Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



I am a WA resident who and to try for 2 months to be given permission to return to my own home. Disgusting display by the WA government.

Ged Gyotberg (Perth, 2021-12-25)


McGowan's inept and incompetent government has done incredible damage to the people of WA.

Tom Atkinson (Boya, 2022-01-04)


I have no faith in McGowan, I do not believe he has the West Australians best interest at heart. To the contrary. He has only his own interests at heart.

Margaret Hudston (Perth , 2022-01-04)


I do not want to live or be apart of a nazi style govt or regime. Mchitler needs to go and govt needs to be overhauled.

Glen Rattray (Perth, 2022-01-04)


ENOUGH is ENOUGH! He is intentionally playing us and his agenda is plain to see-unless you’re a sleeping sheeple

Tina Richardson (Perth , 2022-01-04)


I do not feel MM is working for the people and so needs to go. He must face trial for his crimes against humanity asap.

Amanda Wright (Perth, 2022-01-04)


This time he has gone too far. Too much power. The law is crown law not mandates what is happening is not lawful

Brenda Barrett (Singleton, 2022-01-04)


I’m signing this because Mark is UnAustralian

Chris Sharman (Glen Innes , 2022-01-04)


This whole plandemic, is a money making scam!

robert mews (CLARKSON, 2022-01-04)


I don't support tyranny

Jarrod Francis (Perth, 2022-01-04)


End the mandates. Too much control.

A K (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He is a tyrant does not care for the people he is not serving the people HE NEEDS TO GO!

Zeela Maple (Waroona, 2022-01-04)


Illegal mandates and lock downs have ruined WA

Angela Jane Little (Albany, 2022-01-04)


I have lost my much loved job due to these unlawful mandates . I am unable to be vaccinated due to several existing medical conditions, but am unable to get an exemption due to the ridiculously narrow margins for eligibility , and the drs are too scared to lose their licence if they even apply for an exemption for you! Now I am being excluded daily from more and more venues and events based on my vaccination status.

Trudi Anderson (Albany, 2022-01-04)


McClown is a criminal, traitor and enemy to the people he is supposed to serve.
He serves no one but the CCP, Big Pharma companies and lord knows who else, certainly does not have the best interest of those that voted him into power
He must be removed to uphold democracy in WA

Rory Ludlam (Kewdale , 2022-01-04)


Because Mark McGowan is part of the tyranny that is running this country and has other agendas that do not serve the people

Joanne Tacconi (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I'm signing this because I'm tired of his crap n he needs to go

Shannon Wedge (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has too much power, the mandates and division needs to be stopped.
Many people have died from the vaccine, mark Mcgowan you have blood on your hands!
Families are being torn apart, relationships are ending. People are turning on one another.
This needs to stop. The truth needs to come out.

Holly Taylor (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has gone against what the PM has said (no mandates etc) He has threatened people's lives, taken away our free choice & violated human rights. I do not feel safe with this man in any political position!

Lee Archer (Rockingham, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has led an inappropriate response to the pandemic. Not only Mark McGowan, but all those who provided inappropriate advice and support to him in the implementation of this inappropriate response needs to be removed from their positions.

Paul van der Mey (Burswood, 2022-01-04)


Apartheid in any circumstance in Western Australia is not ok!

Carl Littlejohn (Perth, 2022-01-04)


What's being done is wrong.

Michael Borda (Morley, 2022-01-04)


I'm signing because like many others I have had an adverse reaction requiring a hospital stay.
I had no option but to be jabbed or lose my employment.
One week after my jab I returned to work only to be laid off!!
I'm a sole parent of 5 who loves the field of work in, being mental health. These mandates are doing more damage to the population that covid itself.
This government have lost their minds. The divide and conquer from the government is seen by most.
Lies lies and more lies from the government controlling our people

Emma Robinson (Rockingham, 2022-01-04)


The Vaccine mandate has caused me to lose my job! Why am I having to choose between my health and my career! This a crime against humanity!

Amanda Gorst (HILLARYS , 2022-01-04)


He is not fit for the office

Krystyna Gardula (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I am over how this government and especially McGowan that treats WA citizens like outcast and criminals

Cabot Schmid (Narrogin, 2022-01-04)


I’m signing because I have been a free man for 53 years and nobody tells me what to do with my body

Ivan Comrie (Perth , 2022-01-04)


The vaccine should not be mandated.

James Knapo (Toodyay, 2022-01-04)


His grossly heavy handed approach and not listening other science and worldwide medical experts

David Mansell (Quinns Rocks, 2022-01-04)


Our premier is either incredibly stupid, or he's drunk on power.

Judith Kingston (Shadforth, 2022-01-04)


Vaccine mandates are unethical.

Eric Connolly (Broome, 2022-01-04)


I have no confidence in Marc McGowan after his vaccine Apartheid rulings, because of him, I and many others have lost our jobs and will struggle to look after our family,he needs be removed and held accountable for crimes against humanity



I’m signing because of the unlawful mandates and human rights atrocities going on inside WA

Simon Edwards (Perth, 2022-01-04)


The government has not followed Australia's constitution and also breaches the Nuremberg code in their response to the alleged covid 19 pandemic.

Shane Meek (Duncraig, 2022-01-04)


I didnt vote for him in 2021. His definitely did not get my vote. Since then i have been stood down from my employment and been unable to work for last 3 months. I want to live in Australia-not north korea or china.i want my freedom to choose what goes into my body back.

Kim Wilkinson (MERRIWA, 2022-01-04)


McGowan must be stopped before we become another Victoria. What he’s caused for people and families is an absolute disgrace.

This is not the WA I grew up in nor want to live the latter half of my life in. I am furious with his lack of empathy, humanity and his unwillingness to engage all points of view and preferences in the management of health.

Clearly this isn’t about health and he’s gotta go, quick smart.

Sarah Haslam (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mr. Mcgowan is not worried about people losing their jobs because they choose not to take an experimental vaccine. He does not care about the people dying from the vaccines or feels worried about those who have adverse reactions. He also lied about the vaccination status of the back packer, saying he was unvaccinated.

Salome Opperman (Ellenbrook, 2022-01-04)


The puppet McGowan serves only the interests of his New World Order overlords and not we, The People who will hold him to account.

Stephen Binks (Gosnells, 2022-01-04)


McGowans psychological history must be made public ASAP

Bruno Tassone (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I am against mandates and the crimes against humanity

Dean Hodge (HILLARYS (WA), 2022-01-04)


McGowan was a liar and a criminal before he was elected in 2021 and he remains a liar and criminal to this day, just more people are aware now. I cannot tolerate a segregated society nor tyrrany in any of its forms.

Duncan Clarke (Perth, 2022-01-04)


This tyrant NEEDS TO BE REMOVED as it’s never been about our health it’s all about control and power over everyone

Anthony Maple (Waroona , 2022-01-04)


He ha sturned WA into a tyrannical leadership of control for himself. This is not a dictatorship we need a proper premiere that will support us not mandate and kill us.

stephanie cadwallender (Seville Grove, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has committed medical apartheid against the citizens of WA. He is a criminal going against the Nuremberg Code. He must be fired immediately and a re-election called.

Melanie Winter (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Covid vaccine mandates are irrational and unjustified because the fact is transmission is not reduced to anywhere near a logarithmic growth rate of spread even if vaccinated. The truth is these vaccines are still provisional approved, use novel tech, we don't know long term or even short term safety. Previous vaccines all took 10-15yrs approval except Polio in the 1950's which was by no means a complete safety event. We are now over +80% vaxxed. It's enough, plus I refuse to sign up for 4 shots a year. It's absurd.

Robert H (Bedfordale, 2022-01-04)


Because of his unconstitutional actions, he needs to go for the safety of West Australians

Andrew Lim (Petth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan is enacting medical apartheid in WA and also operating behind secret contracts with pharma companies.

Scott Johnson (Perth , 2022-01-04)


My partner had first to protect his family and now is sick with heart issues.

Lel Paulger (Newman, 2022-01-04)


New Government required. Caretaker until able to Elect proven honest people to govern. Open communication between professionals from all sides. Democratic process reinstalled to reflect all communities choices, no mandates, prevention and treatment measures need to be used.

Sharen Higgins (Albany, 2022-01-04)


He’s trying to kill us

Michelle Licastro (Mandurah , 2022-01-04)


You have let us down mcgowan mandating these jabs that clearly show they just are not working

Paul Taylor (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Sick of the people’s constitutional rights being eroded on false science.And lack of consultation on being apart of a one world government which labor has us signed into without consent

Leon Hanford (Perth, 2022-01-04)


No one should feel/have the power to lock people down, mandate experimental gene therapy regardless of the emergency.

Lucas Louro (Perth, 2022-01-04)


His coercive mandates are a direct removal of informed choice and the apartheid McGowan has created without acknowledgment of the vaccine injuries shows him to be an unfit premier

Lisa Lumb (Perth , 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan is overstepping the mark and continues to change the goalposts at every turn.

Patrick Nolan (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Human rights should never be broken under no circumstances!
What he is doing is Facist Totalitarisam
It’s worse than What Hitler was doing

Dejan Kordic (Perth , 2022-01-04)


He's gone crazy with power causing me personal distress has ruined my career and lifestyle with his mandates and out unessential stress and conflict on everyone

Josh Garner (Albany, 2022-01-04)


Vaccination mandates are illegal and the injection doe not stop transmission of covid.
The mandate is political and not based on current health advice.

Mark Holden (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan is despicable and a traitor

Andy Williams (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I'm signing because I do not agree with the mandates.

Tomako Ch7ng (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He is a dictator and a should not be forcing people to take the jab when it has been proven to kill or maim people.

That is not what he was elected for.

Anthony Rowe (Perth , 2022-01-04)


The Australian government is not following the Australian constitution and should be removed

Leanne Murdoch (Geraldton , 2022-01-04)


McGowan is operating outside his powers. He has systematically created medical apartheid and destroyed the state that was WA

Scott Richardson (Rockingham, 2022-01-04)


He has no right to tell me what to do

Tracy Jager (Armadale , 2022-01-04)


The mandates need to stop. Hurting families and taking away people's freedoms, this is not Australia

Mark Robinson (Glen Forrest, 2022-01-04)


I don't think he's listening to "the people " - using the cop out of "listening to health advice " - wouldn't he at least do a little research by himself given the protests cetc!!!!

Marilyn Dey (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Yes he should be removed. He keep changing your rules, not keeping his word while everything he has done has not changed a thing. We are in the same place we were 2 years ago. This is not working and we need a new direction

Robert Pitt (Helena Valley, 2022-01-04)


McGowan has his own agenda... Control

Hilda Smyth (Canning Vale, 2022-01-04)


I voted for Mark McGowan, but i do not support and trust him anymore. He is fostering the interests of big pharma and other globalist lobbies in Australia. He has basically failed his mandate with the continuous push on experimental and potentially deadly vaccines (for the millions of serious side effects recorded worldwide and unknown long term safety) and betrayed WA citizens.

Christian Catucci (Ardross, 2022-01-04)


I totally agree he needs to go. This is all so very wrong.

John Clark (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mc Gowan is ignoring medical advice and deliberately mandating un tested drugs which are causing deaths and severe injuries.

Gil Deane (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He does not serve the people he serves him self

Andy Bell (Hedland, 2022-01-04)


I agree with this pettition.

MArtin Pie (Perth, 2022-01-04)


This ******* is out of control like all the labour premiers in this country. They are treating our human rights like garbage and are trampling over our bodily autonomy. Time to go McClown.

Chris Walton (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Nothing should be mandated

Claire Lewis (Waikiki, 2022-01-04)


Because Mcgowan does not care about the Western Australian people.

Cristy Dowbysch (Byford, 2022-01-04)


McGowan is a treasonous criminal

Maximus Steel (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has completely lost my support.
I have lost my job that I absolutely love due to his ridiculous decisions.

Vicky Wickens (Capel, 2022-01-04)


I am tired of the lies and bullshit eroding the rights of Western Australian people

Robert Forrester (Narrogin, 2022-01-04)


I believe that I should have the right if I get jabbed with a vaccine or not, I don't believe people should be forced to or lose their jobs over this stupid decision.

Brett Machielsen (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has deceived us and is making rules that are illegal and destroying the people of WA.

Kerry Penrice (SAWYERS VALLEY, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has overstepped his authority and has committed treason under the Australian constitution.

Dale Morrison (Halls Heaf, 2022-01-04)

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