Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



he is dictator!!!

Andrzej Popielnicki (Gold Coast , )


Choice is a Benefit of living in a free country.

Simon Naber (Fremantle , )


The premier is promoting hate and segregation within the WA community with no just cause to do so. The last person who did this was named Hitler his hateful propaganda caused the death Of millions of Jews. Hitler told the Germans the Jews spread Typhoid. He first banned them from cinemas, restaurants etc then it went onto the concentration camps. Is this the Premier’s next step with the quarantine (concentration) camps he is building with tax payers money?

Jo Beattie (Eaton , )


Because mark mcgowen doesn’t have the right to discriminate against the vaccinated or the unvaccinated. Nor she he be able to threaten any individuals lifestyle.

Kane McShane (Pinjarra, )


They are not listening to science.
And no madortory vaccines

stephanie james (Denham, )


Mark McGowan is a slimey, lying weasel on a power trip. He has ruined people's lives by taking away their jobs, businesses, homes and freedom of choice. He needs to be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity. I am at a loss as to why no-one - not another politician, not a CEO or business owner, not a union representative or our own PM, has stopped his dictatorial lunacy.

Karen Hawkins (Perth, )


I have had enough of the segregation of vaxed and unvaxed, it should be a choice. Sick and tired of not being allowed to travel around my country of Australia, without idiots that call themselves premiers, telling us we can’t. I have been layed off at work because I won’t let them inject my body with poison so that I can earn a living.

Theresa Brown (Swanview, )


I am disgusted with the heavy-handed approach of this premier. He is serving larger interests and not the interests of the people who populate this state. McGowan is not interested in truly serving us, and so he must leave.
He will be judged now or later. Better he leaves now, before even more damage is done.

Tina Pushkin (Perth, )


Mark McGowan is not listening to the best health advice. He is creating chaos, hate, segregation and division within our beautiful state.

Sara Hayward (Perth, )


I’m signing because I have no confidence in our premier.

Tony Stevens (Perth , )


I'm signing because the person who is in charge is ignoring all the studies out there outlining the risks and forcing an experimental vaccine onto people who don't want it. This violates the Nuremberg code and it needs to stop. He's ruining lives with this segregation.

Matt Leslie (Perth, )


I am against segregation & mandates for a so called vaccine that clearly does not work.
I also strongly disagree with jabs for our children. This is completely unnecessary & research shows children can survive covid but are more likely to suffer from the jab than covid.
McClown is out of control. He is no different to Hitler.

Geraldine Heap (Mandurah , )


The WA PM.has betrayed his State citizens and his actions re Covid are treasonous, this is a capital crime. He must be removed from office forthwith.

Nell Pursey (Bristol , )


Because “When tyranny becomes law. Rebellion becomes duty.” And McGowan has lead our State into a model based on Nazi Germany and Apartheid. We know better, so should DO better!

Irma Grant (Tuart Hill, )


Crimes against humanity

Amir Bektic (Perth , )


Don't believe in forced mandates and nazi tactics

Keith Hopwood (Perth , )


His tyrannical rules and dictator like attitude is no good the for the people he should be serving

Ulland Asplin (Waikiki, )


Mark McGowan is no longer capable of being our premier and I want him removed

Jennifer Davis (Cooloongup, )


I’m signing because the government has taken away my freedom of choice.I have had vaccinations all my life not experimental ones with no long term effects

Warren Pattrick (Geraldton, )


Because Mark McGowan is putting too many peoples lives at risk with the push of deadly vaccines and mandates

Rory Creevey (Perth , )


Get mark mc Gowen clown out of his position

Petrus Burger (Perth , )


I'm signing because McGowan bears all the hallmarks of a tyrant. He forgets who he serves; not just those who toe the line he wants them to tread, but also those with differing opinions, who he has no respect for.

Edward 't Hart (Secret Harbour, )


Due to forcing & constant mentally torcher to people for getting jabbed.

Bilal Saeed (Perth, )


It’s clear Mark McGowan forgets who he actually works for. He needs to be removed

Kailee Waddell (Gelorup, )


Marx MaoGowan is a lying, narcissistic, dictatorial little grub who has no right to tell others what to do. He doesn't own me and he doesn't own you.

Health choices are the business of the individual, NOT the state or its parasitic agents.

When politics interferes in the medical industry preventing those with medical conditions from obtaining exemptions, the doctors who swore an oath to do no harm are forced to violate their oath in order to keep their registration. This is not ethical or lawful.

Eric Posthuma (Perth, )


Politicians have been bought and paid out by big pharma

Michael Donnelly (Bayswater, )


Like the creator of this petition I voted for Mark McGowan as he had kept us safe from covid and he had also followed through on protecting the Beeliar wetlands. I thought finally we have a descent premier but boy was I and 90 % of western Australians wrong. I’m not vaccinated and have no desire to ever get it. My body my choice and that’s how it’s always been until this man let his success go straight to his head. Mark McGowan is making all the rules here with no one to keep him in check and the west Australian citizens are suffering for it. He’s got to go.

Amber Beasley (Carramar, )


He is tearing society apart but is too blind to see it. The violence incited by forcing vacancies is getting worse in small towns.

Richard Avery (Kojonup , )


McClown is a POS.

Andrew Starcevich (Midland, )


hes an out of control dictator

richard leeman (Budgewoi, )


Had enough of dictatorship

Daniel Konstandis (Waikiki, )


Mark mcgowan’s actions are grossly unethical, inhumane and frankly disgusting. The choice to promote discrimination, coercion, manipulation and hate among the community should be criminal! And he should be held accountable! The segregation of our community is saddening!

Our covid response plan to this pandemic could have been handled in a far more positive and effective way.

And lastly he is dismantling our health system! Breaking our doctors and nurses with zero support! When covid hits which it will our health system will not be able to cope! And this cannot be blamed on the small minority of the unvaxxed! It is already crumbling with mass staff shortages, lack of resources and support, overcrowding with code yellows daily! And to think you placed mandates on staff and fired them! It’s laughable! In a pandemic you need all hands on deck!

Mark McGowan is NOT for the people.

Abeni Platt (East Fremantle , )


He is lying to everyone and making them believe mandates are law! People are loosing everything while he sit backs and takes money for being evil

laura Warner (Cloverdale, )


My family didn’t fight and die in 2 wars for my freedom to be taken from me by McGowan the clown

Luke Wood (Perth, )


McClown and all politicians involved must be publicly executed for this

Clint Franklin (Perth, )


MCGowan has taken our rights and freedom away for a bloody flu. Absolutely ludicrous! Get rid of him

Michelle Horsley (Busselton , )


I think he has gone too far with the control.

Luke Cruden (Busselton , )


I do not want to exist in der the rule of a draconian dictator.

Kylie Hunt (Perth, )


He doesn’t care about the health of the WA people at all, he just cares about money.

Shae McLachlan (Perth, )


I believe he is a dictator and he’s is not working for the good of the west Australian people he also should not be premier and treasurer for west Australia at the same time that would definitely be a conflict of interest so he should definitely be removed from goverment …

Patricia Tapper (Bunbury, )


Its a no brainer

Emma Pinnick (Augusta , )


Mark McGowan needs to be stopped. His overreach is destroying lives.

Zoe Zastrow (Hilbert, )


Because Mark McGowan thinks he is the new worlds dictator.... He has another thing coming

Adam Crawford (Perth, )


McGowan is a traitor.

Mark Jones (Iluka , )


I am signing because I am fighting for our freedom and I am here to hold the line

Neil Woodburn (Perth, )


Totally discusted in Marks total disregard for Western Australian freedom of choice regarding the vaccines and his disconnect from the Australian People.

Daniel Gradussov (Perth, )


Mark McGowan is a tyrant dictator who ignores all of the real science about the dangers on the MRNA vaccines in order to line his own pockets. I hope he is hung for genocide and high treason one day as he is committing crimes against humanity

Liam Jacobson-Lang (Ellenbrook, )


His actions are unconditional and against international human rights laws

Tracy Ewins (Perth, )


I want McGowan out of office infact I want the whole gov turned over.

Jadan Green (Perth, )


Marc McGowan has no empathy with the people of WA. He threatens people!
He makes good citizens to become poor and desperate. He calls people who have a different view bad names. He is definitely not a good leader!!!

Maria Neumann (Perth, )


Mark McGowan has absolutely decimated the state, our people, our freedoms, our human rights with no regard for the affects on us.
He has allowed a power hungry greed to overrule any common sense one would assume is part of a normal adult males mental behaviour, especially one who holds an office of power.

Cassandra Nicholas (Wedgefield, )


Mark McGowan has become the most dangerous man in Western Australia, and his Covid-19 mishandling will leave a stain on his legacy forever. He is either innocent but inept, or guilty and corrupt. He and his team of sycophants must be replaced with others who will defend medical freedoms and human rights of all Western Australians.

Allan Lane (Mirrabooka, )


I want freedom of speech and choice

Bradley Halls (Rockingham , )


I don't understand or comply with tyrannical health orders and mandates

Daymon Leon (DALYELLUP , )


Because he has taken people freedom of choice away & the labor party have interfered & changed the constitution without the peoples approval

Ashley Williams (Pinjarra, )


He is bullying people into getting the jab! If children are not allowed to bullying then why is it ok for the premier???

Meryl Wilson (Kwinana , )


McGowan has constantly lied to the public and keeps changing the goal posts at every opportunity. The only reason we haven't opened the boarder is the hospital system is failing before we even had covid and he is running scared. With all the money received from Iron ore royalties alone (9 billion dollars ) last year Western Australia should have the best hospital system in the world .............but we don't . So where is all the money going, after all McGowan is also the state treasurer as well state premier. Imposing draconian laws upon its citizens is not going to fix the problem. Forcing 2 types of people in society ( jabbed and unjabbed) isn't going to work. It will begin to look a lot like Europe during the second world war. The power that the Western Australia public gave him in early 2021 has got to his head and he has become power hungry

ron mcmillan (Balga, )


He is not for the people and this is murder. Forcing the experimental jab on us is not legal and he is not listening to anyone but his dictators. We need someone who is for us, not against us. Listen to the people. Get him OUT!!

Vicki Neil (JELCOBINE, )


Everyone should have a choice. If it’s effecting there daily living conditions, with absolutely no benefit to health it needs to stop. It’s a medical procedure and every should decide what to do with their body with all the facts and data transparent so they can make an informed decision. Currently this is black mail. It’s disgusting.

Jamie Loffler (Kalbarri , )


Because Mr McGowan is mis representing the facts of our current situation. He is risking peoples lives by mandating vaccines that do not provide herd immunity and so can be passed along by vaccinated or unvaccinated alike. The segregation he is creating in the community for no reason as per above is appalling.
He is creating political unrest.
He doesn’t realise just how dangerous this is.
He needs to be held accountable for all of the potential deaths he has caused as well as the potential lives he has saved.
He is changing laws without public approval, in secret so as to ensure he has more power in the future and shoring this up by moving voters into the city whilst stripping the regional communities of their representation.
He is willy, but ultimately a hypocrite and selfish man that does not represent the people.
Get rid of him.

Alex Dearle (Perth, )


It’s true

Pania Kingi (Perth, )


Freedom of choice !!! Move on ffs nothing makes sense and promises ain’t happening,he’s not a scientist or my father fuck him off

Rebecca Simpson (Dampier, )


Because the modern day Hitler needs to be removed. Mclown is a parasite and has to be stopped!

Josh Penglase (Leda, )


Do not agree with his way of handing all this Covid situation and mandatory of vaccination.

Adbel Zulic (Perth , )


He is not a leader causing segregation and division, using the style of language that he uses. Defaming men and women who only want to live their lives in peace with healthy thriving children. Coercion and bribery and the genocide of all people dying and receiving serious harm from the effects of the poison that is being administered. Not to mention the disgusting treatment of our original people. Using them as advertising to manipulate. The one sided msm agenda, hiding all sides from the men and women of Australia. He is no leader, no vision, no depth, no concept of consciousness. He is no leader and definitely not for humanity of the women, men and children of Australia

Kylie Holdem (Perth, )


I believe that my family does not need a dictator as a Premier that is clearly not serving us. He is supporting an agenda to destroy people and their livelihoods.

Denise Turner (Perth, )


His tyrannical behavior

Wayne Keating (Perth, )


• McGowan unreasonable mandates with specific regards to "No Jab No Job"
• McGowan is weaponising the mandates to purposely "make the lives of the unvaxxed difficult" to coerce vaccination
• The mandated experimental vaccines are ONLY "provisionally" approved by the TGA
• McGowan's level professionalism with comments such as "dropkick" or "people need to grow a brain"

Ben Jones (Perth, )


This is a tyranny and dictatorship.. my body, my choice!!!

Alan-gwen Boufenghour (Fremantle, )


I don't like communism.

William Lennon (Rockingham, )


I've been forced out of my job. An my career as my profession has been mandated to have the vaccine

Dale Rogers (Perth, )


Too many of our rights taken away

Nova Burges (Kalbarri , )


He is getting to be too big for his boots and the power he has has gone to his head.

Sam Sturges (Perth, )


1. Continuing vaccine roll out after becoming aware of hi number of adverse events reported for covid vaccines.
2. Continuing vaccine roll out and mandates after becoming aware of vaccine ineffectiveness.
3. Ignoring public outcry to stop unsafe vaccines.

Greg Ward (Midland , )


I am opposed to the dictatorial leadership of Mark McGowan. He is denying our sovereign rights and enforcing experimental drugs to be injected into the public which we do not yet know the full consequences of. The man is power hungry

Julie Arnott (Perth , )

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