Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



Everyone should have freedom of choice when it comes to their bodies

Jasmine Khalid (Perth, )


I'm signing because I tired of the mandate I want to be able to chose what is right for my health ,

Teresa Buchanan (Perth, )


McClown is a Dictator pure and simple! A disgrace to the office & WA, out of touch, arrogant and dangerous with his divisive statements and mandates using Covid to increase his power and diminish our freedoms!!

Peter Holmes (Perth , )


Mandatory jabs are a violation of human rights and those that impose these mandates should be hung.

Kevan Taucher (Perrh, )


I can’t see my family in WA and they are mentally ill now because of his misconduct

Christina Ashford (Newcastle , )


I'm signing this because Mr McGowan is a tyrant. I don't believe a premier should also fill the seat of the state treasure and another for his own gain. As well as knowing that when he took office , he did not swear the oath to queen Elizabeth 11, so he is there illegally being a corporation owned by a foreign company

Liz Ierardi (Camillo, )


No government has the right to force its people into a medical experiment

Brad Cameron (Kwinana, )


No one has the right to stop a person making an income. No one has the right to stop people living their lives. The amount of distress and hopelessness that had been bought about is tragic. This has got to stop. He is a bully and has lost his marbles. His behavior is embarrasing. This is not how the government should behave on any level. This is not the Australian way. He needs to be sacked with no pension. He also needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.

Kellie Kinsella (Scarborough, )


Your mandating of booster shots and every 3 months is out of control especially since borders aren’t even open and I doubt will be when you promised sick of lies and the bullying with the mandates.The vaccine is a joke as well I believe I could fight it with my immune system unfortunately didn t get that choice now wants me to jab every 3 months it’s not right at all

Shane Cornish (Perth, )


All our sovereign rights have been violated and I will not bow to unlawful dictatorship

Faye Ross (Perth, )


I am against mandatory vaccinations and the dictatorship that is being subjected on Australians

KateKate Redmond (Bulgarra, )


Mark McGowan is a dangerous dictator that is causing segregation, disrupting the lives of Australians, in breach of our human rights, the nuremburg code and the australian constitution. Down with McGowan

Yana Appleton (Albany, )


No mandates

Heather Hayhurst (Perth, )


I feel the Mark McGowan no longer has the people's best interest at heart, through directly or indirectly not listening to public concerns about the safety of these vaccine rollouts and whose choices are leaving the people in a place of no confidence of him and his office.

Monique Hutchinson (Perth, )


I don't want the jab, I don't want the mandates, I don't want my kids jabbed, I don't want murderers and dictators running our country. THIS ALL HAS TO STOP NOW!!

Darlene Drury (Carnarvon, )


He needs to be held accountable for the damage caused by the mandates he has introduced.

Peter Mateljan (Perth, )


Stop the intimidation, discrimination, and segregation of our people.

Kim Wiffen (Carnarvon, )


Tyrants must be stopped

clinton patrick (perth, )


I have lost faith in our Government, medical intervention is in Australian!

Sacha Latimer (Alkimos , )


Mark McGowan has abused his powers under the Crown and Federal laws, he has taken away many freedoms he has no authority to do so, the stress and anxiety he has put in WA working people is unjustified and he must be held accountable.

Clint Grant (Perth, )


Mark McClown needs to go..

Rhett Strugnell (Perth, )


I’m signing to support the removal of our Labour Premier. Mark McGowan.
He hasn’t got the people best interest at heart, his agenda has always been control of the Western Australia people.
His incompetence has created homelessness and segregation. Family division and misinform being pushed for Mandatory jabs. Loss of homes and income and mental health issues due to his power hungry agendas.
While people unite in protest, he shares Gala Dinners with the Big Boys and sneers and labels the people who choose their own destiny to not accept his Mandates or the jab.
Problems for families and students of schools that he has closed down, hospitals that he has forgotten to fund and his closer of facilities for higher education for training good people wanting to get into the workforce to better themselves.
All this to build a bank balance while standing in the position of Treasurer as well. Who does that? A man who thinks he knows everything, that’s who!
He doesn’t care about the Western Australia people, it’s all about control and the $’s he gets from the Big Miners. Remember, he hated them before he got into power. A power that he has clearly abused and continues to abuse.
It’s time for him to go, now, before our State losses everything that the hard working tax payers have paid for. Its time he goes before our children get the mandatory Mandates that threatens our babies lives and their ability to grow into healthy adults. It’s time for change and true leadership not dictatorship.
He has to go, NOW!

Barbara Norris (Darkan, )


Mark McClown has absolutely NO respect for humans. He has destroyed lively hoods all over Western Australia for a fake Plandemic and he does NOT represent the people he represents big pharma. He is a piece of SHIT.

Kylie Witt (Carnarvon , )


I totally agree and should’ve been removed 2 years ago. GOOD RIDDANCE TO EXTREMELY BAD RUBBISH. 🤬UCK OFF

Janette Denning (Adelaide, )


I’m signing due to the violation of human rights in regard to preventing people from working unless forced to have an injection against their Will .
Exemptions for medical issues are not regarded …. Total over control of people’s lives , mandating masks, withholding freedoms as well as bad talking anyone’ who dares to object to the policies .

Katrina Tott (Bibra Lake , )


Mandates are wrong

Shaun Pillar (Perth, )


I am signing because i was threatened with my job if i do not take the jab and many of my colleagues have lost their jobs now because of this. This is medical apartheid and the same attitude against Jews in Nazi Germany are now being fostered against the unvaccinated.

Carel Husselmann (Gidgegannup, )


Vaccine mandates cost me my job

Dale Jolly (Medina, )


Opposed to communism

Glenn Gowland (Bunbury , )


I'm signing because the vaccine should be a choice not be mandated and forced onto people and McGowan needs to stop segregating people!

He needs to step down!!

Melanie Wood (Mandurah , )


I'm signing because I don't believe we have lost our freedom of choice and we are being punished and segregated by the use of these mandates if we make our own personal choice in regards to our own body and health. The mandates are causing loss of income, homes and families mental health. Mark McGowan has a lot to answer for making his own rules in our state.

Rachael Benning (Perth, )


These people are outrageous and should be unemployed

Daryl Godfrey (DAW PARK, )


The power has gone to mcgowans head, inforcing mandates are a disgusting abuse of power. mcgowans name calling of the people who will not comply. Cannot stand him, he has lost the plot

Karl Bellis (Dudley Park, Mandurah, )


I'm so appalled with the mandates and lose of basic freedom and privacy.

sharon clifford (coolbellup, )


He needs to go, he is not listening to REAL science, and is killing people needlessly, in my books this is human genocide. He needs to be jailed for life.

Jill Moody (Dawesville, )


30 years in Australia..own buisness and worked hard and always paid our taxes... cos of him mandating no jab no job...we had to close our buisness and lost over 100k work...thats to mark McGowan

Canning Linda (Carramar, )


He is acting like a dictator! We should have the right to choose whether we want to have a vaccine and certainly should not loose our livelihood for saying no. I am not anti vax… pro choice. I had the vaccines as a single mum we would be on the streets without it. Disgusting

Leila Sullens (Perth, )


This premier has nothing but contempt for the pro choice people he is supposed to be looking after. He has over reached his powers to govern his territory. How dare he lock away and segregate people for choosing not to partake in an experimental injection that clearly is not working. This is supposed to be a free nation, but in the premiers mind, it apparently is not. It looks to me like he is the Hitler of the NT and should be removed from his position as soon as possible. What a disgraceful and disgusting example of a premier.

Margarita Needham (Central Coast , )


I don’t believe his actions are in any way ethical or for the best interests of humanity.

Andrea Gabriel (Perth, )


Justice for Humanity!

Don Hyde (Albany WA, )


No confidence in his ability as a premier,to act for the good of we the people

Elizabeth Green (Perth, )



Lee Tierney (Perth, )


McGowan is a treasonous narcissist. He is a career statesman, who’s spent his life learning to prune image, cultivate power and subvert truth. If he is so committed to socialism, I say: “long May he suffer the COLLECTIVE pain he has brought every INDIVIDUAL in Western Australia.” Life is long Mark, office is short…

Not Property (Perth, )


I am strongly against the denial of freedoms now in our state

OOnagh Martin (Perth, )


He's not following the people's wishes and has not whats humanities best on his agenda. Means he doesn't represent us or the constitution he was swearing to uphold in this country. He comences treason to the Australian people

Katrin Elliott (BAYSWATER (WA), )


He is a DICTATOR!!!

Daron Elliott (Perth , )


I believe all the politicians, not only McGowan should be removed. They are not protecting us as they make everyone believe…they are just filling their own pockets while many of us are starving…it’s such a disgraceful outcome

Patrizia Bartolomei (Spearwood , )


Mark McGowan has to much power and he is creating a second class for certain citizens and residents of WA

Mark O'Hara (Perth, )


He said 80%
He lied to us
He mandated illegally
He has ignored the constitution and causedcsegregation of the people

Ronald Grant (Perth, )


McGowan is acting outside of the Australian Constitution by mandating vaccines

Andrew Leyland (Perth , )


Mark McGowan is an absolute disgrace. A petty tyrant following the orders of his globalist masters to turn WA into an apartheid state.

John Higgins (Perth, )


I’m pro choice and don’t believe in the mandates.

Darlene Turner (Quindanning , )


No human being should be forced to live this modern technological life. We should have a choice in what we choose to put into our bodies.

Bronwyn De Fraine (Perth , )


I have lost all confidence in on most politicians in this country.

Barry George (Perth , )


Me and my family are affected nby his actions

Jeremy Price (Margaret River, )


I am signing as it is criminal to force mandatory booster vaccines in the work force.

Carmel Corinne Nimmerrichter (Perth, )


This is an abomination
Nazi ruler

Susan Barbour (Perth, )


I'm signing because McGowan would rather get us injection with toxic substances than own up to not having a operational health system.

Pam Davidson (Cookernup , )


We are no longer free...

Rico Schmidiger (Perth, )


The dropkick needs to go. He is not wanted in this state as he has caused so much segregation and hate.

Erin Bynge (Port hedland, )



Wayne Girke (port hedland, )


We are being scammed

Paul Waghorn (Boyanup, )


He is a corrupt tyrant that needs to be removed asap. A puppet for the elite! A disgrace of a human being

Brett Conner (Bunbury, )


I'm an Australian citizen and the thought of those diggers fighting and dying for our freedom and Mark McGowan taking it away is wrong.

Jason Gray (Whakatane, )


There are way way better ways to handle this situation and individuals should be treated like human beings not like cattle!

John M (Perth, )


I do not agree with mandatory vaccinations for any reason

Bernadette Bragg (Perth, )


Mark McGowan should stand down.

Dawn Fish (Perth, )


He is dictating to me not looking after my health that I can do on my own as I have done for 50 years

frank libri (Perth, )


He is utterly useless, only in it for the money, and he will be judged in this life or the next.

Christopher Pollock (perth, )


I don't believe in unlawful mandates and discrimination

Kym Ohara (Perth, )


I think McGown is a Tyrant

John Mcguire (Perth, )


You are not supporting the people . You are lying and doing things behind their backs. Get uranium out of Geraldton port . Take the mandates away. Your plans are no better than the other meglamaniac premiers. And Determined to shatter our beloved country
Tv showed what you are::
having pretend Vacc s while you are determined to make the people sick or dead cos that’s how you get paid and concrete your ‘power’

Kris Cheesewright (YANGEBUP , )


Because the science show this "vaccine" is not safe for anyone. To even have to consider if the shot your getting will cause you permanent damage or death alone shows it not safe. Our innocent children will be maimed with this shot. We need to stop this now, there's blood on McGowans hands.

Katharine Cadwallender (seville grove, )


He is using a fictitious “state of emergency” to enforce his agenda one of which is vaccine mandates. He is abusing his powers & he needs to be stopped NOW!!! He is abusing our basic human rights & is blatantly contravening the Nuremberg code. He needs to be removed from office immediately & dealt with accordingly.

Dale Floyd (Perth, )


Mark McGowan has overstepped his authority as Premier of WA by mandating a experimental vaccine still in its 3rd phase and the trial will not be complete until 2023. This is against the Nuremberg Code and the Australian Constitution. The man is a criminal and should be tried for crimes against humanity

Ronald Silich (Wandi, )


He is evil

Phil Constantine (Scotts Head NSW, )


Im aigning this because mcgowan has forced families into a corner with a trial vaccine thats proving not to work. While deatroying peoples jobs and careers

Shaun Smith (Perth, )


I grew up in a democratic W.A and that's how I'd like to see my children grow up, not run by a tyrant who in all honesty should be tried for treason

Willie Whitfield (Perth, )


Don't agree with vaccine Mandates

Tonya Johnson (Success , )


No one should be coerced into the jab, free and informed consent doesnt involve having your economic livelihood threatened , this is a disgrace.

derek nagy (Kambalda, )


Hes caused nothing but heart ache and misery for us, none of it justified or backed by science

Delwyn Wright (Perth, )


The bullying & coercion of forcing mandates upon people who decide not to take an experimental injection. It is not a vaccine. With so many side effects & deaths this should of stopped years ago. I have my own immune system & it has done a pretty wonderful job throughout mine & my families lives. The lies we are being told told I can not bear to watch or listen anymore to any main stream
Media. You are exempt along with all of the other Politicians, Judges & the like & I bet you don’t force your own family to be injected. Spare a thought for humanity, your fellow Australians & have some compassion. I dont mind WA borders being closed, but when you are forcing Businesses to bear the brunt of liability to injection injury also the Govt & Pharmeceutical Companies are all washing their hands of all this bullshit. You know somethings wrong. One eyed Media who have been gagged, because you are giving them a Tax relief to not pay any so they only say what you & the Govt want them to tell us. We are not stupid. One eyed & suppressed Drs who I will never trust again as they are getting a good cut. How is your cut going McGowan you inhumane prick along with the rest of them. You are suppose to be working for us, the people & all I see is greed, control & a complete disregard for human life.

Karen Howes (Perth, )

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