiment trial drug that from his own admission does not stop you getting covid or transmitting it.Many thousands of serious adverse reactions with death numbers climbing.I have lost my job like thousands of others for refusing to take the kill shot. He is out of control and must go

Rhonda Berg (Barragup, 2022-01-05)


Sick of dictators in this country

Sharon Jones (Gosnells, 2022-01-05)


I want my rights back!

Nicole Smith (bedfordale, 2022-01-05)


Bullying, coercion and manipulation to be injected with a substance that is not fully approved is abusive, violates human rights and bodily integrity and is totally unethical. Premier Mark McGowan is a perpetrator of this violence and must be stopped.

Melanie de Bree (Victoria, 2022-01-05)


Mark McGowan should be removed from office for creating a divided state

John Burton (Kinross , 2022-01-05)


I no longer have the freedom to carry on with my job in which I qualified to do. This man keeps changing the goalposts, with no end in sight. We've learned nothing from previous dictatorships and Australia is no longer a democracy.

Wendy Simonassi (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He has gone too far.

Richard Holmes (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Or premier has become a dictator and I believe his power hungry decisions and injuring and killing innocent people. Mandating vaccinations is destroying the state and lives. We need to replace him with someone who is willing to do the research and look at other options to keep western Australians safe. There’s many other forms of treatment against Covid and if he researched the new omicron he will see it’s much more milder that the other strains. Natural immunity is the real way out of this. God will conquer this evil emperor and restore life and freedom as we once knew it.

Shane Murphy (Perth, 2022-01-05)


It's time for Mark to go. He is now abusing his power and position

Justin Vodanovich (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I am against his mandates and medical apartheid along with all his draconian and nazi/socialist laws

Karen Wallish (Coolbellup, 2022-01-05)


The mandates are illegal

Richard Khoe (Camillo, 2022-01-05)


McGowan is gone mad on power, violating people’s God given rights and freedoms, violating the constitution and human rights laws and international treaties. No one should be subjected to segregation or not been able to work to provide for their families. There is no talk about the huge rise in suicide especially amongst men that feel there is nothing they can do without a job and how to pay their mortgages and feed their kids.
This dictatorship has to stop, even the vaccinated are not free let alone protected from this human trial experimental medical treatment that has forced people to take it to keep their jobs. This dictatorship is the work of Satan and we have politicians who we voted for destroying people’s lives over a virus that has 99.8% recovery rate. This is causing mental health and anxiety to go through the roof. McGowan needs to stop been a control freak and let people live their lives. Every adult can look after their own health and every parent can do what they think is best for the children they are blessed with.
Our freedoms comes from God and him alone not from the Government or unelected health advisors or bureaucrats.

Cait Sfakianakis (Perth , 2022-01-05)


Mark Mcgowan is a spineless dog who has lined his pockets with investing in experimental gene therapy, possibly prematurely killing millions

Ben Pearson (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He is taking away our freedom of choice, taking our jobs and making life unbearable. Our kids will have no future if this regime continues

Clint Beavis (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I’m one of the nurses who is concerned about the content and effect of the Covid jab. So not taken it and lost 32 career. With illegal threats now being made by employer. STOP THIS FASCISM!

Diddy Schaap (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Premier McGowan may have started out with good intentions, but the ego trip he is getting from having almost limitless power over people’s lives has gone to his head and he is now mainlining like an addict on heroin. One of the most relevant issues is the ignoring of scientific and stastictical data, disallowing robust scientific debate on a topic drastically affecting many people’s livelihoods, and fixating on an unscientific zero covid model, while even premiers and health ministers in other states have switched to an accept and prepare model.

Nate Neufeld (Mandurah , 2022-01-05)


I believe we do not get over voices heard on what we the people believe is right. We live in a dictator way with this labour / liberal we need different parties in parliament

Codie Bezant (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I'm signing because the measures the premier has taken are extreme and unnecessary.

Michael McPhee (Sorrento, 2022-01-05)


Everything he has done has been unnecessary and unlawful he should be tried for treason

Eleanor Carter (Geraldton, 2022-01-05)


I am signing this because I believe there is no place in our country for tyrants .
His illegal directions for forced jabs are unethical and not safe or effective .
These so called vaccines are not approved and never in the entire world has a clinical trial been forced on the entire population.
This is not about health.

Andrea Baker (Margaret River, 2022-01-05)


He has destroyed peoples'lives with his mandates. vax push on children ond others, destroyed peoples' businesses, tourism, work positions and caused such fear via media and others. Many are complicit in this narrative. Nobody in the Govt or CHO/CMO are doing anyy true research on what is happening oversears; i.e. PCR tests were declared unable to test for anything covid directly months ok. The CDC removed them from use but they allowed their use until 31st Dec 21. The truth of boosters, why continue pushing something that is no longet applicable except unless it is deliberate, in order, to destroy a person's immune system. How can people be so ignorant. I use to trust the Police Commisioner, no more as he is complicit in these crimes; along with so many. What part of the Neuremberg Code are these people not understanding. Total destruction of society appears to be the plan.

Barbara Meldrum (Winthrop, 2022-01-05)


I’m signing because McGowan is a man with no compassion no integrity no honesty or transparency and should not ha e so much power . He offers no solutions just restrictions. He offers no hope only fear . He has no courage just bullying coercing people to do things they do not wish to do put this vaccine into their body or lose their job and freedom. He has become a tyrant where there is no debate or democracy.

Mark Bradstreet (Perth, 2022-01-05)


lets avoid a civil war, and peacefully end this tyranny

Coco Jeffrey (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Mandates for a drug that is still in its trial phase for people to go to work is ludicrous, people are struggling to feed their families due to his rules, personally I know of only people complying to this to keep their job, not for health reasons, isn't that coercion?

Adam Butler (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I fully support this petition.
In his position he either knows the real science or he should know.
Instead, he copy and paste big pharma narrative.
Shame on you Mark!

Stefano Piviali (Spearwood, 2022-01-05)


By his actions, Mark McGowan is in violation of the Australian constitution and not acting in the people's best interests but instead following a global agenda that WE THE PEOPLE did NOT agree to.

Rachel Jacomb (Perth, 2022-01-05)


Because I can't stand the segregation he is causing!!

Lana Campbell (Perth, 2022-01-05)


The power has gotten to his head!

Ann Karpatsis (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He's a tyrant and needs to be removed.

Allison Waldock (Perth, 2022-01-05)


McGowan is a Dictator

Eleni Kandis-Siamis (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He is forcing people to take drugs still in experimental phase that aren’t approved and killing people
He isn’t listening to the people and crippling our society

Kendra Malbasic (Camillo, 2022-01-05)


I’m signing it because of the deception spread about the Pandemic.

Anthony Clinton (Mount Isa , 2022-01-05)


The government cannot mandate the causation of harm.

Dean Pearce (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I want our life to go back to normal! And I WANT FREEDOM OF CHOICE

Jessica Staniscia (Mount Hawthorn, 2022-01-05)


I have lost my job over this mandate shit
And I am not ******* happy

David Findlay (Quinns Rocks, 2022-01-05)


I'm signing because he has overstepped so much I can't even believe it's happening. People should have a choice what goes in their own body, full stop

Sally Wegener (Perth, 2022-01-05)


He's committing crimes against humanity

Carol Radnidge (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I lost my job on 17th December due to non compliance with the mandates my health is my choice not yours McGowan

Cheryl Wright (Perth, 2022-01-05)


I'm signing because of losing my job due to illegal jab mandates

Corey Mcallan (Perth, 2022-01-05)

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